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  1. Went for my first 10k in about 6.5 weeks. Think I had a major Type 1 or minor Type II sprain. Felt good to waddle again - will know more tomorrow how well healed the right ankle actually is!
  2. Our eldest pack member, in the course of three-five days has had a lung collapse partially and fill with fluid. Likely aggressive cancer - so we are beginning the walk which I would wish on no one. Likely bring him to the vet on Monday to release him from his suffering.
  3. If the weather holds, a fire, single malt and a cigar are in order ...
  4. I am tempted to get back to waddling (some call it running ), but I will begin the day with my morning cardio on my mountain bike riding through the city. I hope the ankle sprain - after five weeks non-waddling - will allow me to return to the discipline next week ...
  5. It's gonna be another week of Zoom meetings. Should have been in Vancouver right now ... seems the prairie sky will also have to substitute for the Pacific!
  6. Thank you to the community for your ongoing care and commitment to Obsidian. I thank all who have contributed to the discussion thus far. The reality of harassment and inappropriate use of power is something we take seriously in our community. For the care of all involved, we will close this discussion for now. If you would like to raise concerns or questions, please PM me.
  7. "She kept the hotel key" Thanks MedicineDan - that was a song I needed to hear as this next week arrives
  8. I am currently totally immersed in Locksmith ...
  9. Finished Season 3 of the Expanse. Totally loving it and now prepping for a new work week ...
  10. Thanks for this kind affirmation Chris. I know the Devs are most grateful when members of the community not only enjoy their creativity, but take the time to share such as you have!
  11. MedicineDan ... I'll take you on that offer
  12. Thanks P_M, I have also shared your query with Admin. F
  13. Preparing ... hoping it happens ... to actually relax this weekend on the Canadian prairies prior to a Zoom explosion next week ... pray for the Big Green on the Roost y'all
  14. What a wonderful thing to share Kryo0s - I know the team has been very grateful for your taking the time to share this! I suspect you will not be disappointed
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