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  1. Simple but tasty way to deal with leftover bread dumplings: Fry in a pan until decently hot, then add eggs and stir until the eggs are just the way you like them (although if you like your eggs fried to oblivion I might question your sanity... or taste ).
  2. We made some cream of pumpkin soup: And afterwards had a nice Hungarian cold smoked sausage with mustard, horeradish and some bread with walnuts:
  3. What's with the TOS era Romulan Warbird? Well, granted, the show will have a Romulan or possibly Vulcan samurai and Jeri Ryan dual wielding pulse phasers so an anachronism is the least of my worries. I'm half expecting John Woo to direct and some serious wire-fu when the samurai starts deflecting energy blasts with his high tech sword.
  4. But that was VOY, not TNG...
  5. I signed up the moment it was possible to, give or take a day. So a good while now... it's currently importing my GOG library and doesn't want to connect to Steam at all, but hey, well, I guess that's why they don't ship it yet, as Bill once said. edit: Well, Steam works now. It tripped over the 2FA earlier, but now it's happily importing my library. \o/
  6. Weeeeee, I just got invited to the Galaxy 2.0 Beta.
  7. Season one of Stranger Things was most likely a lightning in a bottle situation. To be honest that the second and third seasons were as good as they are is an achievement in itself - especially since they recycled the plot of the first twice. The attempts at humor didn't bother me so much as the constant balancing on the edge of suspension of disbelief. Even for a show with extradimensional aliens and psychic powers season three tried its damndest to be somewhat... unrealistic.
  8. Well with October starting tomorrow I'll be reading the third Harry Potter novel. If they are anything like the movies now the real fun begins.
  9. Went to vote, then went and picked up unhealthy comfort food to counteract the inevitable dismay that always seems to come with elections recently.
  10. I see myself playing some Celeste soon. I'm both excited and terrified at the prospect.
  11. Oy. Wait, for real? They added something even worse? Wow. Le sigh.
  12. Wait until you see the B-side of Chapter 7. Eh, and after that the REAL fun starts.
  13. I watched Between Two Ferns: The Movie. Well that's one thing where a movie wasn't necessary. The best parts were - not surprisingly! - the actual talk show segments and the outtakes of these during the credits. Everything else was mildly amusing at best, but such is often the case for me when I watch comedy. It's well worth fast forwarding through the film to get to the Between Two Ferns sections.
  14. I got some reading done during my vacation. Y'know, sitting on a balcony with my Kindle in hand, watching the bay and enjoying the breeze is something I could really get used to. Finished the first two Harry Potter novels (which I got as my monthly Amazon Prime e-book for August and September) and grabbed a few things from Prime Reading, like The Forever War and I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. Them Potter books were more entertaining than I imagined. I'm curious to see how much different the later films were because the first two were pretty faithful to the source material, and I heard that changed with the third one. Not curious enough to buy the books early though. Heh.
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