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  1. A little of column A and a little of column B. The Bucs were already a talented team and Brady has pulled his weight.
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this Patrick Mahomes fellow might be good at football.
  3. Has a team ever played at home in the Superbowl before?
  4. Packers get 3 picks off Brady and still lose... Ouch!
  5. That pick in the 2nd quarter was a stomach punch. It ain't looking good for the Packers but they have MVP Rodgers so I won't count them out yet.
  6. Wouldn't the efficiency gain have to be 100% for a card with double the CUs to have the same power draw?
  7. I didn't even enjoy The Expendables, and I can appreciate schlock. I mean, Commando is in my Ahnuld top 5 and that's a terrible movie by a standard definition, but it's super fun schlock. "Remember when I said I'd kill you last?" "Yeah?" "I lied."
  8. 2 x 80 CUs? I hope you have 4 8-pin connectors handy and one beefy AF cooler.
  9. I hope they still make the King Conan movie. I have no idea if it's still happening or not. I know Ahnuld hasn't been in a good movie in 25+ years, but if Paul Verhoeven is directing it, I'm in. If there's anyone out there that can squeeze one last great movie out of Ahnuld, it's Verhoeven. Edit: As an aside, what's the last good movie Ahnuld was in? The most recent one I can think of is True Lies. I'd go so far as to call that a great movie, but I have a weird love affair with True Lies, so I'm biased.
  10. Every Tomb Raider game's story is essentially just I have to get the MacGuffin before the bad guy gets the MacGuffin. Oh no, the bad guy stole the MacGuffin from me and now doomsday stuff, I have to stop them.
  11. Looks like Mahomes will play. Packers Chiefs
  12. Yes, Shadow has by far the most and the best designed challenge tombs. Still too easy for my liking but not insulting like in the two earlier games.
  13. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is far and away my favorite of the reboot trilogy and the most like the original games. There are very long sequences during the middle of the game with little to no combat, which alienated some people and made other people, like myself, very happy. The late game gets combat-heavy, but I figured it would. Game designers seem to have very few ideas for ending games besides a bunch of combat. With that said and without spoiling the plot I will admit Lara's murder spree was quite cathartic during the late game.
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