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  1. So, I wonder if I'd actually just shoot myself in the foot focusing my build decision partially around the amount of dialogue options the game offers. I am quite fixated on Ciphers and Priests for that reason, but normally I would prefer to go for a martial class in games (Ranger or Paladin mostly, but here a Monk seems quite intriguing as well).
  2. I'm not sure where to write my grounded idea sketches. Do I get an answer as to whether it is right here? Thank you so much for the great game and all the imagination you leave us! The File "Ideenskizzen_Grounded.docx" (35 kb) is in german, should I translate it with google translator, or would you do it yourself? I would appreciate a short message about the receipt of the file. Ideenskizzen_Grounded.docx
  3. Category : Minor, should be easily fixed After recruiting Serafen, the main character travels to Fort Deadlight without talking to Serafen at all, and reachs for the Forge before going to the Court. Serafen will suddenly talks about Syri out of nowhere. I believe such dialogue should be brought up by Serafen at the Court only, not any other place else, because Syri is at the Court. The right sequence should be : 1. Recruit Serafen 2. *** Talk to Serafen about how to infiltrate the Fort Deadlight. This step should be mandatory for the smooth story run, but currently it is not. *** 3. Infiltrate the Fort Deadlight. 4. Going to any place in Fort Deadlight should not trigger Serafen to talk about Syri. 5. When the main character visit the Court -- where Syri stays, Serafen gives a warning about Syri to the Watcher. I wish that I do not need to attach the save file. I have rerolled new character like more than 10 times and this happens every time. Testers should not find it hard to reproduce this bug.
  4. First of all, I send you big greetings from Russia. You do a great job and making outstanding games in era of degradation in computer games. YOU ARE BREATHTAKING! Anyway, according to all I know about Outer worlds, there would be a place for unusual quests and interesting scenarios. That's why I send you my ideas of quests, events or easter eggs which I would like to share. 1) SHE-WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING Woman is crying on a street and ask player for help. She tells that her husband kicked her out of their farm and now she has no place to go. However, there is a jewelry box in this farm and if we get it, she would have money to survive. She tells that her husband is unsociable and rude person, so the only option to get jewelry box is stealing. Farmer, actually, is rude and he do not want to talk to strangers (including player). Player has options to pass the quest in stealth way or by battle with farmer and his robots. While we are at his farm if player or his companions are good in perception, they can find old photo of Farmer and his real wife on a wall. Also near the farm player can find her grave. If player is good in diplomacy, while talking to Rude Farmer player can find out that farmer’s wife has died few years ago and he lives alone for long time. If player find out information about real wife, woman disappears from her place and quest is over (you get experience) when we came back. If player did not find information, he gives her jewelry box and she acts as if you had saved her life. After some time player find out that she is in WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE list, so there is good reward for her head. She is wanted in several systems for fraud and crook business. You can find her in a secluded shack, whose location need to be found by collecting scraps of information. When we find her and she realizes that she was revealed, she stops pretending and turns out to be a very intelligent and powerful thief. There are options for player to kill her and get money reward or ask her to join the party and get powerful thief and liar. If she joins your party, in cities she always puts a bandage on her face. 2) MISTAKE WITH ZERO In the end of regular quest for corporation, their accountant accidentally send you more money, than he should - 5000 coins instead of 500. Player has several options: Walk away with pokerface, act like nothing happen. That means that lawful companions will condemn your actions, reputation in this corporation will fall and after you can identify this accountant as a bum on a street, who has no idea why he was fired. Pay attention to the error. That means chaotic companions will condemn your actions, because they think it’s dumb not to use that chance. After a lot time you can meet this accountant, who became a big boss inside the corporation, so now he can give you special quest or help you. He identify you as honest people. 3) FOR FUN ONLY Novice comedian ask you to retell him all the jokes you can find, so it would help him with his material. He notices that you travel a lot, talk to different people, so it would not be hard for you. Player retells him, for example, 10 different jokes from 10 different NPC all over the game world, which is available for player at the middle of game. Quest is over, experience gained. After we see this comedian performing on stage with these jokes and he recognizes player and allow to easily access and loyalty of his Producer – rich person from another quest, which loyalty is not easy to get. I still have another ideas that I will describe when I'll have time.
