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  1. IMO while Symbol of Eothas is nice, the problem is that you have to balance targeting your own team and the enemies. You can get a lesser but still pretty good all defenses buff from Moonwell, while Circle of Protection has it on a shorter duration. I don't think Light of Eothas is anything special, it's literally two Minor Intercessions for one cast. The thing about support spells from Priests is that you can cast them all from stealth for next to no recovery time, so the benefits of being able to cast a doubled up Minor Intercession feels minimal. It does visually look cool though.
  2. Priests do, at least, have Spark the Souls of the Righteous as fallback for damage dealing. The 70-80% of the time where it does work, Symbol of Magran works wonders. It's mainly the lower levels where it's an issue, i.e. trying to fight Fire Naga or Rathun while you're below level 16.
  3. IMO Berath and Magran are somewhat better suited for single classing. They arguably have the strongest Symbol spells (Magran's especially is fairly insane, as it rolls against will and blinds), but their lower level innate spells don't offer as much utility. Wael and Skaen have somewhat inferior Symbol spells (Wael's symbol is partly offensive and partly defensive, which makes it kind of bad at both, while Skaen only hobbles which is thoroughly unimpressive), but have great utility spells to multiclass with martial classes. Eothas is probably the weakest of the bunch, unless you really need th
  4. The necrotic lance is a bug. You can never detect the trap and it will never fire when you first trigger it. Instead it fires if you load a save within the area after you trigger it.
  5. IMO the worst part of pathing is that characters will refuse to cast a long range spell if they can't literally walk to the target area. Yes, there's someone in the way 4m away from the target area, but your spell has 6m range. I actually somewhat dislike the "out of range" feature for melee, as it allows for minor cheesing against enemies that can't hold engagement. And sometimes enemies will break engagement and run away from you, but for some reason you can't catch up and re-engage them (the chasing character will stand right next to the enemy and make stuttering steps), and if
  6. I've never found engagement super useful, outside of triggering Persistent Distraction on as many people as possible. There are too many scenarios where you start surrounded, or the enemies can teleport, or there are simply so many enemies that you can't possibly hold them all. Might as well resign yourself to fighting them point blank. Or, in easier fights you might be able to alpha strike them and kill enough that it doesn't really matter anymore.
  7. I'm not saying that these don't work, but I find that a dual wielding Swashbuckler Eder does #1 decently well while barely running any risk of being KO'd, and Lethandria's Devotion's 1hp/3sec isn't really worth using a shield over (compared to, say, dual wielding flail and club for defense debuffs, or using a morning star for similar purpose).
  8. I have a couple hundred hours of Deadfire under my belt, but I've never seen much use for shields outside of Tuotilo's Palm. I've never really seen the point of deliberately building a character to be tanky in terms of attributes either; the AI is usually smart enough to not go after the most durable target and is often scripted to attack whoever has dealt the most damage. On top of this, on higher difficulties the larger enemy count means that you quickly get surrounded and holding your enemies at bay literally isn't possible (unlike in the first game, where you could have Eder stand in a doo
  9. I don't think it's a problem with the DLCs being too hard, but with the rest of the game being too easy. e.g. for most of the game you can mostly disregard interrupting enemies, but it's really important against Neriscylas or else she uses Llengrath's Safeguard. Meanwhile on PotD Upscaled 90% of the basegame high level fights you encounter are cakewalks that are almost instantly resolved by having Tekehu using Great Maelstrom, Aloth using Wall of Many Colors, and Xoti using Call of Rymrgand simultaneously from stealth. Melting enemies with wombo comboes is fun the first few times but quickly b
  10. On the other hand, Her Revenge Swept Across The Land often makes a crapton of attack rolls, so basically everyone you hit is guaranteed to get crit at least once if not more, which makes it very reliable at interrupting. I actually played a Tactician/Skald before, it's solid, but not super exciting. Compared to other chanter builds I've played before (such as single class Bellower) it really lacks in damage.
  11. As you can see from my screenshot it just did. If you click on the enemy's name in the combat log it centers the screen on that enemy which just so happens to be the person I just hit. Look closely at the combat log: Watcher hits Pirate and then Watcher (Carnage) grazes Pirate. I am just below Eder in the screenshot hitting the pirate he engaged. Edit: Played around a bit more. Apparently Carnage is bugged ONLY while Benweth is attacking your ship. After you crash Carnage correctly does not apply to boars on the island
  12. I turned off this mod but kept the community patch - carnage still affected my primary target. Not sure if turning off the mod from the mod list and starting a new run completely wipes the slate clean, because that's what I did. Not sure if it's a lingering bug from this mod, or something to do with the community patch. Edit: I suspect this is a base game bug/stealth buff, at least during the first fight of the game. Turned all my mods off, still getting carnage against stationary targets, as you can see from the combat log. Guess that just makes Carnage a better sneak attack?
  13. Is Carnage supposed to apply to the target you're actually attacking? I don't remember if it happened without the mod, but right now it kinda makes Barbarians into Rogues with an AOE sneak attack.
  14. I would also add that Thunderous Report from Kitchen Stove fills your focus almost instantly if you hit 2+ targets which makes multiclassing with a martial class greatly redundant. On Ascendants in particular I feel that it is somewhat abusive. You start every single fight ascended and with Time Parasite and Borrowed Instincts you quickly start spamming Amplified Wave faster than enemies get back up.
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