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  1. I've heard nothing but good things about Disco Elysium and if it wins RPG I'll be OK with that. If anything other than that or Outer Worlds wins I'll... I dunno, quietly disagree I guess, they're just popularity contests.
  2. You certainly are out of the loop, yes. Another loop you appear to be out of is that Obsidian had no input on the decision to be EGS (and Microsoft Store) exclusive for 12 months, so you're complaining on the forums of the wrong company.
  3. Like I said, not many videos. But since we've been informed that every character looks like a lesbian, and lesbians are women, we can safely deduce that all the characters are women. QED.
  4. They look like women. I haven't watched that many of the videos, but I can only assume that there are almost no male characters. Bold choice.
  5. I assumed Daven was having a jape, doing a very clever impersonation of a stupid person.
  6. I don't think that's what was being said. I think the point was just that whereas Bethesda tends towards somewhat binary choices, Obsidian tends to have more nuance. (And also better writing.)
  7. I think the overall point of the video is that the Xbox One has little to no exclusives that won't also come out on PC, and what exclusives it does have aren't as compelling as the exclusives available on PS4 and Switch.
  8. Personally not a fan but here's a pro: it allows you to play some games.
  9. Wizardry 8. It's actually a very different type of game from what I think The Outer Worlds will be, but it has the distinction of being my co-favourite RPG with a game that I am hoping The Outer Worlds bears some similarities to: Alpha Protocol.
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