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  1. Anyone Know if black geyser will ever be released?
  2. For me it's those elder scrolls cat people... I would definitely not trust cat people at all
  3. I was going to bring that up but I couldn't remember if it was true or not... I played for a very short time so I couldn't be sure. As someone above said. If you are undefined character voiceless is better. If you are a predefined character then voiced is probably better. Personally I hope for undefined... though with the title "avowed" I'm less than certain that will be the case
  4. You want them to voice the protagonist and also have multiple options for voices? That is definitely not going to happen. If it's voiced, you will only get 1 male and 1 female. It would cost so much money(and time) to have a bunch of voice actors do all the dialog.
  5. I absolutely can't get into cyberpunk sadly. I'm sure the story is good. I just really loath when games give you 100 missions on the map instantly... it feels like a ubisoft game, and I have never finished a ubisoft game. It's almost to the point where you can't explore because you are bound to run into a quest. One of those quests makes you drive someone to a hospital. While driving, a bunch of school kids cross the road... the game forces you to stop and then I pretty much gave up on the game. not that I wanted to run them over(I did want to) but it just made me feel like the gam
  6. Same. It was also my fault because I bought a game and had a Mac. The game works for Mac but not their version. Basically could have stopped after "it's my fault because I had a mac"
  7. Kind of playing colony ship... kind of playing trails of cold steel. I can't seem to do anything in colony ship. Has a disclaimer that it's hard... and it is. Cold steel is just kind of boring. I like the series but it is rather predictable. And the game loop is very repetitive. I am having a hell of a time getting into any video games lately
  8. I also loved this game... even though it made no sense to me. Also there was a ninja turtles game that was top down(until you entered the sewers) that I played so much as a kid... replayed it as an adult, beat the first level, then realized I never got that far as a kid.... though to be fair even as a group of 5 adults we only got to the third level once
  9. Yeah I'm not saying none are gritty. Just most of the ones I've played the bad guys are obviously bad and the good guys are obviously good. Persona is also quite dark. And I like the dark ones
  10. Ff7 is darker than most jrpgs. I've played more jrpgs where no one dies they just get knocked out. 1 game a genre is not
  11. I do wish jrpgs were a little grittier. I enjoy them but very tropey.
  12. I think Microsoft is fine with however long it takes. With all the new game pass additions I think they will be patient.
  13. I imagine implementing combat differences between orlan and aumoua(sp) would be very difficult
  14. I think it depends. I'm still not convinced we will have the same amount of choice on character in avowed. Can we be orlan? Are we a blank slate or do we have some backstory? The title avowed seems to suggest we are (at least to start) already pledged to something. Which makes me think we probably won't be choosing where we are from. All speculation at this point.
  15. I feel you. Especially in that game where part of the fun is failing. My brain can't handle all that failure. If I wanted to fail I'd just live my real life.
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