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  1. Glad to hear you have no major health issues, Hurlshot. If it makes you feel better, I haven't had bread in 5 weeks.
  2. Bao Sanniang getting busy with her giant yoyo: Now they're getting western gods and demigods involved:
  3. Found these at a truck stop today (overpriced, naturally, as are all things at truck stops): Quite tasty and with zero scientific looking words in the ingredients list. Perfect for the carnivore on the go. I'll try to find them in a supermarket or online and stock up.
  4. Chapter 2 in Warriors Orochi 4 is really long. I've done about a dozen battles and it's still not finished. I've got 63 characters unlocked and I think I just found my new favorite (until I get Lu Bu), Bao Sanniang. She is effectively female Rygar. Also, for her musou super attack she gets down on all fours and pretends to be a cat, pawing at the air, before slicing and dicing everyone in front of her with her giant bladed yoyo. It's equal parts hilarious, adorable, and awesome.
  5. 4k 100+ Hz monitors have been around for a short while, albeit with some caveats. The biggest hurdle is that the current existing HDMI and Display Port technologies don't have the bandwith to handle that much information at once. Several solutions already exist to address this problem until the day connections that can handle that type of bandwith hit the market: 1) Using multiple simultaneous connections. It's the simplest solution, albeit it initially came with all sorts of issues. Those have been mostly ironed out, but this solution does make certain technologies, like HDR, impossible currently. 2) Chroma Subsampling. Single connection and allows HDR and such, however it comes at the price of slight degradation of image quality. 3) Display Stream Compression. This is the newest and best solution. There is no loss in image quality and it operates on a single connection and doesn't prohibit HDR and such. The one drawback is minuscule input lag, but we're talking about something along the lines of 1/10th of a millisecond, which is imperceptible to even the most pro of pro gamers, let alone a schlub like me. As with any brand new technology, it's quite expensive right now. This 43" monitor is pretty much exactly what I would want (maybe a tad smaller, 38-40" ish would suit my needs perfectly, but I can live with 43"), but it's $1500. Hopefully by fall they have 4k DSC monitors that are a bit cheaper.
  6. A dogfighting game where you can play as Blood Axes, Goffs, Bad Moons, Death Skullz, and Evil Sunz. I'm an Evil Sunz man, myself. Obviously, you have to paint your dakkajet red so that it goes proppa fast.
  7. $20 for 3 ounces? Does a bag come with a hanj? At least you didn't have to pay for it. I did all my prove my masculinity by eating ludicrously hot food stuff a couple decades ago. I like a bit of spice, but I generally don't go past jalapeno these days. You won't see me anywhere near a 1 chip challenge, or anything like that
  8. I'm about halfway through chapter 2 in Warriors Orochi 4. I have about 25 characters unlocked and I'm constantly trying out different teams. Guan Yinping is my 1 constant right now, but everyone is subject to change in my A Team for now. I went ahead and looked up a guide to see when/how you unlock Lu Bu. It's fairly deep into chapter 5. No surprise there, Dynasty Warriors always made you work to get Lu Bu, I didn't expect Warriors Orochi to be any different. I mean, he's arguably the most iconic character in Dynasty Warriors so you gotta earn the Peerless Warrior, they're not just gonna give him to you early on.
  9. I'll pass on the beta, but I am eager for the full release (2022?)
  10. I've been playing Warriors Orochi 4. It's your standard musou fare: You run around the battle field as one of 3 characters you can freely switch between on the fly and murder thousands of mooks and some enemy officers and heroes using ludicrously overpowered attacks. The story is kind of all over the place to start (at least partially purposely so). It seems a bunch of famous characters from different time periods and regions of China and Japan are getting Ravenloft-ed into some new world where they're doing battle because reasons. Nobunaga seems to be the main villain so far (because of course he is), but who knows. It's not like this follows a set, well known story (extremely loosely) based on historical events, like in the Dynasty Warriors games, so I can't really predict any upcoming twists and turns (which is good). Edit: Okay, so after getting a little further in the game I unlocked plot synopses of the previous Warriors Orochi games. So, basically, something something something evil serpent god summons great warriors because reasons something something something evil serpent god defeated, but not killed because they need to make sequels. Lather, rinse, repeat. Fair enough.
  11. I've only unlocked about a dozen of the ludicrous number of playable characters in the game, but so far my favorite is Guan Yinping: First off, she uses a hilariously gigantic mace, so that's a good start. Fire tornado is a nice bonus. Most importantly, she can rip a gargantuan boulder out of the ground and smash it on people. I'm all about smashing people with ridiculously huge chunks of rock. Super extra bonus for wielding the boulder one-handed. All of this is 100% historically accurate, I'm sure.
