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  1. Elerond !!! Why you being an elitist about your job title....dont you know people outside of IT dont really know or care about our various job descriptions as we all seen as " computer PC people " But on a serious note, I appreciate your point and I can understand your own view on this but in most IT companies your job title reflects your experience and job responsibility and of course your salary. I studied finance but ended up working in software primarily in the financial sector. Basically I am a software consultant but there are different titles in IT that do matter, so you will have ( for example ) software consultant senior software consultant product specialist I imagine your company is the same, a coder is the beginner in programming but then as you advance you will get to senior software architect. I cannot believe your job responsibilities are the same ? But I also understand there is nothing wrong with referring to yourself as a coder because you still are one
  2. So this is not about defending anyone and yes the majority of actual people who do this job dont fundamentally care because the work conditions and salary is much more important than what you and I want to call them But my real point is its not about them but what you and I personally decide to refer to them as, we are defined by our words in life in many areas so I always try to use the better framing of how we refer to things, domestic worker sounds much better than maid Ask yourself this, if you were doing housework as a permanent job how would you like people to describe your job title ?
  3. I hear you and there is a cogent argument that supports your broader point For example in SA people , including domestic workers, often refer to themselves as " maids or servants " but I dont because domestic worker is just a better term to describe an important job So its a personal choice but there should be no real judgement if someone says maid or you shouldn't see it is a pejorative term
  4. Certain topics are related to Corona and its outcomes but not specifically about the virus so I post them here after some consideration, so for me your post is about my initial virus related question around my domestic worker so its relevant Also I can only speak on behalf of myself but I have had so many debates on various Internet SJ and political forums through the years around well meaning but meaningless topics like " gender roles and how we should refer to people " that Im almost exhausted with anything new to add that people haven't heard before Nowadays I have these debates in RL when I occasionally have them
  5. Funny you mention this but it has some truth to it, in SA I have never ever come across a male domestic worker and I wouldnt hire one on principle ...men do other jobs in SA But we also try not to use the word " maid ", we always say " domestic worker ". It sounds like one of those ridiculous "politically correct " labels but there is something demeaning about the word maid compared to domestic worker because the latter is a formal type of employment in SA where the person is suppose to get a contract and have work conditions
  6. Sorry to hear about Bela. I remember when you took her in and how she immediately fitted into her new home You gave her an additional year of love and happiness and as far as old dogs are concerned it doesnt get much better than that ...and she returned those emotions which is even better
  7. Volo I do support effective governments, not so much powerful but effective Sometimes citizens need to do what they told for the greater good of society, if we dont follow the rules and laws then we risk descending into chaos ....thats what makes us different to animals and beasts. We dont want to live in a world of anarchy and lawlessness, Im sure you will agree
  8. Sounds great and an important social event.... the majority of human beings are gregarious creatures and we need social interaction with other people . I know I do Happy Birthday by the way
  9. One of the real changes I have had to adopt to is I now have to do all my own housework.....its been a big learning curve as I use to have a weekly domestic worker How is everyone doing there housework...I imagine being married has its advantages here
  10. What did you eat, who cooked and was there wine...its mandatory with social gatherings
  11. Its been raining in Cpt yesterday and today so I wont be walking this morning but we move onto " level 3 " from the 1/06 and that means no more exercise curfew ...yaaaaaaaaaaay One of the numerous virus challenges we have is when kids go back to school, in SA we have real failures in some of our public schools...private schools are fine and offer excellent education but some of our public schools in rural areas still dont have working toilets. Schools are suppose to go back on 1/06 and already various teachers unions are saying they " refuse to go back " due to safety factors. Private schools are using remote learning and virtual classes so they should be fine to continue school year I am not convinced many of the unions have the best interest of there members or the institutions in mind ...they would be happy to be paid there salaries on tax payers money and continue not to work but we do have to consider the safety of teachers and students so Im expecting a mixed outcome of success and failure when we open the schools on 1/06 How is everyones country doing with restarting the school year? @ Hurlshot what is your opinion on reopening the schools as a teacher? Also another question what would happen if a country loses the school year, does that mean all students would have to redo the year in 2021. As a society we have never had to grapple with the difficult outcome of " what does it mean if you accept that the whole school year is lost and everyone repeats next year ".....is that even feasible ?
  12. Its true, we were all wearing masks but that doesnt help with getting the virus but stopping spread....and I definitely was exposed in the taxi
  13. Gorthfuscious !!! Im almost shocked by your cynicism, it feels like we have had this debate many times but its one of those ongoing discussions If you disagree with Democracies and the free market leading to a reduction in inequality what do you suggest should be a better model or system of government. I remember what they taught us at the " financial school of white male privilege "...they always use to say " if you dont agree with the current working system ...what is your realistic and feasible alternative " ? Solutions Gorthfuscious, solutions are better than criticism
  14. So we did our long 7 mile walk this morning, it was great and well worth it but I learnt some lessons and things to avoid Firstly we weren't able to finish it due to certain delays and due to our 9 am curfew we had to take a taxi home the last 20 minutes or so. Secondly there were just far too many people on the beachfront roads ...it wasnt pleasant as you spend more time avoiding people than appreciating the actual walk. So we will avoid busy routes in future My partner took the pictures below, its a nice summary of this hike which starts off in the suburbs, takes you around a local mountain and you end up at the beach in a coastal town called Camps Bay and then you head back to town where I stay
  15. But also the proof of the sustainability and success of all these other forms of governments outside of Democracies, like Communism and Socialism is the economic trajectory and outcomes All these so called " socialist " experiments end in abysmal economic failure for several reasons. Either that or there systems can only survive if you control freedom of speech, deny human rights and dont have a transparent legal system like China So of course these governments fail because intrinsically Democracy and all its supporting institutions do work and do help address inequality albeit with some flaws but nothing is perfect .....but consider the alternative...imagine living in China where the state tells you when you need to use the toilet
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