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  1. GMG were having it both ways, they were authorised partners for some publishers (like Humble), and for publishers they did not have deals with, they sometimes resold keys (like CDkeys). Can't say I have a problem with that. It happens less so now but I used to regularly buy keys from smaller resellers who in actuality were just stores in Europe that sold physical copies of games, and simply opened those copies and scanned the CD keys themselves for overseas customers. And like regular brick-and-mortar stores, it's simply the age-old retail model in action: store buys goods from a certain price from their suppliers, and sell it at whatever price they like to end-users. There are some laws around predatory pricing of course but that really only applies to the market leader in general. The advent of Steam means the agency model where the supplier has exclusive control of pricing is now ascendant, and while I live with it, I'm not a fan of it on general principles. The likes of Miele and Apple do the same thing with their retailer partners, and I prefer not to deal with that. It annoys me when a department store for example says "20% off everything!*" with an exclusion list a mile long.
  2. Thank god the appliance industry didn't follow Miele's crappy agency retail model.
  3. Haven't visited their store yet, but I like Epic more now.
  4. It's best to do it during a double XP event though so you can ignore the generic sidequests (which are identical for all characters) and just do the story stuff.
  5. Given that we (Spurs) been in relegation form for the past few months, it would be an understatement to say my flabber has been gasted. If you offered me this outcome at the start of the season - or hell, during any point of it - I'd have swallowed you whole. Being CL finallists is something I genuinely thought I'd never see in my lifetime. And while I'm obviously happy with the situation, I'd hope the team have higher ambitions than I do. Oh well, we'll see in a few weeks, and I'm genuinely considering a huge hedge bet to take the edge off. As for the PL, shame about not taking the 3rd place spot that was all but shoved in our faces on the last day, but as all four CL spots (or indeed five it it ends up that way) go straight into the group stage, it makes no difference other than "only" a few million quid in prizemoney. But if this summer window goes the same way as the last one, I'd expect another wave of London riots.
  6. Image retention is often conflated with burn-in. One is temporary, the other is permanent. To be sure, both can still happen on both (later) plasmas and OLEDs, but it takes some serious abuse to make it permanent. Using the brightest possible "torch" settings intended for shop displays can exacerbate the issue.
  7. I want another counter next to the reputation and post counter, showing how many times in total the user has edited any post.
  8. @Phenomenum @LadyCrimson @Gfted1 Yeah, on other Invision boards, the cover photo is directly to the right of the Edit Profile button - the one in the light-coloured area. So it looks like it's not enabled for us plebs. (The Cover Photo is the beige image behind the button, so only something people see if they look at your profile) If enabled it should looks something like this:
  9. A tricky subject I guess since technically people explicitly paid for them so hiding them needs to be an optional feature rather than a global change. That said, it's one of the easier things to address since you can just block them with an adblocker.
  10. Cookies seem to last for like, 2 hours.
  11. You can copy a quote block that's inside the editor box by using the right-click menu of the quote block header, that is, the bit that says "X minutes ago, Y said:" If the quote is the only thing in the textbox, good ol' Ctrl-A Ctrl-C works too. EDIT:
  12. The announcements section seems to be pulling some very old ones instead of what we used to get in the sidebar (not that those weren't also old).
  13. Figures that happens after I buy and play the original version for all of half-an-hour. Didn't have time to form an opinion on it, but it's been several months since - indeed it's been several months since I powered on the PS4P at all. Given that I've used the console for maybe a collective dozen hours over the course of ten months, not one of my smarter purchases so far.
  14. Back to For The King again for the first time this year - in co-op of course. Looks like there have been some nerfs to the difficulty which sits just fine with me. Previously it felt like even the easiest difficulty was balanced around earning unlocks by failing campaigns until you get some decent locations and special gear unlocked. There's also a House Rules setting which allows you to set a custom difficulty, essentially, from easier than the easiest setting, to literally impossible. The other good thing of course is that additional content continues to be added for free. The "new" sea campaign was released last year, but, well, it's new to me. Not convinced by sea combat mechanics just yet though there've been limited realistic opportunities to try. P.S. The swamp terrain continues to suck the joy out of playing that particular section of the game though. I get that severe movement penalties over swamps is a staple of strategy games, but it really needs to bugger off for good for the sake of fun gameplay. P.P.S. Very close to stopping my WoW sub once again. I'm very on-and-off with it anyway these days but I think I've pretty much seen all I can for now. Good thing with tokens though is that it's trivial to stop and then start again when new stuff is added. I haven't paid a cent for the game via any channel since the upfront purchase price for Legion which was what, three years ago?
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