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  1. I don't think they will either, but I'm not going to entirely rule out the theoretical possibility. I'm very certain that I'm going to keep the 3080. Cheapest EVGA 3090 I could find at the shop where I ordered the 3080 i 2250$/1805$ no VAT. Bit ludicrous.
  2. The 3080 can pull 100fps in Metro Exodus with RTX enabled and maxed settings, I find that acceptable really. Control at 1440p, 55fps - acceptable with some adaptive sync really, with DLSS you get 90 average. DLSS really is remarkable in version 2.0, the image quality is quite good. I'm interested to see what AMD can produce in Ray tracing performance, I don't expect anything, but if it can atleast match nVidias offering I will cancel my order or get rid of the card some way. Even if it doubles rasterization performance and comes with a free handy I'm not interested one bit.
  3. My time of arrival for my ASUS one has gone from 4th Nov, to 2nd, to Jan 2021. No stores take in inventory to physical ones so it's all digital reservations, get in queue basically.
  4. I dunno, give it 6 months of modding...
  5. I don't know, it looks about what I'd expect of a VR game.
  6. Had an accident at work. Being a yard jockey, I've done alot of reversing with trailers, dolly-trailers, link and trailer, trailer and jigg, trailer-trailer - almost all combinations possible. The simplest is of course just a plain trailer. It's routine for me, even though I'm a bit rusty, so when I'm going to reverse a trailer I usually gun it fairly well, going upwards of 20km/h, the speed limit on our yard if it's an empty trailer. So late in the shift, I got a call over the radio that someone was connecting a trailer that was still being loaded, dangerous behavior, so I stopped my reversing and went straight to where it was happening, told the driver to disconnect and park to the side and wait, then I went back to what I was doing and was about to start reversing,. By then the driver had disconnected his trailer and decided that he was going to speed by behind me from my blind sidfe as I was positioned to start reversing, I gave it some gas as I usually do, and smashed right into the side of his truck. He was absolutely furious and started yelling, swearing and whatnot, he took a couple of swings at me as people came outside to investigate. Accusing me of trying to kill him and things of that nature, and as it was about to be a shift change both the evening and nightshifts bosses were there I did my best to keep my cool, and just said "Reversing vehicles and yard jockeys has the right of way" and pointed to the sign with the rules. His face was priceless
  7. This hits close to home, I had this very problem on monday morning. Had to reset password, called the call center that deals with that, they warn me that they can't reset the password for my access to the internal timetable and planning system, that was the same as my old password, cases and all. Typed in the password I got locked out of Windows with and got immediate access. -.- My kind of game!
  8. Yeah, sure, but I didn't expect it to be that well optimized for PC.
  9. Those were amazing times, the only reason why I bought my Vega 64 was to be honest that a 2080 was nowhere to be found and I didn't want to be without a computer to game on.
  10. I can't see the site since I'm denying cookies and such Edit; Adding /en to the end worked though if anyone else has the problem. Edit 2; Also the system requirements are... Really low, those are muuuch lower than I expected!
  11. Or is it that Nigel Farage is rotten to the core, and it's working it's way outside?
  12. My first that I remember was a S3 Trio 64V+ 4MB, that I had for years, it was later paired with 1 Voodoo 2, before I upgraded to a TNT2 Ultra. Still kept the Voodoo card in though. Tried a Geforce 2, it didn't work, and I didn't upgrade until I got an X800, then a HD 5850, followed by 7970, followed by Vega 64. Now, for the first time in decades I'm going with nvidia.
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