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  1. I want it to be Vernon Roche and instead of magic signs, you'd select from various profanities to use during battle.
  2. More co-op filler. - No Man's Sky. Loaded into the starting planet. Froze to death while trying to figure out the UI. Got bored walking several minutes to do tutorial fetch quest. Moving on... - Monster Hunter World. Absolutely worthless in co-op because you can't do the story in co-op mode unless you've already done each mission solo. Moving on... - Forza Horizon 3. Irritatingly makes you do an hour or two of solo content before allowing you to go into multiplayer. But it's cute, in a sort of uncanny valley Australia sort of way. Probably worth a few more sessions. One out
  3. Holiday time means local co-op time, and this year's titles were two EA games, courtesy of EA Play on Game Pass. Buy Game Pass (TM) today! Ahem. First up was Unravel 2. Gorgeous and adorable little platformer with fun physics, albeit fairly short, and at the end of it I couldn't make heads or tails of what it was meant to be about. I'm sure it was supposed to be something deep and meaningful about the human condition or something but in the end we just ended up scratching our heads. There are a bunch of challenge levels as "extra" content, but we didn't end up doing any past the first cou
  4. Go for two separate cables instead, it'll be more stable that way. Having multiple connectors for video cards per cable is sort of a compromise for people who run multiple video cards, which isn't something that really happens much these days.
  5. The Dell S2721DGF with relatively frequent discount codes can drop to about 300 quid. Same panel as the LG 27GL850 (LG make the panel), but easier to find discounts on the Dell.
  6. Solid, balanced build. If you have some things to think about: - The case doesn't have a USB-C port. If that would be something useful to you, look to (looking at other mesh type cases) the Corsair 4000D, Phanteks P500A, Fractal Design Meshify S2 (or the newer Meshify 2, but expensive), or be quiet! Pure Base 500DX. - I think the Cooler Master 212 line, while long having been the budget king, is starting to show its age. Of other products in this price range, consider the Arctic Freezer 34 (cheapest), be quiet! Pure Rock 2 (quietest) or Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo (best performance
  7. X570 has more PCI lanes, but that only matters if you want to run more than one PCI-E NVMe SSD, when a typical PC these days runs none. Generally speaking they just have more of what you already get, more fast USB ports, more SATA (if they choose to configure it to maximise that) ...and also more noise because they have an extra fan cooling the motherboard. Choosing a motherboard is largely down to picking one that has the features you need. Number of slots/ports (be it PCI-E, USB, M.2, SATA, whatever), Wi-Fi/Bluetooth inclusions, Gigabit Ethernet vs 2.5Gbit Ethernet, the quality of the o
  8. Given the whole console farce, suddenly I find myself rather more amenable to the concept of limited time exclusivity.
  9. It's because those people died after being run over by gigantic cheese wheels.
  10. Thinking back to how I chose the "wrong" Origin in the first Dragon Age game, which coloured my perception of the rest of the game for the worst, I'm thinking of reading at least some light spoilers for each of the prologues before committing to one. I don't know how important the prologue is, but picking one that allows me to stay properly in character feels somewhat important.
  11. Galaxy was a pain for BG3 early access, though I wonder how much of that is Larian's fault. I think I've downloaded the whole ~60GB of that game several times now. Can't say I've had an issue with it for officially released games though. There's work to be done on it of course, but it seems to at least bypass their manual installer problem of needing a large scratch drive to decompress to. It's absurd that after all these years it still just uses the default temp drive instead of prompting for a location when we're dealing with nearly 100GB of temporary space needed.
  12. Got my copy today, and after a false start (where I thought Galaxy was downloading it, only for it to turn out to be a 60GB BG3 "patch"), I tried out character creation and tested out game performance by running around the starting area a bit. At 1440p and the low preset, my 6700K + 290X was getting, oh, about 40fps. Remembered afterwards that I always run my GPU at -33% power limit, so a quick test at full power yielded another ~10fps (and also another ~10°C). So not great, but there will be a gap next year from when I get back from holidays to when I finally build my new PC, and I think
  13. My copy's still in the mail, but not too hung up about it since I'll be away from home for the holiday period and don't really feel like starting then having to immediately take an extended break. But I might install and fire up character creation I guess? Or is it one of those games where character creation is integrated into the plot as opposed to being the very first thing you do?
  14. Good guy Europe providing free medical diagnoses to Americans who could not otherwise afford it. In all seriousness, it's fortunate for both CDPR and their customers that this was caught while there are only a few hundred people playing the game, as opposed to tomorrow when there will be tens of millions doing so. I'm not particularly sensitive to any special effects in any sort of media, which made it all the more surprising that the Source engine* has turned out to be the only thing to induce problems (in this case pretty bad motion sickness) in me, in any video game. * I d
  15. ^ I had to uninstall FreeCell from my phone a few months back because it was ruining my life. FreeCell instead of sleeping, FreeCell instead of working, FreeCell instead of eating, etc, etc. These days I'm playing Picross on the phone instead because at least it has a finite amount of content so I find it easier to impose a measure of self-control when playing it. On the PC side, I was saddened to hear that the most anticipated game of the year was delayed once again. Yes, the Iberia expansion to Euro Truck Simulator 2 is now definitively postponed to next year. I spend most of my
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