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  1. Gorthfuscious lets not use such reductive words as " spied " and " toppled ", they tend to frame this debate in a negative light Rather see this as making the world safer, dont you want to live in a safe world ? Trump was very rude to cancel his Denmark trip, really unacceptable presidential behavior
  2. No I think you misunderstand me, I am talking about the necessary implementation of enhanced Cybersecuity to ensure countries like the USA are safe from the real threat of Cyber-terrorism, Cyber- espionage and Cyber-warfare. These threats are real and you need complicated ways to address these, like Prism, this doesnt apply to smaller forms of phone malware and other software threats that do get replicated and duplicated in many examples of Cyber warfare. You cannot mimic or copy the complexity and ability of Prism and this is a good thing. So in summary we need all companies to work with government in most cases to ensure a better and more stable world, backdoor access to all devices can be controlled by institutions like the NSA, they already have backdoor access to most other industries so why be obstructive over something like this
  3. For me the more important concern is that companies shouldn't be finding ways to prevent the Federal government from accessing data when needed or when the courts allow it, companies like Apple need to work with the Federal government and not find ways to be obstructive
  4. You seem to be not commenting on the most significant part of the series, the hot Russian blond ...did you find her...hot ? Its okay you can be honest, you amongst friends Interestingly enough I found the family drama aspect of the series with the hot Russian more nuanced and complex and what was particularly surprising as a plot development
  5. I apologize, I keep forgetting you new to these forums but you remind me of another member who use to live in Poland who knew me Many things in life are irrefutable and would be considered statements of fact, for example The earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun All matter is made of subatomic particles The sun will rise tomorrow Trump won the 2016 election in the USA Occasionally I will use the words " I promise" or " its irrefutable ", you dont need to question this just consider this fact. So in other words any BruceVC " I promise " is golden and you can guarantee its authenticity. Unfortunately I cannot post the links to confirm this as sometimes my sources are confidential Always remember that the majority of conspiracy theories cannot be proven ever and are based on a combination of truth and utter conjecture .....I always encourage people not to believe them or to use them for any basis of understanding of any event when the facts can be easily understood
  6. Im not sure if you joking, there is no conspiracy theory here GD. Epstein committed suicide because he was utterly disgraced, mentally unstable and faced 45 years in jail..I would have done the same. This was his second attempt to kill himself, I promise you the Democrats didnt do it
  7. Today I went with some friends and family to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, it was my first time and it was amazing. We had a picnic with wine, cheese and other delicious snacks The weather in CPT during winter is traditionally bad but today it was sunny and perfect, these gardens are about 2.1 square miles in size and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has hundreds of species of birds, small animals and thousands of types of indigenous plants. There are also many walks and hiking trails you can go if you just want to explore the sites and beauty. I will be definitely coming back to participate in the hiking aspects. Here is good site that also highlights the tree canopy walks you can go on https://www.capetown.travel/relax-on-the-lawns-of-cape-towns-prettiest-garden/
  8. I enjoyed it, I watched to the end and there is definitely something about it that kept me captivated Its not just the alien conspiracy but the other characters themes that are interwoven into the general story. Like the hot Russian blond and what she is up to
  9. I started watching Project Blue Book, its based on true events in the 1950's in the USA where the government started investigating the phenomena of UFO sightings and the mass hysteria that gripped the country The directors of course do add some artistic license into the narrative so there is the " real " hidden UFO presence that each episode unpacks. Its very entertaining and reminds me of X-Files for those that enjoyed that type of genre
  10. Lets ban any anti-Western sentiment and we immediately deport anyone who is not a patriot....problem solved
  11. Today is National Women's Day in South Africa where we celebrate the important role women play in society Its a day of reflection and where we recognize the women in our lives, its a good day for many reasons ....but also because its a public holiday, yaaaaaaaaaaay Thanks ladies for the holiday, you rock
  12. Geez GD, I wouldnt want you to impact and harm your quality of life too much in your well meaning objective of " cutting the umbilical cord of being connected " ... You have clearly made some serious steps in discontinuing DirecTV but now you only have access to pirate bay, live streaming, gaming, online gaming, Hulu, Amazon, HBO and Netflix...Im concerned you are not going to survive by removing yourself from all access to the digital world ....dont be a hater
  13. I am nearing the end of this series and its still brilliant but I have to say Roger Ailes really had some serious mental issues, controversial views and insecurities You talk about creating a toxic work environment, that is if the series is to be believed and from my research its based on the reality
  14. That indeed would be a complicated and deep debate ....one of those debates I enjoy having when Im stoned
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