  5. In some universes, such as call of cthulhu , berserk anime, demon souls , etc. demonic alien figures created the Universe. what if there was a plot twist in pillars that the deities were created by the engwithians to block these entities from influencing the universe ? i think it could be an interesting twist story-wise (but perhaps too dark for pillars of eternity) . it could also explain the existence of skaen, who could be a weaker form of these entities that did a pact with the gods to keep existing in the pantheon and acting as a diplomat between the gods and the entitites while the engwithians extingued most of the cult of the demonic cosmic entities.
  6. Hey guys ! Since I'm new to genre, and the PoE franchise an I would like to have some guidance from the start What are some good builds for story characters, like Eder, Aloth and rest of the crew ? In terms of spells, some good weapon combinations, skills (mechanics, lore, etc) and everything else that might be important ?
  7. So both Pillars Of Eternity and Deadfire reviewed very well and were (so far for deadfire) well received by players too. However I do remember hearing a lot about how the story for POE was slow, boring , "dry" ect especially at the start. I've looked at a few reviews for this game and I am noticing that although it is reviewing very well some of the critics are saying the story is bad, they couldn't get into it and it's slow at the start. Now I don't think the story of Pillars Of Eternity is like the best story I have ever played in a video game or anything. I have plenty of criticisms of it but then I have plenty of criticisms of the story in many games. Compared to other games though I really don't get why it got these comments and although I am still pretty early on in Deadfire I feel the same about this game. What is it about the way these stories are told that is putting people off? Where as a relatively simplistic story like in the Divinity OS games does not seem to be getting this kind of response (and I am not bashing those games I loved those too). The "slow at the start" comments especially are odd as this is pretty standard for this kind of rpg and a lot of people who are making these arguments should know this.
  8. I finished Deadfire four months ago and then I let it rest a while. I didn't hate the ending, but what I mostly thought was "what was this all about?" I didn't think we would fight Eothas, but I thought there would be something. We did all this work and then this ending. But a few sleepless nights ago I got an idea: what if this was the whole point? To ask ourselves, what one individual, even a capable one as the Watcher, could really do to change the world? We did so much throughout our journey, influenced leaders of nations and changed the course of history forever. But that was mortal stuff, things we could handle. Buttnaked Eothas was something else, a force of nature, that couldn't be stopped. He would destroy the Wheel, no matter what we did. So why keep going, if we couldn't stop him? Well, my Watcher wanted to see this to the bitter end and because he believed in the potencial of Animancy. If he couldn't stop the catastrophe, at least he could help the world healing faster. So, what was it for you and your Watchers?
  9. Since we have now a few "What game would you like to see?" - topics I thought we could start this topic: There is a lot of talk about stories gamers don't like (biggest offender: "i was bored!"), but where there also any stories you would've liked to rewrite, just because they didn't live up to their full potential? If yes, why and how? Rules for this thread: - Name the game. - Write what problems the story had. - Write your suggestions. - Hopefully have fun writing them. - Profit. I will start with Dragon Age: Origins (and hope you've played this one). While not a bad game, the first Dragon Age bores me to death. The main reason is that the story gets really uninteresting after the origins, because I didn't played my origins character but a Grey Warden from that point on. Thing is: I never got a real idea what a Warden supposed to be. Sure, we got to know Duncan and Alistair, but the infos we got out of them were minimal at best (and let's be honest, Alistair isn't a credit to his order). So the connection to our order was mostly nonexisting and Ferelden really didn't live up to it's potential as a "barbaric" nation. So what could they have changed? Answer: Put the game in the northern nation of Andersfels. Why? - It's the homecountry of the Grey Wardens and their HQ could have been a nice hub. - The nation is very poor and it's king has only power in it's capital, which could have been a good explanation why the farmers depend on the Grey Wardens, with whom the King has some political tensions. - It's close to Tevinter and the Qunari, so the game could have introduced us to these nations, without stretching the plausability of the setting (I mean the mages came down to the south of Ferelden, just for a few slaves. You could have those cheaper, buddies^^). - Killing the king of Anderfels wouldn't have changed as much, as crowning the new King of Orzamar, because Anderfels is a very desolate country. - I could have an explanation why everyone is a Grey Warden and why they are immune to the poisonous blood of the Darkspawn, which was a thing ... at the beginning of the game. Okay, that's for the setting, how about the structure of the story? I would keep the "one adventure per location" - structure of the original, but would have burned down the smaller City after the halfpoint of the game, to raise the stakes. The players should feel a connection to the people living there, before I kill everyone. The role of the main-antagonist should also be divided between - The King of Anderfels (doesn't want to lose his crown and values the independence of his people) - The Grandmaster of the Grey Wardens (wants tighter controls on everything and turn the Grey Wardens in some kind of private army of the chantry and kill pagain traditions that might have survived the centuries). So I wouldn't change as much, just details to tighten up everything a bit and give the player more room to identify which the organisation he's supposed to be part of.
