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  1. Doing a one city challenge game now as the Cree. Early game so far has been about spamming their unique recon unit for goodie huts and to meet some suckers friends to trade with.
  2. Finished my Civ 6 game. This time I won a cultural victory with Sumeria. Early war cart rush followed by ziggurats everywhere to boost science and culture.
  3. Trying to get my MiL home but all her flights keep getting cancelled
  4. Been playing more ESO with some Civ6 mixed in. I started just doing Dark Brotherhood missions almost non stop and only other quests if they are nearby or on the way, quest log is too small to pick up a bunch of quests at once. I went to log in just now and I got a login queue with a wait time of 25 minutes. Now I think I'm finally done with this game, not going to wait in line to play.
  5. He may genuinely love the Picard show, I like a lot of bad stuff too, but his fawning over it in a those clips was a bit over the top. Obviously those clips were included to be made fun of and maybe they aren't as bad in the full context of the show but I'll probably never watch The Ready Room to find out.
  6. The clips of him from the Trek talky show that were in the Plinkett review really make me question his opinion on this stuff Shut up, Wesley! or just swap out Quark for Wil in this clip
  7. Why save on real estate alone when you can also save on salaries
  8. That's literally what happened at my last job
  9. I make my own nowadays. Just peel lemons and soak the peels in a strong neutral spirit for a while then drain and mix the liquid with water and sugar. That way I can control the sweetness and make sure there are no additives in my adult lemonade.
  10. I really suck at ESO. My dark elf vampire sorcerer spends more time dead than anything else and during the rare moments when he is alive then he is facing the wrong direction
  11. Everyone knows limoncello is the best lemon beverage
  12. I don't think it's fair to anyone to call Jared a leader, especially him.
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