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  1. The Dallas Cowboys 2019 season:
  2. Muh Boys are currently getting their asses handed to them by the 0-4 NY Jets.
  3. She seems nice... Uh oh, maybe not.
  4. Operation Urgent Fury sounds like what happens when a newlywed visits their significant other during lunch break.
  5. I just fought a boss and now I have to fight this douchebag. Edit: Killed him on the 5th try via a combination of figuring out his timings and switching to a big ol' 2-handed sword. I learned that I almost never got an opportunity to get more than 1 hit on him at a time, so I might as well make it a really damaging hit.
  6. I defeated Argent Wolf Berserker in Code Vein. I had a ton of trouble with this boss fight. One of the big issues is that he has A TON of reach with his attacks and you are forced to fight him in a small arena, so it's nigh impossible to create distance. It took close to 10 tries for me to get the job done. The winning strategy wound up being
  7. Never forget that Blizzard is Activision Blizzard. This isn't a heel turn, they've been heel for years.
  8. Mia can heal herself, same as I can, plus there is an ability where I can give her some of my health as a desperation heal and she can do the same for me. Problem is that in that screenie I was down to 1 heal and that guy in the distance is Argent Wolf Berserker, a boss. Yes, I got my ass whooped... 4 times so far. I got him down to 1/3 health a couple times, but that's the best I've done so far. One issue is that the nearest mistle has several fairly tough fights between it and that boss, so I never get there with full resources. I might try swapping Mia out for Yakumo or Louis and see if that helps.
  9. And that's on top of the shame of playing for the Cleveland Browns.
  10. I'm making my way through the Not Anor Londo area in Code Vein. There was a definite difficulty spike when I entered this area. The game introduces a bunch of new enemies that are very mobile and some can go mist-form then teleport. I got brutalized pretty bad at first, in no small part to me also trying out a really powerful but also really slow axe at the time. I quickly learned that axe is generally a bad idea in Not Anor Londo, not impossible, but axes and hammers being very slow swinging and restricting your mobility, which is of upmost importance here, is a serious handicap. I wound up changing to a semi-scythe-like halberd I picked up, which swings much faster and doesn't restrict mobility nearly as much, plus it has a really great sliding forward charged thrust attack that has gotten me through some really hairy situations. I eventually also figured out the patterns of how different enemies teleport and developed strategies for dealing with them. 1 on 1 I can pretty much whoop most enemies here now, so long as I stay sharp. If I have to fight 2 at a time it gets much harder but still manageable. Anything 3 and above becomes super hectic, so I gotta be real careful to avoid those situations as much as possible. This area is a labyrinth... I mean, the whole game is a labyrinth, but Not Anor Londo takes it to the next level. It's very easy to get lost and disoriented here and the fact that you're almost always near insta-death ledges just ups the ante. I think I have finally found the door to the boss room, but I still need to do some work to open said door.I'm looking forward to finding out what fiendish enemy lies in wait behind that door.
  11. This is the poster child for the phrase "much ado about nothing".
  12. Given Microsoft's indecipherable console naming scheme, I wouldn't be shocked if their next XBOX was called
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