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  1. Huh, Shades of Gray isn't the greatest TNG episode?
  2. https://www.forbes.com/sites/joshuacohen/2021/05/13/covid-19-outbreak-among-8-fully-vaccinated-members-of-ny-yankee-organization-implications-for-cdc-guidance-on-masking/
  3. This. it's been a week since I got chipped with Janssen. Still the same number of arms and testicles but I don't want to say that number in case it's not what it's supposed to be.
  4. I still have very fond memories, knowhutImean?
  5. So thanks to the TV thread I think I'm going to try to watch a Pauly Shore movie or two to see if I can still enjoy it. Maybe it's like the Ernest movies in that I loved them as a kid but can't enjoy them the same as an old man. To those who are asking what's an Ernest movie, it's like a Madea movie but from the late 80s to early 90s.
  6. He's supposedly a bastard of a person, especially when intoxicated, which he seems to always be You're telling me you haven't seen that classic?
  7. I didn't know some of the TOS questions and I think one of the Voyager ones.
  8. My wife got sick on Mother's day so today I made her chicken noodle soup. I'd never made it completely* from scratch before so it was fun. *okay, not completely. The chicken was 2 day old rotisserie and I did add a little Better Than Buillon because I didn't have enough "scraps" to make the broth chickeny enough.
  9. It's pretty good. It starts out as a +1 cold iron weapon with ghost touch so it's not the absolute best weapon you can get early in chapter 1 but since it can be any type of weapon you want it may very well be the best of its type.
  10. I thought that the hype for Shadow Realms was good. Too bad the actual game concept was bad.
  11. I've also noticed some new NPCs at Defender's Heart and a new quest. I also picked up the sentient weapon but it doesn't appear in my inventory. Not sure if there's something I have to do first or if I broke it somehow. Still a lot left to do in Kenabres so I guess I'll find out E: So I'm just blind because the sentient weapon has his own button on the bottom of the inventory screen
  12. This seems to still be the same. I was able to get both feats only by going SH then DS and not the other way around. I haven't tested it in combat though. Also, my velociraptor's portrait is a bear. Weird but I like it.
  13. Oh yeah, I don't report bugs unless I can reproduce them on my no mod install. I do play most of the time with mods installed because I want to try a bunch of things without putting in a dozen or more hours first
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