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  2. If you just want the Berath's Blessing points you can grab the file here I know that doesn't help with the underlying issue you are having but hopefully it helps
  3. Did you enable the console commands by using "iroll20s"?
  4. Are you using any mods ? I do remember this happened to me a couple times shortly after release when my steam client wasn't connected to the cloud. Thought this was fixed. Never happened to me again.
  5. I can't find where I saw it, but an estimate from Stewards Folly's amount adjusted for inflation was a couple hundred billion, Malcador may have it right. Not exactly 'peanuts' but still within the amount the government throws around regularily. I wonder if Trump ever considered how much he would actually pay, maybe he thought he'd just pay 700 million (which is the loss he claims), but it'd really be at several trillion when you take into account the resources, and then theres the societal and management cost. Greenland also lacks the infrastructure (and with a tiny fraction of the US population) for big projects, so, we'd be pouring tons of investiment into what amounts to nation-building. Sure, it has loads of resources, but unlike back in the 1860's where people were unaware of the mineral riches (though there may have been inklings of it), we know just about everything that we can find about resources in and around Greenland, so, Denmark wouldn't be selling it on the cheap if they even wanted to sell it in the first place.
  6. On some of my characters I actually didn't invest points in DEX, great to know that you only need 14. Can be easily adapted, ty. But you still need Athletics 8, so you have to respecc probably anyways like me except you really do want invest in athletics. You get +2 from the Adra Potion, +2 Burglar's Gloves, +2 Ngati's Girdle (which I usually sell, because it gets you alot money early) + X (nothing comes to my mind now). You cannot use Unguent of Animalism because it's an interaction on the world map. So you still need to invest 2 points for athletics while leveling. BUT that was my whole point, you cannot just brute force your way through it. I have done so many runs and my game tends to bug out especially on THIS bridge. And I am really no talking about like 1 out of 10 times, it literally bugs out for me in easily 80% of my runs. No matter how often I save and reload the savegame itself is somehow corrupted and will always bug at this interaction while other savestates from different characters are fine. Don't ask me why. Reinstalled PoE2 aswell, already. Made no difference.
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  8. PoE2 is a great. I had alot fun playing it. I don't think the pirate theme is bad at all, but it is just a little too stereotypical imo: everywhere are pirates, everyone is drunk and also talking like that and OFC there is somewhere a kraken hiding and a Davy Jones ship that is not being owned by Davy Jones, he got replaced by a female skeleton thingy called Lucia Rivan. I really felt SOMETIMES like playing a Pirates of the Carribbean game. It's just a little too much. On the contrast however, PoE2 offers great combat, multiclassing, alot of really unique items, turn-based mode, cool and challenging bosses and alot alot to explore. Unfortunatelly the main path literally consists of only 4 quests, which is just too little imo (Crypt -> Hassongo -> Ashen Maw -> Ukaizo -> Done). Furthermore PoE1 had a really dark story, from my perspective, which I liked alot. I really liked Thaos! He was mysterious and I was actually looking forward to get somehow more involved in the Leaden Key in PoE2. As I said the pirate theme is not bad at all, but the transition from PoE1 to PoE2 was so weird for me. From a dark story into an overall alot happier atmosphere (besides what Eothas is doing ofc). Summarized I would still say PoE2 totally deserves a 90/100 aswell as PoE1 because it does alot things better than PoE1, especially gameplay/combat/quests, but I was just hoping personally for a much darker and longer main story for the sequel. If they would have continued the dark theme and introduced more mysterious characters, like Thaos, PoE2 would have been 95+/100 easily.
  9. Love the game. From A to Z it's amazing. Except (PERSONALLY) the stacking rules. Some I find strange or too strict but acceptable, and some I find simply a bit dumb. This from a guy who digs well planned strategy gaming. My humble request is: Is there anyway (modding, settings, whatever) that already exists to play with another set of stacking rules? As anybody dedicated some time in changing this? Some of them are really annoying me and my carefully planned thematic builds :) thanks!
  10. Durian is naturally a piece of cake compared to surströmming. )
  11. You are Rasmus Jarlov and I claim my 1000 Krone.
  12. There should be an option where you can just say you feared for your life and all is forgiven
  13. I don't know if people know, but if you have mid-teens mechanics or stealth, 14 dex and 8 athletics, you can cross the bridge no problem without any specific class support or without burning any time. (edit: the dialogue tree would go -> examine, use stealth/mechancis, carefully cross the bridge (new option appears after examining the bridge with enough skill), and then you're done (you just click through a dex and athletics check).) I ended up manually looking through the game conversation files for this encounter because this encounters is so poorly documented and could've been a dealbreaker/huge-waste-of-time for my tactician/skaen (who does not have access to web or the druid spells). edit 2 - though honestly it's not that big a deal to brute force your way through the bridge with insufficient dex/athletics, so long as you don't have any injuries (iirc you can accumulate up to three just from a "successful" crossing). you can always quaff a luminous adra potion after, or leave them in place if you have rekvu's.
