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  1. I'm saying all the things that I know you'll like Making good conversation I gotta handle you just right You know what I mean I took you to a 24 hour news site Then to a political rally There's nothing left to talk about Unless it's governance Let's get political, political I want to get political Let's get into politics Let me hear your party talk, your party talk Let me hear your party talk Old thread: First post Last Post:
  2. Or people can just buy the stuff they feel they should have and can afford, ignore the "keeping up with the Joneses" trends, ignore the "why do you have so much stuff" trends and try not worry about whatever other trend rationale's to buy or keep stuff there may be. Understand that want is different from need. And in the end, if the Grandkids don't want the stuff you don't want to keep yourself? Sell it. Give it to a charity to sell. Give it away to other people who want it. Trash it. Why do antiques have any value? Its because sometimes people don't want to keep on to old stuff (combined with wars, moves, disasters and general lack of appreciation). It happens periodically that the next generation rejects the previous. It will always happen periodically. If it comes time to, in my old age, relinquish my possessions and my surviving family don't want to take anything, its no skin off my back. Not everyone likes the same things I like and hold on to.
  3. Most schools that care will know race/ethnicity of the applicant before they ever receive SAT scores through their application anyhow. SAT providing information most colleges track already would be pointless.
  4. The SAT is a standardized test. Your test score is related to your answers on the test. The "adversity score" is a 'further information' about the student that takes the 15 factors (whatever they are) and creates a score on those factors (presumably with handy graphs). It is provided to institutions to give an impression of the student beyond the test score. Institutions can use it or not. Two things to note within this, one is that most schools are looking at multiple factors for enrollment now. Take SAT, take HS GPA, take rigor of coursework taken, and take AP, IB or dual enrollment credit into consideration (and for highly selective schools, volunteer work, references, etc). Theoretically this information - standardized by the SAT - could also be used in a multi-factor decision process. Its entirely possible that some schools may have a local version already concocted from their own data about student success at their school. The second is that current data shows that while SAT is a good measure of retention of information, retention of information is not always a good indicator of success at school. For a traditional freshman, current data suggests that HS GPA (even considering grade inflation) is actually a better indicator of potential success in college (but even then, not perfect, hence the use of multiple factors).
  5. The ending of Lost made me lose all of my interest in the series. Even discounting the creators continual instance that they weren't really dead (except in the last season, where they were, apparently), I didn't feel the show ended very well. And its not that they didn't answer any of the interesting questions they had created (although they didn't), but the character stuff that they seemed to want to add closure too didn't work at all, IMO.
  6. If you had pictures of your games, this would be where to place them. Like the previous thread, if you need examples -
  7. Previous thread now closed, use this one for all your Random Sale news.
  8. Scientist have proven a new form of water, superionic ice - https://www.wired.com/story/a-bizarre-form-of-water-may-exist-all-over-the-universe/
  9. RIP The Carol Burnett show was funny, but watching Tim crack up the other cast members on the Carol Burnett show was fun in its own right.
  10. As far as I know, making a new SW:KOTOR would be on Electronic Arts at this time. They have the exclusive Star Wars license for video games.
  11. Doris Day. https://variety.com/2019/film/news/doris-day-dead-dies-actress-singer-1203212685/
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