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  1. It's been a while since I used any of my old trainers that typically get blocked, but I don't think you are many steps away from specifying what file you want off their lists. Haha, every time I read your fitness updates I get cramps
  2. Agreed, but then again, there are alot of people here with wives/girlfriends aswell, which boggles ones mind O.o'
  3. Every day, at the end of the workday, I send a compilation of irregularities, things that aren't in the computer system so that the people above me can add it in and make sure that everything is correct. Nothing has happened over the past months years, but I keep at it. This morning one of my bosses sent me an email asking for a compilation of irregularities so they can add it to the computer system...
  4. Not worth considering a 5700?
  5. Same here in Sweden, one would think that blinker fluid is more expensive than gasoline.
  6. Chilled, drove about 100miles to meet some people, then drove the 100miles back, currently watching some dutch artists make Nightwish covers.
  7. I've been having an email conversation with the GM of a new group I intend to play with, getting to know her a bit, and she just told me that her triggers are sexual and being restrained. I'm an atheist, but.... Jeezuzz... :S
  8. Well, atleast you're not forced to sit by a desk for 7.5 hours each day and wait for stuff to happen. I'd gladly change for what you have right now I hate "working" and not having anything to do, my coworkers are jealous. A couple of weeks ago when I was forced to stay home a couple of days and one of the coworkers from the evening shift took over, she said it was the best week in months... it's possible we are extremely different people, but doing essentially nothing in months is awful. On a more amusing note, the people that sevices our yard tractors got so tired of the boss that they gave me their contact information and told me to contact them directly instead of going through the proper channels. I've been told my boss only tells them "there's something wonky with our tractor, can you come fix it?" and doesn't relay any of the information I tell her. I report the working hours of our tractors every week so that she can call for the service mechanic and plan ahead of time. She. Didn't. Undertstand. What. I. Was. Telling. Her...
  9. **** it, we deserve to go extinct...
  10. Neither do I, and I don't think this will hurt Steam particularly hard if it takes effect. I suspect gog will get shafted harder.
  11. The band of a friend of a friend, I don't speak spanish, but I like it, it's a decent sound.
  12. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-09-19-french-court-rules-steam-users-have-right-to-resell-their-games Ceterum autem censeo Steam esse delendam.
  13. Headache, bored, foul mood because my bosses are being idiots. Again. Supposed to play DnD tonight, but really not in a mood. I think I'm going to have to buy a console, I've got TV's at work for the surveillance cameras, I can easilly move one of them to the other screen and hook up an xbox or similar. Or i could get an external harddrive/USB stick with something like Jagged Alliance and atleast have some proper entertainment.
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