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  1. How many Losts was that episode?
  2. Nope, not an Epic exclusive or timed exclusive or even semi-exclusive.
  3. ‘Playing Catch-Up in the Game of Life.’ Millennials Approach Middle Age in Crisis. New data show they’re in worse financial shape than every preceding living generation and may never recover I thought this would be interesting as we discussed something similar in PoE2 section a while back. Also, Why Are Millennials Rejecting Prized Family Possessions? The experience economy is upending tradition
  4. Was planning on cutting the grass today but it's too cold out. I refuse to go outside unless I absolutely have to when it's sub 60 out.
  5. Finished Community and now going to give Barry a try.
  6. Chorizo and egg breakfast burritos
  7. We don't usually go neutral but we also use canola off and on and sometimes safflower or grapeseed oils. Anytime I can use butter I like to go that route and my wife prefers EVOO over pretty much everything else followed by ghee as a distant second. But as I said we don't often opt for neutral as fries in coconut oil is a favorite of the missus and I like to experiment. Sorry, probably not very helpful.
  8. On mine, Biden came in 3rd to last behind Johnson and above Kasich and Trump.
  9. In pure numbers, sure, but the military doesn't actual function like that. In other news, isidewith.com has been updated
  10. Going to the Supreme Court is maybe the point if some of the talking heads are correct. It's possible they think they have a good chance to overturn or weaken Roe v Wade with the new court and it also allows everyone a chance to see where the new guys will actually stand on this issue. As far as putting together a force of at least 1.6 million, it's not going to happen as it would require a draft or a large multinational peacekeeping force and the will isn't there for either of those options so we'd be left with just more of the same.
  11. I just think that Iraq and Afghanistan provide better insights into a conflict with Iran than a flawed war game does. I don't think anyone doubts that the US would steamroll Iran's military but the big problem is what comes next. Occupation Peacekeeping and nation-building is where we start ****ting the bed.
  12. How was The Council? I waffled back and forth on whether to pick it up or not because of my general no Steam exclusives policy. Of course, I break that policy a few times every year.
  13. ^Not sure it's all that relevant since we went ahead and actually invaded Iraq a year later. Better to look at how well that worked out.
  14. I've played KOTOR on my phone and it plays well enough if a little janky. I have a Pixel 2 XL if that helps on the screen size I'm working with.
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