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  1. Yeah, my ceiling for an Android media streamer is probably around $100, which is what the new Chromecast goes for here. But I opted to try the Fire Stick for $40. Unfortunately its Internet connection tends to drop out, necessitating a restart. Does the job with native Prime content well enough though, it's third-party streaming apps where it struggles. A Shield TV is $200 and the Pro is $300, and when put up against the NUC costing me about $300 total (cheating a bit because I already have the SSD) I thought it was a pretty obvious choice. Was ready to spend a bit more too because I miss
  2. I had a Scythe Ninja Rev B on my Core 2 Duo E6300 way back in the day based on a recommendation from SPCR. Ironically it was one of their more disappointing products as unlike the original version, it used Intel's default push-pin mounting and therefore didn't have enough mounting pressure for optimal performance. Speaking of which, too much pressure can cause issues too so you might want to play around a little with that. I also still have their top-down Shuriken cooler in my Haswell-based HTPC which is several years old now. It's extra frustrating because they solved one problem only
  3. @BartimaeusI got 15408 on mine back when I built my PC back in early February. Cooler is a Noctua U14S which should be weaker than the Fuma 2. Used the standard NT-H1 included paste. Temps capped out at 89C, which is not a concern for this CPU. This is in a Fractal Design Define 7 case with just the stock fans, but I did leave the door open for the purposes of the test. I was originally planning to set the CPU on Eco mode but on first try I couldn't get the setting to show up and I couldn't be bothered following it up. ____ And now for a significantly less glamourous buil
  4. I remember starting to watch an AoD LP some years ago just to see what the game was like. Let's just say that if real-life knives were as deadly as they were shown to be in the brief combat segment I saw, Julius Caesar would still be alive.
  5. Yeah, my experience in Trails in the Sky was being sent into a sewer level to kill some rats. I bailed midway through that opening dungeon on seeing it was exactly as described (other than the rat graphics being distinctly unratlike. Anyway, I picked up the much-delayed Iberia expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (plus the Balkans expansion too because why not). I've only just entered Spain from my home base in northern Italy but I already have one burning question: Spain, what the hell is up with your toll booths? (RL photo, but portrayed accurately)
  6. I'm calling it now, It Takes Two is game of the year.
  7. I'd buy XCOM 1 just for the sake of having it on GOG if it were that price, but alas, only 80% is not good enough. Wait no longer.
  8. Day of the Tentacle, Flying Brick Apple Cider.
  9. I started playing Parkitect in co-op while waiting for It Takes Two to release. Now I have a problem: I want to keep playing Parkitect. It's interesting is that the game has the very definition of tacked-on multiplayer, in that it simply allows a second (or third, or indeed eighth) player to interact with your park at the same time. This mode was added to the game back in December, and it's great - more games should tack on this form of simplistic multiplayer that doesn't change the game mechanics at all. Before going into more depth, I have an admission: I've never played a Theme Park-st
  10. The original never required submission to the ratings board in the first place. They don't rate every single title that's only available digitally on PC.
  11. I made a few posts about it when I tried it last year.
  12. A not-uncommon opinion is that BG3 is a case of Larian ruining a D&D game. But I'm more inclined to say that BG3 is a case of D&D ruining a Larian game. Okay, maybe "ruining" is too strong a word. I don't dislike the game as such. Perhaps it's good that Larian are held back from some of their most lavish immersion-breaking tendencies. But many times it does really feel like the D&D licence is a strait-jacket that stifles the overall design direction - many D&D tropes are after all immutable and sacrosanct and I would not expect and subversion of these to be allowed by the
  13. I think the Greeks used the cubit in those days. One cubit is the length of a forearm. So a 3.5 cubit floppy disk would have a diameter of a little over 1.6m. That converts, surprisingly, to 5.25 feet. Can't be a coincidence, surely.
  14. And the patch is just a config file, heh. I assume that's the one that fixed the issue of various key commands being bound by default to the numpad, making the game literally unplayable on any system without one (like most laptops) since you'd need the numpad to access the menu in order to remap the keys off the numpad. It really was a crappy PC port, and it coloured my opinion of the game, and indeed series, for years to come. To this day I've only seriously played 7 and 14.
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