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  1. #Caretaker ... I quite like that ...
  2. Heya Troll, denizens, lurkers and community, Just a quick welcome to our newest member from the community to join the Mod Squad: 213374U I'm sure you will all be warm, welcoming and kind! Now don't spill any sand of out the box as you go about your greeting! FLoSD.OBE
  3. Once a mod, now a Global. Treat him well my sandbox trolls ... look the Big Green got to NecroPost
  4. Please do contact me if there is anything you need.
  5. Please do send a PM to me if there is anything you need.
  6. Beginning the autobiography of Gregory Baum
  7. Wait for it ... yes, it's true I have completed PoE WM 2! @1 153 hours for the entire game, that's not too bad Not off to Torment: Tides of Numenera!
  8. I am speeding along ... White March Pt 2 @ 138 hours ...
  9. Thanks to you all for your engagement! After 13+ years of this, I continue to be inspired and grateful for the way individuals such as you help nurture this larger community that OBS continues to encourage, celebrate & include in its own creative journey!
  10. Synopsis #8 Quote Affirmation/Challenge: Engagement between OBS/Community; App: If going this route, do not force/make it mandatory. Recognise website user context/demographic; & focus on optional aspect; Balance hub with centralised communication, but relaise people are platform loyal; Challenge: Commit to one social media hub as the centra; 'voice;' Challenge: Make sure any new GUI/HUB/Platform is choice driven by community member, as opposed to mandatory; Challenge: Steam like platform; Devs: Further engagement and more accessible; Explore a model similar to uPlay/Origin; Explore designing an Obsidian client that incorporates RPG into character/account; Explore designing an Obsidian client that incorporates RPG into character/account & allows for actual game-play with levels/milestones on the site, perhaps even with PvP; Explore designing an Obsidian client that facilitates RPG between members; Explore designing Obsidian client that facilitates cRPG i.e. Discord/Steam connectivity; Explore designing platform to share mods for future games; Explore establishing a news portal that curates various feeds; Fora: Affirmation Edit function Fora: Affirmation proper Fora: Any buttons added/implemented, do not use a "negative;" Fora: Implement Agree/Disagree/Rep buttons; Fora: Improve use of real-estate and limit unused/negative space = more compact; Fora: More useful buttons, such as "Helpful", "Interesting", "Agree" and "Respectfully disagree" as opposed to just "Like;" Fora: Have Like for posts, not necessarily for members; Highlight: Blogs & further enhance; Highlight: existing social media platforms without necessarily centralising a one stop communication channel; Highlight: Obsidian Plays; Highlight upcoming streams/Youtube; Tie access to certain communities to game ownership; Website: Highlight active stream/social media updates & Dev interaction/posts; and, Website: Update & utilise more intentionally. Examples/Resources Buttons: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/ Company of Heroes 2: https://www.coh2.org/ Community: http://www.theninja-forum.com/ Product/Community Integration: https://en.wikipedia..._the_Five_Rings RPG: http://www.theninja-forum.com/ Contributors 213374U Ethics Gradient Flintlockjazz Fluffle Gorgon Gorth Hawkes64 Heijoushin IndiraLightfoot Infinitron joelofdeath Kennyrules kirottu Labadal Night Stalker OgreTimeYay ShadySands sorophx Tigranes Tuckey Undercaf Viperswhip
  11. I am slow, but i am finally onto the White March ... 127 hours in thus far with PoE!
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