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  1. @melkathiIf I don't post obscure games that appeal to me and maybe 1 or 2 other people on the planet, y'all gonna think I was kidnapped and replaced with an imposter. I have an image to maintain.
  2. Zack Snyder + zombies? That's a double no from me.
  3. At the beginning of the game you are sitting at a dinner table with Pagan Min. He gets up, asks you to wait for him, then walks away. In a normal playthrough, this is your cue to escape, but what if instead you honor his request and wait?
  4. @BruceVCDid you do the secret (and best) ending? It only takes a 1/2 hour.
  5. The Bene Gesserits set it up so that while your hand is in that box Star Trek: Discovery plays in your mind.
  6. I'm not sure I would consider being conquered and attempting to secede and failing the same thing.
  7. I just finished up everything in Serene and reached The New World in GreedFall. I'm pretty doggone impressed with the game so far. I mean, it's a Eurojank RPG, these are like my comfort food, so of course I like it, but I didn't expect the combat to be this good. The combat just feels right; it's responsive, there are plenty of tactical options, and the feedback is solid. This is a pretty significant step forward over Spiders' previous titles. Anyway, I did my best to handle matters in Serene as discreetly as possible. I'm probably going with a firearms, traps, and phials build, so methin
  8. I just took what they gave me, I didn't even know how many different microchips vaccines there were, nor which one I would receive until the needle had already been in my arm and the CDC card was in my hand. I had no idea there were this many different variants.
  9. I wasn't gonna give you a major character or a big plot point for an extra credit question.
  10. Politics and greed (one might say they're one and the same) manufacturing unnecessary obstacles to containing a worldwide pandemic just makes a guy feel all warm and fuzzy inside (unless that's just a lingering side effect from the Janssen vaccine) *snicker*
  11. I did before I gave up sugar. I'll make up for it by getting a still and making moonshine once I buy a house in the mountains (hopefully this fall). Granted, I'll need to use sugar to make moonshine, but I'm willing to bend rules for alcohol. I'm sure you understand.
  12. Extra credit question is about Mim and the treasure of Norgothrand to find that 1 in 1000 kids dedicated crazy enough to also read The Silmarillion.
  13. I recently passed the 5th anniversary of moving down to North Carolina. Can I consider myself a southerner now?
  14. Starting up a game of GreedFall . The character creator is disappointingly shallow, though I suppose even having a character creator is a step forward for Spiders. This is the most Pai Mei I could make him look given the dearth of options: I can't change his name, but he's still White Brows in my headcanon. I'm going to be a full-on manifest destiny colonialist, I wouldn't dream of lowering myself to sympathize with those tree-hugging savages.
  15. Was there such a thing as furries in 1960? He could have had some... interesting encounters on the way home.
  16. I'm already starting to feel a lot better. I popped a couple ibuprofen this morning and the headache is mostly gone, plus I got some of my energy back. I think I lucked out getting the 1-shot Janssen vaccine. I didn't know that's the one they would give me, that's just what they had. My dad got a 2-shot vaccine (I don't know what kind or if there are multiple 2-shot variants), he was mostly fine after the first shot and had a really sore arm after the second for a couple days.
  17. I got the vaccine just after 10 am yesterday. I felt perfectly normal, save for the occasional tiny bit of discomfort where they stuck my arm, for most of the day. Around 6 or 7 pm I got a headache and felt really worn out. That's how I still feel today. Thankfully, I don't have to do anything today, I can just veg out.
  18. I'm sure we can find you something on PureFlix.
  19. This might be the single most generic superhero show/movie I've ever seen, at least going by that trailer.
  20. I got my microchip vaccine. Just 1 shot and apparently I don't need a second. It's the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) variant.
  21. Nothing to do with this season, but I'm just going to post this clip of Ichiro throwing a strike from the outfield to throw out a runner trying to go 1st to 3rd That's not really a base running error, either. 90% of the time you make it to 3rd easily, and this was barely a week into Ichiro's MLB career. Players hadn't yet learned the cardinal rule "never run on Ichiro". My man had a freakin' cannon for an arm.
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