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  1. **** like that is really embarrassing when someone you know has ordered home delivery from the company you work for, and they don't deliver. You know they didn't deliver, because you were at their place, sleeping over... The one perk I have now though is that I actually have access to just... go and fetch the package and deliver it myself.
  2. Haha! And you're not taking this opportunity to link to your video to boost your views? Yeah, from what I read it's supposed to work like the regular ingame DLCs
  3. Denmark is confiscating syringes and other material headed for, and paid for, by Sweden. I'd like to tell Denmark that we don't have to wait for Kattegatt to freeze over nowadays.
  4. Just sabot that ball and you've got a killer serve
  5. Since I'm forced to pay a TV/public licence tax I've been trying to find something worthwhile from them and found an interesting podcast called P3 Dystopia, where they talk about the different threats to society, freedom and wellbeing. Nothing new for me so far, but it's still amusing enough to listen to. I've been very amused at how often they use Deus Ex Human Revolution OST music though.
  6. Which burbon? Still drinking peppermint pattys, but one day I might want some variation on it
  7. 8 hours in. I wasn't able to make it non-stop though unfortunately since I had to drive my mother to the store. Also, bought some tea, chai and "Hall of the mountain king". That, and about 8 hours of kingmaker
  8. I can't imagine you spelling electricity wrong
  9. Well, it is for console users... And not remembering the other times they've had games run like **** on their old hardware...
  10. I'm fairly certain that it could, all you need is a private clinic and the accrediting number for a lab, and a willingness to risk peoples lives for money.
  11. My local dealer has over 50+ Ryzen 5800's in stock. None of the others though.
  12. Also, as an aside, yesterday I was starving so I had to go to the vending machine at work which is in the lunchroom, during lunch time. Turns out my workplace has taken zero effort to actually separate people during lunchtime. All ~100 or so people went to eat dinner at the same time, and sat next to eachother, shoulder to shoulder. I wonder why gothenburg has serious issues with spread of the disease? Also, we passed 10000 dead this week I think it was. Good stuff...
  13. Speaking of https://www.gp.se/nyheter/göteborg/swedes-have-been-deceived-with-false-corona-documents-1.39822317 There's a clinic that offered COVID tests, never sent anything to the lab, but gave certificates that they were tested and free of the virus.
  14. I brought it to my sanctuary. I mean, cool fresh beer in the wasteland? Yeah, I'm definetly taking that. That said, I'm looking forward to Fallout New Vegas; The Frontier, it's supposed to come out soon, and it looks cool! To add to my little rant from monday by the by, I've been telling the night shift to stop using their ****ing dirty ass gloves inside the tractors. Every day this week I've had to spend upwards of thirty minutes to wipe every ****ing gripping surface; the steering wheel, control joystick, the knob to move the armrest with the joystick out of the way. But. N
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