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  1. Saw the line "men can't get married" in City Hunter recently. It slightly amused me thinking of the online rage it would cause today.
  2. In the second half of the 19th century when foreign devils stole huge chunks of China, the British instigated an uprising in Xinjiang. 20 million people died in that war mostly unknown in the west. Nowadays those same British are bleating about "genocide" in Xinjiang.
  3. I'll never buy another game made in Eastern Europe except for Piranha Bytes games.
  4. "Which is why China will win at this rate, the U.S. is split down the pipe on cultural issues and divided as Hell. China is like a whole country filled with Republicans lol." a country not even 300 years old going up against a 5000 year old civilization it's like an amoeba playing chess against Anatoly Karpov
  5. a lot of stuff i don't remember, guess those Frenchie episodes were heavily censored maybe
  6. Weird how that dude is Greek but has no accent at all. Compare to certain Italian metal singers...
  7. "In the latest news from the world of the absurd the University of Oxford has a bunch of professors that want to ban sheet music. They say it has ties to colonial past and is racist and white supremacist. Classical Music. Racist. Not joking. " Black Metal Matters
  8. How many episodes do you watch daily? Rewatching City Hunter is gonna take me a half a year.
  9. Do all these magical anime girls lose their power with their virginity?
  10. "Yes but some of these ass twerking ladies are really hot....like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj " what is this? I considered you a staunch Verwoerdist
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