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  1. Fair enough. A good game is a good game. I still stand by it saying a lot about this year's games though. The good thing about this year is that a lot of the worst publishers have been bit in the ass by their shady practices. I want to play metro but I'm absolutely awful at FPS.
  2. It's a bad sign for games this year that a remake is on the list for game of the year. Disco is weird... I don't regret buying it because I like supporting smaller developers and they tried to do something different. I totally regret buying death stranding... I only have myself to blame though... I knew what it was... I guess I just hate having money
  3. Makes sense I suppose. Though I mean JRPGs are RPGs even though they don't really have any role playing. Disco definitely is a role playing game... I don't think it's for me personally... But it's definitely a role playing game. Player choice(and what seems to be complete freedom) and dice rolls = RPG in my opinion at least Side note I went back and played mass effect 1 and 2... Did not hold up at all. Mass effect 1 was just copy and pasted areas. Story was good but nothing amazing... And I actually hated mass effect 2 replaying it now. You basically have to go 100% rebel or paragon... If you mix then crew members will hate you
  4. From what you said previously, it seems like disco would fit what you like. I didn't play that much of it(because outer world's came out) but it didn't seem very hand holdy, wasn't filled with fluff mainly focused on the story. The game play was just dice rolls but if that's not cutting out fluff I don't know what is im curious specifically what games you like.
  5. I'm curious what games you do like? I'm pretty sure all your posts are disliking games. Could be wrong. Nevermind I think I'm mistaking you for someone else whoops
  6. I've only played a few hours of each.... But death stranding seems more like a favor to me. I'm pretty sure Death stranding will win GOTY even though it's half cinematics half walking.
  7. I'm actually not worried. Just that certain people will latch onto this as... Wait a minute There we go
  8. The game looks alright... Not my style. Think it's kind of a bad idea for this to be the first Microsoft obsidian release though... Kind of adds fuel to the fire if those who worry that Microsoft will change obsidian.
  9. Maybe an Alpha protocol like game? I know they don't have the rights but there aren't many spy games lately... That I know of at least
  10. Someone only played the first location. There are other locations where no one is with the board. As has been mentioned, where is this game with real choice and consequence? Being pretty harsh if you are judging a game against some magical game that doesn't exist. Games are limited because they aren't real life. If you are comparing it to real life yes the graphics are bad, and the story is too linear... Good point
  11. Yeah I like relationships in games, but honestly there is no winning. It's always not enough gay characters or too many gay characters. I completely see why a developer would just avoid the whole thing. Do you make every character bisexual? Do you make characters have a specific orientation and lock off to different genders? People are so sensitive in regard to this issue. I've never really had a game that did relationships well...
  12. The real world doesn't have spherical world's so why should the game?
  13. I forgot about that. Good point. I think maybe, they are planning to keep your main character in sequels. Mostly due to the super power of slowing time down, unless you are a new frozen person. If that is the case, your future with the companions might be continued in a later game.
  14. Yeah this kind of bugged me too. I can look passed it, but I loved in New Vegas that going in gun drawn/holstered made a difference on how people treated you occasionally.
  15. Yeah I think they pretty much do that with all their ending slides in games though... From what I remember new Vegas you essentially disappear, in pillars you return to your castle, deadfire you sail off into the sunset. My guess is that due to it all being "player choice" they want to be vague on what you do. It's a pretty small colony so I think it's safe to say you stay in contact with your friends.... They just don't give many details. Groundbreaker is an important hub so I'd think you'd see pavarti a decent amount.
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