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  1. What games are better writing wise? I'm not even trying to argue I just want to play these games.
  2. Hey guys I got laid! Just kidding, I've been playing skyrim. I LOVE how everyone tells you their job very awkwardly. "I'm the steward to blah blah it sure is a hard job". Generally I feel guilty be a psychopath in video games, but Skyrim is so lifeless I feel none. Hurray
  3. It was my first real CRPG ... Haven't been able to find anything I enjoy nearly as much. Tried Baldur's Gate but I feel like it needs nostalgia I just don't have for it.
  4. That's true. Just that this game even has Ship, sinking/falling ship, beach all in the exact order DOS2 had is especially weird.
  5. It's weird that they chose to have DOS2 and Baldur's Gate 3 start basically the exact same. Start on a ship as a prisoner, ship goes down, wake up on a beach. I can't tell if it was on purpose? Or maybe they didn't realize how similar they are. Either way I can play about 20 minutes then I stop caring. Not sure exactly what it is about larian games that bores me so much.
  6. I'm not a big fan so far. Feels a lot like DOS2 but prettier(which was never my issue with the game). Although the dialog parts where it shows your character "speaking" or thinking make me laugh... It reminds me of fallout 4 with the voiceless protagonist mods.... Just an awkward pause with a close up on your characters face, then back to the other character talking.
  7. But he was employed by multiple companies before the accusations... So does it really make him less hireable? That being said, I probably wouldn't hire him because of all the trash talking of former employers. However, that does not seem to be the case.
  8. I think that's kind of missing the point. I'm not a big fan of his personally. But the **** talking isn't what made him lose his job(s) The main problem with the metoo stuff is that the difference between a successful flirt and harrassment really comes down to if the lady likes the guy. Essentially they want you to know if the lady is interested before flirting . This of course is not defending any of the more extreme circumstances
  9. I was jokingly going to complain how I can't handle minor changes and the new forum is bothering me... Looks like someone beat me to it.
  10. I like being eased into fantasy games and before even starting the game it's all squid people and dragons.
  11. Tempted to get it. I read everyone's pansexual, that's my least favorite style of relationships. Aside from, of course, real life relationships. Anyone want to argue about turn based being better/worse than real time with pause?
  12. Surprised he is using a sharpie, thought for sure he was a crayon kind of guy.
  13. Blasphemy! You can tell him to go away. I think story wise the reason to keep him around is that he knows a lot about the history of the dyrwood and he also knows you're a watcher the second he sees you. He is very useful to someone who knows nothing about his/her current situation. He is an ass though.
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