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  1. Step 1. Take the original infrastructure bill and rename it to Trump Builds America or something Step 2. ? Step 3. Profit
  2. Russ to the Lakers seems like a bad move, I mean, Harden to the Nets seemed like a bad move but somehow worked but this seems worse. I really thought they were going to get CP3 but I'm also really glad they didn't because I never want him to get a ring. BRB just ran out of haterade and need a refill
  3. I thought the MLB gave (lots of) exemptions for players with ADHD but it's been a long time since I've followed baseball closely
  4. I bet that last 1 is the 12th man
  5. Sorry, I missed this somehow. I thought there was something about there being less interest in licensing nuTrek stuff and critical reviews being less kind as the seasons progressed. I know the fan/internet reaction is all over the place and hard to quantify but I guess as long as ViacomCBS is happy, and it seems that they are, then that's all that matters.
  6. DS9 still has some bad Worf episodes, I'm looking at you Risa episode, but at least the "Worf Effect" is kept to a minimum
  7. Worf works best/better in DS9 Irumodic Syndrome, take me now
  8. But why? I thought that the feedback hadn't been that great?
  9. Hearing Metallica in Jungle Cruise was unexpected. The movie stupid but entertaining enough though I think I can watch Emily Blunt in anything.
  10. Is there an Allies Football? I really don't like the other side
  11. Made quesadillas and a chipotle sour cream sauce for my wife and son. I just about died from proximity to all that dairy.
  12. Sure, it was probable but I'd say now it's near definite. I won't rule anything out because money but being dead in the MCU doesn't mean the character won't show up elsewhere. I guess they can use old footage or CGI if they need the character for flashbacks
  13. So I guess we won't see anymore ScarJo in the MCU e: I watched it on streaming
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