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  2. Speaking generally; you have to have enough virus there for the test to detect. If you've been exposed and are incubating but have a low initial viral load you'll still test negative. The good news though is that that also means you'll have extremely low infectivity since you need a decent viral load to be shedding it. That's why you have sporting or other events where you need a negative test result before going; you may be infected and get sick later but you won't (shouldn't) be infecting people at the event with a viral load low enough to get a negative result. That's the idea behind t
  3. It was a good story line. Hopefully this is the season that kicks it off for them and the next ones only get better.
  4. Disclaimer: I only just started on the game, made it to level 3 (level cap is 10), so my impressions are what I got after a few days play. With the settings cranked up (3800x2100 or thereabouts and all effects, the game is visually pretty). Now art direction... yes, like humour, i suppose that is also a matter of taste. Not so much childrens cartoon style as old French and Belgian comic book style, which i grew up with (Danish translations) and loved very much and still do to this day. Very different from for example US comic art styles. Closest "style" I can think of would be Asterix.
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  6. A personal favourite of mine... the first Witcher game
  7. And just fom the Bioware titles to the Black Isle titles...
  8. I don't remember all the posts in a thread started 9 years ago, sorry if already posted... but the original Mass Effect had some pretty good music Shame on anyone who doesn't feel nostalgic when listening to any of these...
  9. The guy should have scratched his ass instead of his head. 7/10
  10. I'm expecting a delay of a couple of months and if not then I'd advise holding off playing for at least that long. Not confident their last two chapters are going to be well polished especially with only internal testing. I'm not entirely confident the first four chapters will be decently polished at launch either.
  11. " I will see you in another life, when we are both cats” Vanilla Sky, 2001
  12. Its a pity you and I never got married, we have so much in common like an appreciation of good food and an enjoyment of cooking
  13. @Zoraptor If you get exposed to the virus you normally have a 2-7 day incubation period before you may actually get the virus During this incubation period if you take a virus test is it effective because I cant see how it would work unless you have the virus either asymptomatically or symptomatically So what I am trying to understand is what is the point of taking a Corona test during the incubation period? Or do these Corona tests still provide some value
  14. Its a great RPG, I played it for the first time about 30 months ago and I spent 280 hours on it. I used about 200 mods and they really added to the overall experience and modified the game and narrative in an exciting and believable way. But I only used Mods that ensured the theme was still post-apocalyptic. For example I added Vampirism but this was a type of virus so it wasnt any incongruous " supernatural " themes that was inconsistent with the Fallout world
  15. S1 of AoT. It was 25 episodes but felt like it could have been 12. There's a lot of stuff that feels way too stretched out but something about it kept me going. I don't think @Bartimaeus would like it, but @majestic may enjoy it. Though none of the Titans can compare to STANDO POWAH!
  16. I'll watch those videos and I must say I was initially surprised when you said you dont like rating games on a score system because in life scoring systems and statistics gathered to create those scores are used ubiquitously to create all kinds of useful information that directly and indirectly influence us on many levels .....like so many restaurants we may or may not visit due to reviews But you have a real ability to describe games in an interesting, objective and informative way so you dont need to use a rating system to share information and help others decide if a particular ga
  17. Id Software helped out with Fallout 4's gunplay, though I don't know if they said how much they actually did
  18. Not sure how synergy works when both companies are under a huge IP. I would assume they have them working independently under their own brand algorithms but I don't know for sure because I'm not with any of the companies lol.
  19. And in a transitional phase, no less, comes with being old enough to vote and buy cigarettes.
  20. Rigatoni with Italian sausage and a creamy pepper sauce
  21. am taking a break from mechwarrior 5 play as we kinda felt like we were doing little more than grinding c-bills and mechs. so we finished chapter three... again. surprise. break enchantment still doesn't end petrified condition. lucky for us, this lesson were learned with an animal companion. aivu is the winner in our azata run. the favourable magic sooper power combined with our feyspeaker is working well particular coupled with the ascendant element (fire) mythic feat. am enjoying the tree hugger azata mythic story elements even if some o' the whimsy feels a
  22. Hope the necro is ok, but had two quick questions for @Boeroerregarding the Community Patch Forbidden Fist ability (now a standard melee attack instead of a quasi-magic demi-melee attack). If FF triggers Swift Strikes/Heartbeat Drumming I'm assuming the extra strikes will come from the weapons and not the temporary Fist effect (go go Rust's Grognards Poignard!). Are there any mainhand weapon effects that will transfer to the Fist? What about offhand? Would something like Scordeo's Trophy apply? (Obviously Tuotilo's Palm works with it.) Asking because I'm wondering if that change makes a dif
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