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  1. Also for interests sake: BuzzfeedNews - Keeping track of the hoaxes and misleading posts about the riots and police brutality
  2. Foreign Policy - A moment of National Shame and Peril - and Hope Keep in mind who the author of this piece is: John Allen, now retired, was a four-star general in the Marines and the commander of US forces in Afghanistan in the period 2011-2013. This piece comes on top of similar statements by former chairman of the joints chiefs of staff Admiral Mullen and former four-star Marine general Mattis who was also the former Secretary of the Defense.
  3. Well as they continue to consider how to shift public perception... Gizmodo - Minneapolis cops sued for shooting, beating, and gassing over a dozen journalists
  4. Well there is the potential argument being made that Police being so eager to use Tear Gas on crowds, causing them to tear and sneeze, is an extra underhanded chemical/biological attack because of the Covid-19... But eh, the fun of the conspiracy theories and where the reality does lay... Also, for added fun factor: Washington Post - Trump tried to register to vote in Florida using an out-of-state address... And yes, in the midst of that, I forgot Elerond had already mentioned it...
  5. On which note If Tear Gas has been banned from use in War by the Geneva Convention, Why do Police still use it?
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