  10. What is your best build for exploring the world and story? Priorities: 1: high frequency of unlocking dialogue that give extra insight into how the extra-dimensional and Godly parts of the world really works. 2: high frequency of unlocking dialogue that give extra clues and insight into what goes on behind the scenes of the story. 3: a strong combat build within the above framework. 4: above criterias > melee characters > ranged > support 5: I find it hard to play cruel characters and goody two-shoes This site can be provide clues: https://wiki.fireundubh.com/deadfire/dialogue-options#root My current ideas: I started a game as a death godlike single-class priest of Berath. I'm looking for a better option because I find the support-role somewhat undesirable for my main. I'm considering a fire-godlike multiclass priest of magran and monk. But it's got low mental/social stats. I'm also concerned it's not very strong combat-wise. I'm considering a godlike ciper/priest of some form, but I'm just starting to theory-craft it and I don't apparently see how it would synergize properly for good effect.
  11. I think Pillars of Eternity 2 is good example of both how you can execute meaningful story/choice in a game as well as how fragile that feeling can be in a way well beyond the ordinary fare of games. This has spoilers for Pillars of Eternity 2 as it's used as an example. If you are not ok with that, turn back now. Specifically the Trading guilds in POE 2 put you in very uncomfortable situations with choices that go beyond good/bad that are compelling. Each of the two trading guilds is heavily expansion/profit oriented in different ways and they both, in a nice touch, go out of their way to use your own ideals against you in their reasoning via the game's disposition system. They make compelling cases and I ended up helping them accidentally a disturbing amount while just trying to do good for the people, which appears to be the intent. This forces the weighing of thoughts like "I'm doing good here but I'm also helping X trading guild that will undoubtedly be a long term negative". When looked at face value, the choices are very standard. Blow this up or restore it. Help this town survive or do not. Feed the starving town via methods that may be illegal, political, or compromise their culture. Support this culture or support the new culture that is usurping it. The game is steeped in such choices that are very straightforwards in nature, stuff that COULD be very one note "yay I'm the hero/villain" and done. Choices made hundreds of times in RPGs that just fade into the background noise. However It's the context that makes the choices so compelling in POE 2. For example restoring a magical pillar ensures the short term survival of a village (starvation) and allows souls to continue the cycle of life undisrupted, however it would allow a trading company to exploit the land and it's people to the point of essentially controlling them both in their rampant greed and pursuit of expansion and more money. Hotheaded, young, and idealistic as they are. Conversely you can choose to destroy the pillar which would jeopardize the short term survival of the village and remove a major avenue of souls to return to the cycle, but pleases the other trading company who is just looking to sabotage their competition who has a jump on them really. But they are older, more patient, and more manipulative and present themselves as trying to avoid the negatives of the first choice. Either way you are theoretically doing some good, but also some ill. There is no "clean" solution or even a pure "dirty" solution. Which is better likely depends on your ideologies. The game has many of those moments where I sit and ponder the ramifications of my actions and how any action, good or bad, will benefit one faction or another in their greed disguised as benevolence, or perhaps benevolence that has begun to show the signs of corruption and greed. They intertwine. That's not to say the game doesn't have it's share of "yay I R good" or "look at me, I'm a bad bad man", moments I also enjoy, but these much more complex moments are definitely the standouts of the game story telling IMO. At least that's how I feel 30 hours in. Unfortunately where it falls apart is their disposition system currently needs some work. The spells the story and choices weave is compelling and strong, yet when the game misreads your character and presents you as something you do not feel is correct the spell is instantly shattered. In my own case I pursued non-violent options and was honest in nearly every situation. However after a few initial successful uses making the scenario compelling the system treated me as if I was aggressive or dishonest in a few scenarios. As this is very counter to the behavior of my character it completely took me out of the moment painstakingly crafted by hours of gameplay and story.....showing the broken machinery behind the scenes on the floor. 95% success and 5% failure robbed almost all of the impact. I cannot tell you, as a player, how shaken this made me despite me having an idea how complicated these systems are. Logically, they will patch the new game and it will improve. Logically it's understandable considering how hard this stuff is. Emotionally none of that matters as an end user though, my head cannon character still lies broken in pieces on the floor. Once shattered the illusion is difficult or even impossible to restore. Gaming is truly a tough and merciless industry. So as an enthusiast with some QA experience looking to learn more about games, POE 2 is proving to be an excellent case study for the story aspects and player choice. For anyone looking for a game that makes you think about both of those in a different way than POE 2 I recommend "The Magic Circle". It's another great game to play to understand both doing story/choice well and also in how missteps can be made. Of great potential and great moments that nonetheless get held back by other aspects.
