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  1. Agreed. There's nothing wrong with sci-fi shows that are darker and more violent, some of them are quite good, but there's no shortage of shows like that. Star Trek was different, that's what made it special. It took TNG 2 seasons to really get going, and those first 2 seasons had some dog**** episodes, but they still had enough kernels of goodness to keep me tuned in. DS9 I loved from the start that show had me hooked right away. Voyager is kind of a blur to me. I remember having a love hate relationship with that show, but I've mostly forgotten the details. Neelix is the only character that left a memorable impression on me. Enterprise was, how do I put this, not good.
  2. I suspect it might be us, we may be a dying breed. We're old weirdos that like a show where humanity evolved past its myriad of problems and people get along and work together. A show where, sure there'd be a shootout or fight once in a blue moon, but mostly it was about exploring and encountering weird phenomena and solving ethical dilemmas with wits, science, and diplomacy. I guess we just need to fall in line and enjoy Spock yelling and punching people and 10000 starships fighting 10000 other starships, like God intended.
  3. Twisted Pair. Q: What's better than Neil Breen? A: 2 Neil Breens In a SHOCKING departure ftom his previous films, Neil plays an evolved being here to stop the evil and corrupt ruining the world. Neil plays twin brothers Cade and Cale who were chosen by aliens to receive superpowers. Cade then merged with AI to gain further superpowers while Cale was stripped of his powers because apparently he wasn't a badass enough secret agent, so he became a drug addict vigilante. Neil has been relying on digital effects more and more over time, and let me tell you, these effects have to be seen to be believed. "Seamless" doesn't even begin to do these effects justice. This may be the most nonsensical of Neil's movies, and believe me, that's a bold statement. There are scenes that have no purpose I can glean. They just happen and then we're somwhere else in no way, shape, or form related, and it's like what? Why? Anyway, this concludes my Neil Breen Vision Quest... For now. I'm pretty sure Neil has begun working on his next movie. When it's done I'll be buying another laser printed DVD in a plain jewel case from him.
  4. I want to learn a new instrument and, given my line of work, this seemed the ideal choice:
  5. So, I heard the news of the new Star Trek series Strange New Worlds. As someone who loves Star Trek and loathes Nu Trek with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, I was weary. Still, they said all the right things: It will be hopeful and optimistic, and it will be episodic, rather than a serial. Also, it will feature Captain Christopher Pike. I couldn't stomach Discovery long enough to get to Pike, but by most accounts Anson Mount as Captain Pike was either the best thing about Discovery or the only good thing about Discovery, depending on who you ask. I began to feel a tiny spark of hope, something I have not felt about my beloved series in a long time. I decided to do a bit of digging (read: I went to Wikipedia) and I discovered the horrible truth: I'll never be happy again.
  6. One of the great minds of the 20th century.
  7. She's clearly buttering you up for something. I bet she asks you for a pony in the very near future.
  8. Tennessee is in the 35-36-ish latitude area. The latitudes you mention would put me in Canuck Country. I've shoveled enough snow in my life, I'll pass.
  9. I am getting very close to starting what I call Operation £^<× Everybody. More appropriately it should be called Operation £^<× Everybody Except Family and Friends, but that's quite a mouthful. Operation £^<× Everybody: Step 1) Buy house in the mountains, the more in the mountains and secluded the better. My motto is "I'd prefer if my closest neighbors were black bears rather than humans." Step 2) Become as self-sufficient as I can. Solar panels, garden, moonshine still, etc. Step 3) Get guns. Step 4) ??? Step 5) £^<× Everybody I am very close to having the money for a downpayment but the housing market is right now, so I will wait for the right deal to come along; I can wait. Side note: "£^<× Everybody" can be interpreted another way, which would make for a vastly different operation, but one I am not entirely opposed to.
  10. Would Dak even play this season? The injury he suffered historically has a looooooooong recovery time.
  11. What are the odds Valve puts out a game at launch? In the past they have said they don't want to do exclusives, but they could do a timed exclusive, say a month, that way they still look like the good guy vs Epic's year of exclusivity. Release just the Linux version at launch; there's really no way to make it SteamOS 3.0 exclusive, if it works on SteamOS there's a 99.9% chance it will work "out of the box" on Arch (SteamOS 3.0 is Arch-based) and 98% chance it works on Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. (the community will have it running within a day or two in the event of the 2%). A month later release the Windows, Macintosh (do people still game on Mac, is that a thing?), and console versions.
  12. Yeah, Impossible Meat is not a "healthy alternative" to meat, it's for the folks that feel bad for eating animals but still want something that vaguely resembles meat in taste. Since I have no such aversion I just eat Possible Meat. My 1 rule is I will not eat anything I have ever had as a pet, so currently that only rules out cat and rat (I cross my fingers and hope that's actually chicken when I get Chinese). I have considered getting a pet pig in the future, which would mean no more bacon for me. Edit: Crap, I shouldn't have made that joke about Chinese food, our overlords might be monitoring this. I better start kowtowing now just in case.
  13. I assume Impossible Meat is made of 100% genuine processed Chinese newspaper.
  14. @majesticNever let anyone tell you that looking disheveled doesn't have its benefits.
  15. I'm not fanboy enough about Dune that it would hurt me if it sucks. The biggest pain would be seeing Oscar Isaac's talent wasted (again). If Foundation winds up sucking that will hurt me a lot more.
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