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  1. Damn, he one taped that coyote...
  2. I spent the whole night watching this channel...
  3. I'm going to talk with them on Monday, if for nothing else but to hear their excuse...
  4. It's this thing, observe the water fall. Now I assumed they would have something to collect the water (there were a few companies that advertised that), what they did is use a broom and spread the water all over the apartment... Guess that makes me an ass for assuming.
  5. This one is a water cooled variant, it gets mounted on the wall and then uses a crown drill to make a neat hole. I needed holes 5cm in diameter. The problem, which I found out today, is that they flooded the apartment and subsequently water got through the apartment below. Even though they assured me no such thing would happen... Lucky the neighbor is very cool and was very chill, so that got sorted easily. For regular holes I have a corded impact drill, with some drill bits that are rated for going through rebar, which is of course nonsense and it does no such thing. If you hit rebar your drill another hole, or get drill bits that are specifically for cutting through rebar.
  6. Talked with a guy who does networking for a living, it seems like the seller I was looking at is not that good. So after taking a look at the recommended seller it seems like CAT 6a is the most likely option as that one offers up to CAT 7 (which is not backwards compatible).
  7. Spot on... The buildings were built in the late 70' early 80'. It's been said that these specific buildings can withstand a level 7 earthquake with out any structural damage. The apartment is gutted to the bone, so I will be changing the old installation. It's a complete renovation. I will look in to the cables you mentioned.
  8. The thing with Superman is that he always gets strong enough to overcome the challenge, while that is not always the case with Goku (There is now Dragon Ball Super btw).
  9. That's the thing, there are 3 phase heavy duty cables going to the kitchen and the boilers for the 2 bathrooms, but I am unsure if they will use the same routes for the LAN cables (the walls use really hard concrete and lots of rebar (had to call a guy with a diamond crown drill to get some holes in it)). The only other option is to run the LAN cables through the flooring, which I did in my parents apartment, but the issue with that option is that those cables (that are in a conduit) are never getting out of there as after a certain amount length and bends the friction is too high to move them. I don't think CAT 6e is official either but it's being sold. Although since I posted this I was able to locate a seller for CAT 8 cables, the only issue with them is there are no female wall plugs available for them, but as they are CAT 6A backwards compatible I was thinking of using the wall plug for that. Though it's only available in the SFTP variant. I will have to call around and see if I can find an electrician who does networking.
  10. So I'm renovating my apartment and I want to add lan cables to the installations. I am getting CAT 6e cables, but am wondering which type to get, UTP or FTP? UTP would be much easier to install and I could let my electrician do it, but I am unsure if he would know how to correctly install the FTP variant as it needs to be grounded. So what do you think, is there a point in getting cables with shielding for an apartment? I don't think there is much chance of crosstalk as there will be 8 cables going to different places in the apartment, but on the other hand it would shield it from the electrical cables that are bound to intersect. Reading what people are saying on the internet is conflicting to say the least, it ranges from improperly installed FTP cables starting fires to FTP always being better even if not properly installed, ie. not being grounded on either end.
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