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  1. I swear, this forum has THE WORST ****ING SOFTWARE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE ****ING LIFE. I have seen Geocities sites that were less of a pain to use. Whoever programmed this COLLOSAL PILE OF ****ING GARBAGE, I hope they were fired and never worked in software ever again. I put up dealing with this DUMPSTER FIRE for as long as I did because I like Obsidian as a developer and I like many of the community here, but I just can't any more.
  2. I hurt my lower back when I was 19 and every couple of years it returns. It's usually something stupid and not in the least bit strenuous that sets it off. Sometimes I, like @Sarex, can't even figure out what caused it.
  3. My friend roped me into watching Rebel Moon 2. He knows damn well that I hate Zack Snyder, but I made him watch Things, and this is my penance. I deserved this, no one should ever be made to watch Things. Anyway, here's my review of RM2: I'm already looking forward to the Snyder apologists telling me about how the 7 hour long director's cut is going to make this pile of $#!+ make some sort of sense.
  4. ^ I'm not sure what I'm supposed to get out of those 2 screenies. The wolf has much better combat stats while the pony has a much higher carrying capacity. Yeah, that checks out; that tracks.
  5. I went to a big BBQ/party at my sister's today. The weather did not completely cooperate, but it didn't rain enough to ruin the festivities. Obscene amounts of delicious food were consumed. The slaw I brought got wiped out quickly, so I'll take that as a success. Thank goodness I don't have to work tomorrow because I'm in a food coma and I'm not sure I'll recover by the morning. I ate enough to last me 3 days.
  6. I knew this day would come and I'm glad I watched Neil Breen's latest MASTERPIECE before the RLM gang got their video out so that I don't have to avoid it until I see the movie myself, on account of having seen it already. I'm actually off to a BBQ party (the weather cooperated) right now, but I'm glad I saw this because I now have a very special treat to look forward to for when I get back home.
  7. I liked the SteamWorld Dig games better than SteamWorld Heist, but I still liked Heist quite a bit.
  8. What makes this game significant, besides the fact that it's a follow up to a generally well liked game, is that AFAIK it's the first of the Unity Exodus games, at least of note. What I mean by Unity Exodus is games that were originally going to use Unity but switched engines because of the whole debacle where they were going to retroactively start charging developers (more) money where they hadn't before. I believe the ***holes that made that call at Unity wound up walking it back, but not before the engine's reputation had been thoroughly dragged through the mud. Plus, if they tried that once what's to stop them from trying that again? Anyway, the devs of Slay the Spire 2 wound up switching to the free and open source Godot engine despite the fact that the game was already in active development using Unity and they stuck to that even when Unity walked back their policy change. I'll be curious to see a high-ish profile game using Godot hit the market and how it performs. Could Godot become effectively the replacement for Unity for indie devs?
  9. I bought HuniePop on Steam waaaaay back in the day which is a legitimately good and fun match 3 game that's also porn. Steam would, for the longest time, send these porn games into my suggestions feed because I bought 1 porn game many years ago. It took a ludicrous amount of times of clicking the not interested button before Steam got the message and stopped constantly suggesting them to me. In the process I noticed that they all look EXACTLY the same. Is it all one studio pumping these out assembly line style? Is it all the same engine? If so they need to upgrade from PornEngine 4.2 to PornEngine 5.0 and update their hilariously outdated plastic looking models.
  10. Define good. I'd say I admired the first game more than I liked it.
  11. Why do all these types of games have the same exact plastic people looking models? Even if all you saw was a close up picture of the face, no body, no title, nothing else, you could be 100% certain of what type of game it is. Is there a specific game engine they all use with stock character models included or something? I have nothing against porn games, but diversify your art styles you perverts. As a fellow pervert I say perverts in the most loving sense.
  12. I love it that I'm the default (only?) Linux Weirdo on these forums. My top 3 character traits: 1) Truck driver 2) Linux weirdo 3) Neil Breen enthusiast It could have been worse.
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