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  1. To be fair, even when they don't do anything, they end up fighting a monster. They could all be literally sitting at home doing absolutely nothing and something would still happen somehow.
  2. The 1925 version, the 1959 version, or the 2016 version?
  3. The Sailor Moon Says channel just posted one of the absolute best OG English dub clips I've seen (I literally watched it about ten times), but it's farther in S than KP currently is. It's also a pretty good moment even in the new dub (but the original English dub is so much better because of how farcically ridiculous it is), so I'm writing this post as a mental reminder to myself so that I remember to post it later. @majestic
  4. The elephant was the "the worst thing I'd ever seen" I mentioned earlier. But those three were all good episodes...except for the one H&M exposition dump episode, which was pretty blah (as most of the only-main-story episodes have tended to be).
  5. Episodes 36, 37, and 38 of S: I was able to complete S before KP did, which is a job well done. Now I need a break before I move on to SuperS.
  6. lmao, as a kid, I would've never been able to ask for something like that in a billion years, way too self-conscious. Episode 35 of S:
  7. Yeah, it specifically says Viz Media is blocking it. I can still watch them because I have ways around it, but not the case for KP. I've come to genuinely like Chibi-Usa. I understand she'll stink in SuperS, but I'm going to refuse to blame her for that and pretend everyone is a different character disconnected from the originals when I get to it. And who the heck is Sakurada? Google says...that's the last name of Ms. Haruna - oh that makes sense with the context of the English test now, . Episode 33 of S:
  8. @majestic That sequence you linked in Crystal was pretty weird and creepy. But also, yeah, it was blocked, so RIP KP. It seems like everything SMC is blocked in the U.S. Also, I do like Ami - maybe not enough by your standards, but still. It's just an easy button to press, .
  9. Honestly, her being the sensible leader type would make a lot of sense given that she's the first. You could make that work - she wouldn't be the same character at all like the original anime, and I'd miss the original, but you could make it work. You'd still have to give her other interesting things to be, though.
  10. Yeah, I would not care at all if Rei/Minako were in love with each other. My favorite show is Steven Universe, something like that could hardly ever be a problem for me - if anything, it could make them even funner characters (if done right), . Is Minako still a little twisted, obsessive, kind of lazy, definitely goofy and airheaded, kind-yet-quick-to-turn, randomly passionate and/or strongly opinionated about odd things, et cetera...you know, like a character? No? I didn't think so...and there's your actual problem. Ami would've made sense as a cyborg. It would've been dumb as hell and I
  11. I didn't realize how short Crystal is until I just looked it up right now. That pace seems like it'd be utterly brutal for all the characters, especially if you're new to the series and have no idea who these characters already are. If you've seen the manga or watched the original show, sure, you can kind of...supplement via your imagination/memory of the characters, but I can't imagine someone new to the property wanting to sit through what's basically SAILOR MOON: ONLY THE MAIN STORY (EXCEPT EVEN WORSE!), that sounds like a nightmare. I mean, it already sounds like a nightmare for a fan of t
  12. Those three values (PPT, TDC, EDC) are what I was manually messing around with. However, while they do affect how much power the chip can draw, they don't seem to much affect the efficiency of the power that the chip draws, which is why you start losing performance once you start lowering those values (and where, if you know your way around with voltage settings, you would then potentially be able to claw some of it back with more efficient settings). So effectively all I've done is lower the power ceiling on the chip and suffered a minor performance loss at 16 thread utilization in exchange f
  13. Yeah, undervolting would be the next step to further reducing the unnecessarily ridiculous power draw for the 5800X, but I don't know squat about it.
  14. Thank you for your service. This makes it so the rest of us don't have to try it out.
  15. we are talking about 14 year old girls here, seems pretty on brand tbh
  16. Yeah, I had to use my VPN to see it - Canada worked fine.
  17. That video was painful. Look at all the comment about "wow, so much better than the original!", though, . Also, so...what I heard about the show spending like 100% of its time on Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask and hardly any on the other Sailor Guardians was sadly true?
  18. Yep, I did see that, but the options were kind of silly. You can do either 95W, 65W, or 45W. 95W did nothing because the limits are still too high for the 5800X, while 65W is a little too much of a limit and starts affecting dual and quad-thread performance (although only by a very small amount, like 1-2%, so it wouldn't be too big of a deal if you didn't want to mess around and just stuck with that in exchange for sane temperatures). I did model my power draw profile after seeing what was used for the 65W profile, though, by looking at what the actual individual settings were were via hwinfo6
  19. So...apparently, the power draw on specifically the 5800X can be kind of dumb on some motherboards. It's TDP is 105W (up from 65W for the model down, the 5600X), and some motherboards have it draw power like that even though its design is more that of somewhere more between that of a 70W and 80W TDP (unless you heavily overclock it), and the power ends up being wasted with unneeded increases in temperature to show for it. I ended up doing some benchmarks and discovered that setting it to emulate what is essentially about a 75W TDP made my temperatures for a 16 thread 100% utlization torture te
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