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  1. Swap the 'C' out for a 'U' and you could have STUPID. Checked out thesaurus and all I could find was 'urbanity' for 'charm'.
  2. I just skimmed some pages and did someone just say they had a baby semi recently, congrats, that is cool, babies are cool.
  3. One or two of the 'stupid arguments' that you think you're refuting aren't simply reasons that people think games shouldn't have romances; they are reasons that the developers of this game have announced that there will definitely not be romances in this game.
  4. Oh and actively voicing displeasure at a publisher's decision ahead of the release of a game would be a very poor business move. You are severely out of touch with reality if, having all the facts at your disposal, you still find it in yourself to blame Obsidian for any aspect of this timed exclusivity.
  5. Are you literally incapable of reading? This was not their action. This was not their decision. Obsidian did not choose to go Epic (timed) Exclusive. It was entirely the decision of Private Division.
  6. If you fully understand what is at play, why are you on the developer's forums lecturing them on 'their current behaviour' and their 'action' when this decision had nothing to do with them?
  7. It tells me that you don't understand how developer/publisher relationships work, and haven't been following this game sufficiently to understand that Obsidian did not make this decision.
  8. They specifically said it wasn't in their budget also I think there's already a thread on this. Here, again, is Mike Dowling explaining the reason there will be no Third Person Camera. https://imgur.com/a/0Ty2I24 Stolen from Ethic Gradient's Reddit post.
  9. Wait, what? I'm not saying you're wrong, but I sure don't remember it, and you're gonna have a hard time convincing me it was important to the game. Hell, to be honest I don't think any of them were particularly important. The Witcher 3 seems like the only one where the romance is at all important to the game, and even then I don't think the game would've lost all that much by cutting it.
  10. You could just make a savegame before that point. There's barely any content after that point; it is the finale.
  11. Well, there's a fairly clearly broadcast point of no return, yes. Unless you choose not to read, you can't really miss it.
  12. I've had a look and I don't think anyone here is posting in a way that could possibly be construed as crying. Do you think you could point to some specific examples? Also, it might've been worth your while to research what the depth of the romances was in PoE2 before committing to 2 fairly lengthy RPGs purely on the basis of the romances within. EDIT: Also, you said earlier that you'd been avoiding Obsidian games because they have no romances. The following games by Obsidian Entertainment have romances: KotOR 2 NWN 2 Alpha Protocol Fallout: New Vegas (kinda)
  13. LOL sure, romance is what made Mass Effect games more successful, not the AAA budget. I'm not sure about being in the minority, (was there a poll? I missed it.) but I don't think people who dislike romances are going to be crying, because this game has been confirmed by the developers on multiple occasions to have no romances. Also, interesting that you say you've been avoiding Obsidian games because of the lack of romances, but that you've now been enjoying POE1 very much, a game which has no romances. Could it be that the romances aren't really that integral to your enjoyment of the games?
  14. I hope that they don't tweak it too much, though. I liked the fact that combat didn't make them enemies of the entire city.
  15. Actually, the game is designed so you absolutely can play them that way if you want, and that's one of the things they were trying to demonstrate. Also, after having demonstrated the dialogue and quest system, it was a convenient and amusing way of demonstrating aspects of the combat system.
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