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  1. Coming back at you with another obscure trailer nobody asked for featuring a game only I will probably ever play. This absolutely looks like my jam. A murder mystery on a weird island full of wacky characters. Apparently there's basically zero hand-holding. Find and follow up on clues on your own. Figure out what's legit and what's a red herring on your own. Accuse anyone, whether they're actually the killer or not, it's all about making a convincing case. Also, the dev is a big fan of Danganronpa, which is a plus in my book. My backlog is ludicrous right now, but I wishlisted it on Steam. I definitely intend to play it eventually.
  2. I started D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die. Early on I got introduced to Amanda, a woman wearing a leotard and a comically huge bow in her hair who acts like a cat. When I first met her she had a mouse in her mouth and she jumped on me scratching at me. Later on I had a conversation with my detective buddy about clam chowder. Yup, this is definitely a Swery game. Gameplay, at least so far, seems to mostly consist of QTEs and just walking around and examining things. Given how hit & miss (more miss than hit) Swery is when he does actual gameplay, maybe it's for the best. Thrilling twitch gameplay isn't what I play Swery games for anyway. I'm in it for the wacky characters, ludicrous storylines, and overall goofy weirdness.
  3. Wait, the Cowboys came back and won? HOW!? I gave up on that game after their 80th fumble.
  4. Cowboys fumbling the season away. So be it. I'm too apathetic to get mad.
  5. Hitman GO is indeed pretty great. I need to take a break from La-Mulana 2. Not because I hit a wall, on the contrary, I'm making tremendous progress and I'm in an area I've only begun to explore, but because I'm on the verge of developing a blister on my thumb. You know it's a hardcore platformer when it blisters your thumb. I guess I'll play D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die for a bit. Take me away to crazy town, Swery.
  6. The guardian of Immortal Battlefield: 4 guardians down. Not gonna lie, this battle kicked my ass many times until I figured out his dodge timings and the best place to get in damage. This battle requires patience, you can get some extra damage in outside of the optimal damage position, but you will likely pay a steep price. Props to Nigoro for making every guardian battle completely different. He dropped Mjölnir after I defeated him, so it was well worth it. It's on like neckbone.
  7. Apropos the top half, it's a legitimate question. Eat them both.
  8. I'm back with another dose of obscure video game trailers that nobody asked for, featuring a game only I am likely to play:
  9. There's no accounting for taste.
  10. All of my discrete video cards since the early 2000s have been Nvidia, simply because that's when I switched to Linux. For the longest time the ATI, later AMD, Linux drivers were laughably bad, while Nvidia's Linux drivers were more or less on par with their Windows counterpart. So it really didn't matter if ATI/AMD had superior hardware because it would still perform like ass on Linux. That has changed over the last few years, namely with AMD open-sourcing driver tech specs, something they did many years back, but it took some years to pay off (Valve also had a helping hand in getting AMD drivers up to snuff). These days I'm not stuck with Team Green, there are good Linux drivers for Team Red, and Team Blue, for that matter.
  11. Presented with no context whatsoever As is proper for a Tim & Eric skit.
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