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  1. I want a monitor set that opens up like a dartboard cabinet, with an ~30" screen in the middle and two more-or-less square displays inside the "door" panels. Running 3x27" right now but I really neither need nor want the screens on either side to be that wide as they're not used for displaying games (with rare exceptions). But matching not just the height but also the pixel density with various monitors of different sizes right now is nigh-impossible so I have to live with just having three identically sized ones.
  2. Cyberpunk like everyone else. On a tier below that, BG3. Looking far forward, Avowed and Star Citizen (completely unironically I swear). More speculatively, Saints Row 5? And as a basic remake, the upcoming complete release of the Overcooked series in one package with the first game in the second game's engine. That interests me more than any other launch title for either of the new consoles.
  3. The versions included in The Kilrathi Saga include the option to turn off the ****pit. It's a bit of a hack of course, but still.
  4. I only went with 4K on my new TVs because they stopped making sub-4K ones. It'll be the same with monitors for me, and I don't expect that for another 5-10 years at least. Having to replace three screens instead of just one is a big disincentive for upgrading unless it's a proper generational upgrade, and that means moving away from LCD.
  5. Yeah, wouldn't have a clue on the hours, but to name some 20th century games with a cross-section of genres representing the birth of my gaming preferences: Civilization 2 Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Ultima 7 Wing Commander: Privateer SimCity 2000 (could easily be SimTower or SimFarm) Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Super Mario World (there's an argument for SMB3 but I never finished it) FreeCell
  6. I'd still prefer an Obsidian Midtown Madness.
  7. Dunno what was in my 486, probably something by Cirrus Logic. After that was a Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 (S3 Virge DX) which had a few 3D features but wasn't truly a 3D accelerator. This was one of the more common 2D cards to pair with a Voodoo, but I never had a 3DFx card of any kind. Richer people would pair one with something from Matrox or Tseng Labs instead, probably. The next card I had was a Diamond Viper V330 (Nvidia Riva 128). This was a bad card, making all sorts of sacrifices in image quality in order to claim the speed throne from the original Voodoo. I remember the wonder videos from Civ2 looking particularly awful with the dithering this card employed, when even whatever the hell was on my 486 had no problem with it. Shamefully, I fell for Jensen's marketing. As many of us know, similar 'cheats' would be employed by nVidia throughout the following years in order to win benchmarks, so there was a bit of a pattern established. Undeterred though, my next card would be a Diamond Viper V770 (yes, a pattern is emerging) with the nVidia TNT2 chip. No complaints against this one, it ushered in the age of 32-bit colour when 3DFx stubbornly stuck to 16-bit, which would be the undoing of the company. After that it's a bit of a blur, as the 00s generally were, with the rapid pace of development meaning very frequent changeovers. I don't know what the timeline is but I had a GeForce 3 Ti500, GeForce 4 Ti4200, Radeon 9800 Pro (it died), GeForce 7900GT (it died), Radeon X1950XT and Geforce 8800GT. I might even be forgetting a card or two, like if I had a GeForce 6 series, it's completely slipped my mind, and I think I had a 5850? But where is it now? Not on my shelf like a couple of its predecessors. I also had a Radeon 8500 "Low Profile" for a couple of days before I realised the shop had pulled a swifty on me by selling it as a 8500LE (which was better than the low profile but slower than the full 8500), and I took it back and got the Ti4200 instead. The following decade I had the following: Radeon HD7950 and R9 290X. Far from bemoaning the lack of progress, I'm just happy to have saved the money from upgrading every 5 years instead of every, what, 1.5 years? EDIT: Oh that's right, I stuck the 5850 with my old HTPC parts then gave the whole thing away to my sister. And my current HTPC has a 1650 Super in it, but that doesn't really count.
  8. I play a thief (a proper one, as in one who steals stuff) type character in just about every RPG with customisable player characters these days, but thankfully that wasn't the case during the IE days (but before Dragon Age). I'm pretty sure I played through BG2 as a sorcerer, and I don't even have the foggiest idea who the notional thief of the party was. I have no memory of relying on any of Imoen, Nalia, Jan or Yoshimo but surely I did, right? Even if only for trap disarm XP, I was a bit of a mix-maxer back then. Come to think of it, the only NPCs I can remember definitely using full-time are Aerie and Valygar. God, I'm getting old.