  12. So in my last post I complained about how badly the characters, namely Pallagina and Xoti, were written. To balance things out i wanted to complement this game on its worldbuilding. The factions and cultures are extremely well drawn. I have trouble deciding whose vision to side with. It all seems very realistic and there is very little if any bias weaved into the narrative. Brandon Sanderson once said something to the effect of 'there are two kinds of writers, worldbuilders and character writers. I think Obsidian must just do a better job at he worldbuilding. There are noble natives with backward traditions; a monarchy with good vision but strong feelings of entitlement and ethnocentrism; there is even a republic run by business interests with a reckless bend toward science. All well conceived, and made to make the audience think, yet still relevant to current philosophical discourses. I havent finished the game yet but I am very impressed with this aspect of the game so far.
  13. Hi! Just played through POE1 again to get myself immersed in the world before Deadfire hits. I played my character as a passionate, dissident guy, a kind of revolutionary idealist, and when Aloth revealed his connection to the Leaden Key I banished him, since I thought it would make my story a little bit more interesting. This made me feel so bad about what I had done, so I wonder, is there a way to find him somewhere in the world and ask him to return? Kind regards!
  14. I'm not too excited about the whole ships and ship combat lark, I mean i'm glad it's there just for variety but I really want a story that is much more intense than the first game, some good drama parts like with Yoshimo in BG2. I want to see some really hard fights as well. Even in Veteran/Hard or whatever it is called, I want some difficult fights. I remember the early days of BG1 the fights with... Mulahey and Davaeorn were really tough, I want some bosses like that. 'Normal' guys but really tough. I know it's probably because i just sucked at the game they were hard because now i understand it they are a joke, but i want that feeling again. Going into the unknown and getting my arse handed to me. On a side note, one of the funniest lines in the game is Davaeorns apprentice when he says something like 'Yes sir, that's right i'm reasonably sure i'm not going to be getting involved in anything like this again!'. Have we got to a point now where we're not allowed to say we want something like BG1/2 because people get too annoyed?
  15. In Luminescent Caves there's a bunch of spider guards defending the Vithrack Common House. They are friendly at the beginning but will turn against you several seconds later after a spider finishes talking to himself about the crystal. So i just force attacked them directly cuz it is a waste of time watching this. But i guess this made the game believe i start attacking friendly NPCs so even those miners in level 1 became hostile. Thus i cant finish the quest 'Whispers in the dark' cuz Foreman Ismey is hostile now. I don't think i am willing to proceed in this stupid situation. And i cant figure out why there is a connection between Vithrack and miners. If there is no solution about this, it is time to delete the game.
