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  1. Happy to hear @majestic! Care for yourself well!
  2. Hope you are feeling better, @majestic !
  3. I have had the enjoyable space to watch the thermometer rise to 36C then drop to 17C over 36 hours ... life on the Canadian Prairies is always in motion ...
  4. Made a new speculation forum https://forums.obsidian.net/forum/162-the-outer-worlds-two-speculation/
  5. @Hurlshotthat's brilliant: well done!
  6. Grey day here on the Prairies. Walk to work was complemented with rain gear and umbrella ... just in case! Looking forward to a Pathfinder 1.0 session this evening!
  7. My household continues to very much enjoy London Grammar ... This is their latest video
  8. My mother loved this show. When I look back of photos of her in her teens, clearly she was channelling the fashion of the day!
  9. Ran a 15k this morning and now have weekend work Zooms. In between, cleaning up the Elm seeds in the backyard!
  10. Grommie, I was never a track person - played rugby for about 15 years. The running comes from my time in the forces. Quick the smoking, kept the running ... well more like waddling
  11. Going to head for a long run today, likely half-marathon distance. Then hang with peeps around the firepit this evening. Of, and finish the most recent Planetary Report! https://www.planetary.org/planetary-report
  12. Currently -40c in the Canadian prairies ... so reading and more reading occurring as we await a thaw on the Roost
  13. During my morning's 15k, I had the luxury of running into a 60 km headwind what left me with the sense of being stuck and going no where on a treadmill ...
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