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  1. I watched the Artemis one. I've been noticing that the poor thing's just been getting dunked on and ignored a lot this season, but that episode took it to a whole new level, . In regards to Ami and her episode...that's kind of funny - although I still like her, she's definitely the Sailor Guardian I like the least (Minako and Usagi are definitely my two favorites, but both Rei and Matoko are awesome as well, which leaves poor Ami...suffering in comparison). The episode central to her earlier in the season (S2E16. A Guardian's Friendship: Goodbye, Ami) was the first...and still the only episode
  2. That nurse episode was the episode I last watched, and it was indeed awesome, and also the last few episodes in general have been a nice breath of fresh air compared to the Chibi-Usa-dominated episodes that have been constant for a while. Chibi-Usa is perfectly good as a supporting character, but some of the episodes where she is the main character have been a bit less enjoyable than the others - her personality just isn't the best for seeing events through her eyes. Now that you mention it, all four other Sailor Guardians do have their special talents even untransformed (Rei being the mo
  3. @majestic Is there like...any official information on how the Sailor Guardians' powers work? I always assumed that their powers only worked when they transformed, hence why they always need to, and hence why they can never really do anything special when untransformed...but I just saw Minako jump up roughly 15 feet into the air from the ground into a second story balcony untransformed which is the first I can recall a non-transformed character doing something like that, so what the heck was that? She just an NBA player or something? Also, I wish Minako would get more episodes focused on her, s
  4. It was pretty awesome to hear the Star Locket one used the way it was.
  5. The spoiler sounds hilarious, that's the Sailor Moon stuff I want. My favorite episode from season 1 is probably episode 29, the ridiculous episode where Usagi and Makoto are fighting over the arcade boy, and that nonsense sounds right in line with that. I'm curious to see what I think of the other yet-to-be-introduced Sailor Guardians... The attack/transformation sequences do get to be hella long at times, but I love the music used in them so I don't particularly mind. Actually, I love the music of this show overall and have been collecting the individual season and movie soundtracks. Sa
  6. No, I'm just mad that we didn't get the Saints (whom I would've easily picked the Packers over), and am preparing to be very sad this Sunday. Packers have fallen, collapsed, and imploded at the final hurdle due to very bad matchups like this repeatedly over the last decade, and I don't really see any reason to expect any different this time.
  7. I don't see how anyone can easily pick the Packers. The Buccaneers' offensive line has largely stood up to better defensive fronts than what the Packers have, the Buccaneers have three #1 wide receivers and we only have one really good corner, our run defense has been suspect on and off and the Buccaneers also have a great RB stable, and of course, Tom Brady has absolutely destroyed bend-don't-break defenses like ours by simply taking what the defense gives you for literal decades. And that's not even talking about the Buccaneers' defense, which annihilated the Packers' offense earlier this se
  8. What an absolute implosion by the Saints following that Jared Cook fumble. I felt really good about facing the Saints at Lambeau - I do not feel good about facing the Buccaneers at all. They just have that type of defense where they're at least pretty good at all levels which makes it hard for our offense to find the weak points to exploit, and that's what Rodgers has historically struggled the most against in his career. Ugh. Also went 2-2 - got both of Saturday's games right, both of Sunday's games wrong, .
  9. Browns should've won that after Mahomes went out, but they couldn't stop repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot. Will be a long week to see if Mahomes can play Sunday.
  10. I shouldn't have picked the Browns,
  11. I straight up will not watch weekly shows until the season is fully released. I'm not usually in the mood to watch a show over several months' worth of time these days, especially because I'm the type of person that likes to watch only like 1-2 shows at a time to begin with - also sometimes my free time is limited so not being able to watch something when I do have the free time because of artificial time barriers is greatly annoying. Sometimes I *really* want to watch several episodes consecutively, particularly because shows have ups and downs and letting a show sit sourly on one of the down
  12. There's no point in engaging those arguing in clear bad faith - they're not interested in alternative viewpoints or counterarguments or your opinions or anything of the sort, they're just here to spread their misinformation and confuse the issues, and getting engagement from and annoying you is no doubt just the cherry on top of it all. There will never be a big light bulb moment where they suddenly start considering things from different angles or from others' values. There are posters whom I emphatically disagree with most every time they post in a thread like this, but whom I can understand
  13. First time hosting the NFCCG for Rodgers.
  14. I don't feel comfortable picking any of these games. Packers-Rams feels like the most likely game to tilt one way, but the Packers have lost to NFC West teams with great defenses in the playoffs so often over Rodgers' career that I can't feel good about this even though it's theoretically the easiest matchup out of everything remaining. Saints-Buccaneers is a toss-up but I tend to go with the team that smoked the other twice even though the Buccaneers have clearly gotten better over the last month. For some reason, I favor the Browns over the Chiefs - I'm not really sure why, though. Most like
  15. More like "probably better not to feed into patently and offensively absurd questions and those who ask them in bad faith". Who was that even responding to? Oh, it was me. Well, that just about figures, doesn't it?
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