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  1. I don't know if anyone actually posted this here, but I read it in some article a while ago;
  2. Yes, it's true that much of it is PR but PC gamers has proven themselves to be incapabale of staying away before; And considering the amount of people that plays/played fortnite, a decent amount of the market already has an Epic account and most likely wouldn't care about trying to boycott the store.
  3. The DLC's is the only thing I really dislike about Call of the Wild, not so much the new areas, but the weapon packs and such really stray into pay to win territory. You get the guns immediately and don't have to unlock them with ingame money and experience, and some of the weapons straddle classes so you have a free multipurpose gun instead of several different ones. If you want something more quick paced, you should go for Generation Zero, same engine, a massive map and robots to kill, while they don't tug as hard in your wallet.
  4. Well, she's saying the same thing as the other article you posted a few weeks back about how we're all ****ed, so
  5. I need to rewatch that movie!
  6. Haha, yeah, it wouldn't look amiss in a Mad Max movie
  7. Actually, I saw some information regarding Ringhals a long while back, up here in the north atleast, it's greener than solar, and as green as windpower. But then Ringhals has half the amount of emissions of an average NPP somehow, it might also be to old info to actually go on. Actually, Facebooks servers don't capture the heat at all from what I read, though that might have changed during the years, but they are run on hydroelectric power.
  8. That's actually where I suppose their "greens" are going to come from. I know that Facebook placed a servercenter in the north of Sweden to reduce cooling costs, but that place still uses 1TWh of power per year. Thats about 1/50'th of what all of Swedens industriest combined needs.
  9. I think then would be about time for the matrix to emerge. Other than that though, being carbon negative would be the standard, so then they'd have to figure out something else to rub in the eyes of the common person to obfuscate the truth that they're only green on paper not in practice.
  10. Always been a sucker for extravagant uniforms though;
  11. PC Gamer Master Race; loudmouthed and weakwilled.
  12. Yep, I'm still definetly on team disband copyright.
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