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  1. Shadows: Awakening It's a hack&slash action game with RPG elements and puzzles. Somehow similar to Divinity: Original Sin in terms of style and large piles of random color-coded loot, but more fun.
  2. I've got a spare key for Lucah: Born of a Dream for Steam. It's a really good hack&slash action-RPG (by default it's reasonably challenging, but there are difficulty options).
  3. Lucah: Born of a Dream I thought it was a Souls-like at first (there was a stamina bar), but it is more of a general hack&slash action-RPG. The key combat mechanic is parry, as the damage increases dramatically (~10x) on parried enemies. The Corruption system slightly discourages exploration, because the bar fills with time slowly and much faster upon death, and the bad (?) ending triggers when the meter hits 100%.
  4. BattleTech Completed the Arano Restoration campaign. The game was incredible (design, difficulty, graphics, soundtrack, VA, controls, the ability to skip animations), though slightly RNG-heavy in optional content (side missions, loot, pilots).
  5. BattleTech Acquired my first Assault 'Mech, a Highlander. It is ridiculously slow, but very sturdy. I guess, it relies on cold climate and jump-jets? The first mission I was able to test it with my team took place in tundra and I managed to defeat 7 other 'Mechs (2-3 heavies, the rest were mediums) without injuries or broken parts.
  6. You're right, it seems to be similar to a Centurion in terms of armor, but it acts one turn later. What heavy 'Mechs I should look for?
  7. Wandersong Completed the game, got all achievements. Encountered one progression-stopping bug, had to skip that part with a cheat. I still don't understand how this game got 98% positive reviews. The platforming part lacks precision, but has bugs. The adventure part requires only the ability to memorize 3-5 numbers (or directions or colors). The ending somehow reminded of Okami (excluding any sort of catharsis), the "singing" mechanic was more meaningful in Aquaria, the subversion of the "Hero" trope was more engaging in NeiR: Gestalt (or Replicant). BattleTech Acquired my first heavy 'Mech (Dragon).
  8. The pace of the story gets better after the initial info dump. Though, the main quest becomes clear (as "This is the biggest baddie, this is how we beat them and we are doing it now") rather late. On protagonist's personality. Some dialogue options have follow ups, which allow you to express your opinion about the topic and define your alignment.
  9. Wandersong I don't know what else I could expect, but the game is a collection of QTEs without any player's agenda. Turning off sound and trying to ignore the plot made the game less irritating, but if nothing changes, I'm going to refund it.
  10. Sea of Solitude has been released. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/07/05/sea-of-solitude-review It's unusual to see EA supporting indie developers. Ironically, at the moment Sea of Solitude is the only Origin game that interests me (it doesn't seem to have MTX or any online features).
  11. The Surge Completed the game, despite frequent crashes in the last area and its boss battle. "Nanite Mass uses Crash to the Desktop".
  12. The Surge, "A Walk in the Park" Defeated the Carbon Cat as Iron Maus. The implants available in the DLC made the battle significantly easier - I could tank several hits in the second phase, while normally most bosses could 1-shoot me. The DLC itself is much more colorful (literally, it's an amusement park, and metaphorically, as there are sane and alive people around), than the original game. I was overlevelled for the first half, but the second half was on par with the area I was going through in the main game. And there was some lore about CREO and the MC's background. The latter was interesting, but I prefer silent story-free avatars, if I can't customize them. The former was rather surprising as I hadn't progressed that far in the main game.
  13. The Surge Defeated the third boss and upgraded my weapon to Mk.III. Unlocked several short-cuts to the hub in the second area. The level of interconnectivity is impressive, though the map is hard to memorize. I'm quite sure that there's some commentary on social issues, such as data privacy, climate change and affordable healthcare, but I can't tell what exactly the devs are trying to express.
  14. The Surge Started the game. It is a Souls-like in a more dystopian setting (not a bad thing). The only issue so far is that I can't tell if an enemy is going to attack me or not yet when I enter its aggro range. The intro movie had very detailed animations and was slightly off-putting.
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