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  1. Oh yeah, I remember Lucatiel now that you mention it. She was probably the most memorable for non-annoying reasons. Unfortunately, among its many other issues, DS2 seemed to be lacking a lot of the customary Souls NPC goofiness/charm.
  2. Are there any likable or memorable NPCs in Dark Souls 2 anyways? Can't remember anyone but the spammy Firekeeper (Ms. "Bearer, seek, seek, lest"...). @Skazz That's cool. Yeah, I thought they did a good job, and I enjoyed the minimalistic-but-well-written story. It helps that they nailed the length of the game - if this game had been ~12 hours like that other indie game I recently played, Underhero, I probably would've been dying by the end of it - conciseness in dialogue, plot, and gameplay with minimal fluff and repetition/recycling will almost always be welcomed by me. Also, something cool they did was have a bunch of unlockable bonus missions you can find throughout the main story missions, each with a particular theme (e.g. one is Holy Grail-inspired, another One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest out of all things, etc.) - doesn't make any difference for the main story, but if you were concerned the game wasn't long enough, well, there you go! Overall, a simple but well-made and very effective game.
  3. Serial Cleaner, courtesy of @ShadySands. A very pleasant ~5-hour game (right about the time I like for simple-but-novel indie game concepts) about being hired by murderers to clean up dead bodies left behind while cops are patrolling the crime scene. Get in, avoid the cops, clean up, get out. Simple, but I thought pretty enjoyable and well-made for what it is. Thanks, Shady.
  4. Unless you're a workaholic, the amount of lost time doing a job like that hardly ever ends up being worth it. I've got too many other things I need or want to do to willingly waste away all my waking hours for a job. Salary, especially if you're in anything computer related (IT, programming, whatever), is just about the worst thing you can sign on for if you expect to ever not be working. A work culture that expects you to always be over your hours or "you're not working hard enough" is one I'm going to jump ship from as soon as humanly possible.
  5. It takes like two months for the new Congress to be sworn in after election day, don't think the Democrats could could hold it up nearly that long, right? Wow. There have been many cases over the years where somebody had something censored and where I was trying to figure out what 4-letter swear was supposed to go in its place, but none of the normal ones would make sense, so I could only conclude that they self-censored and put the wrong amount of asterisks in. That makes a lot more sense. Also, somebody should fix that.
  6. Underhero, courtesy of @Oner. It was a Paper Mario-style RPG with timing-based combat elements. The premise is that you're going to play a rando minion that, rather than getting effortlessly brushed aside by the hero in battle, instead took initiative and concocted a plan to basically drop an anvil on the hero's head and instantly murder them while they were walking up to the main villain's lair, and now what is everyone going to do with the hero dead? It's an interesting premise, the environmental characters are appropriately wacky and zany like you might expect of a MOTHER/EarthBound-type game, it has solid enough gameplay, but the main characters and plot were written so flatly and by the numbers that I found myself completely checking out about half of the way through the game in a world-investment sense. The main character becomes the hero for no discernible reason (there was literally zero motivation for the protagonist doing anything at all the entire game - it felt really weird and inappropriate/nonsensical given that the first thing you do is murder the hero), and worse, there was a big "the villain isn't really the villain + let's all come together and do this" sequence a la Undertale at the end involving a completely unlikable cast of characters that fell so completely on its face that I started laughing at the game. Really unfortunate for an otherwise solid game that they went that direction. Still, it wasn't too bad - just a little disappointing.
  7. Yeah, I got nothing, I don't use Twitch. Nothing useful from Google, either. Only thing I could think of is to always specify an extra bit of time at the end just in case it gets cut.
  8. Were these livestreamed, or do you have the video on desktop?
  9. Pursuer is one of the more tightly designed bosses of DS2 - with some exceptions, a lot of bosses just feel like they move, attack, and go through their AI routines kind of sloppily (consider the joke that is Flexile Sentry as an example...). Not Pursuer. He was one I had trouble with when I was trying to play with melee because of my struggles with the controls, but like Artorias of DS1, he feels like a boss that once you "understand", it's basically impossible to ever lose against him in the future because everything he does is so consistent and well-defined.
  10. hey, don't spoil the worst part of the game for him, it's the best part
  11. >No-Man's Wharf and all the undead buccaneers all the areas in this game were such a pain in the ass fixed
  12. lmao - seeing that also reminded me of the fact that they really screwed with rolling in DS2 compared to DS1 and DS3, too...very bad iframes at low agility even at low weight. To be honest, I thought the boss design in DS2 was really underwhelming, and beat most within 1-3 tries. Ugh, that game was just so forgettable compared to the other Soulsborne games.
  13. The only reason I finished that game at all was because I gave up and switched to a magic build. Still wasn't particularly enjoyable even so, though.
  14. Maybe wearing masks will become a fashion thing a la some asian countries.
  15. I wasn't gonna say anything, but since you brought it up, DS2 is easily the black sheep of all the Soulsborne games for me due to the horribly clunky controls/movement. Could never enjoy or get used to that game because of it.
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