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  1. At the end of the day the reason why I liked Dragonfall more than Hong Kong was the real time stealh matrix weirdness in HK, but you're right. HK would have been improved by an editing pass or two to reduce the word count. That was verbose for the sake of having a lot of text at times.
  2. It is, the show only lets others defeat the enemies for dramatic effect. That happens a veritable... handful of times.
  3. Boy are you going to have fun with seasons 6 and 7... especially 7. That one's often bad, even for fans of the show.
  4. Yeah, I just edited that in. Figured it out myself just a couple of minutes ago. The, uhm, stock footage thing is going to get worse. Where I'm right now (at the end of the third season) Sailor Moon has to go through two seperate transformation sequences and a 30 second attack move to defeat enemies. But to be honest they're so ridiculous that they're fun to watch regardless. I'll just put that in spoilers because, eh... 's not much of a spoiler (except for the really obvious), but it makes the post unneccesarily large.
  5. You managed to miss the only two competent companions then. Heh. Okay, that's a gross oversimplification, but Alchemists are broken OP and Ekun had a ton of bugs that made him one-shot trolls in my game. I'm kind of guessing that no longer works.
  6. The one where one of the great seven Youma is inside the fat cat that's been hitting on Luna (because the other evil pet episode is near the end of Sailor Moon R, and wowsers that would be a quick binge on your part)? edit: No, it's not. I just realized you mean the one near the beginning where everyone buys these weird little pet things that turn them miserable and jealous. One of the best things about Sailor Moon is how you can pick out any number of scenes, talk about them and people who have never seen the anime are left to wonder what the hell is going on and how anyone could
  7. That depends on what you would call good. If you mean seriously good, not schlock* that's fun to watch like The Expendables then that probably really was True Lies. Escape Plan got trashed by critics but I liked it well enough, it didn't feel like I've wasted two hours of my life. Unlike, say, watching Terminator Genisys or Last Stand. * I'd say The 6th Day and Eraser were fun schlock too, but what do I know about film. edit: You're also not alone with your love affair with True Lies. Way back at that age, at the time, I could have watched Jamie Lee Curtis in anything and liked
  8. 's the best way to deal with this thread. Outside of staying away.
  9. That was the first thing I turned down when I saw the options. I don't like running into useless people in real life, why bother having them in games then?
  10. I'm glad you found some setup that works for you but that... sucks. I'm sorry to hear (well, read) that. How much do you have the vocalist? Also! Related Sailor Moon question, what did you think of the episode where Chibi-Usa befriends a pliosaur? There's a definite trend of episodes involving beaches to be really weird, mostly useless and borderline bad. Assuming that episode was actally on the Italian DVDs. It often gets omitted.
  11. Yeah, I lucked out and was in the pilot area of our cable TV provider offering internet service. Bandwidth startet at 500 kbits/s in '97 but jumped to 5 mbit/second in '99/00 with a cable modem upgrade that became necessary because the old ones had a fun little bug where you could deactivate the upstream throttling. The new ones were even better. They came with a feature that allowed the use to upload their own configuration file. The modems loaded the config file from the ISP after a reboot, but if the config server wasn't reachable it tried a default fallback in the local network. All y
  12. Fun, that patch is only 1.1 GB on GOG but their download servers are giving me .3 MB/second right now. Let's party like it is 1999?
  13. My computer setup gets a lot of laughs and weird looks when people actually see it. I was an avid MMORPG gamer for a long time. My /played across Everquest 2, WoW and SWTOR is measured in years (as in net time played at 16000+ hours). Frightening, really, and not counting the time when I was still at school that I've spent playing Quake and Quake 3 online, and I was... pretty good at it, so naturally guild colleagues expected my setup to be all decked out in great MMORPG hardware. Most notably a gaming mouse with two hundred and a half buttons while I'm actually using a Logitech LS1 (a mo
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