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  1. The fact that he thinks that the 3rd part is better than the 4th says otherwise.
  2. Got all the achievements in God of War, not really up for a new game +. Maybe I'll try another game of Civ.
  3. What do you have against boobplate?
  4. My recommendation is to go to the support page of the router you are considering and check how often it gets firmware update. Never used Ubiquiti routers, but they do seem to be great with their device support, I see firmware versions going back till 2017.
  5. I was thinking Uncharted too. Didn't think of Spiderman, I'll take a look. As for Bloodborn, I'm not in to Souls games.
  6. God of War (the newest one) I'm really enjoying it even though I watched the whole story on youtube when it came out. Need to figure out what to play on the PS4 after I finish this. Anyone have any good games to suggest that are PS exlusive?
  7. Who even owns the Baldur's Gate IP?
  8. For me it appears that the extensions are disabled and some are, but ublock origins is still blocking stuff in the background.
  9. Was just curious. Never personally had issue with any of the updates that was a dealbreaker for me, but I do understand where you are coming from. They like to change the UI for no apparent reason...
  10. Saw end game, came out satisfied. Although I can't understand why they did that to Thor... I get it that the movies were not that good and the direction they were taking him with Ragnarok was clear, but did they really need to make a complete joke out of him.
  11. https://www.rt.com/news/458183-venezuela-twitter-suspend-verified-guaido/
  12. https://twitter.com/brooke_a_storm/status/1123413799019655170?ref_src=twsrc^tfw CNN fake news...
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