  16. The strange ship pulls alongside your vessel, plotting out the rising sun and casting it in shadow. It is a large, though in its construct unremarkable galleon of Aedyran design, the like of which you had seen many on the harbours of Defiance Bay. It's notable features are limited to the bronze figurehead depicting the face of a very hairy, scowling Orlan; and the towering image of a horn protruding from buttocks embroiled on the fore-topsail. Your crew gathers on the deck warily. Suddenly, two lines of small figures, more than a dozen in all, leap onto the deckrail swaying an Aumaua's length above you. The fighting kith in your crew reach for their weapons, expecting an attack from the high, but the dark silhouettes make not a move. For a moment, there is only the sound of the waves lapping against the two hulls. Sun slowly shift, revealing the figures a ragtag band of Orlans, their attire that which one would expect from a band of pirates, safe for the massive, wooden codpieces each adorns. As if having waited just for the recognition of their unconventional accessories, the Orlans suddenly begin drumming at them furiously, swaying to the rhythm. A new figure, equally small in stature, emerges from the gap between the lines, draws a sword to strike a defiant pose, and hurls themselves overboard. Their features come to light as they descend, revealing a very hairy Orlan of indiscernible gender dressed in a ragged, red coat and a large, black, gold-rimmed tricorne. As they land, their foot catches onto a loose rope and they fall heavily forward, smacking their head on the deck with force enough to audibly crack the boards. The banging of the codpieces instantly cuts off. The lone figures lies very still on their face, their rapier having escaped their grip and rolling back and forth the swaying deck. After a very long moment, they pop their hairy head up with a sharp inhale, eyes darting around in confusion. Before anyone has the chance to react, the Orlan jumps to their feet and point at you with their clawed finger, letting out sharp snarl that reveals their pointed (and very yellow) teeth. The codpiece orchestra picks up with a vengeance, thundering on their instruments with wild abandon. Aloth: "What... what is happening?!" Orlan pirate: "Ssshaaah! A wily foe you be, but ye'll not defeat Captain Thundernipples so easily!" Though they seem to have regained their bearings, a trickle of blood sneak its way across the hair of their face from the bruise on their forehead. > Greetings. > Who the hell are you? > Are you alright? You're bleeding. > I should really get myself a codpiece. I've been thinking about it for a while now. > Pallegina, be so good as to throw the hairy gentleman overboard. Make sure he hits something hard on the way down.
  17. I was one of the folks who waited until patch 3.05 to start playing this game. That being said, I would like to share my thoughts about it now that I finished my first complete playthrough (I skipped White March... will save that for another time). NARRATIVE DESIGN - VERY POSITIVE: I loved the variety of it. There was a wide range of themes (some of them rarely addressed in cRPG's), people with different points of view about the same issues and A LOT of roleplaying options. This variety is very important to keep the player interested, mainly in the second half. Can you imagine if Twin Elms was another urban-type city or village? I would definetly get bored. The developers talked about how they aimed for a "realistic fantasy" style (kinda like Game of Thrones) and for me they simply nailed it. Every quest, even the smaller ones, felt somehow morally ambiguous. ISSUES: Maybe the cities could have felt more organic and alive, with NPC schedules (that's planned for PoE2 already). Also, after reaching Twin Elms, Actually, I felt there was lost potential regarding the impact of background, skill, reputation and disposition on reactivity overall. It was competently done in some places, like I understand why there is less impactful reactivity in the main questline, as branching stories are costly, but regarding sidequests and small tasks I think the developers should go completely nuts with reactivity! Make more class-exclusive tasks, disposition-exclusive quests, background-exclusive rewards, maybe just for some class or disposition the sidequest could give a hint for the main story line, go nuts!... By the end of the game, where the player is usually less patient for solving mere tasks, this is also where he has most dispositions and reputations, so making the quests more reactive to those would be perfect! Again, they did a decent job at this, but for me, they should just go crazy in tasks and small quests' reactivity design... ART AND GAMEPLAY (NON-COMBAT) - VERY POSITIVE: I won't repeat what has being praised to death since the game's launch: how it improved upon the IE style in almost every aspect. I remember being blown away in the first hours of gameplay about how near perfect it was, from the environment and UI art to the freedom I had while building my characters. The one thing though, that I would like to highlight as a big positive for me is the policy of avoiding classic IE games exploits on gameplay, mainly supported by Josh Sawyer. Some of this implementations were very criticized here, but I got nothing but love for them since the beggining. The disencouragement of dumping