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  1. Daggers are good too for stacking all the dot:s in a short time. If you have Community polishing mod, then I would play Vatnir with axes and his own robe. Bonus accuracy plus the lash makes him pretty good damage dealer.
  2. I was playing around with nalpazca/berserker with the new patch, but I didn't seem to suffer from fortitude malus.
  3. Offtopic: I think my next character will be forbidden fist/ ancient. Casting all the dot:s and enfeeble sounds fun. Extra fun with whispers of the endless path and taste of the hunt. Only problem is that forbidden fist don't really enjoy high int but could be worth trying.
  4. I started my adventure on obsidian forums by seeing some post by Boeroer and then I read all of them (poe2 related). Game has been much easier and more fun after that. I like the way you are always helpful for anyone asking even though it means answering the same questions over and over again.
  5. I would do it other way around since your character dont have engagement slots and enemies can just run around your mc towards your backline.
  6. I usually cast moonwell or -light on my party (besides engaging tank) before engaging enemies with rest of them because those spells last pretty long time.
  7. I have played blood mage/Furyshaper in a party as pure caster and fear ward is really helpful for letting you cast in peace. Frenzy ward is good too faster casting. Melee is also an option from time to time with self-buffs and draconic fury. Way i play melee/wiz multiclasses is that I only take passives from wizard side and focus on melee class more and just collect grimoires.
  8. I would pick frenzy for the wound regeneration and early levels. Later on it is great that you never run out of tenacious and speed buffs. I have played nalpazca/berserker and i liked it (insert Katy Perry meme here). Helwalker of course can get to 35 str pretty easily.
  9. Berserker/blood mage is pretty rough on early levels and you need to get a lot of health regeneration items and use savage defiance later on. Concelhaut draining touch and siphon also helps you to stay alive. Wear tree trolls stiched cloak, voidward and ring of greater regeneration and maybe Tekehu for moonwell spells to keep you alive. You can visit anywhere you like and get instant feedback on how wise move that was. There is also opportunity to talk your way to higher levels or do ship bounties before exploring the map any further. I often do the ship bounties first and g
  10. I have played furyshaper/ancient, berserker/ ancient and corpse eater/ancient and they all are really fun to play. Because blood thirst triggers with dot spells (plague of insects, infestetation of maggots, insect swarm) you will have a lot of time with zero recovery and also good healing spells( moonwell etc) and storm spells which helps the squishiness of barbarians. Spirit frenzy also lowers fortitude which helps you to land your spells. Stag garnage (community patch) and barbarian carnage stacks which is also nice or you could go melee with whispers of the endless path and use
  11. Thanks @Boeroer for the detailed reply! I would imagine that changing the base damage of these weapons could be pretty simple to do? Other interesting option I have in mind is to make the parasitic staff to scale with power level. Does @Elric Galad have any tips on how to do this, since Polishing mod has made corpse eater really fun to play with and you have buffed warding staff and citzal armory in your recent patch.
  12. Greetings to this wonderful community from long time lurker. My idea is that I would like to mod parasitic staff and firebrand back to its poe1 glory. I feel like my Corpse eater/blood mage should play with parasitic staff and my tempest (my favorite multiclass, blood thirst always on!) would like to play with stronger firebrand. Firebrand had 29-44 base, 45% lash and +4 accuracy. Parasitic staff was exeptional from lvl1, had 26-39 base damage and 30% lash. I do not have any experience modding the game so if anyone has time help me with i would appreciate it.
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