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  1. I agree skyrim feels shallow. Very lifeless. No characters stood out. In fact I don't think I can really name a single character from the game.
  2. I do feel like pathfinder would do things to trick newbies into taking bad skills/spells. Which is something I never felt in POE. I have never table top role played and I think that puts me at a disadvantage. Those classes in kingmaker really drove me nuts. Also I swear most of the builds I found were made for hard-core mode where your character wasn't any good until like... level 20
  3. They didn't help me in kingmaker. I think I'm just very bad at RTWP... I enjoy them though... I also have a weird role playing thing where I hate min maxing... having super low charisma intelligence or wisdom just bothers me role playing wise and pretty much every build has low 1 of those things. That being said I'll still play and won't blame the devs for my incompetence. It's probably what made pillars of Eternity my favorite... you could get 13s across the board and still beat the game.(on normal at least)
  4. I feel like he has to be trolling
  5. I'll be buying this game. And likely feeling dumb when I struggle with the complex character builds
  6. I'm pretty sure Microsoft has it covered
  7. Pretty much... I just can't believe how many hills I probably could have gotten up had I known
  8. I'm like 12 hours into mass effect 1 legendary and I just realized the maxo has a speed boost... that could have saved me hours as all I have been doing is mako stuff
  9. I'm playing legendary edition as well... I forgot how much the paragon renegade choices annoy me. it's extremely annoying having to be always good or always bad. If you mix and match you just get crappy outcomes. I'm fine with the tedium... I'm half enjoying the mako in ME1 for some reason
  10. Black geyser has a release date now. August 26 2021 as per steam
  11. Which gets released first you think? I feel like outer worlds 2 probably gets released first. That being said I'm wrong like all the time so probably avowed. I'm bored
  12. It's not as bad as people say. I finished it and I'm not someone who has to finish every game I play.
  13. Hopefully it's not a sinking ship, because that ship has a whole lot of military equipment, that just might fire off if it does sink.
  14. Woohoo. no release date but still woohoo
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