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  2. Most characters cover multiple roles, especially when the AI was tweaked so they go for weaker characters and dont just try to slug it out with your tank hence pure tanks dont really work well these days, they need to do damage/CC/support to. All of a fighters CC is "prone" which isn't a great option especially as most is on melee hits (nevermind if they're immune) so only negative to disengaging him is if he has good damage. Only other way he can help others is "take the hit" but if squishies are being hit its either too late or better things you can do. I think fighters make better DPS that can be quite tanky due to ignoring armour attack speed penalties. A paladin on the other hand has a lot of aoe buffs, healing, reviving etc that can be very helpful when one mistake could end your save. If want to engage more can use a weapons with guarding like shatterstar or the talent. Chanter can make a good tank with a big shield and just letting chants and invocations do the damage or support. Can add CC, damage, heals/buffs or summon things to help tank and do damage. They can be a bit squishy and short of health early on but just load up on defensive talents and buff him with paladin and/or cipher and/or priest whilst he chants and gets to invocation you want, don't really care if he can hit anything with his weapon (spell holding + art boost is handy) so can lower dex as it doesnt affect chants. Personally i prefer more than 2 melee characters, even if its a rangers pet helping as the 3rd or maybe a priest who has some good short range tank spells. Could also be more a DPS fighter, barbarian etc who have some survivability but can engage and chew through the target. Im not experienced with melee wizards or ciphers, I typically prefer a Druid rather than wizard so I have lots of choice of spells but who can then spirit shift if needed and smash the few that sneak through or transported past the tanks like spirits. Once druid + priest buffs everyone, the cipher + druid debuff enemies the druid can spirit shift and charge in with a paladin aoe support and chanters aoe chipping away.
  3. Iirc, you can retrain your characters at any merchant.
  4. Lol, that sounds only slightly worse than default male Nature Godlike face Well, maybe some day you'll figure it out. But even without new heads this mod of yours is a true miracle. It seriously made my day, I'm so happy
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  6. I'm saying all the things that I know you'll like Making good conversation I gotta handle you just right You know what I mean I took you to a 24 hour news site Then to a political rally There's nothing left to talk about Unless it's governance Let's get political, political I want to get political Let's get into politics Let me hear your party talk, your party talk Let me hear your party talk Old thread: First post Last Post:
  7. Well that is the point of moderated review, after all. Sparing the rest of the board from the worse of the posts, so you don't need to read spam or death threats, between actual constructive discussions. Not saying he did or didn't, just that you would not see any such post, when he's on moderated review.
  8. Or people can just buy the stuff they feel they should have and can afford, ignore the "keeping up with the Joneses" trends, ignore the "why do you have so much stuff" trends and try not worry about whatever other trend rationale's to buy or keep stuff there may be. Understand that want is different from need. And in the end, if the Grandkids don't want the stuff you don't want to keep yourself? Sell it. Give it to a charity to sell. Give it away to other people who want it. Trash it. Why do antiques have any value? Its because sometimes people don't want to keep on to old stuff (combined with wars, moves, disasters and general lack of appreciation). It happens periodically that the next generation rejects the previous. It will always happen periodically. If it comes time to, in my old age, relinquish my possessions and my surviving family don't want to take anything, its no skin off my back. Not everyone likes the same things I like and hold on to.
  9. ^ Interview given just before death.