stats, rest-spam and grinding exp. by killing monster mobs, the lack of an overpowered-weapon-to-rule-them-all... this all favors immersion and roleplaying instead of powergaming, which should be left for hack-'n'-slash and MMO's realm. ISSUES: Definetly leveling up. Again this has been addressed to death, and high-level content scalling seem to have fixed some of it. But all of Act 3 was frustratingly easy for me, playing on hard (and I didn't do any of White March). I think high level content scalling is not the right solution for this, but maybe changing the way leveling up works. The main reason for the game becoming too easy in high levels is the rising of defenses and accuracy, some high level abilities, and the lack of challenging encounter design (addressed in the next session). To solve this, I would propose a non-linear rise of defenses and accuracy (maybe a rising curve with a plateau). This makes more sense realistically, as experience in countless combats won't make you stronger and stronger until you reach god-like levels of killing a xaurip with a single punch. Maybe leveling up could be represented more by the widening of the abilitiy options available. Another obvious solution is simply limit the exp. rewards and slowing down the leveling up (I might think more about this for a new topic). COMBAT - DECENT/MILDLY POSITIVE: Again, I didn't disapprove of Josh's policy against IE's gameplay exploits and his implementation of the engagement system. I think it was a cool addition, and it actually presented a new challenge, as you had to find a way to break engagement if trying to get away from a fight. Also, the amount of abilities available is huge! This made every combat at least entertaining for the beggining of the game. There were some hard counters here-and-there, immunities and monster abilities that I had to think how to avoid and some challenging fights that felt somewhat rewarding when I was able to beat them, however... ISSUES: I feel like the implementation of a combat mode limited the options for encounter design a lot. With this current system, we are not able to do stuff like scout a group of enemies while invisible, throw a potion or explosive at a clueless mob of monsters, charm an enemy and send him in the front line of an encounter etc. Overall, the whole encounter design for PoE1 was very lackluster, and I don't understand why the developers allowed this, since Sawyer worked on IwD2 which has great encounter design. Using the different abilities available was cool at the beggining, some of them were a little different, like swapping the mage with another character, the fire wall and rolling flame, but man, I would love to see encounters where the party started with a disadvantage, with variations on terrain, boulders, obstacles, exploding kegs (or shooting at some oil kegs so they would cast slicken nearby), maybe some interactable objects (hell, why not even scripted interactions mid-combat, the possibilities would be numerous!). This went longer than I expected. Any thoughts on the issues/positives I mentioned are welcomed!
  18. http://dailycaller.com/2017/09/06/game-writer-resigns-after-social-justice-warriors-crucify-him-for-conservative-opinions/ Honestly while these are not Opinions I'd endorse, It doesnt seem to me, That this should have blown up as it has. I'm seriously afraid of what might happen/ Will the situation repeat another time with less controversial remarks because of the slippery slope of Appeasment ? Will it impact the story ? because if this company encouraged the writer to resign because of this, It could signal that Obsidian will shy away from the deep writing and avoid Philosophical questions and other things that could be considered remotely controversial, and That could make it significantly harder to create Great Game like the KOTOR 2. I dont even know If Raedric Hold would make it into the game. If PoE 1 were made today, The Atmosphere certainly changed with certain segment of population believing that Art should not be sorely for Art but for the message and for the influence of said message to "guide" the society. I think there could be Worthwhile discusion of both this case,what it might signal and in general the direction obsidian might be taking in terms of story, storytelling and ultimately Narrative.
  19. Okay so apparently Eders writer resigned or was resigned. From what i gathered its because on reddit subreddit Gamerghazi identified him as man who wrote those posts http://i.imgur.com/n8Moni6.jpg (there is suspicion that someone on RPG codex snitched on him) Now i normally i wouldnt be one questioning employee resigning over controversy but in current societal atmosphere and Obsidians mishandling of the Limerick Incident it think its reasonable to ask if Similar case happened again. Especially considering this is not stupid Limerick that isnt going to impact the game But Writer Departing due to this incident Whetever Voluntarily or by the way of being Volunteered, Is going to impact the game. And with People such as Chris Avelonne Leaving Obsidian. It makes me think if Obsidian is changing into something more Mainstream, And With Sawyer being The one of the only Senior members at Obsidian it makes me bit wary, Considering in GameDev business you need someone to tell you. No that is bad idea. Look at Molyneaux. I dont want Molyneaux type situation to happen with Sawyer.
