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  1. Sorry - to clarify you are logged in or you have to keep logging in?
  2. Helpful - thanks, Boeroer! Echoes some of my issues, yesterday. Are you still experiencing this?
  3. I had a doctor who ordered EVERY test imaginable for my annual visits. I suspect it was billing related, but was always interesting to see the results
  4. Thanks, @SChin! We will not let the @The Guildmaster know that the ramparts were breached by gremlins in the machine
  5. That had been the hope - previously reinstating this was not possible. Perhaps it might be now ... @SChin thoughts?
  6. We have the mighty @SChin and his Magus Imperium to thank I suspect
  7. I believe the sluggish remains: are others still experiencing this? Any other errors?
  8. Great stuff, il1003641. Hope the community can help. Happy Holidays to you and yours
  9. Hello again - those links required login and have, therefore, been removed.. Please directly link your images by attaching them.
  10. Hello there - the links have been removed as they were broken. Please try attaching images directly in order for the community to assist you.
  11. Transitioning toward the holidays. Going on a study break then some downtime. Been a great fall and winter and chilling with the peeps will be good.
  12. And now an update about the 9th Extra Life Stream 9th Annual Extra Life Marathon Stream - Obsidian Forum Community
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