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  1. A Chanter could also provide "At the Sight of their Comrades, their Hearts Grew Bold" for a stacking +10 will +10 fortitude buff. Does someone know of any additional +will and/or +fortitude items and abilities? Then two members of the party could split the four defenses between themselves and the remaining party members could live in "god mode". Edit: Of course the respective inspirations should also be considered, again a chanter provides easy aoe access to all tier 1 inspirations. Edit: Weapons that provide will and fortitude buffs: - Griffins blade: either +5 will or +5
  2. While you guys are at this: (Although it hurts me) Rust's poignard upgrade "shank" does also apply to the other weapon, maybe even to other weapon sets. I think this is a oversight as well
  3. It depends, some of them are more situational, for example all the +2 pen modals should obviously only be "on" when you're targeting enemies that you'd otherwise underpenetrate. Other modals can basically be on all the time, like hunting bow modal. (be cautious that they won't stack with similar effects). See also "The big post of Stacking rules" in this forum. The formula behind recovery time is rather complicated.. when you're dual-wielding and stacking other recovery bonuses (like the streetfighter passive for example) than the 50 % recovery aren't that severe (see also the action spee
  4. Hey! To 1) in general the accuracy bonus from one weapon should not affect casting (or other weapons) (however there might be oversights if you look to the recent threat on crossbows). So one way to increase your overall "effective accuracy" is to decrease the enemies defense. For Barbarians decreasing fortitude has additional benefits due to the brute force passive. For example the morningstar modal decreases fortitude by 25. hit-to-crit does stack, however not additively (e.g. 10%+10%=20% hit-to-crit). Instead it follows the probability formular, such that: (1-0.1)*(1-0.1)=0.81=19
  5. I would say that the -1 PL is more than offset by the faster focus regeneration of Ascendants. So if necessary I would always cast that -1PL cipher spell on your way to ascension! I think it would be best to try out if the ascended subclass fits your playstyle on the tutorial island.. my first deadfire build was a melee witch (berserker) and I really disliked the "fiddling" with the berserker drawbacks and the downtime after ascension. Right now I'm playing a Soulblade / Assassin (and enjoying it alot). If you want to multiclass a Soulblade, then Rogue might probably be the best choice du
  6. The cool thing about an alternative brilliant effect evolving around the empowerment system is that it might give more purpose to this underused feature (maybe it's just me playing martial classes a lot) while also being quite thematically fitting, since int inspirations increase power levels. Empowering more than once per encounter might be challenging for the game balance, but note that the brilliant effect, as it is right now, already breaks the game balance severly
  7. That would be a clean solution, but aren‘t there any high hp enemies or bosses that use this ability? Would definitely make these encounters more challenging another alternative would be to apply a strong debuff while bdd is active: for example -50% action speed or similar..
  8. Yes, the info provided by your guide is where my initial worries came from Thank you, great to hear! This mod is a masterpiece
  9. Does anybody know what the current state of these DoT-bugs is at the moment? For example, disintegration in my tooltip is described like a "normal" ApplyOnTick ability, unfortunately I can't test the ability right now. I see that the community patch (which I have installed) has fixed Cleansing Flame to ApplyOnTick (insteado f ApplyOverTime), but I don't find a similar change to other bugged DoT-effects in the mod description.
  10. I definitely get the idea behind Port Maje as a "tutorial-island", trying to build up the upcoming political conflicts in the area and pushing you towards the main story. That being said, I think it's too rushed in every aspect and that problem also feeds into these early encounter-designs. The bear fight, being only a small sidequest, in POE1 is easy once you gather your buddies, Aloth and Eder, and being a small no-name (farmer, colonist, whatever) at this point you intuitively understand that fighting three bears (on PotD) on your way to town might be too challenging. Unfortunately, in
  11. Maybe I could chime in here and promote @Elric Galad's "Balance Polishing Mod" (in combination with the community patch). I think it makes very reasonable adjustments to abilities/subclasses that are generally inferior to other same-tier abilities in the vanilla game. This includes the single-target spell "Fractured Volition" to apply now the enfeebled affliction, allowing you to choose a different monk subclass, if you wanted to, but still benefiting from the nice interaction of enfeebled with many cipher spells. I definitely enjoy it on my current cipher run, without making anything to
  12. Sounds great, I can't wait to see how it plays out! One concern could be that it might still be the vastly superior strategy to bring a cipher along and stack the brilliant effect with the potion. How do you think about this? Might there be a way to not let these effects stack?
  13. Yes, that's right now that I think of it.. what would speak against a (slow) regeneration rate (for all non-casters atm) that starts after xx seconds in the encounter? Or starts when only remaining with xx resources in encounter? Or maybe replacing "empowering yourself" (I don't know what it's called) to give you a steady, slow resource-regeneration instead of instant-resources... At this point I'm just brainstroming, obviously, but maybe it might be fruitful to start the concept from the simplest/cleanest implementation possible (which might be just using consumables or one tier-0 pas
  14. I feel @Boeroer's idea (or MaxQuest's) was to implement this tier-0 passive that fits quite naturally into the specific class. This way players wouldn't feel forced to use it, but the new resource points would, slowly but steadily, come in not fully depending on the playstyle or build. Regarding the balance discussion I tend to side with Boeroer. Making some classes more soloable and making some classes more viable for long bossfights are at its core the same challenge: After 30 seconds of fighting some classes don't have _anything_ to do, without brilliant. So its more about bring
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