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  1. If you just want the Berath's Blessing points you can grab the file here I know that doesn't help with the underlying issue you are having but hopefully it helps
  2. There should be an option where you can just say you feared for your life and all is forgiven
  3. I went from a sedan to a crossover/SUV because as my wife likes to say, I gave up on life.
  4. This is my problem. I have no issues watching other people play games but just like real sports it's got to be something I'm interested in. Because of that I'm pretty much left with let's plays.
  5. It wasn't the plan, of course, but that's basically how it played out. Tire had been constantly leaking so I took it in to be checked out. While I was waiting I was looking at the deals that they had going on and saw that I could get something bigger and newer for pretty much the same price. Done deal.
  6. Tire was flat so I got a new car Now I'm eating sushi
  7. Same problem I had when I first moved to Denver. The market was (and still is) flooded with IPAs and it took me a while to find what I liked.
  8. I've seen it argued that Snowden is in part responsible for speeding up the rise and spread of encryption and anonymity/privacy services.
  9. You get 10 million downvotes and you get your brain scrambled
  10. Ben Irving leaving wasn't all that surprising as he was hugely unpopular during his time with SWTOR and I wouldn't be surprised if he was equally disliked by Anthem fans. Still, I wish him the best but also hope he never lands at a game or studio I care about. I don't know anything about the second guy
  11. I do every quest. I don't repeat heroics or grind mobs, at least until I'm at the cap for alliance crates and command levels, but I've never been able to skip content. I should probably clarify, I don't skip content that's not gated by Ops and/or PVP. I play MMOs like ever expanding single player games. E: come to think of it, I think that's why I never got into WOW. My friends wanted to rush to the end game and I wanted to explore the maps and read the story, at least the first time through, and do all the quests. That's how I ended up in LOTRO, I wanted a game that was more about the journey. I'm weird that way
  12. I created a new guy just to see how quick I could get to 70 with the XP armor set and the free bonus XP tokens they keep doling out like candy. Nar Shaddaa, maybe half way through.
  13. Made brunch for my wife. Prosciutto wrapped black figs stuffed with goat and gorgonzola cheese and sprinkled with thyme and I paired that with some rum soaked brioche French toast with brie and black walnuts. My wife said it was surprisingly very delicious. I like to experiment even though I can't eat any of it but I refused to make one more avocado toast and that's what I settled on. Speaking of avocado toast, I think I reached peak millennial today when I tried a sip of hard seltzer. Mango, wasn't bad.
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