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  1. I've seen the episode. Shatner is Shatner, regardless of who he's playing, as I recall. It was 3 seasons ago, so...
  2. Neither did I. Never had an issue with the AI creating a problem for me by and large in RE5. Also, I'm not sure Lionheart's companions are bad so much as combat is broken to the point the game is almost unplayable once it becomes a combat centric game post Barcelona. Didn't mind the companions in MSAndromeda. But I liked that game more than most people, I think.
  3. Amentep

    Politics 2020

    It would be a solid solution to the problem if the university was amenable. Unfortunately, not every artwork that has a champion or champions and is willing to put money to remove and preserve a piece of artwork are allowed to do so. But if the URI alumni banded together to preserve it and the university allowed it, it'd be great.
  4. Amentep

    Politics 2020

    I certainly don't disagree the university has the right to remove the mural. I just hate to see aetwork destroyed. My elementary school had a bicentennial mural, and I as preteen hated when they painted it over. Hated that Patricia Cornwall tore up a Sickert to try and prove he was Jack the Ripper. They're all entitled to destroy them, they owned them. It'll never sit well with me, even if sometimes destruction might be necessary.
  5. Amentep

    Politics 2020

    I was challenging your assertion they were 'preserving' the work, which was your argument as why it was okay. They are not. They took a picture, which is recording its existence, not preservation. You phrased it like it was a statue being removed to a museum. It is not. Now you're arguing it okay to destroy it because you're not a fan of the work itself. That's a different argument, and taste being the measure of artistic worth for preservation is a slippery slope, imo. Note I don't object to them removing the mural, but I do bemoan the destruction of the artwork, like I do the destruction of any artwork.
  6. Amentep

    Politics 2020

    Except by their own admission, their plan is to destroy the mural and use photographs of the murals to represent what they destroyed. So its not like the murals are being preserved in a museum.
  7. I was mostly going on the picture, sneeze in elbow then touch elbows...
  8. Amentep

    Politics 2020

    I check mail so regularly, I sometimes forget and check mail on holidays when the mail doesn't run. Not that I'm expecting anything, but I find cold mailings to add a fun bit of randomness in the day.
  9. Amentep

    Politics 2020

    Personally, I find it funny that all of the mailers I've received with instructions on how to vote by mail are from Republican affiliated organizations using Trump's name on them. Not all churches in the US preach prosperity gospel, though... Eh, people don't open the door for Census takers, I doubt that they'd get a lot of traction with door-to-door voting. Excepting Jehovah's Witnesses, Census Takers, and people trying to see if you are home before breaking into your house, no one really goes door-to-door anymore. Not even Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween...
  10. I bet you wouldn't leave your opponent alone in an overly complicated death trap before its completed killing them either.
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