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  1. Me too. On a less sad subject, is there any word on Kentucky Route Zero Act 5?
  2. I have failed you and brought great shame upon the forum...
  3. You're much nicer to your... new recruits than I am, you put your Wheel of Pain inside. In my jungle base I built a roof above my taskmaster, I even put a chair there so she could take a load off, but the actual wheel itself I left uncovered, no relief from the elements for the recruits. I'll eventually do something similar in my current under construction base. I treat my thralls really well (provided they follow orders). I feed them well, I make sure they have a safe and comfortable place to live, and I provide plenty of booze and orgies. The new recruits, however, I make sure they suffer until they are broken and swear undying loyalty to me. Meanwhile, work on the tower continues.
  4. The map is fairly large. That was more in-character delusion of grandeur than statement of fact. Even on ultra settings there will definitely be spots on the map where my tower won't be visible no matter how tall I build it. I plan to make it visible from a really long distance, though.
  5. I got halfway across this bridge when the temp dropped so low that I started taking damage. I turned back, not wanting to freeze to death (again). I'll come back either with warmer armor (if warmer armor exists) or with plenty of food and/or alcohol (Consuming either warms you up. Drinking water cools you down).
  6. Work on my tower continues: I don't know how tall the game will let me build it, but if I can I want to make it tall enough to be seen from any spot on the map.
  7. It goes deeper than China...
  8. Decided to make a voyage through the highlands, into the frozen north, and toward the volcano: M... Maybe I shouldn't be here... Shhhhh... I never did make it to the volcano. The trip ended very poorly for me. I wound up getting into a fight with a skeleton soldier. I had fought skellies before, but this one was way tougher than the ones I faced earlier. He's not what killed me, though. I wound up dying to cold exposure. I need different gear to go into the deep frozen north. My Hykarian Raider Armor gives some cold resistance and it's fine for the outskirts of the snow area, but it's not enough when you get deeper. Even with having the 20 vitality diminished temp effects perk I still froze to death. Meanwhile, back home I have completed the base fortress and have begun construction of my tower. My throne room will naturally be at the top, because I am totally not a megalomaniac.
  9. There are mods for that. Speaking of mods, I wound up installing the Lev 140 mod. The reason I chose that one over the many other level cap extension mods is that the Lev 140 mod preserves the leveling curve of the vanilla game. a lot of the other mods get wacky past lev 60 (the vanilla lev cap), but this mod scales the xp needed and stat and feat points gained at the same curve as lev 1-60 in vanilla (meaning it takes a metric ****ton of XP to get to the really high levs).
  10. Yes, there is a story and a main quest but there's very little (read: almost zero) guidance. You wake up crucified in a desert literally naked (if you have full nudity on) except for a bracelet on your wrist. Conan comes along, frees you, then wanders off. There are people you can talk to, messages you can find, and mysterious stones with runes on them that will speak to you, giving you exposition and filling in parts of the puzzle of what you should be trying to do. The game never clobbers you over the head with this, though. There's no giant arrow telling you which way to go, no exclamation points on your map showing quest givers, at least not on normal difficulty (maybe on easy the game has some guidance?). When someone tells you about some place, it doesn't magically appear on your map, they may give you a vague direction like "north" or a description of the surrounding landscape, finding the place is up to you. There is story and lore in the game, but the game does very little (read: nearly nothing) to make sure you find said story and lore. Conan Exiles is sort of what Bethesda wanted Fallout 76 to be... and horribly failed at.
  11. According to steam I'm at 137 hours in Conan Exiles. I played it for at least 15 hours on PS4 prior, so I'm over 150 hours and counting. I recently hit Lev 44 so my Stygian Setite Priestess is pretty dang strong now. The level cap is 60 but I might use a mod that pushes the cap out to 100. I need to make sure the scaling is proper. If I'm going to become a goddess, it should take a good long while to get there. There are also mods that push the cap out to 140 and 300, I don't think I need to go quite that far. 100 should be enough.
  12. Shady is a veritable saint.
  13. My Death Star Fortress is starting to come together: I intended to have it come to a smooth point, but the limitations of how far out I could build from the cliff wall and not being able to flip corner ramp pieces upside down forced me to alter the design a bit. From above: On the side closer you can see the vertical elevator that is the main means of entry. On the far side is a placeholder horizontal elevator that will connect to a future structure. I may need to move it a bit since I doubt I'll be able to build that far out, but we'll see. The bottom floor immediately after stepping off the elevator: All the floors in my fortress are double height. Here I'm standing on what will be the top covered floor: The area above will be an open rooftop terrace with a tower and likely some awnings for shade. Once I finish the main building, before I begin on the tower, I'll likely set building aside for a while and go on an adventuring/exploration run. Between my Flawless Hykarian Raider Armor, Flawless Heater Shield, and Flawless Cimmerian Steel War Axe, I'm armed and armored to the teeth and ready for action. As an aside, the building pieces are from the Treasures of Turan DLC, the one DLC I purchased for the game. I got it because they're the most opulent looking building pieces. I'm living oil sheik style, except in my kingdom men & women have equal rights. And by equal rights, I mean the right to do as I command. My national motto is "Work Hard. Orgy Harder."
  14. Yeah, Conan Exiles looks downright breathtaking at times. The game has some spectacular lighting effects on ultra settings. I've learned a lot about building while making my new fortress jutting out of the cliff. I wasn't able to have it protrude out of the cliff as far as I initially planned. Building pieces have an amount of structural integrity and they lose a percentage the further you get away from landmasses and foundations, especially when building horizontally over empty space. You can compensate a bit with pillars, but there's a limit to how far you can stretch that. I'm also disappointed that it seems you can't flip the ramp corner block upsidedown and I've found no mod that allows me to do that. I wanted to make the fortress come to a sloping sharp corner, but since I couldn't flip the ramp corner piece around to make it fit I had to go for a different effect that still looks cool, but wasn't my initial plan. I'll throw up another picture soon as it's looking much closer to a completed building... the base part, anyway. I plan to put a tower on the roof of it and I might get crazy with making it tall, assuming the game allows me to do it. And yes
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