  20. Pillars of Eternity has a lot going on within it. I find it incredible that they got as much interconnected lore working given the time they had. Me thinks Josh and others had been day dreaming some of these things for a long time! For me I love that it's set in a "New Word." Age of Sail and Colonization and all that. Where old established cultures are confronting complete unknowns, in every imaginable form. Isolation on the frontier, colonial conflicts, lack of or imperfect law of land. Especially since it's exploring this era of history from a fantasy perspective. For me it's just a very fresh setting to experience and I feel I've only just gotten a small taste of it. I also love the idea of man made Gods. The whole setup of them actually being powerful, but also having seemingly abandoned most of kith-kind creates a really interesting dynamic. This contrast between a desire to be free, but also subjugated under a super-ordinate being. And how existing faiths will be shaken. Who knows maybe there are even true gods, or maybe Pillars metaphysics is far more secular. Animancy is sort of presented as a secular pursuit within the world, but is viewed through the eyes of jealousy and superstition by those that ascribe the views of old. Either way it's an incredibly different way to setup the metaphysics of a fantasy world. So how about you?
  21. I had a thought a while ago regarding Godlikes in the Pillars of Eternity universe. We have seen Godlikes of Fire (Magran), Death (Rymgand), Avian (Hylea), Moon (Ondra), and Nature (Galawain) My question is, do the other Gods have Godlikes out there somewhere in the world we have not seen? For insistence, would a Godlike of Abydon be a baby made entirely out of metal? or perhaps a Godlike of Eothas would glow brightly at all times. Maybe even a Godlike of Weal, whose appearance changes everyday to a random race and gender. Perhaps not all Gods have a Godlike because their domain is to broad to really have one exist. Or the God in question doesn't want to make them. (I would imagine Skaen wouldn't have kids), and Woedica doesn't have the power to. I know we most likely never will see these other Godlikes in-game (if they even exist) but am curious to the idea of them.
  22. I was surprised not to find a huge thread containing the backstory of every Watcher you've created, so I'm starting it. I mean, yes, you used to be a raider from Deadfire Archipelago but why did you become one? Why did you leave your old life? Why are you traveling? Did you have any friends? A love, maybe? Who are you really and what made you the person you are today? It would be nice if you included an image of your character as well as their initial stats. Since this isn't related to character building but more to story telling I decided to post it here. If the mods think this is the wrong place, please move it to an appropriate one.
  23. Hey guys, so, this will probably be more of a personal therapy session than a criticism/discussion of the game. :D I am having problems dealing with the sense of urgency in PoE. Let me first say that in most CRPGs, I try to roleplay my characters to a certain degree. I try to make choices that fit my character and choose activities/quests that fit with their made-up personality/way of living. Now, in PoE the dilemma is that after encountering Maerwald, the PC can be sure that he/she is going to loose his/her mind sooner or later. I would imagine that this is a problem the PC would try solve as quickly as possible. At the same time though, the PC is pretty much required to do side quests and travel around the dyrwood/white march for months on end with the threat of loosing their marbles looming above you at all times. Actually, I had the same problem when playing Baldur's Gate 2 ages ago. I think I never finished it because I felt rushed. Especially when playing a "good" character, I found it very difficult to travel all around the countryside while your childhood friend (Imoen) is taken hostage and, for all your character knows, tortured. Am I alone in this (please tell me I'm not :D)? Any tips on dealing with the feeling of being rushed? Best regards, Polarius
  24. Yo guys and girls! I will be streaming WM2 in around 2,5 hours (7:30 pm GMT+1) http://www.twitch.tv/killyox/ So feel free to jump in, talk about the game or anything else for that matter and lets enjoy it together. I may talk in English and Polish a bit depending on who's watching. Be sure to chat and don't be shy about it! After I saw the Eyeless I thought "Damn I will get my ass handed to me on live...". And that's most likely the case! What's my party comp? Merc Barb (out when I get new companion!) Pallegina Durance Devil of Caroc Zahua My sweet Wizard :D Why do I post this here? Because I want to play the game and enjoy it with other people at the same time duh! More followers wouldn't hurt either. I recently started Streaming and YT channel. PS if it so happens that someone would give a donation (hell if I know why ) 50% of it goes to charity. I will be doing a review of White March p2 on YouTube around 20-21st of February too. PS I will be streaming for about 4-5 hours
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