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  1. ^Maybe you didn't come in with low enough expectations? I wouldn't really call it that but by comparison to STD, yes. But this is just going by one episode
  2. I enjoyed Picard more than I thought I would after hearing all the rumors about it. Really looking forward to this series now and I hope that doesn't then ruin my enjoyment. Another Life was awful. I couldn't get more than a handful of episodes in as it's kind of a miserable experience ...and I'm not doing so well in life that I need misery for entertainment.
  3. That's what I thought. I just downloaded a 85MB BattleTech mod the other day and I had no issues.
  4. Does the number 117 mean anything to you?
  5. Gabbard has never had any clout though
  6. I doubt Clinton has much clout left as she's being called out on her pettiness more often. Sure, it's not universal but the fact that people have no problem calling her out speaks to her diminished status. At least that's my takeaway anyway.
  7. The bleakquel, I like that term for the trend
  8. Some kind of samosa. I didn't try that as I couldn't even finish my entire bowl even though I died trying.
  9. After our last move in like only the essentials. Everything now goes to Goodwill or the trash.
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