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  1. Turns out I was wrong, about a few things. It's split in two parts, with the first and much of the second being setup for a moment that, for me, being the sap that I am, clicked perfectly. It was glorious. For a while I wondered how all the good reviews came to be, but after watching it all, I just realized I did not follow my own advice and be patient. This time, Violet gets an assignment that goes above and beyond her regular duties. She's supposed to tutor a young noblewoman in how to behave properly. That seems like a strange fit until you realize that strict military protocol and ari
  2. I was kind of surprised it took them this long (probably because it wasn't Viz Media holding the rights to the audio in the clips), some copyright holders have been hard at work cracking down on anything Sailor Moon related - many of the clips with the Viz dub audio are constantly reuploaded, or are just gone. And it's a tragedy, consdering we have several new happy Sailor Moon fans in this thread alone that only watched because of these clips on YouTube. I mean, it all did start with you trying it because of the funny bad DiC dub. We'd not be discussing anything anime related in
  3. Watched the first five or so minutes of Violet Evergarden – Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll, which is a feature film length OVA that sets the final movie up - a movie that's been released in Japan but delayed almost everywhere else, due to, well, theatres not being open. Anyway, I obviously can't comment on the OVA yet. The first few scenes were visually impressive, and it has has a somewhat sad meta component to it. This was what Kyoto Animation was working on during the arson that killed 36 people, many of which were involved in this project, they apparently get a dedication in the cr
  4. The animation is really... actually it's really good, the few instances where elements look CGI'ed (and probably were) aside, the water in the show being the biggest "offender" there. There's an episode where an astronomy reserach institute hires 80 auto memory dolls to copy rapidly deteriorating books and scrolls that were just recovered. In the shot where you can see them, they're really different character models with different outfits. Meanwhile any of the war flashbacks has the soldiers all look the same, a deliberate contrast (both as a war metaphor, i.e. dehumanization, and a demon
  5. Watched Violet Evergarden: Surely, Someday You Will Understand "Love" @InsaneCommander this is the first special, in the timeline between episode 4 and 5. It's a slightly longer episode, clocking in at 35 minutes. It was written by the one writer that consistently made the episodes of the original run that I enjoyed the least (except for the great episode three), which doesn't mean that the episodes were bad, because the average episode quality is nothing short of... amazing. Anyway, Violet gets a tough job in this one, and there's a certain irony in her helping someone move on
  6. Not sure whe he complained about that. 30000 Yen should not be an issue for JoJo. Unless he got disowned by everyone.
  7. Watched the first episode, yes. Then Violet Evergarden happened. Tomorrow I'll be visiting my mother in Parkinson's rehab, so probably no more JoJo's until Monday or Tuesday.
  8. The storytelling device employed I found fairly interesting, regardless of every other (modern) anime trapping this has. I'm not sure I can come up with many other series or even books where you learn about the main character's development mostly through second person viewpoints. Outside of the flashbacks, and even there at times, the point of view is from someone else. The girl she goes to Auto Memory Doll school and has to pair up with, the writer who hired her to get out of his writer's block, writing correspondence for an arranged political marriage, and so on, and so forth. There are a fe
  9. I just hope you read the part about this being slow paced and with very little action. The war is just the backdrop. It's mostly her writing and interacting with clients and experiencing the vagaries of life. Joy, sadness and loss.
  10. Nah, that was Gandalf on his own in the book. The film has Frodo figuring it out.
  11. Curious, everyone else who I know watched Attack on Titan pretty much raved about it. I guess that puts it in a bit of a backburner now. Not that I wouldn't have enough else to watch. Speaking of watching something else. On a whim I started Violet Evergarden, and ended up binging the 13 episodes. There's a special and one of two movies on Netflix too, which I plan on watching soon. Netflix recommended that when it came out, I just kind of avoided it. For... reasons (for those who have followed this thread for a while, that should become clear when I talk about it, for everyone else..
  12. That was 100% my reaction to the first episode too.
  13. 'S pretty slim as far as reasons go. If you want to unwedge that you'd need to make some space below your post in an edit, type something in there and then use these weird quote and spoiler box handles to drag & drop them around. I always take great pains to avoid wedging them together, for that you need to put at least one empty line between the old block and the text you want to turn into a block, then highlight everything and delete the additional break the software only creates if it doesn't find a quote or spoiler block to latch on to. It's driving me nuts. Absolutely can't
  14. Watched a mixed bunch of stuff today, but it was mostly work. As was yesterday. Right, also had a really weird dream about an old apartment a friend of mine rented years ago. It was converted into a small inn and the guests kept walking over the place where I was usually sleeping when I stayed over night. Kept complaining about it too. It was also my workplace, and all the computers had small 14" CRT screens and weird glyphs on their keyboards. It was also a bit of a workshop, and there was a lot of complaining by people. I complained a lot too. Even yelled at everyone for messing th
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