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  1. Hmmm well I think Trump said he'd concede if the Electoral College voted for Biden so obviously we can all expect a smooth transition from this point forward, with no controversy whatsoever. As an aside, I remember hearing recently that the Proud Boys had a change of leadership because the former leader wasn't quite white supremacist enough for their liking. Weird how BLM, which is more a decentralised political movement like vegetarianism or whatever, than an actual definable group, is the terrorist organisation; would've thought that would be a label that would more closely fit t
  2. You know what they always say, 51st time's the charm.
  3. I'm not entirely sure about the nuances of voting in the USA; in Australia, if a 'third party' gets a certain number of votes, it means additional funding. Also I guess it may mean that the major parties see where they're losing votes to the third party and try to pander to those votes by adopting some of their policies. So I guess that's a way in which it could be seen as not wasting one's vote. If you're measuring purely by the effect the vote has in the actual election, though, there would've been no difference to the election if every single third party voter stayed home. So in
  4. Yeah, no one's surprised that the fascist states are politically united.
  5. Wow, looks like someone's disinvited from the podcast.
  6. Well you're gonna need to do something about that voting system y'all got there.
  7. I haven't really seen much in the media regarding Parler. What chat I have seen has been on other forums, and has been more or less along the lines of 'it's filled with Nazis or people who are Nazi adjacent who want a safe space to spew their hateful rhetoric without having other people rock up and call them out for their hateful rhetoric.' Also apparently you have to provide your social security details to join up? EDIT: My mistake, apparently it's just to access certain site functions. Also apparently they got hacked, lol. https://twitter.com/contentedindie/status/133
  8. Censorship is when it's done by the government, not when it's done by an owner of a platform. If I run a gardening podcast and I decide to stop letting someone on my podcast because every time they come on my podcast they say something stupid like that petunias are better than tulips, that's not censorship, because that person is still allowed to start their own podcast with all the hateful petunia related opinions they want. That's just me exercising the rights inherent in me being the person who runs that podcast. Same with Twitter. They're not obliged to give anyone a platform f
  9. omg ur so brave keep fighting the good free speech fight
  10. I think the way I saw entrapment described is that it requires the police to induce someone to break the law where they wouldn't have usually. If a cop asks a drug dealer for meth and the drug dealer gets them meth, not necessarily entrapment. But if the cop asks someone for meth and they're like um I don't actually know how to get meth, but the cop is all like c'mon I heard you were cool, c'mon be a bro and get me some meth, c'mon man, I'll be your girlfriend if you get me meth (ok so in this example the cop is a woman and also I stole the example from Boston Public) then it might be a bit mo
  11. Interesting take, especially given that Fallout: New Vegas came out more recently and most people seem to regard that as their best work. In fact, KOTOR 2 was their first game, so it's just really weird that someone who thinks a game company only had one good game would bother to join their message boards.
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