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  1. Coincidentally I was thinking about maybe doing an interactive fiction game soon to practice JavaScript. There's a niche market for that sort of thing and I think it's possily growing. For one thing there have been four interactive fiction/ visual novels released by White Wolf recently that have been really good and I think did reasonably well saleswise (Three of them are Vampire: The Masquerade games and one is Werewolf: The Apocalyse). Also there is a woman named Emily Short who used to do a lot of old-school interactive fiction and her work was really creative. She did a story called
  2. I get what you mean, I've barely had time to play games at all this year. That said, 10% of all gamers worldwide barely ever finish the games they buy? That blows my mind, and arguably what a waste of money the videogames industry is if they're constantly pouring millions and years of development into content most people will never even see. My bad, I thought you were within touching distance of the end and since the game was on the list were just burned out or stuck or something. I hope you get more out of the next one.
  3. I heard some crazy stastic that only about 10% of gamers actually finish the games they play. Melusina, if you're close to beating Divinity 2 and still consider it an option then I'd suggest just plowing through. You can cross it off your list, not feel like you've wasted all that time and also have bragging rights that you're in the top 10% of nerdkind. Also, if you go back to it much later you'll probably end up having to start over because it's hard to remember stratergies and character builds, not to mention the finer points of the story when you've let a year or two pass.
  4. I'd love it if optional romances were woven into the main plot like the Atton & Kriea storyline for Kotor 2. Done well romance story threads can be amazing, because stories. If they're just going to do something shallow though I'd rather they put the time and resources into something else.
  5. For anyone who’s going to see Avengers Endgame, there are no post credits scenes.
  6. Off topic but I recently started watching a playthrough of the pen & paper Vampire: The Masquerade. It's pretty amazing. This is from Geek and Sundry so I believe all of the players are actors and they really get into character and the GM is from White Wolf. It's really entertaining to watch, basically feels like an improv audiobook and if you were ever curious about these kind of games this is a great way to get a feel for them.
  7. Dear Obsidian devs. I just watched this scientific breakdown on YouTube and now respectfully demand scientifically accurate lightsabers in The Outer Worlds. Because honestly how cool would this be??? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BRAyIXgWBWc
  8. I don't think I could go back to Borderlands after playing the sequels. Mechanically it would feel so stripped down and basic.
  9. He has a name that can go on the game's store page. The human stretch goal. Seriously though does anyone know? I hope it involves drawing more stick figure cartoons, those were the best. Probably writer/designer in some capacity though surely?
  10. To be fair the Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailers looked like that too and it thankfully wasn't the case. Also, Bloodlines was pretty action heavy in the last half anyway.
  11. They are reliable, they have reliably declared war on everyone. You can expect them to keep doing that. Yeah pretty much. It's too bad that the multiplayer campaign is limited to two people.
  12. I'm playing Warhammer 2 Total War, this time as the Bretonians. I'm finally getting used to their peasant & cavalry heavy roster but I'm exasperated by the political AI which is still pretty wonky. I've actually had campaigns where all my allies pulled their weight before but right now I've been dragged into a war with all four of the Wood Elf factions and all of my millitary alliance allies are just sitting there indefinitely despite war targets being set and one of them having the so called 'reliable' trait. Not cool guys, where is your chivalry when it's needed?
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