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  1. She'll be getting my 980 ti anyway, and I'll need to get her a new PSU first. In any case I'd still need to buy a new mobo cpu ram combo for her. You wouldn't mind? I don't have anything to offer in return other than a dead 580 GTX and a 460 GTX(also dead).
  2. So my daughter's GPU appears to have finally died, putting pressure on me to upgrade her PC ASAP. After following prices daily for a few months, I really am loathe to pay a 50% premium on a GPU, especially now that prices seem to be slowly going down. Also her and my wife are lobbying me to just buy a prebuilt (the humanity) as there are a few Intel based acer computers with 3070s currently available for about 16000 SEK. It still is overpriced. It just appears not to be because the market went insane. Basically, I really want to wait like a month, at least but, obviously, I understand the kid's plight. The prat.
  3. That Dune comparison mostly shows how gray everything is in the new one.
  4. I used to be a Cisco specialist but nowadays I use mostly HP Aruba. They can support PoE if you pay extra, but not Deadfire.
  5. Not a lot, when taking into account both the average wages, and the revenue of said companies.
  6. I am aware that Zakaria jumped ship due to Trump. That doesn't make him a Democrat any more than, say, Liz Cheney.
  7. He makes some valid points (Democrat legislatures are, indeed, often incompetent) but his dismissal of "Republican advantages", to push his own theories is disengenuous. The Republican advantage in state legislatures is almost exclusively a matter of demographics. As for businesses leaving California to Texas, one could argue that it could even help Democrats in Texas, although it shouldn't make that much of a difference either way. Also, Zakaria used to be a Reagan conservative. Just because he isn't the Trumpiest Trumper that ever Trumped, it doesn't make him a Democrat. Hence why he is basically pushing a narrative that spending by Democrat state governments should be curtailed.
  8. If only someone would criminalize crime, things would start to change.
  9. https://issafrica.org/amp/iss-today/why-is-crime-and-violence-so-high-in-south-africa https://issafrica.org/amp/iss-today/the-business-of-dis-organised-crime-in-south-africa
  10. Season 4 is the one about the school system. It shows how the kids are often pushed towards drugs and a life of crime, due to trauma, abuse, peer pressure, a under budgeted school system wholly unprepared to help the students, and quite simply a lack of any good options. There simply isn't a support system in place for too many kids, be it their family, the school, or child services. Children basically need to be really smart, not make a single mistake ever, and be really lucky. If any one of these three factors fails at any point, they are screwed.
  11. Responsibility for your own actions does not stand diametrically opposed to society and institutions having a detrimental effect on your actions and behaviors. Both can be true. The point isn't about individual people, it is that something should be done about negative systemic effects on people's decisions. I recommend watching the fourth season of The Wire, to understand systemic racism. Also because it is really good.
  12. The thing is "individual people are often racist" is a problem that should be tackled individually, so it shouldn't even really have enter the public discourse, except as perhaps context. Systemic racist, however, is a sociopolitical issue that perpetuates and aggravates a bunch of different problems in people's lives, including "individual people are often racist." So the problem with, say, the George Floyd case wasn't that that specific policeman was a ****bag and that he should be dealt with, but rather that institutions around George Floyd and the cop facilitate and support, deliberately or not, the cop's behavior.
  13. For some reason that article you posted is defining racism as institutional and as a power differential. Which is kind of a weird way of framing the problem and I don't think it helps anyone. Better or worse (I don't think either of those articles are very good), what those two articles seem to be getting at (through a seriously meandering path) is that the true problem that needs to be addressed is systemic racism. And using "black people can be racist too" as a counter argument to "systemic racism is the problem" is either stupidly missing the point, or willingly trying to divert the attention from the actual issue.
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