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  1. So that's where the deep voice announcer went.
  2. Depends if you are on the receiving end of the jokes.
  3. Space force. I'm on episode 5 and I like it so far, which is really strange as I usually dislike American comedy and Steve Carell's type of acting.
  4. Got a new monitor, Lenovo Legion Y27Q-20. I decided not to go down the ultrawide route again and so far I'm very happy with my purchase. The only thing I need now is a new graphics cars, as the nvidia 9xx series do not support gsync compatibility and do not have dp 1.4. So right now I can't get the full 10bit color picture and obviously the gsync doesn't work.
  5. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-masks/accused-of-piracy-u-s-denies-diverting-masks-bound-for-germany-idUSKBN21O0Y0 Wow, how low can you go.
  6. I don't think this is how News work. I'm pretty sure it has to be bad to be called news.
  7. I agree, but there is also the flip side of the coin. I'll go with the example that was used when PoE was being made, the Litch fight (Kangaxx). For me that was one of the most memorable fights, because you were wiped instantly and had to reload a bunch to figure out how to position and in the end even how to cheese the fight. To Sawyer it was everything that was wrong with BG2 as you had to metagame/savescum the fight as you had no knowledge before it. You can argue the results that had with PoE. And were the games better because they had the preventative measures for savescumming, or just more tedious?
  8. The problem there is that what is unfair to some people is not to others and the reasons for reloading are not always a failed encounter. You can't please everyone. We all know what happens when you try. You get a bland and uninteresting game. Focus on your vision and making it as fleshed out and interesting as possible instead of wasting time on figuring out how to stop people from playing the game a certain way. At the end of the day it boils downs to this for me. Every solution I have seen to the perceived problem of save scumming seemed forced to me. The most elegant way that games with a save system address that problem, in my experience, is by offering an iron man/permadeath mode.
  9. No one is forced to use anything, and designing a game specifically because you don't like that people will reload when something doesn't go their way or they think is unfair is beyond stupid (looking at you XCOM). People play games, that weren't designed for it, on Iron Man mode. Why? Because it interesting for them. People save scum games. Why? Because that is interesting for them. If you think that a save system is a bad mechanic, make a game without it, don't spend time thinking up how to work against it. This discussion has already been had for PoE. Sawyer was preaching how some Baldur's Gate encounters where cheap/bad because you had to reload them and metagame them (save scum). I don't see how focusing on that made PoE any better in the end.
  10. Why do you need to combat save-scumming at all? Let people play how they want to. Wasting time on that is beyond pointless.
  11. Did you select your DVD reader as the primary boot option?
  12. Uh, not for me I guess. I dislike how the Divinity games play and this seems to be more of the same but with d&d ruleset.
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