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  1. I dont feel safe without 2 honestly. and also too much caster means too much micromanagement. at least melees can be 90% automatized
  2. I normally do main quest of Neketaka->Hasongo asap, then Ashen Maw a few years later, then just focus on all sidequest, exploration, and DLC. finish last quest at the very end
  3. the Unity Console works just fine with the current version. I also does this every time, basically keep the base classes/combinations, just different SCs - like Edér still swashbuckler, but unbroken+streetfighter for example
  4. I found it kinda average until like 12-13, when it started to become a powerhouse, then another power jump at 15-16, and ofc reaching the final potential at 19. until 12 I had a melee dps in the group, but at 13 he was started to slain party members, so I replaced all melee and sent away Maia (Ishiza was just consantly dead), and after that I had only Pallegina as Crusader (modified to Shieldbearer+Unbroken tho) in melee with me. she survived all, but no one else were able to.
  5. and for Ishiza. poor poor Ishiza. btw I finished the game with this Amra devoted brute. insane damage. I think in overall damage this beat my previous dps champion, the assassin/soulblade.
  6. nope, but if you want to use Staff, then go with Staff devoted. https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/The_Spine_of_Thicket_Green avaliable at Neketaka shop basically after like 30 minutes of play
  7. the one and only https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Tuotilo's_Palm this bad madafaka get all the bonuses of your fists, also it gives you the bonuses of both Dual Wielding AND Shield Style, and on top of everything Balanced Shield mod is very op too.
  8. nah, I will be Berserker+Devoted with Amra, thats for sure. and either Island Aumaua with Deadfire Arch. background (its really a new perspective on the game, by FAR the best reaction from npcs and quests) or a Boreal Dwarf from White that Wends (for an Icewind Dales like dwarf)
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