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  1. I'm pretty sure they find it... puzzling enough. *snicker*
  2. All that talk about growing vegetables made me remember a fun little tidbit that happened to my partents last year. They're renting a patch of land near my grandmother's former home, roughly 20,000 square feet wedged between the street and a small river. Anyhow, last year mom planted some corn which was growing fine until they went on vacation. When they came back her uncle called and said that all of it was gone. You know, usually when people steal corn they only take a few ears. This time, well, everything was gone - neatly cut off right above the ground. All the corn. Vanished - quite literally over night. Some days later he called and said he found the missing corn while fishing. In... yeah, right. A beaver dam. Cheeky little bastards.
  3. Got around to finishing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6. All in all maybe the weakest season since the first, but still pretty entertaining all in all, but it sure was weird... even for a show set in the MCU (or not, any more, what with Endgame and all).
  4. Small cucumbers are by far and large the most popular choice for salt brining here. Everything else gets pickled in (spiced) vinegar. Most of our home grown vegetables are used fresh. Mom makes jam from whatever berries or fruits are currently available: apricots, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, sometimes gooseberries and most of all red and white currant. Red currant jam in particular makes for a wonderful ingredient in sweets. It retains a slightly sour flavour and works to create a fine balance. Great, now I'm hungry.
  5. Salt brine and hot peppers sounds like something that doesn't mesh very well. Have you tried making pepper infused honey? That's easy to do and gives great results - works best with honeydew honey. There's two ways you can go about this, either simmer the peppers in honey for a bit and then strain through a sieve or just chop up the peppers and pour the honey over them. The latter can't be stored for extended periods of time and should be consumed within a few months. Adding water to the honey makes it perishable, however you still get the actual peppers with a bit of honey instead of just honey that's hot and sweet, and you don't feel dirty afterwards, I mean... boiling honey should be a criminal offense.
  6. Eh, honestly, we're talking about a comic adapation that has assassins killing targets because of errors in the fabric of the Loom of Fate(tm) who can curve bullets. With that as frame of reference Acid Burn picking up Professor X like that makes perfect sense.
  7. Watched the final season of Orange Is The New Black. There are times I wish my mind would compel me to keep watching shows that clearly spent their creativity and quality after the first (or second) season. I'm not entirely sure what this last season was supposed to be. An attempt to outdo A Song Of Ice And Fire in terms of terrible things happened to people without understanding the difference between a meaningful and a pointless character death*? Trying to cram in all the social commentary the show lost in the past four seasons? Making Piper even more insufferable than she already was? I'm glad it is over. *
  8. Once you unlock the Ancient Weapon and Leech glyphs (best combo ever, really) you won't have to worry about not being able to kill anything. Top that off with the Splitter glyph and load up those ARC 9000s for some fireworks. There are two downsides to the setup, first it locks you into playing one particular way and two it makes the game easy, and I mean "win almost every hard mode run" easy. Especially if you combine it with a Time Extender and a Teleport. The only dangerous situations come from bumbling into some environmental danger (accidtentially hitting a gray goo or eating some solar discharge) and them pesky little Swarm fighters.
  9. Hey that's something I backed, so be worried. It'll turn Epic exclusive before long.
  10. Venetica on GOG. It's only three bucks at the moment. One of the games in my "lost decade" going from 2004 to... well, not quite 2014 (more like 2015), but otherwise it wouldn't be a lost decade. 2004 is when I started playing Everquest 2, then World of Warcraft, then an easily overheating computer paired with a new job meant I wasn't playing much. Once my computer was fixed I got back into World of Warcraft which kept me glued to the screen until SWTOR came out, and that infatuation ended in guild drama in 2015. Sure I played some of the big releases like the Mass Effect series, Dragon Age and Resident Evil (mostly 4, 0 and the Game Cube re-releases) but I've missed a lot. No, wait, I played the second Call of Duty and the first Gears of War at work, because back then my work actually involved maintaining and testing XBox Demo units. Heh. Ah, good times.
  11. No home delivery service around?
  12. Bloodlust was added in 2.0.1.
  13. Soulstones aren't out of combat resurrections, but yes, Blizz patched out the only job PVE Shamans had in classic pretty quickly. I know, I know, it's 1.12 and Shamans are actually decent at healing and buffing their group at that point, assuming they manage to not run out of mana.
  14. Well that's possible. Forgot that the in-fight resurrection limit wasn't always around.
  15. No, it wasn't. It was the last regular classic patch. The preperation patches always begin with the version numbers of their expansions. For all their faults, Daybreak does a really interesting thing with Everquest 2 that allows players to progress through game expansions on an accelerated pace. They call that time-locked server. When a new one opens it is base EQ2 and every 16 weeks the next expansion is applied to it. You can watch the game unfold as it did, with some differences. There are no game update patches, the expansions are released and in the middle of the cycle they apply all the smaller patches that happened after an expansion came out. Every time I think about rejoining but there's a steep time requirement to playing Everquest 2 in its classic state that I just can't fulfill any more. I do miss it though, my time in EQ2 was some of the best time I spent playing MMOs.
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