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  3. https://www.pcgamesn.com/intel/xe-gpu-release-date-graphics-card-specs-performance Hmmm very interesting times! If Intel can pump out a decent GPU sometime in the near future, perhaps going all Blue is a viable option in the high end sphere...
  4. I'm not sure I could go Linux system with gaming. For other things maybe. This evening: I'm hungry for take-out. Call Chinese food place. Busy, on hold 5 minutes. Hangs up spontaneously. Try again. Same. Forget it. Call BBQ. Get voice mail is full auto message (on vacation or perm-closed who knows). Call pizza place. Ordered. Finally. Now I want a movie to watch.... is Parasite the film rentable yet? No. Terminator Dark Fate? No. Sigh....
  5. The first time I came to it with level 11, without having played the expansions, only with the equipment that you can cope with in the base game, my main was a cipher (cipher and druid are now my favorite classes) melee two-handed (complicated to wear, but once you get used to it, it's amazing). Eder, Pallegina, Durador, Kana, Aloth and my cipher. I do not exaggerate anything when I say that I was hours and hours, many hours, many attempts and always dying, in fact I created a thread here asking how I could kill this dragon xD For me the key is in the buffs for the group and the debuffs for the dragon, once I got into the head that I had to use buffs, it took me less than 2 minutes to kill her, 2 minutes counting that more than half of that time they were buffs / debuffs, the remaining time is what it took to kill her hahaha PS: Not all the fighting comes out the same, other times I have reached it with level 14, after killing Concenhault (even though I didn't use the hammer or anything, I just had more level) and throw myself 9 minutes to kill her xD I hope it is understood, my English is a bit basic :S
  6. wow i've literally never gotten that sequence of events. still learning new things about this game
  7. I don't know if anyone actually posted this here, but I read it in some article a while ago;
  8. The women in The Outer Worlds are far more androgynous than in the modern western world. It doesn't follow that the presenation of gender will merge into androgynous. Gender and sex aren't separate entities like a minority of people try to make out, the binary will always exist, the details can change. European and Egyption culture had men in make up, but that faded out of style.
  9. I understand where you are coming from and this issue for consoles should of definitely been caught in Q&A or at least handled in the first patch. The interesting thing is this issue only really effect console players who view things on a display several feet away. On PC I never had an issue in fact I didn't even realize there was an issue until I saw the complaints on the forums. There have been so many games I have played on PC that where modified to fit a console crowd that are so restrictive for PC so it is interesting to see it reversed so people on console complain about design decisions that work better on the PC.
  10. Geez, these are some crazy loan situations. I actually just paid off my $13k loan from my year of grad school. It took close to 15 years at about $115 a month. The interest rate was 3.375. I mean, I could have and should have paid it off faster, but at the end of the day it was always my lower interest rate debt compared to auto loans and credit cards.
  11. the reading was torture but get used to it after so many hours of paradox games the first person exploration are much more exhausting to the eye
  12. Yesterday
  13. Bored Panda - Studen Loan, impossible to pay stories
  14. always assume london already did that but things just couldn't stop getting worse anyway
  15. how old dnd system doesn't suit system of video game are painfully obvious poe try to make a system with the core of d20 but completely build for pc game but player willing to learn this kind of rule mostly already have some experience with some table top rule and player doesn't like this kind of system will just be turn away
  16. I don't really think it makes much sense to believe genders will be blurred, frankly. Let's review the last 10,000 years of human history--gender definitions have always been quite pronounced--and that's because of the biological roles of human genetics. Men cannot conceive and bear young, women cannot help but doing those things because their very genetics demands it. Genetic imperative is an extremely strong motivator--much, much stronger than the whims of temporary social change or mores. Social change over the last 10k years has been astoundingly diverse--yet the roles dictated by genetics haven't changed at all. Thus women are women and men are men and never shall the twain meet--at least genetically, speaking. The psychological games people may play with themselves is an entirely different subject, imo, and such persons are always in the distinct minority, regardless of culture, etc.
  17. I go along with this...;) Younger folks have got to work on developing more of a sense of humor these days--they miss so much by taking every little thing seriously or out of context. I mean, some people may like playing with "the bearded lady" from the circus--who knows, and who cares? It's isn't as if the developers are trying to make some kind of social statement as there isn't one to make--99.9999% of all females happen to actually like being female, believe it or not....;) (Or so my wife informs me!) Ditto males, for the most part. I never noticed it, actually...;)
  18. Hah, that is debatable. Wait, I remember, you are GD's dog.
  19. oh Sadie, you always know what to say
  20. Oh, those are real people. Huh. I guess that's a "no" then.
  21. Guess whose erotic RP persona I am.
  22. I am going to go out on a limb and say SonicMage. Maybe Krezack, but not sophisticated enough. I mean, I get Obsidian is an rpg company, but it is weird how many accounts feel the need to play a characterization here.
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