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  1. They'd be better off going after COD fans, more money to be had. And less whiners on the message boards I imagine...
  2. Ha! I rememebr that now, yeah I thought that was pretty funny as a kid. Maybe I ought to play the Icewind Dale games again it's been a loooooooong time. I remember the music being quite nice.
  3. I don't think fanboys will ever cease to exist. I used to be a bit like that for Sega Megadrive and PS1 when I was a kid... then I turned 13 and stopped.
  4. Final Fantasy X is a superior turn based game to DoS2, what does it matter? There are other aspects to the game as well.
  5. 'Is just better'. That's it guys everyone pack your bags and go home. We were all wrong liking this game, lets just go play DOS2 instead, even though i have played it and don't like it. '3x0du5' has shown us the light by saying it is just better. And apparently if something sells more it is just better. Like Adam Sandler films, are just better than anything which makes less money... apparently.
  6. You absolute drama queen, get a grip.
  7. Huh?!?! Larian made Age of Decadence and this????
  8. Brian Fargo is extremely petty by the sounds of it.
  9. I have yet to try it. Still haven't completed the game, it's been on the back burner for months now. In fact since WoW Classic came out I haven't touched anything else...! The plague has gripped me once more. Maybe I should give it a whirl then on TB and try complete the game finally.
  10. I own a PS4 and Switch, and barely play those things. Only really go on PC. Never owned a Microsoft console, the games have never been of interest to me. The ones I did like KOTOR etc, came out on PC so... why bother with an XBOX? 0 interest at all in Halo.
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