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  1. Hopefully they are working hard on a fake demo gameplay video
  2. Yeah too much for my SSD unless I delete everything else. If it was a full game I wouldn't mind, but for now I'll wait
  3. Is the file size still huge? It takes up pretty much all my SSD space... I need to upgrade
  4. That and waiting in line with a bunch of people buying lottery tickets in front of me is what I imagine hell is
  5. Not for me. To keep my immersion I would like to be able to try and romance everyone but always fail
  6. Yeah I get why they did it. Just is immersion breaking when everyone likes me.
  7. Was dead fire steeped in identity politics? I mean everyone was bisexual which I find annoying personally (not for political reasons I just think you being everyones type was a little lame) Outerworlds had a lesbian character who was not interested in a sexual relationship. There was also a gay guy that loved Hawthorne... I think. If that's enough to make you dislike a game... That might be your issue and not the worlds
  8. She is awful. It was so inexplicable I had to read the books to try and justify choosing her aside from her being hot. All the books did was make me dislike Trish... I started with witcher 3... Hated not knowing the characters back story... So I played witcher 1 and 2... Realized I still had no idea who anyone was... Tried to read the books, realized a couple books in that I just don't like the witcher universe. Everyone is unlikable IMO. Geralt claims the queen ladies first child... Then they have a child and he's like "naaah I don't actually care about that kid you can keep
  9. If you liked the "SEED" score mechanic the trails series has something similar. It can be a little tedious but if you play JRPGs I assume you probably can handle some level of tedium
  10. Yeaaah I never did that though. I didn't even really realize having stock piles of magic made it stronger... Which is my issue with the difficulty boost. It's really not necessary until the very end. I was equipping 1 ultima to everyone and that got me right until the final gauntlet ... Then I read a walkthrough and decided to just cheat for the ending... Which story wise was kind of dumb
  11. I love the first half of FF8. The ending is real bad though. It's one of those games where it's relatively easy until the last boss and then they are like "oh you didn't prepare for this huge jump in difficulty for the final boss? That's too bad"
  12. Quick google search says 1 trillion. USAs is 3 trillion and they give nothing to their citizens. There is more debt in the world than there is money. It's pretty much just monopoly money at this point.
  13. I think you can have an uncontrollable urge without doing something... Like... The urge is uncontrollable... The action is controllable but the urge is not... Discuss
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