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  1. Hey, you make fun, but Cat Fingers is only as far as I got into watching the show with my nieces because the end of that episode freaked them the hell out and I realized that yeah, maybe should wait a few more years for this. Probably a kid who can't buy or make chicken in his tiny coastal town, . Though I have to admit, popcorn on all of that does seem pretty disgusting.
  2. Whoa, uh, you kinda just inserted some SU spoilers into that SM spoiler...kind of some moderately-sized ones, too. (e): Looks like you actually edited them out by the time I posted this - must've had the page open for a while, was working on something, . It seemed pretty clear Nezu wasn't acting of her own free will and wanted to do nothing more than to run away...given that's literally what she kept doing while also seeming to realize it was futile unless she actually delivered something useful hence why she kept working - it seemed like she was fighting an irresistible compulsion to ans
  3. Please, no more about Ms. Chuuko - I'm still grieving, . She was a real one, taken away from us all too soon... No, really - she only lasted 9 episodes. Actually...yeah, this is an outrage! I'm going to have start a campaign to #SaveSailorIronMouse - every Sailor Guardian's life is sacred, let not her be forgotten to the sands of time! No, I won't feel the same way at all about these other two clowns that will also inevitability bite it, but that doesn't matter - what matters are my feelings right now! What kind of world do we live in where good little mouse ladies like Nezu (who is clearly a
  4. I think he more meant "screw using spoiler tags" in the context of Sailor Moon, especially given that I am the final one watching it here. I'm more using them just to have my thoughts on each episode properly marked/encapsulated at this point, not because I'm not trying to spoil anybody, . Also, don't read this, @ArtistFormerlyKnownasKP, it's only meant for literally anybody except someone named KaineParker, BEEG HUMONGOUS SPOILERS: One positive with only being able to handle so much TV at a time is I think it allows me to remember details and general episode outlines a bit better.
  5. Uh...I'm blanking out here. Who? Actually, never mind - I'll find out on my own. The show's been doing that like a couple of times each season back to season 1, though - I remember Zoisite pointing out that she'd made the same speech one too many times; VesVes interrupted one of Chibi-Usa's speeches repeatedly to try to actually talk to her but Chibi-Usa wouldn't respond because she had to finish the speech; a few times back in even season 1, Usagi screwed up something in her speech and was mocked by either Luna, Rei, or the villain for it; in S, I remember a time where Chibi-Usa inser
  6. Yeah, that about sums up how I feel as well. Another one of those cases where it's important to let the actual author speak for themselves instead of letting the fanidiots do it for them. Hell, that's literally exactly why I forgive Steven Universe for some of its more uneven bits as well - I've heard Rebecca Sugar herself talk about it and how difficult it is to get everything right while always having to work within so many constraints and making so many compromises under so many deadlines, it's tough to do everything just how you ideally envisioned it while also getting a product out at all
  7. Yeah, it was hilarious, but also, I was utterly shriveling up and dying - my secondhand embarrassment activated super strongly during that sequence, I had to cover my eyes for some of it. But that's okay - that's what it was supposed to elicit! And yep, it was made so much better because Usagi only inserted herself because she was genuinely trying to help Makoto out, not simply trying to steal the spotlight. If this were written in SuperS, you just know it would've been the other way around... Sailor Stars Usagi has been so awesome in comparison to SuperS Usagi, thankfully. Haruka? She on
  8. Oh, no, I was totally joking about that. It was fine, . I could tell it wasn't going to go anywhere when we didn't have a weird, ultra-serious dream sequence setup where the characters meet under really bizarre circumstances and tell each other sweet nothings while pining for one another over an entire season and...uh, you know, let's not re-visit SuperS, actually. Basically, in other words, the framing of the episode correctly and efficiently informed me that it wasn't anything to worry about, . (e): Also, I regret writing "kicking a dead horse" in the previous post when I clearly should
  9. @majestic Wow, thanks for the images - they literally give so much context for the madness, and some much needed perspective on the part of Ms. Takeuchi herself. I think back to her comments about how she didn't approve of some stuff in the original show, like Black Lady getting too sexualized, and then us laughing about how messed up some of the things SHE wrote in the actual manga were. It sounds like it's literally possible she didn't remember what the heck she wrote at parts in the original manga, and it doesn't seem like she liked her own art or writing much at all to begin with, par
  10. Okay, in that case, I don't think she can be held responsible for what she wrote if that's how it went down. I've written some pretty weird stuff when I've been utterly exhausted too (...though admtitedly never anything on the level of horse-human romance with the intent of it being adapted for children's TV - she might have some deep-seated problems there that she may or may not have intended to bring out in her writing, idk). No wonder the manga doesn't have much fun filler stuff - she didn't have enough time or energy to do the main story, much less extras! Episode 11: @majestic
  11. but the old one was better Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second there, pal.
  12. @ArtistFormerlyKnownasKP Big Evangelion spoilers don't read anyone else who hasn't seen it if you ever plan on doing so: @majestic In terms of relating characters, I feel like I'm...40% Minako, 30% Rei, and 30% Ami - I can't really relate to Usagi at all, while Makoto...whatever Makoto I feel I can relate to is stuff that's already present in at least one of the other three, though I understand and am obviously much more sympathetic towards her than Usagi given her constant state of getting screwed over while soldering on like...well, like a soldier! Funnily, even though Minako is
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