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  1. Isn't the main "Western" (see American) value to make money? So in essence they are staying one with "Western" values.
  2. Not external, but should be good for backing things up. Only issue could be speed. https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/western-digital-gold-hard-drives-are-back-and-get-more-reliable.html
  3. I sure as hell hope it won't play anything like Original Sin games.
  4. For the 40k lovers out there, prepare to have your pants blown off.
  5. Here's hoping that they think too much outside the box and stick to the original formula.
  6. All the models I looked at had a recent version of the firmware, if that is what you are asking.
  7. Feel like I would get motion sickness from that game in a couple of minutes.
  8. So what are the odds for Trump getting reelected? I see that the loudest people are anti-Trump, but that doesn't really count for much and as far as I see the US economy didn't really suffer under Trump.
  9. On that note the WoT cast was announced.
  10. Repression...Repreeeeeeesion...
  11. Classic WoW was the game where I discovered I don't like MMOs.
  12. Baldur's Gate 2/ Icewind Dale 2 Red Alert 2 Pharaoh Devil May Cry 3 Heroes of Might and Magic 4 Prince of Persia PC series
  13. Status quo. There will obviously be no compromise, or exchanging of territories, as that would automatically lead to a unification of Serbia and Republika Srpska (Serbian territory in Bosnia) and the west won't stand for that. So leave it for later, when either the west loses supremacy or the east loses relevancy.
  14. What?!? This exists, maybe it's time for a playthrough.
  15. Black and white with you, huh?
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