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  1. Today is Cheese fondue day so its a good day of course, as usual I use my fondue book and cheese books to add an additional cheese to the traditional fondue recipe that in 85 % of cheese fondue recipes has to involve 2 of the following cheeses :Emmenthal, Gruyere and Appenzaller Today I am using Gruyere and Emmenthal and adding Gorgonzola....and its works adding a blue cheese normally so I will see how it is with Gorgonzola today
  2. Zora please use links when you respond in these types of debates. I mostly appreciate your comments as I consider you well informed about certain topics and you have a wide range of interests including some real knowledge about Africa which is always appreciated but not expected But you have to realize I cannot just take your word, or anyones, on any forum about what is the truth unless I know its true myself. We all often agree with sentiment and lived experience when forum members we know share stories or posts. For example when Gromnir shares information about Native American tribes
  3. It is interesting and I had never heard anything about these wars but I have never studied or been particularly interested in the history of any far East countries. You cant study and follow the history of every region and country because it requires time and effort and I have been intentionally selective around what history in what area I research because of this. So things like WW1, Cold War, the evolution and success of Capitalism and Colonialism and post-Colonialism in Africa is what I am interested in I know their have been many wars and genocides in almost all far East count
  4. Good question, I dont know enough about it but the Chinese do think its their territory...they make claims that are difficult to corroborate
  5. No thats just one metric for reviewing aggression or violence and its also a very specific example of aggression that is used primarily by the USA in the war on terror in difficult but understandable examples I dont like to use the word aggression because we need to separate internal Chinese aggression from international decisions the CCP make that are seen as belligerent and increasing tension in the region Also we never frame drone strikes as targeting women and children because the targets are always Islamic extremist fighter, warlords , Taliban elders etc. Drone strikes a
  6. You right but I am just addressing this hyperbolic view that " countries like the USA are hoarding vaccines and causing the vaccine shortage for poorer countries" The USA still doesn't have enough vaccines to cover all their citizens so until then its not hoarding if the actual vaccines dont exist that are alleged to be hoarded
  7. Your point about China and its carbon producing levels is correct but its not accurate that no one does anything about the Chinese aggression or that organizations dont care about this. Remember a company or country invested in China has to balance the response to the actual issue that China has committed and we now know how you can cause the Chinese to be wary and aware of consequence. Trump gets recognition for this when we observed how the Chinese became unusually muted and allowed endless personal attacks on them by Trump and some of his advisors like Peter Navarro during the recent USA vs
  8. I agree, their is also no commercial argument based on the huge success of games ported to PC like GTA4 and RDR2 I dont know much about the Judgement games but it must be based on a more complicated technical reason or a resource challenge around developer skills to ensure the software conversion works. I use to get annoyed that PC gamers had to wait for games ....how dare they !!! But now after experiencing the benefits and complete fun of games like RDR2 I dont mind waiting at all as long as I can use it on my gaming rig
  9. Well the good news is most first world countries have already committed to giving away extra vaccines once their own citizens have been vaccinated. And that is only reasonable as you must ensure all your available and required citizens receive the vaccine before you want to significantly help others by giving any vaccines away
  10. This is a very relevant answer and you have gone into detail I didn't think you had researched or cared about, I have learnt something new about this discussion so thanks You have raised a real outcome of this I didnt think about, the change Biden wants is " release the IP of the vaccines so more people can use them to create life savings vaccines " but only countries that can produce vaccines will benefit and only because they made huge investments. So a country like India will continue to correctly benefit and they will only increase their production capacity which is always a good
  11. Gorthfuscious I was hoping you would comment on the proposed IP vaccines discussion that the likes of SA, India and Biden proposed . I imagine your initial well meaning view is that it is a good idea as it will lead to more people getting the vaccines which is always a worthy objective But that view is an unintentional false narrative because the issue is lack of production facilities globally and how would you now compensate the actual global pharmaceutical companies as they lose huge amounts of sales revenue So we should criticize this idea not because we are greedy and dont care
  12. Zora please can we have a serious discussion about this, you cannot start doing this because of what could potentially happen. What if Biden can somehow force this through or even this happens in other countries, like SA where private sector companies will fight this every step of the way This could easily lead to numerous more deadly viruses also getting their vaccine IP made available and this could absolutely hugely impact the ability of a pharmaceutical to be profitable and stay in business We have never seen something like this being raised in a such a serious forum, its very ir
  13. Guys I warned everyone this would happen, now the WHO and Biden want the vaccine IP so they can create their own vaccines. Its not very well thought out and seems desperate and what is the point of giving out the vaccines IP if you cannot produce anything...we have limited manufacturing but one factory in SA https://www.voanews.com/covid-19-pandemic/biden-agrees-waive-covid-19-vaccine-patents-its-still-complicated
  14. You not one for having high standards in gaming , dont you always play this violent and very sexual explicate games from Japan? Geez East European studios have created several games I have loved, like the Russians they have strong development studios and skills I have mentioned this before but the RPG Inquisitor from Czech had some of the darkest, profane and captivating narrative choices in any RPG I have ever played. I enjoyed how the developers were very comfortable with ideas of demonic worship, burning heretics in a fire, demonic seduction and your own religious views that def
  15. I have mentioned this before but I will support CDPR to the end of days, I will never lose faith or stop supporting such an iconic relatively new company that was able to create games as entertaining and enjoyable as the global giants like Bioware, Bethesda , Rockstar, Obsidian , Ubisoft , Electronic arts and others I am surprised that their isnt more loyalty and belief in CDPR because its a Polish company and I tend to think East European forum members would appreciate that. In other words you always want your own companies and business ideas to be successful in a global world ?
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