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  1. Anyone familiar with any Xbox 360/One controller alternatives that aren't junk? Should ideally be in the same style - analogue stick in the top left, analogue stick in bottom right, so no dualshock setups (where the left analogue stick is instead in the bottom left - I already have a Logitech dualshock-style controller, and while it's okay for some stuff, it's simply not what I want for general usage). The reason for "not Xbox" being that I've gone through three Xbox One controllers in about a year and a half total (not each!) and they all started having annoying malfunctions, so I'm kind of concluding that their reliability is hot garbage...and you can't really buy Xbox 360 controllers anymore. Additionally, there are serious driver issues with Xbox One controllers on Windows 7, which I'll be on for the foreseeable future, so that's just another annoyance on top of it. (e): words
  2. I wish I could be that easygoing with movies, but I get way too easily annoyed by stuff my brain identifies as weird. Probably why I'm usually very pick with what I watch and only watch a movie or two a month usually, .
  3. "dream logic" That reminds me of how a RedLetterMedia video said more or less the same thing about Suspiria (1977), which I also thought was extraordinarily painful. I think I might start avoiding any movies where anybody even remotely implies it being "dream-like". Seemingly not to my taste.
  4. I believe it's the Italian version, The Mask of Satan (UK-sourced BluRay/DVD combo with both the Mask of Satan and Black Sunday - we watched the former, and it's my understanding that that is the Italian version). I saw a different trailer for Viy yesterday after we watched The Mask of Satan (since we looked it up and saw that it was based on it). I think I would die from the awkwardness of this film if I saw it, . At least Black Sunday has a cool poster.
  5. La maschera del demonio AKA The Mask of Satan AKA Black Sunday (1960). An Italian film, it's difficult to believe that this was released only a year before Viridiana (I picked out Viridiana, the person I generally watch movies with picked out this one) - it's so dated in almost every single way except maybe visuals to a degree. A rather miserable watch, it had really bad audio (why was the original audio track removed and then the movie redubbed with a new Italian track? So awful...is this an Italian thing?), lots of awkward editing and scene transitions, hit-you-over-the-head-obviousness, ultra predictable plotting, and just laughably terrible characters that were making me hope evil would win the day from almost the start of the movie, which, of course, they didn't, and instead the young fop who I was hoping to be the first killed is the "hero". Ugh. (e): Also, I have a special hatred for movies where women swing wildly between the acting dichotomy of "stupid and hysterical" vs. "pathetic and/or fainting". Bah.
  6. I'm of the opinion that any penalties that aren't strictly a matter of player safety should be eliminated, simply because the amount of penalties have gotten insane and it's hurting the sport. The biggest casualties of this would be a good percentage (but not all) of holding on offense (...and instantly, offensive line play gets better across the league, which is currently a serious problem both in terms of performance and penalties - ye' gods, so many holding penalties every game), and on the other side of the ball, you get rid of a lot of pass interference calls as well. You still can't mug receivers, but hand fight to your heart's desire, don't ever turn your head around to play for the ball, etc. I would also think that makes referees' jobs much easier and lets them focus on the stuff that actually matters, but who knows, maybe they start screwing that up, too. I've heard the "you shouldn't let the game be in a position to be decided by the refs" defense a hundred times for these sorts of incidents, but it always rings hollow for me, then and now. The NFL is designed for parity, and it's not a coincidence that many games end up being within a TD between a win and a loss, where the referees putting a thumb on the scale absolutely does affect who wins. So sure, Detroit had many opportunities to put away the game (had an amazing first quarter, did little to nothing the rest of the game), but yeah, they got screwed.
  7. Here's a reminder that we all used to use Windows 7 for a decade without any of those terribly obnoxious security features and never got viruses without them. Well, I didn't, at least, .
  8. I guess the Cowboys are the biggest fakers of them all, along with the Rams. From 3-0 to 3-3 both of them.
  9. Packers are the only team in the NFL to have defeated another team >=100 times...and it's stood at 100 wins since we swept them in 2016. The two losses in 2017 were against Brett Hundley, the 2018 @Lions game would've likely been won if not for a Mason Crosby apocalyptic-level kicking day (missed 3 FGs all under 50 yards + a 56 yarder + an XP) and the terrible fumbles didn't help either, and the final 2018 @Packers game was vs. Brett Hundley due to Rodgers being concussed in the first quarter. Hoping to make it 101 wins this Monday after all this nonsense.
  10. I'm not sure that this crowd is on on copypastas, @213374U.
  11. He then went on twitter and complained about people making a big deal out of his lie when he was the one that went to social media to make a big deal out of Mayfield not shaking his hand (which he did) to begin with. Definitely not a liar and a drama queen at all.
  12. Our team's level of success seems to be super dependent on who scores a TD or two first.
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