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  1. Stupid things happen, don't beat yourself up for it. It's the confidence that gets you, a perfect example being my colleague, regarded as a PC expert, who was in a process of RMAing a PSU because he figured that it was the culprit for his newly built PC not starting up. What ended up being the case was he didn't plug in the CPU power connectors... Still chuckle to this day when I remember that story.
  2. Your company and mine may have done some business if that's the case.
  3. The man doesn't have an ounce of QA in him.
  4. I didn't get that one at all, maybe I'm just too stupid for it.
  5. Ice, Pop Squad and the Christmas story were the best of the bunch for me.
  6. Want to get in to that too, lots of dull knives in the house... What stones did he go for, what grade?
  7. Last I hear they bombed a news outlet building which also housed a lot of their internet infrastructure, thou they gave warning beforehand for what's that worth.
  8. Damn...Israel is really going to finish this thing. They are really going all out this time.
  9. Riot Games has arguably the biggest budget in the world but still do it:
  10. Finished Love, Death & Robots vol.2. While vol.1 remains my favorite media produced by Netflix, vol.2 is merely interesting. There are 8 episodes instead of 18, the animation is less varied and some of it is of lower quality. The story is ok at best, they dialed down on the intensity and weirdness. All in all, in my opinion, a lesser successor of the extraordinary original. Guess the writing was on the wall when they brought in Jennifer Yuh Nelson to dial down the series.
  11. You never know, someone could have burned down the building...Unless you are working from home, then I don't know...Maybe burn down your home?
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