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  1. Hey @Shai Hulud, I'm sorry if we missed your submission I looked up your registered email and based upon that looked it up in our support system. It seems you've been sending us emails but when our folks tried to reply back, we would get this auto-response back from the email system: Whether or not your email is actually full or not, I'm not sure, but for some reason our system seems to think it is and won't send our replies out to you. Regarding The Ultimate, if you want to try emailing my work email, I can send you a DM and contact you that way so we can go through your submission. If that works for you, please let me know. Sorry about the trouble this has all been. P.S. Thanks for the ping @Boeroer
  2. Hey Spider, that's great to hear things are working for you again! Don't be afraid to reach out if anything else starts breaking on you in here
  3. Hey @Spider, our web developer took a look at this and said he was able to properly see the videos when he had the cookies accepted. Apparently the links also worked for him as well. He was wondering if you might try deleting your current cookies for the forums and see if it pops up the initial cookie banner for you to reselect the cookies and see if that works for you. Please keep us posted on how that works for you Thanks!
  4. Hey @Spider, Thanks for letting us know about this cookie issue and sorry for the trouble it's causing. I have a meeting with our web developer tonight, so I'll be reaching out to him about this to see what the issue might be and to see why the links are broken. If you notice any changes, please let us know, otherwise, I'll update you here when we have a fix in. Thanks again!
  5. Should be much more visible now
  6. @majestic and @ShadySands thanks for the heads up. Looking into this
  7. Hey @Boeroer, Sorry to hear about the phone breaking down I went ahead and deactivated the 2FA on your account, so you should be good to set it back up again from a new device when you're ready. If you run into any other trouble with it, just ping me and I'll see what I can do. Hope this helps!
  8. While I have no thoughts or opinions to voice here on any of the topics mentioned on this page, I will say, I very much enjoy popping in here every few weeks to read the information and opinions posted in this thread. Thanks everyone
  9. Hey yall! @BartimaeusI let the powers that be know of the scenario you posted about, so if it isn't already fixed since he was working on the issues, we'll get that fixed up soon @LadyCrimsonif you run into an issue with the request blocked message, can you message here as soon as it happens so we have a time stamp. We should be able to look into it and get that fixed. Unfortunately we had to update our firewall during the holidays due to outside sources and we are trying to white list a bunch of scenarios that we didn't think of that you guys are running into, so thanks for reporting all of these!
  10. Hey @Noqn, Sorry you're running into this blocker issue. I reached out to our team about the issue and they think you should be fixed now. Would you mind trying your post again? If it doesn't work, would you mind taking a screenshot of what you are trying to post? It seems certain things being input have been causing some issues, so we are making sure to allow for that once we know what is triggering the blocker for people. Thanks a ton and sorry again for the trouble with the postings.
  11. Hey everyone! The latest version of the forums went live this morning around 8:15AM PT. Please let us know if you continue to have any issues now that we have rolled out all our fixes and we will look into what we can do to fix things for you Thanks again for your tremendous patience and assistance with these issues that arose over the holiday break
  12. Hey ya'll! A bunch of issues including Firefox not working and special characters causing posts to get error messages should be fixed as of yesterday. We have 1 more fix incoming after some testing today that should also help with the cookies causing posts to get eaten. I'm hoping we can get that out tomorrow and have everything resolved by that point. Please keep me appraised if you continue to run into any issues so we can get them fixed up for you Thanks as always!
  13. Thanks @majestic! The Request Blocked issue was apparently a WAF issue on our end that @Fionavar and likely others were running into as well. This issue should be fixed as of last night, but if you continue to run into it, please let me know As for the forums eating a post on Submit, that one we are looking into now. I'll let you know once we get a fix in for this one! Thanks again for the detailed info on these!
  14. So to tally the active issues right now, let me know if I'm missing anything or misunderstanding something. Disappearing text issue. Now only happens when using "quotations", italics, or (parenthesis). Is this correct? People are being asked to reauthenticate frequently. I presume this was caused by us updating cookie settings, resetting folks cookies and triggering new authentication. Folks are fine now, correct? Am I missing anything else? Thanks everyone!
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