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  1. Zen 4 isn't coming out until early 2022, and that's if there are no delays. AMD will surely put out some kind of chip next year, possibly Zen 3+, but more likely a Zen 3 refresh. As far as the planet not becoming a smoldering, lifeless husk... if it does I'll be dead, so it won't matter.
  2. If this can't buy **** madness goes on much longer I may consider getting a 3600 on the cheap as a stopgap, then just getting a 5900XT when the inevitable refresh comes out in 6 to 8 months, assuming this planet isn't a smoldering, lifeless husk by then.
  3. I saw someone selling a 5950X for $1600. Bonkers. Hopefully no one was desperate or stupid enough to pay that much.
  4. Much like with the game series it is both emulating and paying homage to, Dragon Quest, Yakuza: Like a Dragon fails to explain a great deal about its underlying RPG systems. As much as I love Dragon Quest, and I most definitely do, that's one aspect I would have appreciated Ryu Ga Gotoku had not emulated. Alas they did, hence I am left to figure it out for myself and/or seek out wikis, which seem to have little grasp of the situation more than myself. As best as I can tell, Agility seems to mostly be about evasion and initiative. Dexterity seems to be mostly accuracy and critical chance w
  5. Sucks y'all get an upcharge on most items. I mean, I get you need to pay delivery folks hazard pay because of Drop Bears, but that upcharge is much too steep.
  6. 3060 Ti is out tomorrow. Seems like a good value 1080p/1440p card.
  7. I have no clue what is happening in this trailer, but it's a Swery game so... yeah.
  8. "Just" hitting 2800 MHz on a 6800 XT is bonkers. Heck, if you could hit even "just" 2800 MHz on enthusiast-level cooling with a 6900 XT, that would probably beat even an overclocked 3090 (since Ampere doesn't OC nearly as well) and even at 4K where the memory bandwith gives Ampere an advantage. Obviously, Ampere will still win big in Ray Tracing, too big a gap to overcome, but in rasterization a 2800 MHz 6900 XT would be really impressive... and 3000 MHz...
  9. In Yakuza: Like a Dragon I got to fight my way to the top of a lavish Chinese restaurant while this music played: /wipes away tears of joy It's everything I ever wanted.
  10. In the past what Nvidia did was take the Titan, cut the memory in half, strip out boosted compute functionality, like FP64, and release it as a x80Ti. I don't know if that's possible with the 3090 this time around. Does the 3090 have any compute features not found on the other Ampere cards they could strip out?
  11. 3080Ti will need a lot more than just a boost from 10GB to 20GB VRAM to justify a $300 price increase. The increased VRAM will have very little to no impact on most titles now and probably going forward for a few years, Godfall's SUPERMEGAUBER textures notwithstanding.
  12. I'm not a vegetarian and I don't go out of my way to get grass fed, ethically sourced, etc. foods (my sister does), but I do draw the line at foie gras; the process is kinda ****ed up. I have no issues with anyone else eating it, that's their prerogative, but I won't eat it myself. There are plenty of other delicious foods I can eat with a clean(er) conscience.
  13. I scooped up a Das Keyboard 4Q during their Black Friday sale. Even on sale, it's an expensive keyboard, but they make top-notch products, this particular model uses Cherry MX Brown switches, which are my jam, plus they have native Linux software. I don't mind paying a little extra to support a company that supports my OS of choice, given that the product is high quality, which it is.
  14. I got down into the sewer dungeon in Yakuza: Like a Dragon with Adachi as Foreman all pumped and ready to clear the barricades in the dungeon and reap whatever rewards lie beyond. Turns out that only Kasuga, the main character, gets the Demolish exploration skill for that job, which is kind of stupid IMHO. Oh well, it's not a big loss since I was going to make Kasuga a Foreman at some point anyway. The way the job system works is that every job has a few skills you get to keep even when using a different job, so it pays to train every character in every job up to at least rank 16 or 18 or 20,
  15. The way it's looking, I probably won't be finishing my rig until next year. Kinda sucks because I have almost everything except the CPU and GPU, but it is what it is. I wouldn't have had much time to build and use it anyway, since I plan to be home 1 day before driving to my folks for X-Mas then another 1 day when I get back around New Year's before going back on the road. With any luck, this madness dies down by late January/early February which would likely be my next time home.
  16. Traditional Thanksgiving meal Man who never eat pork bun is never a whole man - Ancient Chinese Proverb
  17. No pitchfork here. I have no ill will toward any legitimate consumer that gets a card; some jealousy, yes, but no ill will. The scalpers, on the other hand, those mother****ers will burn in hell for eternity if there's any justice in this world. I plan to put myself on the auto-notify list for a EVGA 3080 FTW3 Ultra Hydro Copper once the auto-notify button becomes available (i.e. those cards go from announced to physically available).
  18. Switched up my team's jobs: I made Kasuga a host, kind of an all around job, can do a bit of everything except healing. Foreman for Adachi. Naturally, I gave him the Zubaz looking variant of the job outfit, because why wouldn't I? This job has some super powerful charge up attacks, which should be good for boss and mini-boss enemies. Also, it's the only job I've seen that can clear barricades in dungeons, opening up extra paths. I made Saeko a Matriarch. Seems like a DPS caster class that applies a lot of DOTs like bleed. Plus, she wields a naginata, which is one
  19. On this day of giving thanks, I am thankful for Ryu Ga Gotoku for consistently putting a smile on my face. Nobody does feel good moments quite like them.
  20. How soon do you need this PC? I ask because you can actually buy a 3700X right now, a 5600X not so much. For gaming, the 5600X will be the better chip 9 out of 10 times. However, as someone who is trying to buy a Ryzen 5000 processor himself, I know how hard these chips are to get. Hopefully it's easier in your region.
  21. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Even if you don't celebrate it, go feast tonight. Any excuse is a good excuse to feast.
  22. That's always going yo be an issue in any FPS RPG. How do you handle stats and skills vs shooter mechanics? Borderlands handled it by having skill upgrades be nearly meaningless (e.g. +0.5% damage).
  23. I only got to use my new Sony X900H for a short bit. It was a happy coincidence that I got it at all. It just happened that I stopped for the night about 8 miles from where I live. No point in sleeping in the truck 8 miles from home. It also happened that early Black Friday sales were on already. Anyway, I got the TV home, set it up, then made sure everything worked alright. Then, just for ****s and giggles, I hooked my lappy to it via HDMI and fired up Yakuza: Like a Dragon. After changing in-game resolution to 4K the game looked spectacular. It ran like ass, mind you. The GTX 1080 mobil
  24. A little of column A and a little of column B (plus column C). Manufacturing lost some time because of COVID shutdowns, this was exacerbated by international shipping slowdowns or closures. At the same time, demand has been at Black Friday levels since April with zero let up because so many people are now working from/stuck at home, again, because of COVID. On top of all that, you have scalpers using bots to immediately buy up all the stock as soon as it becomes available. There are plenty of 3080s available for ludicrous prices on ebay right now. So, in short, COVID ruined everything the
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