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  1. I had thousands of Freecell games in my record on my WinXP machine, but that just makes me reluctant to start over with a clean record.
  2. Has there been a purple console since the Gamecube? A purple Wii... no, I won't follow through with that.
  3. I wasn't really aware of how combat heavy the game is, which probably isn't surprising as my last two experiences with their games was about 1 hour of trying San Andreas, and maybe 5 hours of tooling around in Vice City. Certainly puts a dampener on things knowing that.
  4. Isn't that how people greet each other in Texas?
  5. I'm playing Silent Service 2. Dunno why, I never actually learned to play it properly as a kid: I couldn't handle fighting more than one armed enemy ship at a time. In the process of figuring it out now. It's basically a stealth game like Thief or Dishonored after all, except the enemies are faster than you so if you muck up the initial ambush, that's probably it.
  6. I held off on buying it for PS4 because I was concerned about the shooting mechanics on gamepad. That said, I'll wait for a proper comparison between the platforms before trying it one way or the other. Probably would have ended up buying it and not playing it just like all my other PS4 games. Back in April I got an email from Sony asking why I hadn't used my console for six months. Well, I still haven't used it since then...
  7. Woah, I turned on my desktop today after not using it for about a month. Just too busy doing other things - mainly nothing - and event viewer tells me that the last time I turned it on was the 25th of August. That's probably the longest voluntary break I've had in my adult life. Why did I turn it on then? Because I learned that hitting the spacebar on my laptop while playing CK2 is annoying. Currently trying to figure out the ideal set of rules for my playstyle because while I did a count-to-king run on the laptop over about 150 years, I found the China and Fourth Crusade default settings to be idiotic and immersion-ruining.
  8. Yeah, bought a 570 for my sister last year and I ended up with the copy of Odyssey (because she couldn't be bothered making a Uplay account), not that I've played it. The launch incentives for Navi on the other hand were certainly weak, but understandable from a business perspective as they were hardly needed. I wonder though whether Ghost Recon is considered a higher "value" product (still available with the 570 mind you) and why I couldn't trade down to Outer Worlds if I so desired. Then again, maybe it's just as well if I want my copy to be on the MS store platform. Oh well, the weak AUD is heavily disincentivising any hardware purchases anyway.
  9. New AMD bundles give you the choice of Borderlands 3 or Outer Worlds for a Ryzen CPU (or both for the top end models), but for a GPU the choice is instead one of of Borderlands 3 or the new Ghost Recon. (The 3 month Xbox game pass still applies to both) Goddammit AMD, why not just let us choose any of the three? Still, at least it's a competitive offer now, compared to when it was just the game pass while nVidia was offering permanent games. I believe their current bundled game is the new CoD. P.S. If you want a bundled Borderlands 3, look into getting a Samsung SSD instead perhaps.
  10. If it's mission critical I'd at least get a 2-bay off-the-shelf NAS. QNAP or Synology products are the most common recommendations I see. If you're willing to get a bit more hands-on, you can build your own NAS of course, and it'd be cost effective if you had an old PC lying around to repurpose with the further advantage of being able to fit many more drives in future.
  11. @melkathi I choose to believe the average Obsidianite is a middle-aged male nihilistic depraved occultist.
  12. And that's only for the first character you level, after that you get the heirloom mount usable at level 1.
  13. I'd sooner have them reuse the Outer Worlds engine to make Descent to Undermountain 2.
  14. The LFG thing is mostly a sidestory for me because the opportunity for it to be relevant was closed by the time it was introduced. By the time WoTLK rolled around, I had long retired from the PUG scene and essentially did dungeons with guildies exclusively - the LFG tool therefore served the one (admittedly convenient) purpose of removing travel time. Yeah, yeah, I know the "it makes the world feel small" argument, but eh, manually flying there also does that. Actually though, I can see the difference it made to the social aspect of the game in my brief experiment at levelling an opposite-faction character, which I did back in Cataclysm. I made it all the way from 1-85 not just without getting to know a single other person, but by literally not ever talking with another person. Granted I'm a very withdrawn person naturally, and will almost never initiate a conversation. All my friendships in the game were initiated by the friend. I started classic blind, like many people. I never expected to do any particular type of content, or to even make a single friend. But I did make a few friends, and managed to build a decent rep (essential as a rogue) on the dungeon PUG scene through networking and (I hope) competent play. Taking this "natural" approach I went maybe 5 months before I felt I had run out of stuff to do, and I think I would have quit soon thereafter if I didn't make the conscious choice to join an established raiding guild.
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