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  1. Found out today that I've got a reputation for being the bosses worst nightmare and the workers friend. Also a grouchy bastard apparently. XD Best day at work in a long while so far!
  2. I was all like, "YAY, got the IT dep at work to open websites for me" and then I was; "like... wait. They're all asleep at this time... ;_; "
  3. Well, that one snuck by me completely...
  4. Congratulations on finishing, it's more than I could've ever achieved so, you've definetly earned my respect.
  5. Thanks for the tips, I'll check them out
  6. Found a great band while looking for background music for my Conan tabletop sessions.
  7. I wish it was first person :/
  8. Ah... Bethesda ("Trigger warning" it's Jim Sterling) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77iJYA8H_lc
  9. Congrats mate!
  10. Difficult, yes, but not impossible That said, it's not so much his style as his voice I think.
  11. I really like the guitar and the percussion that he does, but it'd be much more enjoyable without the vocals
  12. I went to a party yeasterday to celebrate a close friends birthday, it was kind of small but damn did people drink, anyway, I made a new friend. Generally speaking, everyone in my social circle is a lefty, and with lefties almost everyone is against things like firearms, military, police y'all know the deal. For the first time ever I met a fellow gun-nut that wants military spending. So next weekend, I'm going with him to the shooting range where I'm going to try out his arsenal.
  13. Latest song from Rammstein, I've been looking forward to a new album for a long time.
  14. Heh, if you thought that Bloodlines Malkavs were a bit off, just wait until you diablerize a few Vamps. ... I wonder how one would handle those sides of Diablerie in a game?
  15. I cannot even begin to describe the jealousy I feel, I love Tim
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