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  1. Understandable - I've made the same kinds of decisions on stuff because of not enjoying the discourse on it. Rarely, I change my mind and eventually own up to it because I then understand what they were talking about and realize the discourse wasn't nearly as stupid as I once thought; more often, when I change my mind I tell absolutely nobody precisely because I do not want to become a part of the discourse which is still utterly stupid, . Yeah, I have absolutely zero patience for driving, usually makes me want to curl up and die. It's also not great on me physically given my neck and
  2. I've slowly been in the process of moving away from using Google email to protonmail. Seems like that's been a fortuitous call, given that this morning Google decided to lock me out of my account. Try to log in, the password is correct but they want to "confirm it's [me]". They ask me what my recovery email address is, I type in the correct email address. Not good enough: they want to send me a confirmation code to that same recovery email address; I get that email on the recovery account and type it in. Still not good enough, please enter a phone number to receive a text message with a verifi
  3. Ranma's more...inappropriate than I might like, but at the very least the inappropriateness is used for good and humorous effect. My brain's just been too foggy to appreciate Sakura right now, but I'll get back to it sooner or later. It's not like I wasn't still loving it the last episode I watched - honestly, I went through the same thing with Sailor Moon (and many other shows), I occasionally need breaks for one reason or another (whether because of real life stuff, different interests suddenly taking precedence, a temporary change of pace making it better when I come back to it, whatever).
  4. The downfall of traditional movie posters is pretty despicable. There are many older movies whose conceptual poster(s) gave off such specific vibes and themes that they immediately interested me in watching them, and they were very often surprisingly accurate and true to that, making the artistry even more impressive. Sadly, even on the rare occasion I see art in a poster for something new(er), the artistry seems to simply no longer be there as it used to be. Oh well.
  5. Like a third of the time, it looks like they have it and could go the distance; one of the other thirds they look like they're an 8th seed that only just barely qualified off of a play-in game; the last third they don't even look like a professional basketball team. I don't know exactly what I'm watching, but it surely does not inspire confidence.
  6. It honestly does, especially past the first...3 or so episodes? There was some stuff I liked in those early episodes, but it was probably like 25% stuff I liked 75% stuff I didn't (...very roughly); the last few episodes, in comparison, were more like...maybe 90% stuff I liked, 10% stuff I didn't? Much better second half than first half. Was excited at the idea of a second season until my inner pessimism automatically kicked in - it will be trash until it's demonstrated that it's not, . And yeah, the animation does...mostly look terrible. It has a few good points, but it's not much. The key th
  7. how in the absolute hell did the jazz lose to the clippers these past two games
  8. When you can and do animate like that, who cares what the content is? Any and all objections are automatically overruled, . Yeah, I'll also be surprised if I like Devilman Crybaby, and also, good to know - I shouldn't expect to enjoy Akira either, . That crap has looked terrible since like the 90s when they started experimenting with it (e.g. Beauty and the Beast), still looks terrible today (...also, speaking of western animation, Invincible did it as well, as it was the most jarring part of an already not very appealing animation style). Yeah, I definitely don't expec
  9. The close-up character animation of Violet Evergreen (the show, but also the character) still makes me want to barf, particularly when it's showing characters' faces... From what I've seen of your screenshots, the general but not strict rules with the show seem to be that up close = bad / far away = good and inside = bad / outside = good. Follow only one of these rules and you may have a nice-looking scene...or you might not; fail to follow both and it's sure to be just horrid, .
  10. Should've already had the series well-wrapped up if the team hadn't completely lost its mind and imploded in all three away games. ...Will this be the opposite of the Mavericks/Clippers series where the away team won each game up until the very last?
  11. Ilsa, the Wicked Warden AKA The Mad Butcher has a legit (German) Blu-ray release at the very least (legit as in actually being an HD transfer), but I don't see anything for the other three. Doesn't 100% mean it won't be, but I'd be surprised if it was.
  12. I saw a show called Eden on Netflix that showed art like this for the preview..: Then I turned on the show for a minute and it looks like this: I feel kind of bamboozled. Not everything can look like Hilda, I guess. I almost watched another Sakura episode for the first time in over a week yesterday, but then I fell asleep before starting it instead. RIP.
  13. I really liked Metro 2033 when it came out, but it admittedly had a lot of limitations and some story/character jankiness that I was mostly able to forgive at the time. It was by no means Stalker, but it was fun and interesting enough. Tried Last Light for a handful of hours, but they had cranked up the story/character jankiness up to 11 (if given the option in-game to do so, I would like to literally cut off that one girl's head, thanks) and made literally everyone despicably awful while doing horrific retcon rewrites of characters e.g. Khan, not to mention the level design and endless script
  14. Thank you to the 76ers/Hawks for making everyone forget how embarrassing the Bucks were for 24 hours until the next game. My gosh.
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