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  1. That is something that never happens here, sadly for me, it seems like storms tend to skirt my area. At best. I can't even remember the last time I had a decent thunderstorm here ._.
  2. People would be so disappointed if they got hold of either of my phones, one is old enough that you can barely store information on it, and the other is my workphone and is completely worthless when it comes to information. Oh, and absolutely zero highscores they can nab and take credit for!
  3. Clueless. No matter how hard you try, such things will just leak to the public and make it even easier to steal peoples phones, identity, money and whatever else they have on their phones.
  4. Bought a 1tb Samsung 970 evo, there was a reduced price offer, someone returned an opened box so got 35$ off. ... Being bored at work is dangerous.
  5. Played some ten hours of Mutant Chronicles with the mates, and it was guuud. Before that I spent the day measuring my Volvo 240 for a heart transplant. Going from a 110hp B230 (8 valve Inline 4-cyl, naturally aspirated) to a 300hp b6284T (3.0L 24 Valve engine with Turbo). Honestly, I'm already a little bit scared, the car weighs 1300kgs and with a 300hp engine the car is going to go... very fast.
  6. Or military. Why not go with the tried and true tactic of what they know?
  7. You should! Buy a small bottle and have a go, just look up how to properly prepare a drink, and DON'T shot it like many do.
  8. It's somewhat NSFW I think. That's why I'm watching it at work..
  9. I usually sleep between 5-6 hours each day, but I lie in bed for a couple of hours before going to sleep, so you could say I get 7 or 8 hours of rest, but only 5-6 hours of sleep. This has become alot worse with medicines aswell, since I need pretty massive amounts of potassium sparing diuretics.
  10. How in the world does one not know about Chernobyl? You really have to live far under a mountain.. maybe atop a mountain? - to not have heard about that. Has he heard about the berlin wall falling? =P
  11. Got into a fight on the way home from work. One of the foreign summer holiday stand in drivers for one of the forwarder companies at work that has been nothing but trouble for us banged his door into my car. When I confronted him he refused to pay, I threatened to call the cops on him and he started swinging for me. Wrestled him to the ground and used the old trick of pushing my thumbs into his eyes until he started screaming and crying. He's probably still crying.
  12. I've thankfully managed to keep my handwriting looking good over the years (Who says pen and paper RPGs are good for nothing? ^^ ), atleast until I got my hand smashed. It's become awful since then since it just hurts to much if I write more than a few words.
  13. ****in hell... my sympathies man, it's an awful situation you're in.
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