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  1. Just finished the next few levels of the Tenebrous Depths in my Kingmaker game. Varnhold Vanishing a is about to kick off so I'm just prepping for that.
  2. I was getting at this earlier. Specifically, what about this narrative is so appealing to Bruce and others. Is it just that it fits preconceived notions better?
  3. Because the guy it all started under is the best guy to stop it? Also because we live here and things aren't as they seem on tv
  4. Yesterday I made these small tomato salad and steak bread bowls because it was Tuesday.
  5. Just finished Cobra Kai season 1. It's surprisingly engaging for how predictable its 2 steps forward, 1 (or more) step(s) back structure is. The wife really likes it too and I'm pretty sure she's never seen the original.
  6. Still watching but it's exactly as speculated earlier, possible indications of life in the upper atmosphere of Venus.
  7. I think it's mostly grain vodka though it can be made out of a lot of different things. I personally think potato vodka has more character to it but prefer grain when making mixed drinks because it's more neutral.
  8. This actually wasn't far from what happened. I kept digging because I couldn't just leave it be and it's the result of the witch Grand Rite event. Changed the event to stop this from being possible and started over.
  9. There will probably be a separate DLC for most of those issues I don't know what is going on my game. I did exactly what I said I was going to do and am the immortal Duke of Socotra. I changed it so my fertility was in the negative but somehow I now have 2 new kids. I thought maybe the wife was cheating but I had made her sterile too and it said I was the father in the save file. I'm totally confused on how two characters with 0% fertility could reproduce, twice.
  10. I'd go even further and recommend the more rules mod so can you tweak things even more Just quit another game because I randomly ended up failing upwards again and I lose interest with multiple kingdoms or an empire. Going to go with my old CK2 standby of making an immortal but sterile count or duke in some slightly out of the way place and seeing how long I can last.
  11. Honestly, it's better as generic sci-fi than Star Trek because it's so different in tone, pace, and focus. Like a JJ Trek movie only you never learn the bridge crew's names. I do hope you like it though because it's not all bad.
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