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  1. This is a worrying post Gorthfuscious, I need time to ruminate on it
  2. Yeah, very sad. I just saw this and was going to make the same post He was a legend and he did more than 50k interviews. Larry King RIP
  3. This is a good post and echoes some of my personal experience and some of the generational legal battles my family in SA and the UK have had with government around this unreasonable tax
  4. Gfted1 I seriously think you should run for president, I would vote for you Inheritance Tax has got to be one of the immoral and unethical taxes in existence, in SA thank goodness we have fought off most attempts of government to take more money from bereaving families so we basically just have an estate tax https://www.sashares.co.za/inheritance-tax-south-africa/#gs.rh2y1r It should be outlawed globally because it just demonstrates insensitivity and avarice from any government wanting to enforce it and " how much you must pay when your parents or other siblings die " Im su
  5. Geez you lucky, I have no DIY skills...nothing sadly, so I always pay artisans and tradesman to do any work related to DIY or home services like plumbing You very lucky, you definitely come from " white, male privlidege "
  6. Okay, sorry I didnt get it. Now that you have explained what Gorthfuscious meant it is clever and funny I dont get much humor on the Internet unless its obvious I must correct you, no rich person has gained or sustained their wealth on wages alone. And even if we will naturally disagree on the definition of "being rich " I still have never seen this
  7. Last night I went for an early braai\barbeque at my sisters new house , it was great seeing my Cpt family again because we have been avoiding each other since Xmas because of the increased virus spread in SA Her and her boyfriend have this couch which is stuffed with only down duck feathers....on my hat !! I have never felt such a comfortable and soft couch in my life. I could sleep the rest of my life on this couch
  8. The thing is I dont think your life sucks that badly because you know the things you can can do to change certain realities but you decide not to do them,....so things cant be too bad
  9. Really? What examples of corruption did QAnon uncover that were not well known or already established as examples of corruption I genuinely want to know so at least in the future when these debates come up I can use them as examples of " but Qanon did say this or do this that was true " Who are you referring to that is their recognized leader and has acknowledged it? Because Trump has never publicly said this so Im not sure who you mean?
  10. I wouldn't classify it as a cult by the normal definition because a cult needs at the least a leader that is part of the cults views and purposes. Like the Branch Davidians in WACO I dont think Trump has ever accepted any kind of leadership role in QANON which would make it an unusual cult? So what would you define QAnon as? That is a difficult question actually due to their overall vacuous views and nebulous leadership structures I would say they a movement created on the basis of mostly misinformation and conspiracy theories. But how do you classify a movement that has obj
  11. It is one of my drinks, that and Brandy
  12. One of our government spokesmen has died of the virus, he was good guy and did his job well and his death is all over the news and local media and it made me think about something. Why is he really getting so much attention, thousands of South Africans have died from the virus and thousands more are going to die because of a variety of factors but primarily we lacked the resources and the failure of government to deal effectively with the virus and the spread But the spokesman who died wasnt a president or captain of industry. He was just a spokesman and known in our media but what make
  13. Why arent you in a hurry? In SA we have also mishandled the procurement of the vaccines ....we literally only this month and late December started negotiating with global pharmaceutical companies so naturally we at back of a large queue of countries And the virus is spreading exponentially in SA and to make things worse we have a deeply flawed and inconsistent public sector hospitals so you find for about the last 15 years some public sector hospitals are almost dysfunctional ..here is an example https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2020-06-08-what-i-saw-there-was-shocking-
  14. Malc that sounds very worryingly socialist ....never forget socialism has led to various carcasses of countries littered throughout the world that are products of failed socialist experiments. You dont want to end up like Venezuela or Zimbabwe " Better dead than red "
  15. But they can make it, never forget that. It all depends on their degree or further education and hard work
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