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  1. I really would like to go to Tornado Alley with some rental car in april-june and hope to see a tornado and some magnificent thunderstorms...
  2. I feel you, I didn't have winds or anything like that, but I had over 100+ lightningstrikes a minute for about 45 minutes yesterday, it was awesome and I loved every minute of it
  3. Binging Arch Enemy while working, trying not to headbang but it's hard
  4. If someone did something like that here they'd have their arses kicked and be forced to reimburse...
  5. Haha, yeah, my friends bought two of those bits before they gave up The coolant on the drill sprung a leak, or did they use that much coolant?
  6. Hehehe, my mates live in a similar building, they've had to get a helluva drill to mount things aswell
  7. Ah, yeah, that'd be a reason to use shielded cables, those kind of loads would create enough meaningful magnetic fields to interfere. That said, those cables should/could already be shielded. I don't know how old the build is or if they use a standard labeling system, but you could check the markings on the power cables to see if they themselves have an insulating screen on them. In Sweden they'd be marked "EKLK". Edit; That said it sounds like you live in a Cold War Era bomb proof building, so it might not be
  8. What kind of electrical cables are there in your apartment? How heavy is the load on them, i.e. will your ethernet cable run next to a wire going to something like a heater or such, or just some lights? If it's not going to be running next to cables with a constant heavy load I wouldn't worry too much about it. Also, I don't think Cat 6e is an official standard, 6A is though.
  9. I can lend you my Vega 64 until you get her sorted? It's a 300w card though...
  10. 3 Chapters each 20 hours or so "The campaign will be split into three parts, each around 20 hours in the length. "
  11. I'm just a wee bit jealous of my father that got motorcycle licence along with the car licence. When my grandfather went to the police to renew his licence, he got a paper where he got to fill in what he was supposed to have, so he crossed A, B, C, D, E. A week later he had a licence to drive anything with wheels
  12. It's mandated that you have to take 40 hours of lessons? That's... stupid, it should be judged individually by the teacher.
  13. I sort of did that when I got my licence a couple of years ago, I ended up getting money back for not using alot of the lessons. If I were you I'd buy the theory book and read it cover to cover a couple of times, see if you can get your hand on some software to test you, and once you feel confident in the theory lessons you just go and ask for some regular driving tests. Do they allow you to practice privately?
  14. It's more humane than putting them on the ice
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