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  1. The only MMO I've ever played that had a story that hooked me was The Secret World. That game has writing better than a lot of single player games. Unfortunately, it also has some of the most soul crushingly boring gameplay ever. The flip side is that Tera had by far the best gameplay of any MMO I've played but a completely forgettable story and the most bog standard quests imaginable. Can anyone make a MMO that is both fun to play and has good writing? *sigh*
  2. I was exploring in X4 and I ran into Turquoise Sea, which was most definitely a Boron sector in the previous games (Boron sectors always have aquatic names, Paranid have religious names, Teladi have business or money related names). Turns out the sector is teeming Xenon, which paints a grim picture as to why Boso Ta is the only Boron I've encountered in the game. Hopefully the Boron make a full return in a later expansion, I like their ships. I found a Xenon Wharf (manufactures small and medium ships) in that sector and a Xenon Shipyard (manufactures L and XL ships) in Scale Plate Green (used to be a pirate sector in earlier games). If I could destroy the wharf and shipyard then it would deal a crippling blow to the Xenon in that part of the galaxy, since they would be unable to replenish their fleet (unless they have another wharf and/or shipyard nearby, I doubt it). As you can imagine, such critically important stations are very heavily defended, so I can't do it just yet, but I will. I'm going full on Exterminatus on the Xenon eventually.
  3. Quite sweet and fruity with a very mellow finish. I'm also drinking White Claw. I'd frankly rather be drinking beer, but beer has a ****ton of calories and I'm trying to get back into shape. The struggle is real.
  4. Big Navi is confirmed to have HW ray tracing, as to what form it will take and how it will stack up against RTX... As for DLSS, the implementation on the RTX 2xxx cards is pretty trash, but DLSS 2.0 is supposedly much better. No clue if AMD has an upscaling solution to counter. Honestly, I have doubts I'd make much, if any, use of DLSS, but it's cool tech. I think the best case scenario for consumers is Big Navi releasing with the top card slightly beating 2080 Ti and at an attractive price point (similar story down the line to mid and low end segments). That would force Jensen's hand to release 3xxx sooner rather than later and keep the prices from being completely preposterous.
  5. Are we entering a new Golden Age of FMV games? From the director of the Danganronpa series. Launches June worldwide.
  6. To be clear, what was announced here was not gaming cards. Now, will Ampere gaming cards eventually be made and sold? Most likely, but it's uncertain when. I guess it depends on how competitive Big Navi winds up being. Right now, Nvidia has little motivation to put out Ampere gaming cards, since AMD has nothing that can compete in the high-end.
  7. I've been pouring a lot of money into Kresusiso Headquarters in X4. I currently produce several high-tech products and intermediate wares, all without having to purchase any raw goods. The ultimate goal is to turn my HQ into a fully self sufficient shipyard, though that's very far off; there's a ton of different high-tech wares it takes to build a spaceship. I've also been going through more of the main story once I stumbled into it (this game does not hold your hand at all). I'm likely near the end of both the Split and the Paranid plots, but both are on hold for now. In the Split plot I'm at a point where I have to choose 1 faction or another. I mostly have my mind made up as far who I will chose, but I fear the choice might lock me out of some things, so I'm not going to make it just yet. In the Paranid plot I need to provide a Paranid Zeus Carrier with a specific loadout. I better get to keep the ship because I'm not exactly enthused about spending 25-30 million credits on a ship to just hand it to somebody.
  8. I had no idea this was in development, but it just released and I'm super excited to play it once the Linux version comes out. I'm loving the recent mini-revival of FMV games and I thoroughly enjoyed this company's last game The Shapeshifting Detective, which introduced the Poe & Munro characters.
  9. I'm gonna try for a full pacifist run.
  10. Intel's gaming dominance is mostly just a statistic. The biggest difference comes in very niche use cases (e.g. you are a MLG CS:GO player so you play on medium settings at 1080p on a 240 Hz monitor because the difference between running at 180 FPS snd running at 192 FPS will make the difference between you nailing that headshot with the AWP [no scope, naturally] or missing it). In more common gaming scenarios (i.e. gaming at high resolution, bells and whistles turned on at modest to moderately high framerate) the CPU makes very little difference since the GPU is the bottleneck. Intel is still ahead in those scenarios, but the difference is essentially negligible. The "10th gen" Intel chips are a decent value if you are building a system right now. They hold the gaming lead and have closed the gap somewhat in many other applications. AMD still holds the price/performance lead in most areas, but these Intel chips for the most part hold their own against Ryzen 3xxx. If the supposed 15% IPC increase in Zen 3 Ryzen 4xxx chips turns out to be true then AMD will widen that gap Intel just closed significantly, but that obviously remains to be seen, plus that's 3-5 months away, so it does nothing for someone building right now. Anyway, pretty good chips ftom Intel overall. Nothing revolutionary, but they're hanging in there better than I expected with the ancient Core architecture.
  11. If there's a silver lining to this pandemic, maybe this has/will inspire some companies to restrusture their work force and have more people work from home that don't really need to physically be at the office.
  12. I think there are several subsets of people that are vehemently against the opening up of states. There are those that are legitimately scared, and I feel for those people and have nothing bad to say about them. There are those that are in states continuing the lockdown and are jealous of people living in areas opening up and they feel if they have to stay home on lockdown, they want others to have to be locked down too. Then there are some that have grow accustomed to not having to go to work and collecting unemployment and wish they could just stay home and collect unemployment forever. I'm not a scientist, I can't tell you if it's too soon to open up, I guess we'll know in a few weeks. I'm hoping for the best. Here's the thing though, if we don't start opening now, what are we waiting for? Flatten the curve? Curve is already flattened. Prevent hospitals from being over run? Most hospitals are at half capacity or less now, some are having to lay off staff because they are so empty. Availability of testing? Most places AFAIK have plenty of tests readily available now. What do we wait for, a vaccine? You're not going to see a vaccine for at least a year, if we ever get one. We can't stay locked down forever, we have to face this eventually.
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