  9. It's okay, I've played FF7 and FF14 so far so I'm next due to play FF21. As for the PS5, it looks fine I suppose, but is a complete non-starter for me unless they make PS Now both better (i.e. more recent games) and actually available here. And even then it's a hard sell due to the $110AUD controllers, sheesh. On reflection, it's a shame the cheaper models of both consoles aren't swapped. Xbox has most of its titles on subscription so a full-power model with no optical drive would have some appeal. Digital-only on Playstation is just not workable since all the major titles need to be purchased individually and almost every single one of them would be significantly cheaper at retail. EDIT: Let's face it though, I'm probably only going to get either console for Overcooked parties. That is, until the next big rhythm game comeback.
  10. BG2 was more than half a lifetime ago and to be honest, I didn't really roleplay back then, and was more concerned with effectiveness and probably ended up as a pretty milquetoast semi-completionist good guy. These days - well, these days I wouldn't play the game at all because I'd find the large parties and micromanagement insufferable - but pretending I could tolerate that, Minsc (and all the other ones who give you lip) is probably the kind of NPC I'd ignore. Anyway, perhaps as a consequence of not bothering much with the roleplay aspect, I don't really remember anything but the catchphrases. Did the game even let you leave him in the cell at the start?
  11. Second best mod behind coloured education icons. I'm out again after a short-ish India game. The last straw was that the AI exploits a bug where if multiple titles are held, each with their own custom inheritance law, it bypasses Partition for that title, and that way realms are artificially kept together on succession. For example, if you hold the Kingdoms of England (primary) and France and have two sons, normally the firstborn would get England and the second France. But if you assign a custom inheritance law for France even if it's the same law as the rest of the realm anyway, France will also go to the firstborn. So just assign the Male Preference law to all your titles and voila, effective instant Primogeniture. The AI doing this particularly sucks if you're playing an intrigue character and are trying to split up your enemies via murder. Meanwhile in Europe, some random Emir successfully took Rome in the first few decades of the game. The Pope, who easily had more men and more gold than his conqueror, responded by calling a Crusade for Jerusalem. Then one for Syria. Meanwhile, that Emir (who wasn't particularly strong) just quietly continued gobbling up the Pope's lands over the next decade or so essentially unopposed (presumably the Pope's men were preoccupied in the Holy Lands), and around 50-100 years after the game started there is no longer any Pope. Yeah, no one in Catholic Europe cares even slightly about Rome falling, big brain move by the Pope there. My intention was to play in India to let me avoid most of the stupidity that is the game's broken religion system (since all my neighbours are some variant of Hindu, religion becomes irrelevant), but it does get kinda dull because there are no interesting special mechanics that apply to India. It's just the vanilla CK2 experience of fabricating claims and installing the occasional claimant. Time to take a break.
  12. I did think it was a horrible hat. Turns out it's her hair.
  13. Yeah I'm pretty sure I'll pick up a physical copy not long after launch, should be 10-20% cheaper than going directly through GOG and get some minor trinkets (map, postcards, stickers, booklet apparently). If I were to pre-order now it's like $74AUD from Amazon versus $90AUD digital straight from GOG. Even if they do a 10% launch discount that's still an unreasonable premium to pay the devs directly. Would have seriously considered an upgraded version if they had one between the base edition and the ridiculous $429 CE. I do, after all, have the CEs for both their previous games. TOW on the other hand, I have to ask myself if I want to commit myself to having it completely on the Microsoft Store before buying the Season Pass. With Game Pass for PC now at the full price of $10/month, it's less clear cut than it was before. It might depend on whether I end up buying a new XBox this year, because if I do I'm 100% certain I'll go with Game Pass Ultimate and therefore it'd be safe to buy DLC on the platform.
  14. The truce time is halved from what it was in CK2 though, feels pretty good to me. Murdering the guy you just defeated works as well as ever, of course.
  15. Putting CK3 on hold until the first major patch comes along. I tried the More Game Rules mod (which fortunately was easy enough to install on Game Pass, no harder than Steam to be honest) but it doesn't go far enough. Tried Wasteland 3, but stopped pretty early due to a combination of my being out of SSD space, meaning it was installed on an external spindle drive with excruciating load times, and because it didn't seem like low-manning it would have been a good time and I can't be bothered playing a full party. Aside from that, I just tried out the new additions to Nintendo Switch Online thingie, but nothing kept me going for more than five minutes. I bought Disco Elysium fairly recently, might try that next. Might also research how Bannerlord Early Access is coming along.
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