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  1. Lager tastes better than craft beer. I mean good pilsners not carlsberg or... what's the american equivalent...? Miller lite? They are awful.
  2. Cba posting but the demons souls and dark souls menu themes are awesome. Most of demons souls music is fantastic actually.
  3. The game is good . I dont think 20 quid is so bad, compared to the 50 or 60 quid games that come out these days. The music is okay but not on the level of the first 2 games.
  4. Budget too high. Expectations too high. The game is fine but has many flaws and has a lot of design by committee thinking in it.
  5. What is the point in Skyrim in Eora? Just jumping on the bandwagon of another popular game? Also, Skyrim isn't even that good. It's an OK game with great marketing and mass market appeal I guess? We are all RPG enthusiasts I would assume on this forum, so it would make sense that we'd rather that wasn't the direction they took. Come on Boeroer, surely you get what he meant?!?!?
  6. Demon's Souls if you have a PS3. Best of the Souls games I reckon. Persona 5.
  7. This is really flogging a dead horse at this point isn't it??????
  8. Oh! Didn't realise, I actually bought it on PS4. was just linking to prove it existed. Why aren't more people excited I don't UNDERSTAND!
  9. It actually looks pretty good, I loved the original games on Mega Drive back when I was a kid, still play them occasionaly with my brother when I see him. I loved the music that much I got them on vinyl! Hoping this new game captures some of that awesome-ness. https://store.steampowered.com/app/985890/Streets_of_Rage_4/
  10. All this talk of RTWP vs Turn based is strange... i always thought I was on the RTWP camp but I think Dragonfall is the best of the modern crop of iso rpg's. So.... the story is really the most important thing at the end of the day. The combat is there to service the story.
  11. Josh doesn't have the abiltiy/motivation to stop his superiors imposing bad ideas though. I'm not that bothered about seeing more of what this universe has to offer. I'd ratehr see another story set in a different world with the same/similar engine to Deadfire. I know i'm repeating myself but, I would love a Hard Sci Fi isometric RPG. Maybe only a few party members, I would even accept 4 what you get slowly over the game. Maybe on some other world where a scientific experiment has gone wrong or whatever and you're trying to investigate what happened. Sort of like the 50's classic film Forbidden Planet.
  12. Really don't get the Fortnite thing, the game isn't anything special. Is it just good marketing? And fad mentality?
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