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  1. Must the chosen one choose? AI Overview Absolutely! It's totally normal, too. The chosen one chooses because it must choose and that's their choice.
  2. This is an old portrait I found today lying around. It's an actual early revision of an Obsidian Deadfire portrait, I think Kaz or Lindsay may have worked on it. I thought someone might be interested in it as it is a Pale elf option. Also, there's no sepia version of the portrait.
  3. Shamefully, I actually only finished New Vegas today. My two main playthroughs is this one, where I left a bunch of stuff not done nor explored, and went with the wild card ending. The other one, over 10 years ago, I did about everything except for some straggling quests and, critically, the actual ending. It would have been an NCR ending. Next I'm considering Tyranny which I've restarted a dozen times but never finished, Storm of Zehir which I also never finished, an evil MotB run, or a new NV playthrough with only Arcade Gannon and a robot as companions. Or something non Obsidian. My backlog is humongous.
  4. Excellent post but I have to say that I read Jamuel Alito, Jlarence Thomas, and Jantonin Scalia. Sadly Roberts works.
  5. So, did the Supreme Court just screw over the US, or what? Seems like not a single of the Trump cases will be done before the election.
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