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  1. Jessica Rabbit. She took her husband's last name. He was Roger Rabbit. Re: Pepe Lepew - never liked the character much, so won't miss him. Supposedly they'd filmed a scene (where he gets comeuppance, of a sort) but with the production juggling and changing directors it isn't going to be in the finished film.
  2. I never really got her being out of uniform or being treated as a quasi-civilian, to be honest. TOS had already established Psychiatry as part of Life Sciences in "Where No Man Has Gone Before".
  3. This is the official statement from Seuss Estate - https://www.seussville.com/statement-from-dr-seuss-enterprises/ No studies or events are cited at all. No particular conclusion is made, however these titles have been controversial for years.
  4. The problem with your argument is the Seuss estate does not cite the 2019 study, nor did they commission it. As near as I can tell, it is an independent study published in the journal Research on Diversity in Youth Literature and was only added to the CNN article for context by the reporter. The study in question was committed to answering the question of whether Seuss' oveure was anti-racist as had been claimed by others in the youth literature field (particularly within context of The Sneetches and Horton Hears a Who specifically and without a broader context for the works). In that s
  5. Your argument is apparently that once a creator creates something they (or their agents) cannot voluntarily withdraw the creation from the marketplace of ideas (or at the very least, cannot voluntarily withdraw if you deem the study they commissioned that led to the decision to withdraw flawed and there exists statistically invalid polls that fell on the side of non-withdrawal).
  6. We ask that the users of this board treat one another with respect, even when opinions differ. Please remember this.
  7. TNG Cause and Effect Fun Time Loop story (think Groundhog Day before that movie came out.) Weird to see Kelsey Grammar in such a bit part, and the episode doesn't seem to have an end so much as just stops.
  8. It's Seuss' estate pulling them from sale, so opinion polls are irrelevant. Opinion polls of self selecting populations are also statistically invalid anyhow (assuming I'm reading you correctly that the poll was conducted of those watching the show).
  9. I remember reading a lot of the Golden Books (like The Little Red Hen) as a really young tyke. Dinosaur books and Richard Scarry and Dr. Seuss followed. When I got a little older I read The Three Investigators (aka Alfred Hitch**** and the Three Investigators) and somewhere in there was Dahlov Ipcar's The Warlock of Night and a bunch of other books I barely remember at this point. I remember reading The Hobbit when I was ten or so because both my older brothers had. Somewhere around 12 or 13 I tried to read Dune and The Lord of the Rings and had begun reading Doc Savage, the Avenger, t
  10. Its the Daily Mail, so I give a tentative...yes. Although it might also just be the tabloid equivalent of click bait.
  11. Yeah, I got a chuckle over the headline disconnect as well.
  12. So because a report isn't in good faith, it changes whether racial caricatures are racist or not? The article I read not only described some of them, but I found it fairly easy to find images from most of the books online by just looking for the name of the book and "offensive images". YMMV. But the story continues... Outrage as eBay REMOVES listings for canceled Dr Seuss books 'because they glorify violence' but allows copies of Mein Kampf and Louis Farrakhan's books to be sold Yeah, yeah, daily mail, blah, blah.
  13. It's his estate that pulling the books from being reprinted again. So...
  14. It felt like I was watching it real-time then.
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