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  1. You did break your word....you bad boy !!! Absolution awaits you and it can be achieved..I know because I was born into the benighted world of white, male privlidege and even I am on the path of redemption But its been scientifically proven that what makes people feel better is to buy BruceVC a $100 Steam voucher, it works I promise you Let me know when you want my Steam details, I just want to help you forgive yourself....Im all about the feelz
  2. The reality is Corona came from China but it was accidently released on the world. China is responsible for this particular virus and needs to accept that instead of obfuscating the truth and attempting some weak and unconvincing " its the USA fault, virus came from Maryland lab " conspiracy theory SA is getting one of the Sinopharm vaccines, its the only one that has been tested outside of China sufficiently by countries like Chile and Turkey and according to their health departments its about 70 % effective against one of the major variants...I cant remember what one? I wouldnt trust anything that comes from the CCP about the virus but I trust these countries. We still getting other vaccines as our majority but the Sinopharm vaccines are a backup However their are questions now being raised about the Sinopharm vaccines with the latest outbreak in China, caused by a plane from Russia and the cleaning staff not following virus procedures ....if you believe the CCP version. So its about all their vaccines and their Delta variant efficacy Lets wait and see but you right. Its unlikely we will know the truth anyway from China
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/australia-covid-sydney-in-lockdown-national-borders-closed-and-hardly-anyone-vaccinated-how-long-can-the-country-go-on/ar-AALvKMj @Gorth So your PM " plan " is to now keep borders closed until 80 % of people are vaccinated but only 4% of Oz citizens have been fully vaccinated .....I can understand the frustration at this inept approach considering how late it is, the link I posted was also discussed now on international news channels. I will be surprised if he stays in power ...dont you guys vote out your PM fairly regularly ? Sorry about this, I would have expected something much better from a developed country that is considered " first " world.
  4. Sounds about right for why people in SA are unionized. You have no idea how unreasonable and harmful our unions are to actual productivity and the ability for both public and private sector companies to be competitive and sustainable At least we have no unions in the sectors I work in which are finance and software ...thank goodness for small miracles
  5. Please dont bring lawyers into this discussion, they just confuse people with big words and complicated historical legal precedent that no one understands It should be simple, every government in the world needs to mandate mask wearing where appropriate and vaccines should be mandatory for every citizen And why should they be mandatory? Its because of the point I raised about 2 months ago. The only Constitutional issue shouldnt be " do you have right to say no to vaccines " but rather " do you have a right to make other people sick "
  6. I know this isnt Constitutionally possible in any of our countries but politicians suggesting and legally stopping mask wearing should be prosecuted for something because of how this leads to deaths and severe Corona symptoms
  7. https://www.voanews.com/covid-19-pandemic/cdc-report-covid-delta-variant-can-spread-easily-chickenpox Here is some worrying news about the Delta variant and future variants, apparently the US CDC is going to announce this shortly But basically the takeaways are Vaccinated people spread the virus the same as unvaccinated people so masks and social distancing are still critical preventative measures This Delta variant is more transmissible than the common cold Vaccines are still the solution as they prevent severe sickness and deaths So in summary, as much as we dont like the idea, we should all keep wearing masks because of reality of the danger of variants
  8. I want to support this game and be excited but after I funded and purchased Underworld Ascendant I am cautious The developers of that game also used marketing that framed it as an " Ultima Underworld rebirth " and it has major issues and criticism... https://store.steampowered.com/app/692840/Underworld_Ascendant/ So I hope this game is different
  9. GD unfortunately Tennessee is one of the states in the US that is not handing the pandemic and general vaccinations very well. I was watching an interview on CNN last night where doctors in Tennessee were saying how overwhelmed various hospitals are and 95 % of people who die are unvaccinated and simply have refused to believe in the efficacy of vaccines. And the saddest part of this is they want the vaccines when they are critical but of course its too late Here is a link that discusses one of current virus problems in your state https://news.yahoo.com/rising-covid-19-cases-could-084300833.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall Here is a more worrying link that discusses that only 38 % of people are fully vaccinated, only 38 % !!! https://www.nashvillescene.com/news/citylimits/tennessee-contends-with-low-vaccination-rates-and-republican-demagoguery/article_397dd7b0-e354-11eb-9012-e3251d722cb6.html
  10. It really doesnt seem like Oz is handling the pandemic very well or that the various states understand the virus When you say "The NSW government's solution? Well, they have encouraged their own population very loudly so far, to resist lockdown measures, social distancing, mask wearing etc. and now they have decided to do a hard lockdown of an indeterminate duration" Do you have any links that support this type of globally known unacceptable and unscientific approach, I mean when the NSW government is suggesting people dont wear masks and ignore social distancing? This should be seen as criminal negligence because this attitude from any authorities leads to deaths and the virus spreading? But the biggest issue in Australia seems to be the failure to get citizens vaccinated and or provide vaccines as you mentioned and that is also a real failure of any government
  11. Nothing better than a real Comic-Con....I cant imagine an event like this being even remotely fun virtually Its good news though how popular Comic-Con is based on the "entire weekend tickets " sales figures
  12. https://www.mmorpg.com/news/letter-co-signed-by-over-1000-activision-blizzard-employees-sent-to-leadership-denouncing-studios-response-to-lawsuit-2000122639 Blizzard isnt handling the allegations very well, more criticism from staff
  13. https://www.marketplace.org/2021/03/17/why-cant-companies-find-workers-they-need-unemployment-is-high/ This is just one link that raises the real reality and problems with state sponsored payments like UBI and stimulus payments So one of concerns raised is " this will lead to people not wanting to work because they realize they can live off government payments ". Of course this typically gets dismissed by liberals, Socialists and some Democrats who espouse this type of real risk . But this is now exactly what you see in the US in certain sectors And its interesting how in the article they do post the counter argument which is "“If they paid more, they could attract more people,” she suggested" .....its an unhelpful solution because now the suggestion is " you must ensure you match the massive stimulus benefits to get people to actually work " .....nice first world Socialist solution to that one We must never forget that the entire success and economic sustainability of almost all economies requires people to also contribute towards the tax base and real GDP. So any suggestion that somehow their now is a choice between work and living off the welfare state is absurd and creates long term economic problems So we must ensure that the overall implementation of systems like UBI is not a real solution to address unemployment or inequality because you can see the potential and real problems right now ...and this is the US, wealthiest country in the world
  14. You didnt but the WHO is suggesting that its the lack of available vaccinations that is because of vaccine hoarding by wealthy countries That is not the issue but you need countries to commit to this type of manufacturing
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