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  1. Pidesco

    Politics 2020

    How many moderators do you think there are? Or do you object to Gifted1's left elbow's moderating performance?
  2. She goes down the stairs like she isn't an old person desperately reaching for the walker, which I imagine is unusual given typical senior politician demographics.
  3. Are you disavowing your earlier statements regarding the holocaust?
  4. From a Washington Post news article:
  5. When have the dems ever devastated US economy? That's usually the Republicans' job.
  6. You do realize that there is more than enough evidence to impeach Trump a couple of times over, and Republican senators essentially agree? They just don't want to lose power.
  7. Well, how about getting rid of the skulls, while you are at it?
  8. What I have read is that it has been argued by the Supreme Court that the phrase has lost its religious meaning with time. Sounds like rationalization, to me.
  9. Well, In God We Trust certainly goes against the founding fathers, so it seems like a weird thing to use. I mean you either have separation of church and state or you don't. Those words on the flag certainly mean Mississippi doesn't.
  10. Well, it would be fun if Obsidian pulled a fast one and made Avowed an Eye of the Beholder style game. Then you could have a proper party, and it'd still be first person.
  11. This isn't PoE3, though. You might as well go on Grounded's forums and say you want it to be PoE3. Avowed is not PoE3, it is something else, even if set in the same IP. Also, that Avowed is being made doesn't mean Obsidian won't make PoE3 at some point. I certainly hope they make it.
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