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  1. I went to Sandswept, but it’s three red skulls there. What am I supposed to do there? I can’t disable the traps BTW
  2. Hello friends. I am trying to choose my class, tried almost everything, but I have some mid-end game questions. All characters I tested I finished the Fort Deadlight on Veteran, so I could have some feelings about them. I liked the Cipher part, but I am afraid it became too boring spamming one ability. Other class that I liked was the Barbarian. I have two considerations about it, the Confusion makes much difference in party play? And is possible to be an off-tank barb? Because I want to be able to take some damage and leave the rest for the AI. That said, thi
  3. I am on the same boat, mate. I tried every class, and still couldn’t decide what to choose. One of my favorites was Cipher, but at the same time I don’t like one-button-spam abilities.
  4. Today I am between a Warlock and a Witch with soulblade. Looks very interesting this combination, and I like the concept of the Cypher, build up resources to spend in a powerful attack. I had one Transcedent and was fun, maybe I will try the Witch for now
  5. @Boeroeractually, I am doing two runs One solo swashbuckler, and the another I am still figuring out what I want . While I can’t decide, I am trying the solo.
  6. One noob question here. Do you have to avoid fights all the game, or after the digsite becomes better? I am running a swashbuckler build I found on YouTube, and I don’t like to keep stealthing all the game.
  7. One question about the Wildstrike passive from Druid. It works only when shifted? And I must have weapon or can be unarmed?
  8. Hello friends. I played some hours with my “DK” build and still isn’t what I want. Now I am thinking about try a Barbarian mutli, what would be a good option? I really like the idea of combine a melee with a caster, maybe something like a WoW Shaman, dual wield with some elemental spells. Barbarian/Druid is viable? Or with mage will have better synergy?
  9. Well, I am not so hardcore like this. I like a challenge but not so much. I will try a run on Veteran, and than I think about PotD. Thanks for the feedback guys
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