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  1. Potentially. When you play PnP with dice rolling you often end up with sub-standard stat spreads. Sometimes the results are hilarious. One of the players of our old regular group once rolled an INT 5 barbarian who was barely capable to articulate himself. That was a fun game, but the DM canned the entire campaign after just two sessions. Not because of the barbarian but... eh. Turns out his planned storyline did not play well with a group of players using the attack on their home village to plunder everything and try to run away instead of fighting the attackers off. The stats of the BG1 NPCs would have been fine if they had just given everyone else rulebook based stats just as well. But no, monsters and enemies have highly optimized, sometimes perfect stats. Sure you wouldn't make a fighter with 9 CON even with a bad roll or a cleric that wouldn't be able to cast more than low level spells intentionally in PnP... guess Bioware figured out that WIS was a mostly useless stat even for clerics even before Gromnir came up with his character to complain about wisdom not doing anything. Heh. I seem to recall an interview where MCA stated that he read much - if not all - of the Star Wars EU in preparation for writing for KotOR 2. And yes, he couldn't deny it even if he tried. Kreia wasn't just based on Vergere, her philosophy and ideas regarding pratical skills and how the Jedi are limited by relying on the force too much comes directly from Mara Jade in the NJO books. As far as annoying NPCs go I seem to have really high tolerance. I don't mind Carth, Kaidan or Alistair. Or even Annoymen. The only NPC that ever really bothered me was Aerie, and to be honest that had more to do with the incredibly terrible timing of her whining-triggers in my first Baldur's Gate 2 playthrough than being straight out annoyed by her whining all the time.
  2. My external backup disk has a folder for each partition I had. C through S. Well... I had three disks and was a firm believer of not wasting precious space by making partitions too large way back when FAT32 was still a thing. Good old times.
  3. Imagine for a moment that this very board's company had one of the most egregious cases of mods that make a significant difference in the history of gaming. Wouldn't that be something?
  4. I had an idea like that and even put in in the feedback thread, but then you'd just have trolls carrying the day all the time. I'm uncertain if that's a good idea. Probably a good thing I got ignored hard, and, quite frankly, if I can manage to have a "win" or two, everyone can. I'm usually dead last in these popularity contests. If that sound bitter then that is....
  5. To be honest either way it's going to be fun. You either will see people who literally spent hundres of millions on a promise see it all be for nothing or you'll see half the internet naysayers eating their own words. I have a hard time deciding what would be more fun, and I say that as someone who backed Star Citizen and who really likes Chris Roberts' work. Except that damnable movie of course. Ugh.
  6. Everyone, good sir. Everyone. And I'll be laughing at you when it comes out and it will be the only game you'll ever need. No, really, but... I mean, realistically, it's probably either NOT going to live up to its promise or never really come out beyond what is already there, but let's assume for the moment it would. Star Citizen could very much be the game I dreamt of having ever since the first time I played X-Wing and Wing Commander. On the other hand I'd just as soon settle for Squadron 42.
  7. Everspace 2 is going into closed beta. I'm looking forward to giving it a spin or two soon.
  8. My sore throat has been replaced by a deadly man-cold that snuck in while my body was dealing with acid burn recovery. I'm probably not going to survive, so fare well fellow posters, it was nice knowing you all. *sneeze* *blows nose*
  9. I'm patiently waiting for Star Citizen, it's going to come out any day now, I'm sure of it!
  10. I don't play them any more as much as I... load them up with cheats enabled and skip the missions and simply enjoy the story/dialogue. That reminds me I still have Wing Commander Saga to play through. But that's... uhm. I know it's just a mod campaign but it really is 5 minutes of gameplay and an hour of reading Wing Commander fanfiction.
  11. I suffered through a terrible heartburn episode the entire night. It's still not entirely gone. When I speak I sound like Bonnie Tyler after ten packs of cigarettes and a night full of booze. My throat feels like it was washed in acid... well... not much of a surprise since that's pretty much exactly what happened. I haven't had heartburn for a while now. Certainly not to a degree where I could feel the acid reflux just below my larynx. Ugh. It's still not entirely gone. When I lie down I can feel it creeping further up. 'twas probably the peanut and chocolate mini cakes I indulged in. At least I hope it was, because the only other thing I ate today and yesterday were lintels... and I love lintels. More than chocolate and peanuts, really. If it doesn't go away soon I might go and snatch my mother's GERD medication the next time I go and feed her, uhm, yeast culture. She's got plenty left over from after her gastric sleeve surgery. Hell knows what would happen if I went to a doctor complaining of a sore throat and a cough right now. Eh...
  12. Huh, how did I forget Wing Commander and Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi. Must be getting old...
  13. Even at the risk of sounding like SonicMage117 StupidSeal here them early 3D Shooters with no innate mouse look are hard to play these days. So go ahead and count them as classic even with with mods. I wouldn't play say Dark Forces without the upgraded engine to have mouse look. Sure it is strictly speaking not necessary because it was developed without mouse look in mind after all but ugh. That's like going back to tank controls in early survival horror games. Oh, that brings me to another classic that I love and replay every now and then: Alone in the Dark. Graphics haven't aged too well but the atmosphere is still tight.
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