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  1. The party of fiscal responsibility and small government is certainly living up to its billing.
  2. Daggerfall Unity is now a very playable thing, so that.
  3. I had no idea the Kurgan was Lex Luthor.
  4. The situation in Sweden seems to be kind of misreported. While they have refrained from declaring national state of emergency, the "recommendations" are still to work remotely if at all possible, to refrain from going out, and generally go for social isolation at all times. And while people haven't been forced to do so, public places are much emptier than usual, and Swedes aren't exactly the most gregarious people in the world, to begin with. The one exception to this are middle schools. Those are being kept open, with which I have to say I don't agree, especially when they have already announced that national exams won't be held, and all schools are already pre-emptively prepared to move to online classes, at any moment. It should be noted as well that people in Sweden are applying for unemployment benefits in record numbers, which of course, implies that plenty of businesses are closing/stopping. My main point of comparison is Portugal, where people are living under state of emergency. However, going by my Facebook feed, where both Portuguese and Swedish images of the streets can be found. there doesn't seem to be that much of a difference between the two in practical terms. Just yesterday there were images of a traffic jam on Lisbon's main bridge, ostensibly because people went out to enjoy the weather. As the best point of comparison there are currently 164 cases in intensive care in Portugal, while there are 306 in Sweden. For myself, I'm on my third week working from home, and I will remain doing that until May at least. The same is true of everyone I know, apart from a couple of nurses and doctors.
  5. Do you have other graphically intensive games you can try? Also, perhaps it would be a good idea to completely remove and cleanup the GPU drivers and reinstalling them.
  6. There's a kind of employee so terrible that companies will often be better off paying them to stay at home, rather than having them show up for work and screw things up. Perhaps the Trump admin is now these sort of people at very level. so maybe the best thing for the US is to go into a permanent government shutdown, at least until the next election. Anarcho-capitalism for-the-not-really-win-but-at-least-not-wholesale-catastrophe .
  7. I was thinking more of the federal prosecutors resignation thing. It seems seriously damaging to, well, everything.
  8. So you figure you guys already have a federal authoritarian regime?
  9. Americans should be sweating profusely over this.
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