  10. Yeah, Conan Exiles looks downright breathtaking at times. The game has some spectacular lighting effects on ultra settings. I've learned a lot about building while making my new fortress jutting out of the cliff. I wasn't able to have it protrude out of the cliff as far as I initially planned. Building pieces have an amount of structural integrity and they lose a percentage the further you get away from landmasses and foundations, especially when building horizontally over empty space. You can compensate a bit with pillars, but there's a limit to how far you can stretch that. I'm also disappointed that it seems you can't flip the ramp corner block upsidedown and I've found no mod that allows me to do that. I wanted to make the fortress come to a sloping sharp corner, but since I couldn't flip the ramp corner piece around to make it fit I had to go for a different effect that still looks cool, but wasn't my initial plan. I'll throw up another picture soon as it's looking much closer to a completed building... the base part, anyway. I plan to put a tower on the roof of it and I might get crazy with making it tall, assuming the game allows me to do it. And yes
  11. I've been playing through Neverwinter Nights 1, 2 and Mask of The Betrayer (but not Storm of Zehir), It's been on my bucket list for a few years and I've tried starting a few times, but never managed to get far - mostly due to the horrible graphics :D But stuck through this time, with a druid in all games - and thoroughly enjoyed it! MoTB was not as spectacular as I remembered (but still great) and NWN2:OC was actually a lot better than I remembered. I think Lord of The Rings and High Fantasy attrition was an issue when it was released. Today everything is pretty grimdark, so the campy style seemed more refreshing.
  12. As of now I can only use the head models that are already in the game and swapping textures doesn't always look good. The game engine so far refused to accept new models. My biggest success looked like that with pretty much the same diagnoses. The poor character entered game crash nirvana shortly after I tried to leave a building with it.
  13. I think it's really good BUT with some astonishing faults. Ultimately, I would recommend it. There are some things that I just don't understand. Like, some of the encounters are designed in such a cruel way that if my DM did that, I would leave his group pretty much straight away. Pitting the player against a way way way superior opponent without means of escape (random encounter) is just mean. Why do that? But it can seriously happen in P:K.
  14. I did three playthroughs as Beckoners but always multiclass, although I tested singleclass at least. The thing is, that animated weapons are more useful than the dragons and having 8 animated weapons instead of 6 is not worth losing your second class. So I would go multiclass - Herald aka Paladin/Beckoner prefered. For summons: Skeletons are a good start, but I wouldn't put points into them at character creation as you can not respec these points. Next best thing are Wurms - they are ranged, so you can use them as backrow artillery. With their upgrade they do really good damage (most of the time more than the ogres). The next summon tier gives you the ogres. They are really nice blockers and come with some self buffs and AoE attacks. But that needs a lot of micromanagement, so i usally ignore these and let them auto-attack. The final good summon are the Animated Weapons that can hit really hard. They also have special abilities like Flames of Devotion - so if you are willing to do micromanagement they can do even more damage, but auto-attacking is also fine. Summons like Phantoms, Wisps, Drakes and Spores are not worth using as the others are just better. As you need your phrases to keep your summons up there is no place for many invocations, but Hel-Hyraf (with upgrade) can be really good for harder fights. For chants Aefyllath increases the damage, but I usally run Ancient Memory + Mercy and Kindness as I also use Exalted Endurance from Paladin multiclass to keep my summons alive (they only have 25% health on Beckoner). For casting having dex is not really needed. I usually build my beckoner as tank with concentration, but taking Rapid Casting and Quick Summoning is still worth it. If you play solo then Acolyte's Frostbite is a must-have weapon as it regenerates concentration for you - in a party its not as useful. Instead of going for concentration you can also use Rekvu's Fractured Casque with an injury for interrupt immunity and completely ignore action speed. Sasha's Singing Scimitar synergizes also really good with Summons. For the pet I would go with Animancy Cat (or Prissy if you are a healer tank). I usally go for the heaviest plate armor I can find and use medium shield with the modal for it. For stats INT is the most important, as you want your summon duration match the time you need to generate the phrases for casting you next summon. As my beckoners are also healer tanks RES and MIG are also good. With enough healing you can dump CON and with an interrupt stratagy (see above) you can also dump DEX. But because I also don't need PER I usally distribute my remaining points balanced.
  15. I would suggest tagging Priests’ summoned weapons with the appropriate elemental keyword based on their lash, like you did for the Wildstrikes.
