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  2. Are all of the Ranger +ACC effects conditional (also passive, yes?), and thus stack w/ active generic +ACC? Marked Prey, Marksman, Stalker's Link, Survival of the Fittest (am I missing any?)
  3. This is mostly true, but I'd also like to list/know self-buffs in this specific category. A better wording of my question is, "What options are there for each (sub)class to get generic +Accuracy," which sprang out of an even more specific question, "how do I increase Fassina's accuracy with scrolls?" That's slightly different from the question, "How do I increase my chances to hit with my characters if I don't have a priest," which there are many, many answers to, including lowering defenses, etc. I'm editing the OP to list what you've all shared. Thanks for the reminder about pets! Small note, this one only applies for distant enemies. All of these pet bonuses will stack with generic +ACC (and will apply to scrolls, etc. in a similar way), there are a host of items that provide similar effects, e.g. Ring of Focused Flames, etc. It's probably enough to mention them in general above, without listing every effect.
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  5. Technically, there already is a nocturnal arthropod in the game; wolf spiders are nocturnal predators IRL, and the August update changed their sleep schedules to reflect this.
  6. I think weapon proficiency should be postponed until they add more variety in weapon selection. As for stats, maybe instead of each character having their own advantages and disadvantages, each of them could have their own "Character perk" that starts at level one and improves as they do the things related to their perk. For instance: Max: "Scrapper" Reduced stamina cost for melee weapons. Higher tiers could unlock increased attack speed and/or damage. Levels up by swinging melee weapons Willow: "Resourceful" Gets more out of food, water, and bandages. Maybe torches and dandelion tufts would last longer as well. Higher tiers could unlock greater yield chances from harvesting (particularly useful for collecting insect parts) increased inventory space. Leveled up by foraging. Pete: "Crafty" Better durability on crafted items. Higher tiers could unlock reduced crafting costs (or a random chance of a material or two not being consumed in the crafting process) and learning more recipes. Leveled up by crafting. Hoops: "Sporty" Reduced stamina cost for running, jumping, and throwing. Higher tiers could unlock increased speed, higher jump height, and/or greater throw force (projectiles move faster, travel further, and do more damage) Leveled up by running, jumping, and throwing. The beauty of this system is that due to the way the perk system works, players can unlock other characters' perks the same way other perks get unlocked. The only difference would be that while character perks are always active for the character they are associated with, when other characters unlock them they are treated like regular mutations. That is, while Willow can have "coup de grass," "Grass Monster," and "Rock Cracker" active without needing to turn off her "Resourceful" perk, Pete would only be able to have "Grass Monster" and "Rock Cracker" active without needing to deactivate the "Resourceful" perk he unlocked from all his resource gathering.
  7. His comparisons are asinine, as they work against his point.
  8. @BruceVC I think I might have couched it in terms more akin to: "You're an astronaut and going to spend the next 6 months stuck in space orbit with terrible food. What delicious meals would you pick to eat the day before going up?" Anyway, even with that in mind I'm not sure what I'd pick. I find as I get older that while there are those meals/foods I will order over and over, if I really start thinking about ultimate fave meal/s I come up blank. I'm not enough of a gourmet or variety eater. As long as my taste buds are happy, I'd be happy.
  9. A spear using a weed stem shaft would be at least as long as a gladiator spear: As a melee weapon, it would likely require both hands, which would change up how combat works, as explained in-depth here. An interesting fact about long, two-handed spears is that they are very useful against cavalry; that is, enemies charging at you on horses. This would translate well into fighting many of the arthropods in Grounded.
  10. Epic’s decision to bypass Apple’s App Store policies were dishonest, says US judge.
  11. Dragged in in much the same way an alcoholic gets 'dragged' into a succession of bars etc. Erdogan is revanchist, Azerbaijan is literally their only friend in the region and there are an inconvenient bunch of Armenians between the two countries who had better be careful in case they end up taking another long spontaneous walk while forgetting to take sufficient food and clothing. They are operating the Azeri EW systems and drones already, shooting down Armenian planes is a small step. Having said that, the Armenians have good reason to make the claim since they have a defensive pact with the Russians that doesn't cover Nagorno Karabakh Artsekh Republic but does cover Armenia proper.
  12. How many people would actually have an appetite if they were told it was their last day alive...
  13. Its been there from the start, with all the guriella fighters moved from syria
  14. If you haven't already, you should put this in the PTS forum so it gets the proper views from Obsidian. Only thing in the game i don't have respawning now (i'm not in the public test btw) is clay. everything else is respawning fine. the patch tomorrow fixes clay.
  15. Yep, is a thing in Scotland and Trinidad alone as far as I am aware.
  16. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-54345622 Turkey getting dragged into this now.
  17. Is that a thing? EDIT: I googled it. It's a thing. Looks delicious, too.
  18. ME2 is basically just one big companion quest. It's an improvement I guess from the first one which was mostly a mining minigame.
  19. I bought a singing Mordin plushie at PAX West*. I regret nothing. *This is despite me not being big on merchandise and/or conventions.
  20. this could be possible, if they used the right type of fly. Just saying fly i'm sure we all think of house flies right off, and they're not aggressive, they have no offensive capabilities, they're scavengers and prey for other insects. This could be a dagger fly, much different from a house fly. Dagger flies get the name from their dagger like mouth parts, that could add to their attack.
  21. Because he is an "earth flattener"
  22. Well, if it's what I would like for dinner, that's different. But if I'm going to die, my last act should be suitably out of spite. Maybe macaroni pie would be nice. But then again, every authentic Trinidadian dish I seem to eat is nuked with pepper
  23. Elerond

    Politics 2020

    I am not sure if half of republican voters can be described as fringe group https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/311949-poll-belief-in-conspiracies-largely-depends-on-political-identity https://today.yougov.com/topics/politics/articles-reports/2016/12/27/belief-conspiracies-largely-depends-political-iden
  24. BruceVC

    Politics 2020

    But Elerond its not fair to associate Pizzagate which was caused by the QAnon fringe group with the overall Republican party and levels of insight that many Republicans have The extreme views of QAnon are really hard to take seriously and wont ever be translated into Republican policy
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