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  1. Alla'deaty and the rest of the wayward Mithril Blades guild (the sort of NWN1 waiting room guild full of young roleplayers who also frequently trolled old school BIS forums all throughout) were a pretty tight-nit bunch for a couple of years there. From like 2000-2002 we were pretty inseparable. Now we're all old as ****. Jesus. Here I am: Age 35. The red in my hair is receding quickly to blonde ... BUT I'M NOT BALDING! Winning, right?
  2. Resurrecting an ancient thread (my very first post on these forums) to say ... It's a pleasure to have received a nice welcome from familiar faces when I came to these forums. Amazing how long ago this was.
  3. I'm doing well, Deraldin! I remember the name "Blaxar" but it's been so long now that I can't recall who he was ... was he in the Mithril Blades? I can't remember. DM me if you want to add me on Steam or whatnot, Geoff. I'm always down to reminisce and talk. I wish I still had contact to Tristan / Alla / Citybuster / Phylos / Dallandra / Mozex / etc. There were some cool folks in the old guild. I wish I had been mature enough to really understand and enjoy it for what it was, but alas I was merely a 13/14/15 year old geek with the social aptitude of sloth.
  4. I was just 13, and 14 when we were all piled onto the old forums awaiting the launch of Neverwinter Nights. I miss the old days of innocence.
  5. I can't believe how many old names I see in this thread. Sargalleth, Chairchucker, ol' Deraldin ... This is Darius from olllld school Black Isle Forums. I hope you all are well, 20ish years later.
  6. Volourn has been around the forums since the classic Black Isle forums, when they first launched in 1999. It's hard to believe some of the old folks from there (myself included) are still around in some regard in these game forums, still talking about games that were near and dear to us all the way back then (I was 13 back in '99, loved BGI, II, and PS:T). Quite a different perspective of personality from him that I'm seeing now, though, considering how much of a BGI fanboy he used to be. Humorous, really.
  7. Those who know me from back in the regular BIS days, I bid all of thee welcome. :D I look forward to the games that Obsidian will be producing. ^ ^
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