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  1. I seem to recall in one of the interviews with Rickman after the last film was made, he did say that Rowling took him aside during the first film and told him how Snape would end and that helped shape his portrayal through all films that followed and that he kept it a secret the whole time.
  2. It had a whole slew of faces in it that turn up constantly in the sci-fi industry that I still end up thinking I first recognise them from Earth Final Conflict. As I recall, wasn't that based on another of Gene Roddenberry's ideas? It was along the lines of they took his notes and his widow guided the start up of the project based off them..
  3. While I appreciate the effect Harry Potter had on getting people back into reading, I have to say my enjoyment has always run into the slight wall that I'd just finished re-reading a batch of the Books of Magic comics from Neil Gaiman. And that always makes me go "Huh." when it comes to Harry Potter. Much as I know that idea is sharing from the same background. Gaimain himself has repeatedly said that any similarities are merely because Rowling and himself are drinking from the same well. Still, it always had a slight jarring effect for me. That, and how much the story beats are repeated through the series. Harry is excited. Harry has a fun time with friends. Mysteries ensure. Harry has a falling out with friends. Friendship triumphs and mystery is overcome with the help of those friends.
  4. New SnailLoad Attack Relies on Network Latency Variations to Infer User Activity - SecurityWeek
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