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  1. Today at 14:00, the shop opened for a 3070. I was there on time. clicking "Buy" 0 seconds in. Gateway timeout immediately. Edit: 5 minutes later the cards are gone.
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/03/us/politics/clarence-thomas-supreme-court.html This is the original article. Watch out for dnyuz. Those guys plagiarize articles left and right. Edit: I took the liberty of editing your post.
  3. She's the one who doesn't want to play Witcher 2 and Call of Pripyat. I'm sure she'd enjoy Alpha Protocol too.
  4. Pressure from my Genshin Impact daughter and her upcoming birthday, means I am now in the market for a GPU, preferably a 3080. Last week, I subscribed myself to a European PC hardware store, and I got a message today the cards I'm looking for would be available today at 1400. Unfortunately I only noticed that at 1410, which was way too late. Their website was already buckling under the weight of a bunch of nerds frantically clicking refresh. In any case, the 3080 was already gone, but a few 3070s appear to still be available. Unfortunately, I can't even login. Well, as I wrote that
  5. Why is it that, other than the sweet potato ones, all those fries look like frozen pre-fried crap?
  6. The question of poor countries is a good one, as as far as I know construction costs for coal plants are still lower, but the question is neither here nor there, because the current issue are developed countries, which share the bulk of energy expenditures in the world, have the resources to move to cleaner energy, but either have dallied and taken their sweet time to get things going or, in the case of the US, have flat out refused to admit there is a problem to be addressed. When goals are set they are also always half measures.
  7. I imagine overpopulation problems would be solved.
  8. While not making celebrities politicians is usually a good rule, the problems with Trump's "reign" went well beyond that.
  9. Dental costs are not particularly more expensive in Sweden than most anywhere else. It's more or less the same price as in Portugal, and 25%, I believe, is covered if you are doing very expensive work. Also, dental work is free is if you are under 25. I think the idea is if everything important is taken care of when you are growing up, then ongoing costs are mitigated later in life. My stepdaughter needed extensive dental work, and it would have put us in the hole back in Portugal. Here it's completely free.
  10. not everyone is confortable with mental health issues unfortunately, so many go unreported. there's still a stigma about it, that I'd wager is bigger among conservatives. It's also why women have higher percentages than men. The attitude still too often is "manly men don't talk or are affected by such inconsequential things as feelings."
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