  12. Warriors Orochi 4 Murdering large groups of soldiers with a scroll. You know, standard stuff.
  13. I scooped up the Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Bonus bundle (that's a mouth full) on Steam. The game also has like 8 bajillion dollars worth of DLC for it, I have no clue how much of that, if any, comes with this bundle. Anyway, the game had some ridiculous number of playable characters, like 100, or an equally ludicrous number, so I'm sure to find my ideal waifu or husbando in there somewhere with which to hilariously murder giant groups of enemy soldiers in spectacular fashion.
  14. Threadripper is not for gaming. If you are buying a Threadripper for a gaming rig you are wasting thousands of dollars for no reason whatsoever. Threadripper is a workstation CPU with a fairly narrow market target, but it is incredible for highly threaded applications.
  15. Over the years, Gorillaz has been very hit & miss for me. I really do appreciate the fusion of so many different styles that they go for, though. Clint Eastwood is still my favorite song of theirs. Since I mentioned Beneath the Remains in my earlier post, I thought I should post something from that album so that I may share some of that pure, unadulterated thrash here: The ol' Brazilian boys do get a bit prog-y on this track (and several others on this album), but not nearly as much as on Arise. The raw aggression is nearly off the charts, though.
  16. One caveat. Currently on Windows 10 (including Pro or Enterprise), the 3990X's 128 threads actually exceeds what Windows 10 can handle simultaneously and Windows throttles a bit when trying to access all 128 threads at once. I'm sure Microsoft will address this soon enough, but at this point Linux is the only mainstream-ish operating system that can take full advantage of all 128 threads.
  17. I've been mostly off soda for years. The biggest change, beverage wise, is that I've gone from fairly sweet coffee and lightly sweet tea to unsweetened both. Both coffee and tea technically don't fit the carnivore diet, but they also both have almost no calories, so it's whatever. Also, in terms of alcohol, which I don't drink very often anyway, since I don't drink at all when I'm on the road (3 to 4 weeks at a time), beer and wine are out (too high calorie), I only drink the hard stuff. So far it's only been vodka, since it has among the lowest calorie per alcohol content ratios, plus I'm Polish, so I naturally favor the stuff my countrymen invented (don't let any Russian or Scandinavian tell you otherwise), but gin, tequila, whisky, all have fairly similar calorie to alcohol ratios, so I'm not opposed to drinking those.
  18. I'm 4 weeks into my carnivore diet. I've lost approximately 10 lbs and I feel great. It's been a lot easier to stick with than I had anticipated. I had one cheat meal a few days ago where I had tilapia (which is fine), but it was battered (no bueno), and I had a small salad with a little bit of Italian dressing. A cheat meal, or even a cheat day, once in a while is perfectly fine, and that was a pretty mild cheat at that (it's not like I pigged out on potato chips and ice cream or anything). One of the most noticeable things is that I don't have energy peaks and valleys, like I did when I was consuming a lot of carbs. I get sleepy just the same as before, but in terms of energy levels, it's a lot more of a steady flat line throughout the day. My initial goal was to do this for a month then evaluate, but I already know I'm going to keep going for at least 1 additional month, probably longer. I'd like to lose an additional 15-20 lbs, that would put me at a very good weight (one I haven't seen in about 4 years). Of course, the danger with any diet is that you gain back all the weight (and then some) once you come off the diet. To that effect, when I do go back to eating a more balance diet I plan to not bring cetrain things back. The most important one is refined sugar, I'm completely done with the stuff for good. I also plan to still limit carbs, though not as much as I do now (lactose is basically my only source of carbs now). Pasta, rice, and bread are going to be out, though I'll probably allow myself potatoes (I figure I'll allow myself one big carb source, and potatoes are easily my favorite out of the bunch). Anyway, so far so good. Gotta stay disciplined and keep going for now.
  19. Classic Sepultura at their prog-iest. This was from the 2nd of their 2 album peak (IMHO) of Beneath the Remains and Arise. Igor's drumming on this track is *chef kiss*. I go back and forth between those 2 albums as to which is my absolute favorite. It depends on my mood. If I'm more in the mood for raw, pure, unadulterated, military-grade thrash, I'll favor Beneath the Remains. If I'm more in the mood for something slightly more polished and prog-y, I'll favor Arise.
  20. Looks like The Division: Magic Edition.
  21. I finished Kentucky Route Zero. It's a very melancholy experience. The game is extremely well made, and I'm glad I experienced it, but I'm not sure I enjoyed it, if that makes any sense. I don't think I was really looking to experience something that somber, but it's good that I did. I have no idea if I'm making any sense. It's a very weird game.
  22. Was Underworld Ascendant any good?
  23. I didn't even know a System Shock 3 was being developed.
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