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  1. For how long post-release content (patches, DLCs, expansions) will be coming? (When can I purchase and download the game once? These launch-day updates are terrifying).
  2. Cipher is a good choice, I suppose. There are several cipher-only dialogue options. Pirates, the Principi sen Patrena, is just one of four main factions and can be (almost) completely ignored. Backgrounds and cultures related to the said factions get more unique reactions, than others. So, multiclassing is optional and there's a cipher/rogue sidekick.
  3. Completed GreedFall on Extreme. Firearms and explosives seemed to be the most effective approach. Also I discovered that if you fail to convince a faction to help you in the final battle, they give you some unique equipment.
  4. If I remember correctly, defeating final bosses in combat was optional in the previous DLCs. Is it possible to talk down Fyonlecg/the Oracle?
  5. ReCore. I've reached the Eden Tower and the difficulty has just spiked for both combat and platforming. I suppose, it is the last area and it is supposed to be challenging, but the rest of the game was much easier (and, occasionally, boring). The story is surprisingly tragic (for seemingly lighthearted action-adventure) so far. Edit. Completed the base game. Started the optional part, not sure, if I should finish it.
  6. Completed GreedFall. Despite some railroading in the last few main quests, there was enough freedom of choice in the end.
  7. @melkathi I vote for an old female nihilistic mountaineer rational occult detective. More fits the setting I suppose.
  8. The value and the way to obtain the hull became less obvious. I rarely use food/potions crafting and this menu is the only place that mentions it. I suppose, it does make the ally-free completionist playthrough more rewarding, though. Edit. I did not "search" for the logs, I just looted (almost) everything. Hence the comment that the locations seemed a bit random. I'm surprised that anyone would complain that PoEII lacks content - Neketaka alone takes days to explore. The Dragonwing sails are there, not the hull.
  9. I have rediscovered that I can write really long notes in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Before I only wrote down locations I could not clear on the first attempt and was going to return later. I must say that this feature is amazing and I would love if more games had it (as I occasionally suspend my playthroughs and find it difficult to remember what and why I was doing). Also completed the main part of the game (everything, excluding the expansions) with the last patch. I made few small mistakes (such as meeting governor Alvari only in the 3rd act), but nothing critical. Though, it was disappointing to find out that the Blackwood Hull, which was required to reach Ukaizo, was broken into five logs and spread out across the archipelago. But, I suppose, it made assembling the upgrade more rewarding.
  10. What was the reason behind removing the ship upgrade from Neketaka and placing the materials for it in random locations, such as lich's cave? The critical path was perfectly fine and adequately long before the last update. Is there a way to rollback to v.4.1.2 on Steam (I see this version available on GOG)?
  11. In combat I'm not sure that you need Arcana, if you don't use scrolls, but from role-playing perspective it makes sense. In dialogues companions can help with low-level skill checks, but high-level ones require more "support" points in a skill for one normal point. Most scripted interactions can be resolved by companions, but in some of them only the Watcher can participate. I'd recommend to focus on 1-2 active skills and 1 passive per character.
  12. Completed the prologue in GreedFall. It is a quite decent action-RPG.
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