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  1. On my Priest of Wael playthrough I remember talking back to Rymrgand during the failed experiment, but not so much that he would kill me via dialogue. Later I started Beast of Winter, and when I tried to go through the portal Rymrgand asked me if I was the same **** as before. There was a Priest of Wael unique shady/clever dialogue option along the lines of "You must have confused me with someone else." to which Rymrgand's reply is basically "Nice try" and another instadeath via dialogue. Also if your character has minor intercession, all the priest classes have unique descriptions of just what a minor intercession is if you use it after contacting a plagued ship. For Wael, everyone aboard the ship blacks out and mysteriously wakes up back at their post some time later.
  2. I feel that Pallegina would benefit more from additional INT for both her chanter and paladin abilities. A more sneaky way to make her stand out more might be to improve the avian godlike effects of the heart chime amulet you get from her personal quest. Aloth actually gets a permanent bonus from his personal quest resolution which makes him stand out. Eder does too, but arguably it is less impressive (5 will/1 resolve). For sidekicks, Vatnir needs a minor buff to his godlike racial ability and/or a rogue subclass rather than minor attribute boosts, imo (Rogue/Priest Vatnir feels weird and out of place).
  3. I do think that Ciphers need some babysitting as they are the squishiest class in the game. The Wizard is also fairly fragile but makes up for it with various defensive spells; Ciphers don't really have much outside of Borrowed Instinct and the ability that steals AR from an enemy. A secondary issue is that they have to land (and have enough PEN on) both their attacks and spells to be particularly useful (martial classes really only have to land their attacks, and casters really only have to land their spells, so ciphers have to jump through more hoops). That said, you're not going to find Brilliant on any other class, and charm/dominate are both incredibly powerful.
  4. Are you sure about that? Great Maelstrom is goofy in that it has two components keyworded differently. For example, Scion of Flame only affects the initial damage, and not the subsequent tick damage, which does not seem to be keyworded fire.
  5. Personally I found the first game much harder. Due to afflictions severely reducing defenses (and petrify even doubling damage intake), I had party members get stunlocked or instantly vaporized A LOT on my first play-through. Adragans were particularly deadly if you didn't prepare a bit in advance due to having both Relentless Storm and their petrify. I've never found PoE2 super difficult. There are a lot lot lot of quests on Neketaka which have no combat whatsoever if you don't intentionally pick a fight. I think you can comfortably reach level 9 without much fighting and it makes the rest of the game easy.
  6. Not an RPG, but I strongly remember playing FTL and noting that the writing was really good. It's not a narrative-driven game, but it's much better than what you expect out of the average roguelike. Lo and behold, I check the credits and Avellone is a guest writer.
  7. I don't think it was Avellone's problem though. Most of your "Watcher vision" sequences are overwrought in general, so it was probably a team decision. Dean Domino in FO:NV, also written by him, was perfectly fine. Cheeky, and a nasty piece of work like Durance, but usually gets to the point in his dialogue.
  8. Durance isn't "forgotten". It's just that the gods don't visually see people like normal mortals do, they identify them based on their souls. Durance had his soul damaged in the process of making the bomb, so he's invisible to the gods. Which is a good thing, because he really can't keep his mouth shut.
  9. I've definitely had fights as a beckoner where I simply started with max phrases. I believe it has something to do with your power level/character level but I can't prove it. Also note that in shipboard fights characters are already chanting while the cutscene at the start plays, so you start with an extra phrase.
  10. Nah it's Grieving Mother. If you bring Ydwin, she'll also comment that she's heard of powerful ciphers having such abilities.
  11. Does the damage keep escalating upwards? Or does it start from base value again? I'm wondering whether it's worth taking Toxic Strike just for bosses if I kill my enemies fast enough without the use of damage over time.
  12. You can still exploit this by kicking everyone out of your party before turning in quests. A related XP exploit is to never level up your companions and bring them with you to turn in quests at level 1 for a massive XP multiplier until you are ready to use them. Always nice to have an Eder that's 3 levels higher than you.
  13. If you go to Ashen Maw first there is some unique dialogue from your companions (because they did not see the footprints on Hasongo, this is their first time seeing the size of the colossus). If you go back to Hasongo at this point, you restore the adra but there is no conversation with Eothas. I didn't play much further on that playthrough, and didn't finish Ashen Maw. Notably, you don't get Gift from the Machine and Effigy's Resentment back because there is no Eothas to talk to at Hasongo, if ever.
  14. If you just want to beat the game, I think the easiest way would be some form of Rogue or Rogue multiclass. Since you're solo there are lots of quests where you can just disengage and run towards the objective in stealth/invisibility. I'm not sure whether you can sneak past the Guardian of Ukaizo, but you can definitely talk your way through Ashen Maw. Hasongo can be skipped, and the game even acknowledges that you skipped it (to a certain extent).
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