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  4. Denver cases are up 27% and hospitalization is up 100% but the mayor announced the end of outdoor mask mandate and gyms and restaurants can go back up to 100% capacity.
  5. I'm coming around to the idea of them just patching and moving on. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the game my first playthrough but much less so on subsequent ones. The reason for me is that the systems aren't complex or interesting enough to keep me engaged and I'm not sure that more content, even though I don't mind it, is the answer.
  6. Outside of the finale where she apparently transforms into Shinji for a bit (I hope I'll have enough time for NGE soon) Sailor Stars Usagi is really strong. I don't know if it is just the contrast to SuperS, but that might be my favorite version of her. S had more character time for everyone and the first season was fun in general, but in Stars she's still klutzy and a crybaby at times, but also sweet, caring, does nice things for her friends* (like the aforementioned making an ass of herself to help), isn't a complete dummy and once the other new character shows up (that we all know about, an
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  8. I tested around with Shared Nightmare and it isn't super impressive. I'd guess it's not a multiplicative bonus to AoE like Int A 2.5 radius is not even getting tripled with over 1000% AoE (It goes to 5.9). I already have over 100% Aoe from Int here and low and behold that is actually close to doubling AoE.... The numbers do look hilarious and ofc the AoEs are even nicer than just with alotta int, but its just not impressive, only "cool".
  9. The most baffling part is that the manga has a couple of panels that Crystal simply dropped that are more lighthearted and fun. When Usagi and company go to the moon for instance, Makoto stops for a moment, looks at Usagi and says that she's now an actual tsuki no usagi*. Which causes laughter and embarrassment. It's a fun scene that's just been dropped in Crystal so everything is even more dour, serious and melodramatic than the material already is anyway (Usagi spends larger chunks of the previous chapters pining after abducted Endymion). The makers of Crystal went out of their way to m
  10. To have a series of failures and shortcomings from two iterations of Sailor Moon and to have learned nothing from them is just baffling about Crystal. Whatever, I'm not watching it. What I am watching is Stephen Universe and/or the London Snow arc of the Great Pretender. I've been feeling vaguely nauseous all week and I'm taking Friday off so I should be able to start them.
  11. Yeah, that about sums up how I feel as well. Another one of those cases where it's important to let the actual author speak for themselves instead of letting the fanidiots do it for them. Hell, that's literally exactly why I forgive Steven Universe for some of its more uneven bits as well - I've heard Rebecca Sugar herself talk about it and how difficult it is to get everything right while always having to work within so many constraints and making so many compromises under so many deadlines, it's tough to do everything just how you ideally envisioned it while also getting a product out at all
  12. It's time to fight Unicorn of War to the death.
  13. I have always liked Ryan Reynolds, even in otherwise "bad"/unremarkable films like Blade 3 and Green Lantern. His overall acting feels (to me) rather generic yet his on-screen presence is often very funny or charismatic in a cheeky way. Which is why those ads he does on his YT channel are so great. I vaguely recall that hitman bodyguard movie, they were an amusing pair.
  14. yeah my hospital sent me a similar notice re: johnson and johnson vaccine and how it means their vaccine supply is "smaller" now. I have no idea if this affects my appointment in a couple weeks, guess I'll have to check. I'm tempted to cancel the appointment and just try again later.
  15. https://twitter.com/mcpnews?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1382429950226075650|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.zerohedge.com%2Fpolitical%2Fout-kill-cop-sniper-loose-maryland Seems someone is hunting police officers
  16. So, longer answer time. @Bartimaeus I made some more edits to the post above, about stuff and stuff. Reading the two pages made me feel a bit bad about the mean things I - well, we - posted about her in these threads. I'll also admit that I let the fandom parroting what she said colour my perception of her statements, because over the course of the anime rewatch, researching reviews and gathering information for the essay style posts, I grew to despise the manga fanboys, for various reasons, but by far and large for claiming how superior the source material is, which, let's face it, is s
  17. Yeah, it was hilarious, but also, I was utterly shriveling up and dying - my secondhand embarrassment activated super strongly during that sequence, I had to cover my eyes for some of it. But that's okay - that's what it was supposed to elicit! And yep, it was made so much better because Usagi only inserted herself because she was genuinely trying to help Makoto out, not simply trying to steal the spotlight. If this were written in SuperS, you just know it would've been the other way around... Sailor Stars Usagi has been so awesome in comparison to SuperS Usagi, thankfully. Haruka? She on
  18. The warlock hybrid works very well. Personally however I prefer the blood mage option, as I do not like losing access to amazing spells like Chill Fog and Combusting Wounds as an evoker. Berserker/blood mage works, but you have to be very careful about the self damage from frenzy and blood sacrifice. You'd want lowish STR to minimize self-damage (10 maybe) and high CON for a big health pool. You'll also want to case the draining Concelhaut spells often to boost your healing.
  19. Oh, no, I was totally joking about that. It was fine, . I could tell it wasn't going to go anywhere when we didn't have a weird, ultra-serious dream sequence setup where the characters meet under really bizarre circumstances and tell each other sweet nothings while pining for one another over an entire season and...uh, you know, let's not re-visit SuperS, actually. Basically, in other words, the framing of the episode correctly and efficiently informed me that it wasn't anything to worry about, . (e): Also, I regret writing "kicking a dead horse" in the previous post when I clearly should
  20. Yeah Duterte is in a tough spot, I kinda get the impression that he wants closer ties to China but nationalist rejection by the population and U.S. pressure to stay doggedly neutral is kinda shaping his policies, which is kind of a sad sight to see from such an opinionated firebrand like Duterte. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-philippines-china-southchinasea-idUSKBN2BS0EY
  21. That Army of Dead trailer: "Hiroyuki Sanada!" "Gambler! Good song!" ...*eh, not as brain-dead as usual (?) zombies...well, at least it's not superheroes." ..."...zombie tiger. That's crossing the line." - HAHAHAHA. Well, it's on Netflix, so I'll at least try to watch it, probably.
  22. I can calm you down, that's the only episode where Luna and Yaten are a, uhm, thing. And it's not even really a thing thing. edit: That cooking episode was a riot. I mean, aside from the drawings of Haruka and Michiru being really weird, and the hands being strange. Oh, by the way, Galaxia looks bad just the entire season, with the exception of her in civilian form, those are truly nice. But they come up once. Guess the interns did her other appearances. I can't help but loving how Usagi just self-inserts into the cooking show, hogging the spotlight, essentially making an ass
  23. New Cyberpunk update (Patch 1.21). Was 588MB for me on Gog, mostly minor bugfixes and deals with some quest progression issues (like Cyberpsycho quests not counting towards the "meta" quest). The two things I'd like fixed aren't, those being: Ping quickhack alerts enemies Can't craft multiples of crafting materials Kinda prefer having these smaller patches, but more often, rather than wait months for a large one, but given the inefficiency of these updates on consoles I can see why that doesn't happen (this patch requires like a >20GB download on some consoles, ouch).
  24. Or I could limit AoE to 1,5m, except for the +15 Def effect from the upgrade which I would leave at 2,5m radius (but keep the 12s duration for Blindness, bonus damages and deflection buff). Tell me if you have any preference or some other idea.
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