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  1. A bit tired of complex games at the moment so I decided to revisit the 90s and see if I could beat my teenage self. (All the scores are recent - from playing a 10-15 hours within the past few days, but old me topped out at around 21m) Turns out knowing the rules instead of just playing randomly helps...
  2. Got myself a Smart Trainer (an Elite Direto) and trying out Zwift. It's pretty good, but steep at $15/month. Will give it a go for the week-long trial before deciding whether to seek out cheaper/free alternatives.
  3. Finally finished Fire Emblem: Three Houses, some five months after it released. Or more specifically, I finished one of the four routes in it. No, I'm not going to play the other ones, at least not anytime soon. It's a good game. Arguably the best one yet, if you take a snapshot of it at any point in time. But there's just too damn much of it. For those unfamiliar, the game uses a calendar system where the game happens over the course of approximately a year-and-a-half. Story missions happen on a fixed schedule of once a month (leading to the narrative absurdity where enemy forces always wait until the last week of each month to schedule their "sneak" attacks). That's all fine. However, the problem is that there is repeating content that happens on a weekly basis. That means there are about 70 weeks of weekly chores to do over the course of a typical game. I seriously burned out on the game and took a break of approximately two months, while 80% through the game, just because I couldn't be bothered turning it on anymore. The late game tedium was soul-crushing and the only reason I finished it is because I'm doing a parallel runthrough with my sister and we agreed to get it over and done with before the Christmas holidays. Final damage was 165 hours or so. Peanuts for a typical strategy game perhaps, but that's a lot of hours for a game with not terribly much depth.
  4. Nicely co-inciding with the Origin sale that's just started, you can redeem a month's free Origin Access Basic from SteelSeries here. Don't need to own any of their products or anything. In doing so you can get an extra 10% off that stacks with the current sale. Conveniently it's just a one-time 30-day credit, so you're not forced into a recurring subscription that needs to be cancelled. (I used it go buy Sims 4 University, I'm weak I know. 55% discount for an expansion out less than a month ago is pretty decent mind you, even if I'm only buying it for the much-awaited Roommate feature)
  5. Well I certainly hope he's more Solskjaer than Lampard. Either way though, I guess this is the new trend in manager appointments. Everton will probably buck the trend by hiring Moyes though, since they've already gone past the Big Sam phase. Classic.
  6. Surely no one can command a tutorial worse than Bradford does with his 25% survival rate.
  7. It's the same logic to why Weird Al doesn't generally take suggestions from the original artists for the purposes of his parodies. The only exception I know of was for Like a Surgeon, which happened via a mutual friend.
  8. I'd take Giroud as a replacement for Llorente. No space in our medical facilities for Wheelchair obviously. Not sure what's happened with Emery given that he tactically shredded us at your place last year. But it appears a tight race between him and Marco Silva for the sack. Unless of course Watford decide to switch managers every couple of months. Time to re-appoint Gracia?
  9. Every time I see the "hard wood and round holes" thread in the topic listing I always think it's about golf.
  10. I question how developing a Star Wars game can be considered in any way unsafe.
  11. I wonder how long it'll take me to stop doing a double take when I see headlines containing "Spurs boss Jose Mourinho". It's something straight out of Football Manager. I did feel it was time though. As a wise man once said, "sometimes people outgrow one another, it's very sad but you can't let it drag you down." First away win in eleven months, strewth.
  12. I was out sick for about a week recently followed by a week of minimising time spent sitting down - nothing too serious but kept me gaming in bed pretty much the whole time. My gaming time was therefore understandably limited and I have not played Outer Worlds since the launch week, though I think this is the week I finally pick it up again. One consequence is that I regrettably picked up the Freecell bug again after over a decade off, and that played havoc with my sleep schedule: "one more game" rapidly turns into forty. Over the course of a week and a half, I have played probably 600-700 games. Estimating about 5 minutes per game, that's 50-60 hours in say, 10 days, for 5 hours a day. That's kind of beyond the pale, so I have resolved to only playing it on my phone when I need to burn some time, and quit cold turkey on my PC. That said, I'm happy to report that playing it was like riding a bicycle and that it took almost no time to get back into shape. Across all devices I'd say I ended with a 92-93% win rate with a best winning streak of 49. The other surprise hit was Adventures of Lolo on the Switch NES classic thing. I moved my Switch to my bedroom and explored the various NES and SNES games I'd never played first time around, which was most of them. Regrettably, most of them were awful and not worth spending more than 5-10 minutes on. Lolo, especially once I started playing it as a pseudo co-op game with the online feature, was the uncontested star of the bunch. Hopefully the sequels turn up on the platform eventually. Anyway, now that I'm mostly healthy again, I'm sort of left with a strategy itch. However my options all have a big caveat attached to each of them so I'm reluctant to start any of them. I think I'm done with CK2 for the time being, especially if no more balance changes are going to ever be made again. Civ6 I'm still lacking the Gathering Storm expansion which I hear is a Big Deal, but I'm reluctant to buy it before hearing definitive news on whether or not another expansion is forthcoming. And XCOM Long War Rebalance is in a really weird state where the lead dev has decided to completely overhaul the Overwatch mechanic seemingly on a whim. I think it's some sort of weird compulsion to fix everything that isn't broken. Maybe I'll just end up playing the new Stardew Valley patch releasing this week when I need something other than TOW. P.S. I got up to chapter 20-21ish in Three Houses before completely losing momentum. I have no interest in picking up the game to complete it for the moment, despite being just 2-3 chapters away from completion.
  13. Microsoft don't openly advertise it, so I don't find it all that surprising. But yeah, for those voluntarily sticking with Win7, end-of-support in January is coming, so regardless of how you feel about Win10, it's rather inadvisable to stay much longer. The other reason someone might not be able to upgrade though is that if their existing copy of Windows is *ahem* not entirely legitimate. In that case, one can hardly express surprise that they're happy to not pay for TOW either.
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