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  2. It's a start in the right direction but foresight tells me that structural change should be the long term goal. Automation is crucial towards a more egalitarian world where nature and technology work hand in hand.
  3. Exactly. If the writers wanted the plan to fail you'd think that they could have easily come up with a better way than our genius is now a complete idiot for plot reasons.
  4. in normal or creative. i've done the quest. bought the blueprint. i reinstalled the game already. the dev say "we can't help" i'm kinda pissed as ziplines seems to be a major part of the game. I can't make those. they are not in the game.
  5. I think that was just done to give players as many romance options as possible with the companions they had.
  6. SO, the idea is to run a paladin, human. I am just not too sure which way to go i am leaning towards bleak walker because i think theyre back story sounds more interesting and i dont mind being bad. But i am leaning towards goldpact because i am planning on leaving int at 10 and that way the DOT will be okay. For attributes i am planning on going 16 mig, 10 con, but i am not sure about the dex and perception i want to leave int at 10 and have res up to 15. I want to be able to catch the res dialogue checks and it also adds to me being an off tank with eder. I am leaning towards using
  7. keeping in mind boeroer's apt point [which would also explain why you can't just go around shouting to everyone that the gods aren't real in deadfire], it is definitely the case that at least in deadfire there's a lot of talk about how flawed the natural process was (hollowborn, etc.) and so the engwithans wanted to fix the natural process and also improve humanity in the process (of course they basically genocided so many peoples in the process of stripping away all other competing belief systems and creating the gods in the first place so...). eothas being eothas also takes this to mean that
  8. I've read so many threads since you replied to me. Anyway, I started a monk on POTD playing with story companions only and was having fun (I'm at level 8 now in Defiance Bay). The difficulty wasn't too bad, but now I am thinking about all the other characters and classes I'm missing out on. I am wondering, in 2021, what are you favorite class/builds for the MC in POE?
  9. Says you! I for one cant wait to whip out a 100T bill:
  10. It's another possibility not a coercion, and if someone want to cheat make game more flexible - console is usualy the easiest way Casting time of summoning weapon can be simulate by switching recovery
  11. Well, I guess the person that said it was one, but the sentiment behind it is still pretty valid - fixing symptoms is great, root causes is too uncomfortable. I hate this ****ing prosperity gospel bull**** I always see peddled.
  12. Today
  13. Malc that sounds very worryingly socialist ....never forget socialism has led to various carcasses of countries littered throughout the world that are products of failed socialist experiments. You dont want to end up like Venezuela or Zimbabwe " Better dead than red "
  14. yogaman28734, are you playing the game via Steam, or did you purchase it via the Apple appstore? I went the latter route, and it took me awhile to figure out how to install mods. This is how I did it: First, open your applications folders. Right click on the Pillars of Eternity II icon, and select the "Show Package Icons" option. Open the "Contents" folder, then the "MacOS" folder. Then once again right click on the Pillars of Eternity II icon, and select the "Show Package Icons" option, and open the "Contents" folder. In this folder, create a new "override" folder, and then place into it
  15. Not a bible quote, but sure everyone knows it. "When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why they are poor, they call me a communist." —Dom Helder Camara
  16. You guys argue as if this was a thing that really happened and not a story that several designers/directors puzzled together over the course of two game development cycles. It's quite hard to mantain coherence when multiple writers add stuff to one fictional world. And "one Josh to bring them all and in the darkness bind them" might not be enough.
  17. But they can make it, never forget that. It all depends on their degree or further education and hard work
  18. To make people better so that they wouldn't need gods, yes—chiefly because there weren't any until the Engwithans made them. In the first game it is said that the gods were created specifically because the Engwithans thought as soon as everyone realized there were no gods, chaos and survival of the fittest would ensue across Eora. They didn't explicitly set out to improving the natural order and/or cycle of the souls itself.
  19. You guys have convinced me of the error of my ways. If US born, white, male, college educated people cant make it in this crazy world then what hope is there for me? Please send me l00t. I accept Zelle through Chase bank.
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