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  1. For 3D objects, scalable vector graphics, and such I would also recommend Blender.
  2. I know what you've all been thinking, "Where the **** are all the anime fútbol games?" Your prayers have been answered:
  3. I finished Shadow of the Torture Porn Raider. Good game, definitely my favorite in the trilogy. It's the most exploration and puzzle solving heavy and combat light of the 3 games and it has the best designed tomb puzzles and the best run for your life setpieces. There is still plenty of killing, with one sequence in particular roughly 2/3 of the way through the game where Lara goes full on psycho murderer killing spree, but the combat is spread far apart and there are long stretches in the game where you do very little to no fighting, so I can see how some people that play these games mainly for the combat might have not liked this game as much. I'm at about 93% completion, so I might try to 100% the game. I have a few days to kill. I think I'm going to start playing Kentucky Route Zero around the 24th or 25th. No way I finish the first 4 episodes before the 5th one comes out on the 28th. I'm so excited, I've been patiently waiting so long for this. /rubs hands together
  4. The Packers' offense came alive in the second half, but they were just way too far behind. The Niners rushing attack was the most impressive I've seen in a very long time. In a league that's more pass-heavy than it's ever been, seems you can still win with rushing.
  5. It could screw with your body, it also could be exactly what your body needs. I'm a firm believer that there is no such thing as a one size fits all diet, as everybody's body chemistry is different and they will react to diets differently. The only way to truly find out is to try it. If nothing else, I'm hoping that if I wind up going back to a more balanced diet, this carniovore stint helps get me away from sugars. I mean, naturally occurring sugars such as the lactose in milk or the fructose in fruit I'll likely be cool with if I go back to a balanced diet, but hopefully this helps me eliminate added sugars, such as the sugar put into coffee or tea, sugary soft drinks, candy, cookies, etc. Anyway, I dry rubbed some pork chops earlier today with salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, turmeric, and parsley and I just pan fried one in the bacon grease I had left over from the bacon I cooked this morning. Delicious.
  6. The Packers better find an answer for the Niners rushing attack and they better find it REAL soon. Edit: Ouch. Just when the Pack had a promising drive going they turn it over. Barty, Mannock, blink twice if you're still OK. Packers have to stop the Niners right here. If San Fran scores a TD off this fumble I think the game is just over. Okay, this game is OVER. Sorry Barty and Mannock. Handsome Jimmy doesn't need to throw another pass in this game, the Niners run blocking is out of this world spectacular.
  7. Patrick Mahomes II is a MONSTER. That run to score a TD and take the lead near the end of the half was ridiculous. Edit: It's the start of the 4th quarter and the Chiefs are poised to score and put you down by 11; if you're Mike Vrabel, is this the time to cut your **** off? Chiefs go up by 18, GGWP. Not even **** cutting will save the Titans now. Mahomes is just too damn good.
  8. The first Desperados is really great, the second, less so.
  9. @vyvexthorne @melkathi I loved Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, it was my 2016 GotY. The team that made that game is currently working on Desperados 3, which is one of my most anticipated upcoming games.
  10. I'm trying out the carnivore diet, started yesterday. I'm not doing the super hardcore version where people aim for ZERO carbs, so they avoid milk and other dairy products that contain lactose (which is a sugar), I'm drinking milk, which is basically my only source of carbs. I'm not super strict about it, I drink coffee, which is obviously not an animal product, and I plan to have some vodka later today, which comes from potatoes or grain, potatoes in this case. So, you know, there will be some calories from non-animal products, but my goal is 95%+ of my calories coming from meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, etc. I'm sure cutting out veggies, grains and stuff will leave me deprived of some stuff, so I'm making sure to take a daily multivitamin to cover my bases there. I will say I've had some unpleasant trips to the bathroom (I'll spare you the details) today, but I expected that. Any time you drastically change your diet, there's going to be a period where your body goes through shock. In this case my body is yelling at me "I'm cool with the bacon and eggs and milk and beef, but where the **** are the potatoes and bread and onions and cabbage? Where the **** are my carbs!? The lactose ain't cutting it by itself!" Anyway, hopefully it works out and I have the willpower to stick with it.
  11. I am fascinated by musical artists such as Primus or Björk, just to name another one. Folks who make music that is completely alien and counter to what makes music appealing to the mainstream (these days, at least) and yet briefly become mainstream popular on the sheer weight of their talent. I will freely admit that some of their songs don't appeal to me, they are just too far out there for my limited brain to appreciate, but, once in a while, they produce something that clicks and is so astoundingly amazing that no amount of ignorance on my part can override its brilliance. I have a great appreciation for these artists trying weird and experimental ideas, even if 99 out of 100 miss, because that 1 that hits is so worth it.
  12. Rodgers has been quietly not that great this year, but he's still the QB left in the playoffs that scares me the most in a late game pressure situation just because I have lived through the slasher film horrors of him ripping the beating heart out of the chest of muh Boys... multiple times. The mental scars have not healed.
  13. Upload to imgur (or another image hosting site) then copy & paste the link here.
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