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  1. BruceVC

    Politics 2020

    But Elerond its not fair to associate Pizzagate which was caused by the QAnon fringe group with the overall Republican party and levels of insight that many Republicans have The extreme views of QAnon are really hard to take seriously and wont ever be translated into Republican policy
  2. Thanks for the feedback but to be honest I am interested in this particular game because of the whole supernatural. horror element. I dont normally play Sherlock Holme adventure type games Do you think this is a supernatural, adventure game ....in other words I dont just want to solve crimes I want to solve supernatural crimes ?
  3. BruceVC

    Politics 2020

    I think I have changed my mind and will watch this debate, I just saw this very interesting discussion on CNN on this debate and now I am looking forward to it
  4. Malc I am a little disappointed you are not sharing traditional Caribbean food or maybe some Caribbean dishes as " Best 5 ", I understand you cant assume someone from a region enjoys the local cuisine but I always enjoy learning about other peoples food interests because for me its part of understanding other peoples culture and or interests But I understand if you prefer not to go into detail
  5. I must tell you whenever you mention stories of heading off to Cold Creek or getting away from society and camping with the dogs I am always envious....you sometimes mention you cook fish you have caught....it seems like a such a sense of freedom and connecting with nature. Do you know I have never been fishing in my life....its sad and unusual because many people in my family fish a lot but no one in my direct family So I have this possibly naïve vision of fishing and being one with nature where its .....good fun? Relaxing I imagine But I love the idea of catching and eating my own fish Just to add I have friends who have offered to take me fishing and I must take them up on the offer
  6. " dodo eggs " .....thats clever Your meals are very GD, nice one. Very tasty choices I must say.....so you clearly would prefer seafood to meat, much healthier ?
  7. Firstly thats very honest, candid, emotional and loving things to say about your marriage, please tell your husband how lucky I think he is to be married to you However I realize my original objective of this post has been misunderstood and thats my fault for how I framed the first post. This was supposed to be a good news post where you post your 5 favorite meals but in order to really think and post " well what are my 5 favorite meals " its harder than many people think especially when we are surrounded by such great food and variety ...look just how Gfted1 and myself changed our minds in the beginning So these types of questions normally get framed with an emphasis that allows our minds to focus on that thing to get the " best 5 " meals instead of procrastinating which is easy to do So in other words, this is not about the final days or end of the world scenario that you are thinking about .....its about your 5 best meals I hope this makes sense and Im sorry for the confusion.....you not suppose to take it so literally but I am glad you did because now I can clarify what I was asking
  8. I might just concur, hot Chicken wings with a Roquefort\Blue Cheese sauce ...oh yeah. I will drop pizza for wings You are allowed to change your selection because this is final 5 meals So no need to be too concerned with healthy meals but sushi is delicious
  9. Good choices, I do love shellfish like Crab and Lobster but I had limited choices I also haven't eaten that very expensive steak like Wagyu.....it is super expensive in SA
  10. https://store.steampowered.com/app/350640/Sherlock_Holmes_The_Devils_Daughter/ Has anyone played this game, its on a massive 90 % discount and I battle to ignore this type of discount
  11. You right, Im not suggesting Covid is the end of mankind at all. Once the vaccine is out our lives will definitely start returning to normal and I cant wait But dont you have favorite meals you love and would want to eat if hypothetically you had 5 days left on the earth?
  12. BruceVC

    Politics 2020

    Thanks, I did some reading on this and it discusses UK military intervention in numerous ME conflicts But its not covert military intervention or what the Anonymous article suggested that the UK is involved in " military crimes ". The UK parliament officially supported Operation Shader as a legitimate UK military intervention. https://www.forces.net/news/three-years-op-shader-1500-airstrikes-against-islamic-state I also see there are small groups of UK soldiers deployed to Syria so I was wrong to say " the UK has not deployed military " But my point was really how Anonymous has mischaracterized the UK global role it has played in legal military intervention
  13. Sup All Without sounding morbid the pandemic has changed many things for the world and despite the important advancements mankind has made we are still globally impacted by things that none of us can control....like Covid The pandemic has reminded me of the brevity of life and how sometimes we take things for granted like going to a bar and restaurant, freedom of movement and spending with family and friends and the significance of relationships If you had one day left on this world what would be your favorite 5 " last meals " ....its hard because most of us love our food and there is so much food I enjoy but I have made the list below A good Sunday roast, Pork or Beef and all the relevant side dishes like Yorkshire Pudding or roast potatoes with gravy Pork Spare Ribs A full English breakfast Pizza ...yeah, good old Pizza...you cant go wrong Cheese Fondue What would be your 5 favorite " last meals "
  14. BruceVC

    Politics 2020

    You right I am afraid, its a terrible time to be a Socialist ....what dont you switch sides? And its easier than you think. It starts with something incredibly simple but symbolic....you change your forum name to " CapitalistMaster " , personally I think its got a nice ring to it ?
  15. BruceVC

    Politics 2020

    So who is going to watch the first presidential debate tonight between Trump and Biden? I want to but its a bit late for SA time, I think it starts at 1am for me so I will watch the highlights tomorrow
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