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  1. Orrrrrr... if anyone has played Dargon Age: Awakening, you could either carry on your Warden character or have be a new guy. It was basically the same story but there were changes based on your character. Maybe something like that could work?
  2. Never watched any esports before, the only thing I'm aware of is that annoying looking guy with the blue hair everyone is always going on about. No interest in Fortnite or whatever so never bothered watching it. I would probably check out some Street Fighter 2 or something if that was played maybe...
  3. Just for closure I will post one more time here. Had the funeral today, I wrote the tribute/eulogy. tried to make it light hearted and people laughed a bit and also read a poem at the end. I was shocked at how many people appeared, turns out my dad had a lot of friends. Around 15 family and 35 friends came. It was quite sad as the last time I saw most of them family members was my Grandmothers funeral. Feels like that is the only time we meet. I should remedy that. I also realised that Funerals are much more honest than Weddings. Everyone is very genuine and upset and honest, Weddings however there is a lot of taling behind backs and bitching.
  4. Fair enough guys, i have looked for the article i thought I read on RPGCODEX but I can't see it. I must have misread/made it up. Anyways, as far as i'm concerned the BG saga ended with TOB. There really is no reason to go back to that story again. Even TOB was pushing it a bit, thought I don't mind more Forgotten Realms games. Actually... from reading these interviews with SWEN or whoever it actually sounds closer to the spirit of Neverwinter Nights with online/co op etc rather than the DND simulator that BG was.
  5. I have a vague memory of the guy in charge saying it will be and action RPG.
  6. I imagine it will be as Fallout 3 to Fallout 1/2.
  7. One thing with the Switch that annoys me though... why are all the games so much more expensive?!?!?
  8. I have been to Thailand about 5 times and I still never once tried a durian... everyone put me off it.
  9. Thanks all. Sometimes it's just helpful to share this sort of stuff.
  10. Cheers guys. He didn't say how bad it was, claimed the chemo was working and that... but he'd started avoiding his appointments I found out later. The cancer spread to his spine, bone marrow, possibly brain. Suppose I just need time now. It's over.
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