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  1. Its a stunning day today so we going to the CPT Waterfront and a restaurant called Gibsons which is an American theme diner which specializes in Burgers and Ribs...they have an amazing burger selection and the view of the harbor is amazing and adds to the general atmosphere https://gibsonsburgers.co.za/
  2. You must be close to the Kurds Hoon, my condolences... the ME is a complicated place. Sometimes its literally " the Devil we know "
  3. As I have mentioned in the past I am loving my RTX 2080 Ti, I am playing Metro Exodus at the moment and I can run the game at maximum settings
  4. It sounds like you trying to recreate history, the West won....dont be a hater
  5. My first CPT fondue night went really well, I used 3 specific Swiss cheeses which were Gruyere, Emmenthal and Raclette which was well received and I even added the traditional tot of Kirsch which is a cherry flavored brandy\liqueur But I made one mistake, I used too much Methylated Spirits in the burner initially so I had to fight a few minor fires once I light it but then it went well
  6. But also many Democratic candidates have IMO offered many concerning policy ideas that you raise, so its not like you making them up But as I have mentioned in the past these extreme left policy suggestions are expensive or unrealistic or a combination of both of these. They basically " too socialist" if I can use a metaphor
  7. Thanks for giving your opinion, I am not I see everything in the same way but its insightful and reasonable
  8. Im also a little confused by what Hurlshot is alluding to, if I had to guess its because he thinks the way you described Bernies heart attack was callous and insensitive ...but Im not 100 % sure because I thought your comment was fine? Thats one of the reasons why I love the Internet and forums like this , ostensibly I can get involved in so many discussions and read interesting viewpoints from people who normally in RL I might feel it would be rude or lack decorum to participate in a certain debate because its not about me at all. This is what a community is guys
  9. Yes but Trump is correct, the Kurds didnt help the USA in WW1 or the American Civil War....what does America owe them anyway But this just confirms what we already know, Trump has a very limited understanding of history and current events based on historical precedent outside the USA . No surprise really
  10. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/10/turkey-syria-border-latest-updates-191008131745495.html Turkey has began its invasion of Northern Syria with the objective of defeating the Kurdish " terrorists " and repatriating Syrians who have been living in refugee camps in Turkey Its understandable if you consider the Turkish position, I just feel sorry for the Kurds who helped fight against ISIS
  11. I finally found a decent cheese fondue set in Cpt and I bought it last week, tonight Im inviting my neighbor's over for a fondue and some drinks. Its nice living in an apartment in the sense you get to know your neighbors much easily than when I lived in a townhouse Its very social having a fondue and tonight should be great fun
  12. By that argument then we shouldnt trust any politicians, just because someone is a career politician it doesnt mean they cant be trusted on most things
  13. I didnt see the part where anyone asked him any questions but he didnt seem very happy overall....his facial expressions just made me laugh
  14. Gorthfuscious !!!! Im shocked, a man of your profound insight and intellectualism relying on information from snake charmers, iconoclasts and pagans Bookies dont understand the nuance, Warren will never defeat Trump so lets not even focus on her as the right Democratic candidate
  15. Thanks for sharing, I need sometime to ponder your viewpoint But one positive consideration, I agree with much of what Gromnir says but no one is a true prognosticator especially when it comes to the Trump presidency. But what if I told you things in the USA could quite easily return to " normal" once Trump is gone. Trump is an anomaly and I doubt we will ever see someone quite like him again...so the US Democracy will survive at worst case another 6 years of Trump I
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