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  1. I think that just giving bosses the ability to act more on their turn (or with reactions) and resist types of cc is better than legendary stuff as implemented in 5e. In my experience it just ends up complicating play or not getting utilized. From what I can remember, there are only two cases of bosses fighting alone. Auntie Ethel in act 1 (though she does bust out illusions that act as additional enemies) and something pretty spoiler heavy in act 3. For the most part encounter design is pretty solid, but the last fights in the game are absolutely (lmao) flooded with enemies that isn't as fun to play.
  2. That was honestly a bummer. In my experience Legendary Actions are among the most unpopular boss mechanics in pnp. For the most part Larian-brew has been a marked improvement over 5e (and where it isn't is mostly stuff they didn't do, like giving Sorcerer's more spells based on subclass) so I'd assume that Larian cut them for that reason. I don't think the pnp Legendary stuff would be good, but a lot of bosses need something.
  3. Eh, I don't know if it's worth that. You could get much of the same experience looking it up on YouTube. The Ironman mode thing sucks, I think one thing PoE definitely did right was separating that from its normal difficulty setting. Quite a few fights in BG3 could use some additional challenge and it'd be nice to get that without the one save thing. I wouldn't go as far as to say conquering all of the Hells, but the Hells do have a very large presence in the game and a big share of the unfinished business after the end. Not sure how that'd work with all of the (new) endings, but they could always change the endgame to be a transition to the hypothetical new adventure or something.
  4. The new patch dropped a new epilogue, which is another party in the campsite several months after. No really big additions or spoilers, but it leaned pretty hard on the prospect for a future adventure. Personally I'd be cool with Baldur's Gate 3: Descent into Avernus...Again, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
  5. Finished up Tokyo Ghoul....a while ago and forgot to post about it. I enjoyed it quite a lot, the more surreal and mindscape parts worked very well for me. I'd reccomend the anime (Tokyo Ghoul > A > :re) to anyone who liked Ergo Proxy or is down for like 40-something episode seinen sci-fi. Also.....rewatched Hellsing. It's......well it's extremely edgy and the cgi hasn't aged well but it's a fun ride nonetheless.
  6. Fire Emblem: Engage - Maddening Every cutscene or dialogue makes me feel embarrassed and the (optional) skirmishes give the Pathcat Owlfinder games a run for their money in terms of being stupidly punishing, but the main route encounters are consistently well designed in a way that's tactically challenging but also fair for the most part. However I'm only about halfway in and the emblems I got are already starting to break the game so I assume when I collect 'em all my army of shonen stock characters will start to steamroll everything.
  7. If we're assigning a body count to Kissinger then we're looking at 3 million being a conservative estimate, to say nothing of the other horrors and lasting damage caused by his stratagems. Hitler would have had a much bigger body count than the Holocaust and WW2 had he been in power longer, all things considered the Nazis probably killed people at the absolute fastest rate and most directly. So I don't think any could beat out Hitler in terms of being evil....though I'm sure that some are trying. For me the big difference is that while Hitler is recognized as history's greatest monster almost universally, Kissinger's punishment for his many crimes was getting to live a life of luxury and prestige with a curated legacy as a brilliant statesman, the mountain of bodies he left in his wake swept under the proverbial rug.
  8. Steven King was actually unhappy with Kubrick's film and thinks a different adaptation is better. It's been a long time since I've read or watched any of them, but I think Kubrick's film works better as an adaptation than the TV miniseries.
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/food/2023/11/30/henry-kissinger-anthony-bourdain-cambodia/ TL;DR: You can't travel the world like Bourdain did and avoid seeing the work of Henry Kissinger, which has a death toll in the millions.
  10. Anthony Bourdain may finally rest in peace. Burn in hell Hank.
  11. Well I'm sold....because I already got the season pass. But I'll play it soon.
  12. How's it compare to Through the Ashes and how good are the unique NPC archetypes?
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