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  1. Hey Bart, It should look like how you see it now. I think you got lucky and missed the in between when it looked like what you see below.
  2. Hey Sarex, Thanks for the heads up. We had a certificate for the MS Login expire and renewed the certificate on Tuesday. I also heard Fionavar was running into the same issue as you whereas I haven't seemed to run into this yet. I'll have our web programmer take a look tonight to see if he can see what might be causing the issue. If you have any updated in the coming days, please let us know so we can be better informed on the issue. Thanks as always and sorry for the trouble with the login system.
  3. Hey Boeroer, How long is your session lasting? Your forum session cookie isn't supposed to expire for 5 days from your last visit to the forums. Any visit before then should refresh the cookie so you don't have to constantly log in every visit. You had mentioned on the 24th that you had to log in more frequently. Is it even more frequent than then, or about the same as then? Thanks for the info and sorry the forums have been goofin on you.
  4. Hey everyone! Sorry for the trouble with the forums today. We ran an update that had some issues and it took awhile to fix. If you notice any additional problems, please let us know so we can take a look and get things back on track for you. Thanks and sorry once again
  5. Hey yall, Seems like another new thing with no new changes having been added. Sadly for my account, it auto expires after a certain amount of hours for security purposes, so it's hard for me to measure. How fast are you finding it to log you out? I'll have our backend programmer take a look while we get ready to push another minor update. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Hey @Notserpent! I'm sorry you are running into trouble trying to submit an application for the internship program. If you would like, feel free to send us the following information (at least the things marked by an asterisk) by emailing us at support@obsidian.net and the Recruiting Team can manually get you added. *First Name: *Last Name: *Email Address: *Phone #: Address: *Are you Willing to Relocate?: Linkedin Profile URL: Website, blog, or portfolio link: Other than the above if you can attach your resume and any other documents you might have, that would be a big help. Thanks again for letting us know of your interest in joining us for the internship and I hope to hear from you soon!
  7. Hey yall, While Stijn and I played around with some updates as well as adding an additional server, we aren't quite sure those actually were what gave the forums their legs again. From what we could tell, it seemed to be from an external source, so we are keeping an eye on it in the mean time. Thanks again for all your reports and your patience with the slog last week
  8. Hey @LadyCrimson and @Gorth! Thanks for the heads up. Testing myself, I'm noticing the same thing, which is weird as we haven't made any changes in awhile. I've reported it to the web team to take a look and see what the heck is goin on. Hopefully we can get it sorted and back up to speed soon. Thanks again for letting us know and sorry for the trouble
  9. Hey @Shai Hulud, I'm sorry if we missed your submission I looked up your registered email and based upon that looked it up in our support system. It seems you've been sending us emails but when our folks tried to reply back, we would get this auto-response back from the email system: Whether or not your email is actually full or not, I'm not sure, but for some reason our system seems to think it is and won't send our replies out to you. Regarding The Ultimate, if you want to try emailing my work email, I can send you a DM and contact you that way so we can go through your submission. If that works for you, please let me know. Sorry about the trouble this has all been. P.S. Thanks for the ping @Boeroer
  10. Hey Spider, that's great to hear things are working for you again! Don't be afraid to reach out if anything else starts breaking on you in here
  11. Hey @Spider, our web developer took a look at this and said he was able to properly see the videos when he had the cookies accepted. Apparently the links also worked for him as well. He was wondering if you might try deleting your current cookies for the forums and see if it pops up the initial cookie banner for you to reselect the cookies and see if that works for you. Please keep us posted on how that works for you Thanks!
  12. Hey @Spider, Thanks for letting us know about this cookie issue and sorry for the trouble it's causing. I have a meeting with our web developer tonight, so I'll be reaching out to him about this to see what the issue might be and to see why the links are broken. If you notice any changes, please let us know, otherwise, I'll update you here when we have a fix in. Thanks again!
  13. @majestic and @ShadySands thanks for the heads up. Looking into this
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