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  1. Breathedge 1.0 just released, for anyone interested. It's like Subnautica in space but without the bugs and good story.
  2. Is that for a newly built building or an old building?
  3. Pretty "easy" to check in the event viewer why the PC reboted. You just need to make sense of the error code, but usually google provides.
  4. Rewatched Stardust. Just as good as I remember it being, in that fairy tale sappy kind of way. Plus I forgot how good the end credit song was. edit: Curse my weeb self, fairy tale not fairy tail. Didn't even read that crap...
  5. This was a story from a long time ago (I heard it almost 20 years ago) that went something like "The US put a ton of money in to a laser defense system and the Russians defeated it by simply spinning the missile in the air to stop the laser from being able to focus on a single point". I was unable to find it on the internet, project Excalibur comes close though it's not lasers but x-rays.
  6. From what I remember the last laser anti missile defense attempt was defeated by simply spinning the warhead to avoid giving a static spot to heat up.
  7. Watched Dara of Jasenovac. It's a gut wrenching movie, otherwise it's very well made. For those who have the stomach for movies like The Pianist or Schindler's List I highly recommend it.
  8. Lol. You are right I miscounted the books and you are right that book 10 was slower than usual. (for me mostly because I was not a fan of Elayne's and Egwene's plotline, but Perrin's was also not very inspiring) Mat's POV was the best part of that book.
  9. So stuff happened. Not much scenes with Rand which I think is what bothers most people in the later books.
  10. Didn't book 10 follow Mat's story line? Or was that book 9?
  11. Kind of depressing hearing you talk about salaries, then again when I compare those salaries to the US it's not that big of a gap in the EU (not counting Switzerland). Plus the cost of living over here is pretty low.
  12. Will you get a sombrero and a poncho with it?
  13. That is what the steel rebar is for. It's a mix of reinforced concrete for the floors and foundation, while bricks are used for the outer and supporting walls. We mostly have troubles with pre war buildings and the ones build before the 60s.
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