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  2. Be sure to let me know what you don't like or would want to change! Even if I disagree, you never know.
  3. Started Jade Empire for the first time in years. Immediately got sucked in despite the terrible combat. Makes me sad how far BioWare's fallen. A game with a fraction of the budget, less than a 10th of the people working on it, and 1/3rd as technically competent is still twenty times as fun as Anthem.
  4. Yes, there are at least two ways the code does this. One via the triggers section in the statuseffect, and I forget the other way. Check the code for abilities where people turn invisible, or avatar, etc.
  5. That looks right. Are you sure you added to the override correctly as a mod? Did you check the output log for errors?
  6. A lot of Italian horror films in my experience (and some of their other genre films) just don't really make sense. I love some of Fulci's films (the Gates of Hell trilogy particularly - CITY OF THE DEAD, THE BEYOND, THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETARY) but don't ask me what they meant or why things happened and in some instances what actually happened. I've learned I have a more enjoyable time if I just roll with what they offer.
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  8. I am just going to guess they decided to drive it down an alley surrounded by low-rise buildings.
  9. ^ That, and the Windows 10 upgrade is still free anyway.
  10. Goliath Season 3 - This is such a good show. It was basically a season about water contract disputes, with Dennis Quaid playing the part of the evil Nestle-like water baron, and it was fascinating the whole way through.
  11. Trump's letter to Erdogan has been released and it's an 'interesting' read. A beautiful letter, more beautiful even than the ones Kim sends to Trump... Turks have also lost their first confirmed Leopard tank since their invasion started, and it's unlikely anyone who was in it survived. Learnt nothing from their fight with ISIS in Al Bab, about a dozen targets (including rather bizarrely a self propelled artillery piece that ought to be way further back) almost all side on with no infantry screen in sight. If the YPG had a dozen ATGMs instead of one there would have been a dozen destroyed vehicles rather than just one.
  12. I just recieved an email from Private Division verifying my pre order and giving me a redemption link. However, when I click the redemption link, I am brought to an instructions page to redeem on Epic launcher, but no Key is available? Will there be another email or is there an issue with the site? Has anyone else pre ordered with PD?
  13. "dream logic" That reminds me of how a RedLetterMedia video said more or less the same thing about Suspiria (1977), which I also thought was extraordinarily painful. I think I might start avoiding any movies where anybody even remotely implies it being "dream-like". Seemingly not to my taste.
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  15. Looks amazing will pick up when it's on sale.
  16. By striving for the impossible we achieve the limits of possibility, if we were to cautiously do no more than what we know to be possible then we would never take a single step forward. Quite a bit of the time a proper single-player cRPG plays like a very poor rendition of a PnP game (even when not directly adapting PnP mechanics) with meh storytelling and most of them only saved by grognards having masochistic tastes in mechanics or waifus, the exceptions are unfortunately few and far between. I think it's almost certain that Baldur's Gate 3 is going to have multiplayer functionality similar to the DOS games, because that fits well in Larian's wheelhouse and with wizards branding D&D as a social experience/lifestyle. It's similarly almost certain that it's going to be able to be played by yourself, and be close enough to D&D 5E for those familiar with the system to recognize it, so it should be good enough for anyone able to slog through Kingmaker.
  17. Not saying the people in the picture are Trump voters... but the similarity in the underlying mindset is worrying.
  18. You do realize Windows 7 will only be supported for two more months right? Nothing releasing anytime soon will probably be available for less than 10.
  19. I am genuinely curious if they are history savvy enough to realize what a bad look that is. But then again the words "Nazi" and "Socialist" are thrown around so liberally these days their definition is changing before our eyes. It's doubtful the younger college and high school aged folks have more than an abstract understanding of why those words were bad. Especially since people with first or second hand knowledge are dying off. History tends to get sanitized the farther away it gets. You are definitely correct that putting people's backs up is a poor beginning to a thoughtful discussion. But this whole notion of "white privilege" is a bunch of hooey. There is, however, a "majority privilege". It exists in every nation on this earth and benefits, to one extent or another, the ethnic/religious/sociologically homogeneous majority in that country. The US does not ruthlessly persecute and suppress minorities like it once did. Nor does it promote the interests of the ethnic majority over minorities. Quite the opposite actually. Such biases that exist that create a privilege are in the people themselves. And even that lessens with every generation. Malcom X wrote that racism is bred into society. Children learn it from their elders. Compare the US now to the 1960's. The 1940's. It can be bred out of a society too and it seems to be happening. The biggest difference between the US and most of the other countries with respect to majority privilege is they don't spend near as much time navel gazing over it's existence as we do. Is that a good thing? I guess so. The desire to be better is certainly a virtue.
  20. Yeah...and if it sucks and somebody hates it, they complain about it. I don't get what the point of this is.
  21. 39 strips and 99 slips of gold-pressed latinum
  22. For how long post-release content (patches, DLCs, expansions) will be coming? (When can I purchase and download the game once? These launch-day updates are terrifying).
  23. I'm not offended. Of course, I'm not the original poster. However, I was also confused. I had the idea that clean sweep would hit a wider area, but I just wasn't sure from the description. I use positioning a lot, so getting people grouped up is much more to my liking. At any rate, I ended up having my suspicions confirmed, but I have to admit I was a little confused also.
  24. This means the icons didn't load. Probably the Atlases folder is not there or the references in the code could be incorrect. There should be an image in the atlases folder named SpellAbilityIcons, with a text file that shows the file path for those images that are loaded into the game. The ability code has to reference those file paths.
  25. I totally second this. Hype is real, but if I have to buy a new OS (Win 10) to play it, it will definitely be out of reach for me.
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