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  1. I enjoyed the first Grimrock, but it is more about puzzles than story or characters. I'd say they are still not even Icewind Dale level when it comes to story. You are pretty much alone. Lords of Xulima was pretty good and had a better quest/story progression. It was a bit cheesy. I own Grimrock 2 and never seem to be in the mood for it, so take that for what you will. edit: oh, I am hooked on New Vegas still. I am in the middle of the Old World Blues DLC. I had played the Sierra Madre (Dead Money?) DLC back in the day, so I skipped that one. But the rest of the DLC is new to me.
  2. As always, I'm thankful for this forum and all the great conversations we have about weird stuff. We are cooking a 13.5 pound bird right now. We were supposed to go to my wife's brother's place, but they had to cancel last minute, so we went shopping yesterday and have thrown together a few dishes for our 5-person household.
  3. Oh man, they just had a big event for him too.
  4. It is a shame that Kamala Harris hasn't been able to capitalize on her postion. Pete Buttigieg, maybe? Both Trump and Biden are way too old, but I know that won't stop Trumpsters.
  5. I'm not sure why the platform would matter. She is a behavioral scientist and she answered a question. edit: As Pidesco pointed out, it was part of a larger discussion where she cited her data. Of course, you don't have to trust that she is a credible scientist. Feel free to dig through the research yourself and pretend the internet makes you an expert in everything.
  6. Outer Worlds definitely has the feel of New Vegas. It is a much smaller scale, but the writing and characters are all fantastic in the same way.
  7. Greatest Beer Run Ever - This is a drama. Sure, the premise sounds silly (albeit very real), but I cried like a little baby. I haven't actually cried that much in awhile. In college, I took a lot of classes on the Vietnam War and read a lot of literature (ie The Quiet American, 4 Hours in My Lai, In Pharaoh's Army.) This movie felt like those books. It was deeply unsettling. I'm not sure why it isn't considered an important piece of filmmaking, but then again I'm not sure why Graham Greene's Quiet American isn't required reading. Anyways, go watch it with a beer in hand. It will give you something to cry into.
  8. Pentiment is definitely proof of the AA model though. It is fantastic but the furthest thing from AAA gaming.
  9. Geez. It makes me nervous when we post 40-something people in this thread.
  10. At first I thought you watched a Neil Breen movie with your wife. That would show serious commitment on her part.
  11. Hah, I'm sure a lot of people fell for that. My daughter has done a few of the Stan Winston courses on SFX makeup.
  12. I think diesel is still a type of gas. I go rounds about trying to get my hydrogen fuel terminology correct. I mean, I guess it is more of a gas than petrol or deisel, since they are liquids. Now I just try to say fuel.
  13. Yeah, the originals were more gear-centic than ability-centric, so I can understand that. Thankfully I also have Xenonauts for the more traditional experience.
  14. I bought Pentiment, but I also bought the expansion for LotRO. I plan on making a brawler for the new starter area, but can't decide on race.
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