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  1. That one I really wanted to strangle J. K. Rowling for. Harry Potter sure sneaked a LOT with his invisibility cloak. I just looks... wrong. Wrong, I say. WRONG.
  2. The truth about beer is thus: It is great in Central Europe with the exception of Germany. For some reason they managed to convince the entire world that the stuff they're selling is good. Anyway, should anyone of you find yourself in Vienna some day don't fall for some tourist trap and visit a small, off the beaten path pub called Kolar. Best beer in town, and a real contender for best beer anywhere. Just take care and don't get yourself the Starobrno just because it sounds Czech. I mean, sure, it is, but it's disguised Heineken swill. Heh. Although I have no idae why you would want to order anything but the Kolar beers. Unless you like wheat beer. In which case you're better off in Germany. Off you go.
  3. So did you just assume BruceVC's domestic houseworker's gender, you sexist pig? You fit right in with PM Blackface. Disgusting!
  4. Message from the King was a good movie indeed, except for one part very near the ending where King gets beaten up heavily but is mostly okay afterwards, while an earlier - less severe - beating has a more realistic effect on him. That was distracting.
  5. That reminds me I still need to watch S4. I also should finish watching Man in the High Castle. Oh, and Westworld.
  6. When I first watched Encounter at Farpoint I hated Q as a character and the entire species as a concept. I still don't care much for the concept of a race of actual gods because that's much more at home in other sci fi (the Ancients and later Ori in Stargate were fine, albeit subject to some ludicrous changes throughout the show and the target of some really bad writing) but I started to enjoy the character of Q and even the other Qs that show up later and finally made my "peace" with Encounter at Farpoint once I watched the commentary on the DVD sets about how Roddenberry was forced to pad it out to a feature length pilot with the material done for a single episode. Except Amanda. Ugh. No puppies, you can't be here. At least the episode was a fun commentary on how characters like Q can ruin a show by being able to handwave everything - at least I'd like to think that was the point. For someone who Twatters a lot about how annoying people are at the theatre and how he can't enjoy the artists vision when someone munches popcorn next to him or talks he sure has no regard for his fellow Trek alumni. Sure DS9 - like any Trek show - can use some trimming on repeated but certainly not on a first time viewing. Applied to TNG that would drop a lot of episodes where he shows up. And by a lot I mean every single one, really, except for The First Duty. Looks more and more like Mr. Wheaton really is the obnoxious douche he initially played on The Big Bang Theory, but who knows, that would be giving Chuck Lorre credit where it most definitely isn't due.
  7. Early '98. So yeah, very much two decades ago.
  8. For all its storytelling faults and that terrible ending, Mass Effect 3 sure had an excellent soundtrack.
  9. Yeah, you're right. I didn't read Story Teller as much as the German translation called Erzähl mir was. I just figured it would be easier to refer to the original, the other stuff was from the How and Why Wonder Books series (Was ist Was by Tessloff, and Hurlshot probably knows or at least knows of the book series). My bad. Whil Wheaton also loves Star Trek Picard. That makes him whatever the opposite of an authority on Star Trek could be called. A Star Trek Trump, perhaps. Not that I disagree that Galaxy Quest was a great film.
  10. Has Jim Humble said anything about using bleach yet? I hear he's quite the authority on the subject. Heh.
  11. Wait until you get to the end...
  12. I liked the Silmarillion much more than Lord of the Rings (which I also enjoyed). As long as you know what you're getting they're pretty good. As Gromnir likes to point out, it's Tolkien's idea of what he wanted British mythology to be and therefore differs from usual (fantasy) novels. Like apparently everyone else here I used to read a lot as a kid. I was particularily fond of Story Teller magazine because it helped me to learn to read early. Story Teller and playing on a bootlegged Atari 2600 knockoff ar some of my earliest childhood memories. Everything else that I read was very much non-fiction. I had books about a wide variety of subjects, from space to biology to the at the time inescapable dinosaur craze and of course my favorite, a book called "How does that work?" - a couple hundred wonderful pages detailing how various day to day technology works, from ballpoint pens to locks that I must have read tens of times. When I was nine I didn't read War and Peace like LC, I read the MS DOS 5.0 manual. That was a long and dry read too. Heh. Probably not much easier to make sense of at that age either. Yeah, I was that weird kid at school that even the other weird kids made fun of. *shrug* Still read a lot. Lots of tech stuff too, mostly for work.
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