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  1. Thanks for you answer ! I actually opted for the last distribution. 9 on an attribute actually annoys me a bit for roleplaying reasons as well. But I know there will be the llengrath permanent stat boost (very late game though), that will bring back Int and Res to 10. And having those to 10 from the start to get them to 11 with llengrath...would be just useless, I'd rather put those points in Migth, even if it does not make a huge difference. I'm only going to use dual sabres and dual stilettos, and maybe dual "weapon with crush damage" il I pick the talent to get third weapon set just to cover all types of damage, if needed.
  2. Hello,I'm going to have a new run on PotD, with a rogue, and I would like to have advices on attributes distribution.I'm going with Death Godlike (+1 Int) from Deadfire (+1 Dex).I don't want to lower the less usefull attributes too much, I'll just leave them at 10.Now I need to distribute my points between Might, Dexterity and Peception.I probably should max out perception to 18, for more accuracy (vital in PotD) and more crits.I have 10 points left to distribute between Might and Dexterity.What should be my priority ?I would say Dexterity, because as a rogue, I will alwready get huge damage bonus from backstab and +15% damage won't be as good than a faster attack speed.So should I max out Dexterity as well and leave Might alone or balance the two ?Might: 10Constitution: 10Dexterity: 20Perception: 18Intelligence: 10Resolve: 10OrMight: 15Constitution: 10Dexterity: 15Perception: 18Intelligence: 10Resolve: 10Unless you would advice me to lower one of the dump stats below 10, but I don't really want to take riskis with that.I know rogue are glass canon, but in my last run it was alwready dying waaayy to much with 10 con. I could eventually lower intelligence and resolve to 9 to incnrease might.I don't think the penalties will be that big for this class, and I know you get a permanent increase of Perception, Intelligence and Resolve late game, it will compensate. So it will give something like that: Might: 12Constitution: 10Dexterity: 20Perception: 18Intelligence: 9Resolve: 9 Thx for help
  3. Hi,so, my Maia pure ranger is lvl 16 now, I'm starting to get access to end game abilities in turn based Potd.But I have a hard time to plan which ability I should choose.Bonded fury looks cool, I really like the idea of a more powerful pet.It's costy (3 link) but it seems ok for 5 turns.Twined shot seems powerfull, and does not seem that costy (2 links)...But it is if I choose Bonded Fury.I'll spend 3 links for Bonded fury and 1 for marked prey, that's 4 points on the first turn.If I want to use twined shot, 2 links peer attack, points will go down reaaaally fast.I won't be able to use Bonded fury a second time, not will I be able to use much of others abilities (takedown, evasive fire, play dead, and maybe more...)Heart seeker sounds very powerfull, but 4 links...It seems a bit over the top to pick bonded fury, twined fury AND heart seeker.So the real question is: should I pick accurate wounding shot or twined shot ?Which one deals more damage on the long run ?Twined shot is an immediate burst, but will drain you link points really fast.While accurate wounding shot has the damage over time that also buff the pet's damage (but rogue, swashbuckler or mage can do that as well) and +20 accuray that can lead to crits...Having both seems like a waist imo.Thx
  4. I've been reloading 10 times that fight, and each time guards become hostile for no real reason. If every fights in the cities are bugged like that in turn based, I'm just giving up this game. What's wrong with you Obsidian ? Letting such a huge bug plagging the game ? And why am I not seing more complains about that ? Every one praising turn based...that's the kind of issues that make it unplayable... Last time I'm backing your game Obsidian, poor poor support, complete disrespect for your customers and fans.
  5. Ok I'm stuck on the imp fight too in turn based because I always aggro the whole town's guards... I thought turn based was out of beta ? How such obvious bugs can still be there ? People have been reporting this since January ! https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/1743358239842924075/ Even worse if that issue occures on other fights too apparently... Obsidian, please !
  6. Sorry but at that time I did not have ANY answer at all on the Paypal topic, not even one. Sebk answered to XTRMNTR2K not to me, and to another question. So I though I'd get more visibility here, next time I'll create a topic right away, my mistake was to ask on the other topic first.
  7. That is for the fig backers, there is a delay for transferring their pledge on the backer site. There is no reason for not having the reward on the portal site for the ones using Paypal
  8. 2 weeks I heard that was for the fig backers, who need they pledge to be transfered on the backer site, there is no reason for not getting it now as a reward if you pledged via Paypal That is why I'm asking.
  9. Hi, When do we get the Tyranny cupon if we backed via Paypal on Obsidian site (backer portal) ? I hope we don't have to wait as long as the fig backers, I really want to play it now. Thx
  10. Hi, so when do we get the Tyranny cupon if we backed via Paypal on Obsidian site (backer portal) ? I hope we don't have to wait as long as the fig backers.
  11. Hi, I just finished this marvelous game, but I came across some bugs. - Auto-pause at the start of the fights and auto slow-mode, do not work against Thaos, the final boss of the game. Not a critical bug, but still annoying. I checked my options, loaded this fight several time, and tried other fights. Worked everywhere else, but not against the last boss. Thx if you can fix this issue.
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