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  1. Oi, i'd like to thank whoever gave Divinity: Original Sin 2 a glowing review on here and convinced me to buy it when it first came out. I played it for 15 minutes and have never put it on again. I want my 35 quid back dammit. I'll find you whoever you are...!
  2. First sensible thing said about this topic.
  3. This isn't Divinity Original Sin, it's a different type of game. Go play that if you want that exact type of game.
  4. Motion sickness is bloody horrible. It's not just first person games however, I recently tried Mad Max on the PS4, and felt extremely nauseous within the first ten mins of gameplay. Why oh whyyyyyy?! I never used to be like this playing games!
  5. Well I wish I could share these problems but my PC has decided to NEVER TURN ON AGAIN!!!!!
  6. If they fall into the trope of planet of hats then yeah probably. Just like every Klingon is a dumb brute yet still created the technology for interstellar travel.
  7. I'm back! Man city to win the league this weekend. Cant believe spurs a d liverpool won their champions league games.anddd... yeah Leicester winning a few years a go was awesome
  8. Best turn based combat I've seen is Persona 5, and maybe FFX. Not really into the whole moving pieces around a board style turn based. I put up with Shadowrun: Dragonfall because the story kept me interested. The combat just takes toooooo looooooonnngggg. I think turn based works best when you are trying to defeat the enemy in as few turns as possible and being really efficient. Not wandering around the field. ANYWAYS! To each their own and all that.
  9. That is fair enough. I only played fable 3 and thought it was naff. You just go round farting in people's faces...
  10. Yeah fable stinks but... looks like Microsoft have had a bit of a change of heart in recent years. The phantom theives must have got to them!
  11. I wanted to read this but the wall of text has just demotivated me completely.
  12. Has it been streamlined into oblivion? They started that back in Cata and been on a downwards trajectory ever since I guess.
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