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  1. I would love a First person tyranny. Being a bad guy in a first person role playing game would be fun... im not deranged i swear... That being said, POE3 is way more likely.
  2. Hopefully it means this DLC will be rather large. Personally I like short notice releases. I'd rather them tell us what its going to be close to the release... especially for DLC. Though they don't want to wait too long, or it may lose out on the traction the game had.
  3. as rooksx said. TB takes a very long time in comparison. Definitely RTwP for first play.
  4. Yeah I agree the main questline takes away from the rest of the story. I think if the game was more linear they could have made sense of the sidetracking. I enjoyed the side stories enough that i can look past the ignoring of Eothas. I still think that its a good "middle" episode. Episode 1 establishes setting and lore. Episode 2 causes big changes in the world. and HOPEFULLY!!! episode 3 wraps it all up(this saga at least)
  5. I don't mind dwarves, but i wouldn't play as one. Elves I would play as. Halflings... do you mean half elf because thats fine. I think i've also seen halflings almost gnomeish and i wouldnt make my character a gnome. Surprisingly I like Orlans even though it kind of goes against everything i've said... I think its because they are cute and angry.... Reminds me of my ex girlfriend. That's true... in pillars you generally get to an area and struggle hard on that first map battle, even though you win, you realize you probably need to level up before you continue. I do remember in DOS2 often going to an area and getting wiped out before i got a shot off... then going somewhere else and the same thing happening. Rinse and repeat until you can find something doable. I think in the end i'm a story first person, and the story does nothing for me. Also in DOS2 you wear a source disabling neck brace... yet you can use all your magic... I guess i just dont understand the lore of what exactly source is... I thought it was magic, but nope... you can still use magic.
  6. Definitely agree for the most part. The combat was really the only thing I liked from it. In general i'm hesitant with Fantasy races, they often come off as cheesy. The cat people in Elder Scrolls definitely fit into that category. Cats are so damn tempermental I would actually probably be racist if cat people existed.
  7. I personally wouldn't mind it. However, I think quite a lot of the pillars fans would be annoyed by it. Flipping between styles could definitely turn people off to the series... although i suppose if someone really liked the first person pillars it might open them up to crpgs. New Vegas kind of had that effect on me, despite not being patient enough for the old fallouts combat. I kind of loath prequels. perhaps if it's really far in the past but i don't think i want to play through the Waidwen Legacy. Sure it would flesh out the world but in the end you know how the story would conclude.
  8. I think if they make a fantasy first person game, it won't be Pillars of eternity... I can't remember where i read it but I think Josh wasnt entirely happy with the world creation due to lack of time to flesh it out. I love POE but id prefer them to keep POE CRPG and do something new in first person, if thats the route they go.
  9. I think we are kind of arguing in circles here. I suppose RDC could have made it to Ukaizo. Though the travel there even after the storms have stopped is dangerous. As far as the motivation goes I think that's just personal opinion. In POE1 i wasn't motivated to find Thaos. I can speak to dead people now? cool! personally I'd rather be able to speak to dead people than have my house destroyed and people close to me killed. A big part of the world changing was the storms stopping... because they stopped in Rauatai as well. Making a land that was plagued with storms now calm. So the Watchers role is not pointless, whether or not you agreed with the motivation. You saying "aside from Berath making me" is just like saying "aside from finding out why my soul was awakened" you might not like the motivation... does not mean it isnt there.
  10. I'm not the only one! I have tried to play both Divinities multiple times and something just completely takes me out of those games.
  11. Not having an impact on the ending is something that i can understand being annoyed by. It still doesn't explain why you think The Watcher has no motivation. Ukaizo is only able to be traveled to because you stop the storms. Eothas could still get there and he would still smash the wheel. However, no faction would be able to reach Ukaizo. You use your watcher abilities to shut down the storms through the adra.
  12. The Watcher is invested because he/she is forced to at the very least. You can choose to have your soul sent back to the wheel in the first conversation with Berath. By choosing to live, the watcher is automatically personally invested. You only know Eothas is going to Ashen Maw because you are a watcher. You talk to him twice with your watcher powers through the adra. The major flaw in your argument is that you say any watcher could do it, but what makes that new watcher any more invested than the main Watcher? This new watcher would be less invested as he/she didn't have her/his soul taken. Also the timing of the watchers death completely lines up with Eothas needing to be followed. You are dead so Berath has control over your soul. They would have to wait for some other watcher to die so they could hold their soul ransom. Not to mention the other watchers you meet arent exactly impressive.
  13. Nah i have friends just no nerd friends. I try to talk to them about this stuff and I can feel the apathy. Honestly... I'm pretty over open worlds. New Vegas is one of my favorite games... Also i loved kingdom come deliverance. but the percentage of open world games i've played, compared to how many i've enjoyed is low.
  14. The no revenge is true. Though it's hard to get revenge on a god that plans to destroy himself. To be honest the first time I played POE1 I didn't care about the main story until late in the game. I was more enjoying the world and story. Deadfire suffers from the open world problem most open games have. New Vegas made the main plot secondary to the world, so it worked there.... However, I can't think of many open world games that have a strong narrative. I do think it seems quite silly doing all the side quests given the circumstances. Though personally I am just as motivated by finding Eothas as i was finding Thanos. Only difference is that getting to Thanos, felt more natural than getting to Eothas. I think if they made a reason you couldn't get to Eothas aside from "not high enough level yet so its probably not a good idea" That issue wouldn't be an issue. I disagree that its the fault of the story though. It's more the fault of being to go anywhere, at any time. There are lots of dialog options that say "he smashed my castle" or "He must be stopped" or "Berath is forcing me to do this"... The world has a ton of good side stories, so if you dont like the main mission then play into it with the "Berath is making me". However, the motivation was never an issue for me. Only that avoiding the main mission seemed unnatural.
  15. I'm pretty sure Eothas actually says something like "I still have need of your soul but i can give you this much at least" not tenfold. Losing your castle, people you lived with, and most of your soul. Is quite the motivation. In POE you are tracking Thaos because he awakened your soul. I'd say those are quite close as far as wanting answers. I understand what you are trying to say, and i agree with it to a degree. However, you are acting like if a monster destroyed your house and took most of your soul, you would just go back to sleep. Berath chose the Watcher because he is tied to Eothas, already knows about the true nature of gods, has motivation(whether you think its good motivation, its still more motivation than anyone else), and is probably the only "world saver" that Berath had to choose from. OH YA. companions. I really doubt we will see durance as a companion. There are endings where he sets himself on fire. Would be weird to cut out a character from game 3, for not finishing the quest in game 1. I know you can technically have any of the characters die, but not just from failing their quest. Eder will be back most likely. He's your canon BFF. Maybe we will get another sibling from Maia/Kana. I get the feeling we will see Rauatai if we get a POE3. There are lots of opportunities with the Adra storms stopping in Rauatai. Land that was uninhabitable now ripe for the picking. San Palleginna maybe. Aloth maybe. Though honestly I could do without both of those two. So difficult.
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