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  1. No, that's fine. I actively wanted to hate the show - who knows, I still might get to, we haven't seen the Romulan Samurai guy yet - and was convinced I would hate it after the initialy fight sequence with Matrix!Girl and her Foreheadalienoftheweek lover. Just somehow I didn't. This feels so much like Rise of Skywalker. Except that one was awesome for all the suck, and this one's at least somewhat interesting in all the scenes that probably aren't from Kurtzman even if they are completely misplaced because the Federation is the worst possibly plot device to reflect upon current political issues.
  2. There's probably an app for that. Of all the wonders of the internet that one's my favorite. Ordering and paying online, limiting my interaction with people to accepting the delivery and tipping the wage slave delivery guy. Same with online banking. Except for the tipping. Tipping bankers. Tsk. What a concept. If that post doesn't make sense then that's because I just spent the past 24 hours fixing problems with data migration scripts that were made by the monkeys that run around calling themselves IT professionals, developers or software engineers. Morons, the lot of them. Probably "majored" in "CompSci" at the Advanced Computer Engineering Ape University of Monkeyland at some point.
  3. Seconded. That was much better than expected. The premise for the show is still silly, but I've griped about that in the past and it is what Star Trek writers have to work with thanks to Jar Jar's, Orci's and Kurtzman's inane idea of how space works.
  4. Started the second season of Sex Education. I liked the first one for the most part, except for the very end when it crossed from interesting into teenage sex comedy with awkward drama territory, i.e. it became something I generally detest. Well, the opening episode of season 2 didn't help. Talk about a nosedive.
  5. I know that's a fairly unpopular opinion amongst greens but nuclear power is a decent way to reduce the carbon footprint of power generation.
  6. Finally caught the last episode of the first season of The Mandalorian.
  7. Funny how I always assumed the narrative issues of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie were due to a somewhat cropped adaptation. The novel is a door stopper after all. Turns out they weren't. Eh. That was a chore to read through.
  8. This is one of the times I disagree with them. I think they're enjoying a turd based on the fact that the other turds set in the same universe are so much smellier. I'm also surprised neither of them had an issue with Baby Yoda being super force potent diminishing Luke's interaction with him (honestly Yoda, what the hell, you're born with force control beyond anyone else, why bother the poor farm boy?) when they complained about Palpatine's being alive in Rise of Skywalker takes away from Vader's sacrifice.
  9. Oh, by the way, in case someone doesn't know, RLM has not only one, but two episodes of Best of the Worst dedicated to the Star Wars Holiday Special:
  10. So it actually is masturbating, then?
  11. Merry Christmas guys, I'll probably be off until early January (as in Orthodox Christmas).
  12. The best part is their gloss-over explanation for actually having a final big space (sort of) battle. I'm kind of hoping that Rise of Skywalker will eventually show up on a Best of the Worst episode.
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