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  1. Opting out of not one, but two, Alfred Hitchcock films, a John Ford film, a Coen Brothers film, a Terry Gilliam film, every adaption of a certain Dumas story, and if you're not that particular about the article "The", then also a MiloŇ° Forman film.
  2. "The Top 10 Reasons I left gaming and became a withered husk of my former self - number 3 will surprise you!" Maybe break it into parts and pitch each part? Nothing in Fio's post indicates you couldn't have multiple bites at the blog (cue Fio clarification). Based on Fio's wording, I think they'd want a blog post to tie into Obsidian's games in some way.
  3. Comic artist, writer and historian Trina Robbins
  4. Trofiphobia? I think loss of appetite in general is called Anorexia (not to be confused with Anorexia Nervosa) but is usually a symptom of other things. I would think as long as you're getting enough calories when you do eat and everything is going through your digestive system fine and you're also not dehydrated, the only worry would be if it persists since weight loss is tied to some cancers and other illnesses (but also to more benign sources like stress and reactions to CBD).
  5. Watched LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL I liked it, but feel like there were a few things that ultimately didn't come together and ultimately I don't think it came together as well as it could have.
  6. One thing I've read regarding polling is that younger voters tend not to have landlines and don't answer unknown cold calls, which has been speculated to skewing any phone based poll in weird ways when trying to extrapolate data to the population.
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