  16. Game can look really pretty 't Is but a scratch! I've been exploring, looking for a new location to settle more north since the enemies near my initial location (barring bosses) have become a tad too easy. Ran into some nice looking locations on my hikes. Cave full of crystal, with a definitely not ominous looking room at the bottom Unnamed City, early morning (iirc) Think I found a good building spot, close to the center of the map, very close to massive amounts of iron and coal and not surrounded by really tough enemies (like the rhinos and tigers a little bit further north). Planning to build a fortress all along that pillar. Going to try using T3 mostly (due to it having to withstand the Purge) but the initial scaffolding and stuff is in sandstone for now. In case you're wondering about the bare feet/hands/head: a bunch of my gear broke on the trip. I also found a really nice spot (at least as far as the view is concerned) north of "the wall" up on a cliff (basically behind the huge statues in the northern tiger area) that I might end up building at once I'm strong enough to explore around there a bit more so I can figure out whether there's any crafting materials or whether it'll be a pain to actually live there. Oh, and I've found a bunch of journals, mostly written by random Exiles, but
  17. Haha! I feel ya, though I did soldier through for some 40 tedious hours (if my memory serves me well). At least, I have a pretty defined opinion on why I don’t like DoS2. Now I am eyeing Pathfinder: Kingmaker.
  18. In the quest "Lost Dues in Good Faith", addendum 1 for the first objective (string table ID 200002): The bold tags around the last word "armoire" are closed with </a> (should be </b>).
  19. It’s a new thing, certainly- an aggressive move to get people to use Epic Store, which should be a major short term financial loss. It is not an uncommon move - slashing prices compared to competition, until you are one man standing. Considering that the biggest titles got pulled, I wonder if it is still as effective as Epic hoped it would be. While a generous deal for consumers, something about it still rubs me the wrong way. For one, it is clearly “a deal with the devil” kind of sale, as it is not a legitimate long term business practice. Things won’t stay like that, because it’s unprofitable, it’s just an attempt to choke the competition. While one might have a “that serves you well” attitude toward those who signed Epic exclusive, it might be damaging for those who just used Epic as another store: be it Klei or Paradox. This was done without a heads up, to game owners. I don’t like **** moves like that, even if I am one benefitting. I am curious to see if this incident will have an impact on future Epic/Publisher relations.
  20. I don’t know about Ubi, but multiple devs certainly seem unhappy about it. Klei and Paradox pulled their games out of the sale: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-05-17-paradox-pulls-bloodlines-2-from-epic-store-during-mega-sale so did Gearbox: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-05-18-borderlands-3-pre-order-pulled-from-epic-games-store-amid-mega-sale-kerfuffle Supergiant got a panic attack as well: https://www.supergiantgames.com/blog If this act of devaluing the game is as undesirable as it seems, devs might be more cautious about signing with Epic, if they keep up this behaviour. Especially undesired for non-exclusive games to have their game on sale. ONI is to launch next month I think, clearly a bad idea to have it discounted by 10 pounds.
  21. Deathblows simply adds its 50% additive dmg bonus to Sneak Attack's (which scales with Power Level).
  22. Chanter subs for fighter as main tank. Big shield, max MIG, CON and INT, dump DEX. Later also becomes your highest DPS with Dragon Thrashed. Can also be your traps and locks guy with Mechanics investment. Firebrand Barbarian as your melee DPS. Not an offtank (you don't really need one), just wade in after the Chanter and clean house. Max MIG and INT, as much DEX and PER as you are willing to go from reducing CON and RES. 2 handed weapons all the way, primarily Firebrand. Then take Priest for buffs and radiance; ranged Cipher for crowd control; and Wizard for blasting or whatever else you want him to do. DEX and INT are key for all these roles, PER as well for Cipher and Wizard (buffing Priest doesn't need it though). Final character can be what you want. You could go Paladin for second tank and to help out teammates; Druid for more spell carnage; Rogue if you want another melee DPS/assassin, or anything else you fancy. You get full variety party this way, including traditional roles (albeit chanter subs for fighter and cipher subs for rogue). To be fair the Chanter can carry the party alone for large parts. A full customised party of 6 is overkill. If you look at the no-reload thread, you will see players with only a few weeks experience have beaten PotD without reloads quite easily and multiple times, with some people even doing additional variant challenges (such as no knockouts).
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