  14. thank you ! sneaking to top left corner was what I had to do to trigger the quest !
  15. Gorthfuscious lets not use such reductive words as " spied " and " toppled ", they tend to frame this debate in a negative light Rather see this as making the world safer, dont you want to live in a safe world ? Trump was very rude to cancel his Denmark trip, really unacceptable presidential behavior
  16. Wonder how much Denmark would charge for it. Saw one estimate for $553 B but that ignored resources.
  17. Yo, what's Alaska going for these days? Asking for a (possibly formerly KGB) friend
  18. Yeah, today I completed my first solo+potd run (paladin/fighter), and I did learn the hard way about all of that. Positioning, bottlenecks, rest bonuses, potions, encounter-specific gearing, all matters a lot, in this game mode. I should mention that I exclusively play turn-based mode, btw, which also adds a layer of thought to everything. So, would it be viable to roll a character one way (like, more balanced) get past Maje, and then respec it (does ToI allow that, btw)? As per your ultimate builds, where can I find them? (feel free DM me if you wish, since it's OT)
  19. Here's the newest trailer for Spiders' latest RPG that inevitably will fall well short of its ambitions and be janky as ****, and that I'll play and wind up enjoying anyway. I'm so going to murder the **** out of the tree-hugger natives and Manifest Destiny my way across the New World.
  20. @BruceVC the US has spied on the rest of the world and influenced regional politics and toppled democratically elected governments to replace them with puppets for decades. I'm not sure if anyone is *really* surprised when other countries eventually try to return the favour. Heck, for two decades (at least), the US has been spying on European citizens and companies via the Echelon system (google bbc and echelon for a more in-depth art article on it). Couldn't help but burst out laughing when I read the BBC news this morning. Good on you Ms Frederiksen, one woman who is very unimpressed by Trump, there is apparently no limit to how far he will go embarrass himself. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49423968
  21. You should not judge too early about a build. Most builds are not working before they get some of their core abilities. Playing TCS will almost always be something like: "avoid every fight possible and collect exp until lvl x", simply because there is no other way. Doing tactical plays like pulling mobs into a corner or fighting in a narrow corridor is neccessary when you play solo. There is no build that starts on lvl 1 and can just run in brain afk mode and facetank everything, especially not on PotD. I really do get your point! You want to play it as you feel without thinking too much about mistakes you have maybe made. You want to compensate that by being tanky, but unfortunatelly that is not how PoE works. There are certain encounters, that need good preparation. If you start the fight with wrong equipment, wrong buffs or forgot to buy the proper potions you will most likely fail regardless of how tanky your character is. However, if you really want a build that can afk facetank everything, being almost invincible to everything, play one of the builds I used for my Ultimate run. But that doesn't really belong here in this discussion.
  22. I don't know how much experience with solo PotD you have - but every build is difficult in the early game. Port Maje (Gorecci Street) and the Digsite are very hard. You simply lack good abilites and items that would give you an edge. Most solo builds become easier once you reached Neketaka and leveled a bit without fighting too much. Some key components get unlocked (for example Borrowed Insticts which is important for this build) and suddenly it's way easier. Also you have more freedom in picking your fights. Something which is more easy than most builds in the early game is Arcane Knight if you pick some self buffs and Chillfog. Fighter is also a bit easier because of the good starting values. I also find Cipher quite good if you start right with a club + proficiency because -25 Will is enormous if you can then reliably land a Whisper of Treason. Mind Control usually takes away one enemy which then functions as throw-away-tank for you. Also Ranger feels easier because you'll have an additional body + high accuracy. That doesn't mean that those builds that feel easier early on will shine later though.
  23. Hmmm, I just tried it a bit in test-TCS (everything on except the ToI thing), and I died a bloody lot. Like you said, if it's just for the achievement, one could just cheese through the game with most builds really, avoiding all/most fights and just sneaking through everything basically. I'm not sure this build is for me, although TBH, I never played a cipher before so maybe there's stuff I need to get used to or just better at. And maybe I could tweak the build a bit (it's way too fragile as is, and Maje island is especially punishing), or just get the "+2 to all stats" BB (I haven't yet, but I reckon it would make things a lot better?)... As to your question, I myself am not really sure what I want XD . Yeah I'd like the achievement but I'd also like to enjoy playing the game, so a bit of both I guess? Megabosses aren't my thing so yeah, never mind those. I suppose I'll keep looking.
  24. Did the SWAT 4 mission with the child graveyard, have to redo it as apparently I blasted a lady in the legs with my MP5 that I shouldn't have. Not very good at judging when they are acting in a threatening manner. Sort of funny to deal with such a strict RoE when I'm in the ersatz NYPD, heh.
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