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  1. The point is thst they didn't beat the old tech, they got trounced.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennium_Challenge_2002 This is relevant to the possibility of war between the US and Iran.
  3. The notion that a guy with that voice made a career out of just speaking seriously, still kind of amazes me. It's like if Gilbert Gottfried made a career out of presenting solemn occasions. Not that Shapiro is in any way alone in this regard. The number of youtubers my kid follows with incredibly grating voices is not small though. Apparently, a grating voice is now the new normal. Perhaps soon all voice over narrators will have annoying voices as a new standard. "And now a documentary on PTSD victims of war, narrated by Gilbert Gottfried. Right after, enjoy Fran Drescher reading 1984."
  4. I see this both on the left and the right side (and whatever side) of the debate on youtube, but every time I see a video with the words "destroy", or "wrecks" or "shames", written in CAPS, I just tune out.
  5. It will come out eventually, and it will suck, so say the Duke Nukem Mystical Scrolls of truth.
  6. The Obsidian button function now includes moderator posts, as well. It didn't before. I might also take this opportunity to ask about how the Obsidian button works. It still goes to the first official Obsidian post in the thread. You guys might not remember, but back when the forums were started the function pulled all the Obsidian posts in a thread, for ease of reading those posts. Any change of getting that back, now that we have new software?
  7. That has to be one of the silliest takes ever Volo, even from you.
  8. https://twitter.com/funder/status/1113193681211801600 The oranges of the Mueller report.
  9. -3 I was still hopping from one to the other at that time.
  10. There's some evidence that homo sapiens evolved to be more gregarious and have more complex social structures than neanderthals, which may be why we are around today but they aren't. Philosophical foundations like Rousseau's Social Contract came after humans organized themselves in societies across the world, rather than acting as a catalyst for their formation. I remain somewhat skeptical that bureaucratic monstrosities like the EU are in any way an inevitable result of natural forces beyond our control like evolution or electronegativity. I may be a bit on the "extreme existential nihilist" side, though. There are plenty of arguments against gargantuan bureaucracies like the EU, but Brexit isn't one of them. More like the other way around, probably, although Brexit is mainly an argument for throwing the British political class from very high into a fiery lake of lava lamps.
  11. ASUS has nothing to do with the color quality of that monitor. Color accuracy depends mostly on the type of panel the monitor uses. Your old monitor had a TN panel and color work will always be problematic on such panels. You have to pick something with a VA or IPS panel if you are doing color sensitive work. Also, depending on what you do exactly, you may want to calibrate the monitor. You are in Germany so you might as well use Geizhals.de to do your hardware searches. Here's a search that should give you what you want: https://geizhals.de/?cat=monlcd19wide&xf=11939_23~11955_IPS~11955_VA~14702_144Hz&asuch=&bpmin=&bpmax=&v=e&hloc=at&hloc=de&plz=&dist=&mail=&fcols=11955&sort=p&bl1_id=30 Personally, I'd pick something at 27" and 2560x1440, but still a24" screen from the list above should work for you. Also use this site to learn about monitors if you want: http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/
  12. That's also an argument against any sort of society or even any vague assemblage of beings for a common purpose. Also against sexual relations of any sort. A pretty nonsensical line of reasoning all in all, unless you are an extreme existential nihilist. Edit: Also ecosystems! What sort of idiot came up with that nonsense, I say! I mean if some stupid chemical compound hadn't decided to go ahead and change willy-nilly, we could have avoided the climate disaster that's coming.
  13. yeah, why not? what do you think is european country with most sexual assaults, Belgium? edit, well now I am thinking about I guess UK trumped you lately with those grooming gangs uncovered I actually investigated the topic before moving to Sweden, out of necessity. If I recall correctly, the reasons Swedish rape statistics are higher in Sweden are mainly two: first, sexual assault within a relationship is filed by the justice system/police as multiple individual instances (back in 2016 I believe this was unique to Sweden), instead of just one that encompasses all the individual events; secondly, and more importantly, rape is massively under-reported all over the world. Generally, more rape reports is a sign of more victims reporting rapes, not of there being necessarily more rapes. If I had to wager, I'd say Saudi Arabia is the rape capital of the world, although statistics certainly don't show that.
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