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  1. A couple of packs actually! There's a doggy daycare next to my workplace though, so I don't want to count it, it's cheating. I'm more impressed by the girls that walk the dogs though...
  2. Got into an arguement about the importance of camshafts when tuning cars with a couple of drivers at work. Realized when I came home that they were arguing about Double overhead camshafts while I was talking about single overhead camshafts. That said, I doubt anyone here knows anything about this
  3. Reminds me of that Dragon Age bard that people complained about sounding fake, Leliana, and it turned out the actor was french.
  4. I wish for a detailed video walkthrough of those by the way
  5. It's been to long since I posted any Nightwish here.
  6. I'm pretty sure that there are "maids" out there that make the buck you do, but I'm pretty certain their customers are worse... Heh, by March you've earned as much as I do in an entire year, and I have 6-7 different job-descriptions..
  7. It could be worse, here in Sweden you get a taxbreak for hiring a maid. I mean... ****...
  8. Paid for a 3" stainless steel exhaust for my car, turns out the company that makes them folded, so I got offered a 3" steel/aluminum one instead. I really don't feel like changing exhaust-system every other year. ****.
  9. I'm happy to hear you're ok, Hurl, hope you get a speedy recovery
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