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  1. Yeah, that's my take as well. Sure, it means you don't own the game, but I've always said that is a bit overrated. There are very few games worth owning, and you can probably just wait until they are on deep discount most of the time. For example, I played Outer Worlds on Xbox Gamepass, then I bought the spacers choice edition on Steams when it was on sale, and then I got it free on Epic. So I'm pretty well covered any time I want to play it again. The special editions are ridiculously overpriced, but hardly predatory. Some people have money to burn.
  2. I mean, I still think Star Destroyers are cool looking, if that is what you mean. I figure I'm one of the resident SW fans here, even though I haven't gotten around to watching Ahsoka, or most of the animated stuff, or played any recent SW games. But I typically enjoy stuff when I see it. There was some neat nostalgia stuff in the last season of Mandalorian, and that is the last thing I watched, so I guess I can still get it up for the old bird if I need too. This game looks fun to me, in the same way most Ubisoft games are fun for 20 hours or so. I'll probably pick it up on sale.
  3. Yeah, I was sitting at around 158 for years, and it was pretty easy to get my abs to show if I did a few days of work. But then my wife started making homemade sourdough bread, and now I live at 168 with a nice little belly. It's kind of worth it.
  4. I'd say your mileage may vary. Harry Potter books and movies were incredibly popular with adults as well as children, so the short answer would be yes. It certainly isn't PAW Patrol.
  5. What kind of mod did you install? I've never seen that, but I don't capture many prisoners.
  6. Damn, that wouldn't fly in the US. Other than salvation, what are the benefits of being part of a congregation? Do you get to deduct the membership fee and tithes from your taxes?
  7. I took the family to see Dune part 2 in the theaters. It was pretty good. We just re-watched part 1 last weekend, so it was fresh in our minds. I preferred part 1, since it is a relatively simple story. Part 2 definitely gets a bit bogged down in the complexities, particularly at the end. But hey, I was raised on the Lynch version and never read the books, so what do I know? Basically I missed Sting hamming it up at the end.
  8. I can second Outward being an amazing immersive game. I was hooked on that world for months.
  9. I don't know that we need to sacrifice IP's because the creators become garbage people. Sure, they birthed the thing, but it's taken on a life of its own at this point. There is a whole team at Avalanche Software that worked hard on bringing Hogwarts Legacy to life. They aren't connected to the IP owner in anything other than a licensing fee. Sometimes dumb people create good stuff. Actually it seems to come with the territory. Edgar Allan Poe was certainly a disturbed guy, but he could write a hell of a poem. I think we also put people on pedestals to easily and then we are surprised when they don't really deserve to be there. Said IP owner is a good children's fiction writer. That's it. That's the one thing they are an expert in. So yeah, you can support Avalanche Software because they created a gem of a game and not feel guilty.
  10. Just be careful with the weight loss. It's great to lose weight, but it can also be a sign of other health concerns. Have you been doing anything active to work up an appetite? Burning some calories might help increase the desire to replenish them.
  11. Now that you've quoted them, you will be targeted for assimilation.
  12. I guess I'm just saying I care less about the label they give it and more about the intention and economics of it. Developers gotta eat. Funcom has continued to develop Conan Exiles and I've found the stuff they put out has been well worth my money. Stellaris (or Paradox as a developer), on the other hand, keeps putting out expansions and they rarely seem worth the full price. But that's very much an opinion. Honestly most of the games I'm playing now are indie developers, and they have to put out little add ons to keep the lights on. I had no problem dropping money on the Wartales expansion because I ant them to keep working on the game. Same thing with Battle Brothers. Whether it is live service or not, I'm just trying to support the content that I like to see more of. But as I said, I'm sure we will continue to see big publishers try and milk the system.
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