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  1. After a long time starting and restarting the game, I will try solo with the first build I planned: The Death Knight from World of Warcraft . Classes: Troubador/Shifter Troubador was an obvious choice, the life steal from Come Come Soft Winds and the skeletons are perfect for the build, and another invocations also fits well with the idea. I first played used Berath priest, but the Lich King uses frost spells too. Bloodmage was my second option, but they don’t have the decay spells that I wanted. The Druid have both the frost and Decay spells. And the shifter gets the most useful free spells for this build (Thanks @Waldemilson) Race : Pale Elf for the RP Stats (with Berath Blassings and The White that Ends) MIG 15 CON 12 DEX 15 PER 22 INT 17 RES 9 Weapons: Greatsword, Battleaxe Abilities (I will update while I play and test) Start: Touch of Rot, Come Come Soft Winds of Death, If their bones (summon skeleton) Level 2: Winter Wind Level 3: Hel-Hyraf (not much sure about this yet, probably Thrice would be a better choice but doesn’t fit the theme of the build) Level 4: At the sound of his voice and Blizzard Level 5: Taste of the hunt
  2. @Boeroertalking about melee cipher, how would you build a witch?I don’t want a Soulblade, so I think that the better would be berserker/ascendant?
  3. Did you looked at this guide? Is a berserker/evoker, but can solve some of your questions here. I particularly would raise Con up to 15 because the self damage can be a problem.
  4. I agree about the good spells you miss, but what worries me in a solo run is the lack of sustain. I don’t know how can I survive like this
  5. I had an idea of an Illusionist Stalker, using illusion spells (obvious) and the White Witch Mask. What would be the best option, Trickster, Wael or Illusionist?
  6. I was playing a spiritualist, and he is fun, but I was inspired for the Necromancer idea and wanted to try a Loremaster. What do you think would be more fun in a solo run?
  7. Looks interesting, but I will try the Bloodmage version. What chanter subclass would be better, troubadour, Beckoner or bellower? And What weapon should I aim, specially in the first levels? I will try specialize in poison and fire spells.
  8. A Troubador/Bloodmage could be something like the Warlock from Warcraft: summons, DoTs and fire spells. Berath for me lacks something more offensive, only the class spells will worth it.
  9. Played the digsite part with the seer (Beguiler/GH). I was used to play with a Stalker, but it’s more fun I don’t have to worry about the pet I am not sure it I can do higher levels areas with him, but I will play a bit more
  10. Thanks for the suggestion but now I am in the cipher’s vibe I am trying a seer now, if it doesn’t work as I planned, I will return with the spiritualist.
  11. The problem with this guy was that he was effective only against small packs of enemies. When I faced larger groups, the auto healing wasn’t enough, or if I missed my cipher debuffs. Anyway, how would a wizard/cipher performs? Or maybe a Ghost Heart and specializes in Echoes spells?
  12. After all, I started a Steel Garrote/Beguiler. Have a good synergy, almost a perma heal, and the good defensive paladin buffs. This is the stats : 18 STR / 10 CON / 17 DEX / 21 PER / 17 INT / 7 RES. I choose high Dex for attack speed, what means more heals. One question, I started with Hammer and Shield (I like paladins with hammer ), later I will try leave out the shield. Is it better dual wield or go two handed EDIT: changed the shield for a dagger with modal. I need keep attacking to maintain the heals up. EDIT 2: tweaked the stats a bit 17 / 10 / 15 / 21 / 18 / 9 and started with dual daggers. If I need more defense I just turn the modal on and sworn enemy compensates the damage reduction EDIT 3: Too boring, felt asleep playing with him
  13. I don’t use mods, I play on Xbox. And the my problem with the witch is that I don’t know how to survive with a barbarian no defensive buffs, no health regen…
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