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  1. A lot of Italian horror films in my experience (and some of their other genre films) just don't really make sense. I love some of Fulci's films (the Gates of Hell trilogy particularly - CITY OF THE DEAD, THE BEYOND, THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETARY) but don't ask me what they meant or why things happened and in some instances what actually happened. I've learned I have a more enjoyable time if I just roll with what they offer.
  2. Aww, Viy's not bad (although it is done with a unique approach to pace and storytelling). I find a lot of Italian films work better if you think of them as working under dream logic. I know BLACK SUNDAY has a pretty solid reputation. I'd probably go with Bava's SHOCK or LISA AND THE DEVIL as better films, but its been years since I've seen any of them.
  3. Were you watching the US version (rooted from AIP) or the Italian version? Bava's films didn't fare well in their US cuts. Its been a long time since I've seen Black Sunday (I think I've seen both versions, but alas couldn't tell you their differences), but I don't recall it being terrible (with the consideration that Italian horror films do things differently than most other horror films). I think there's three or four different English language edits of the film of varying lengths. As a side not Black Sunday is loosely based on Gogol's story Viy. There's a good Russian/Soviet adaption of the same story Viy 1967. Viy trailer
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately I can't help you with the bug, but I am reporting the issue regarding your previous unapproved post not appearing (I still don't see it).
  5. For the less flippant response anyone who is transgender and not openly accepting that fact about themselves, that person may look like any member of their birth sex. Therefore it is possible a transgender woman could have a beard and ****. As I understand it, not all transgender individuals go past hormone therapy for a variety of reasons, and laser hair removal surgery isn't inexpensive and the process of transitioning can take a long time to complete so it may also happen even post realization. Saying that because a dude has a beard and **** as a reason they couldn't identify as a woman is like saying that a man or woman can't be homosexual because they're married and have children, imo. Anyhow, the question as reported in the mail is poorly phrased as it lacks specificity. As KP says the only thing stopping anyone from going into a bathroom is social rules. My science lab partner in college was a cross dresser and he used women's restrooms when wearing women's clothes because it caused less problems overall.
  6. We'll all remember that day on the forums that Guard Dog and Gfted1 became the same person.
  7. It read like a lawyer worked it over with a fine toothed comb to me.
  8. Gfted1 complained that Elizabeth Warren sticking to her claims of being fired during pregnancy was going to prevent her chances at winning and that, combined with Sanders recent health problems would prevent the democrats winning and enacting the "socialist" policies that Gfted1 has become so enamored with availing himself to. Hurlshot complained that he thought it was tasteless to link real problems (Warren's claims, Sanders' health) within the context of what he feels is Gfted1's hyperbolic and facetious trolling of any candidate within the democratic party by pretending its some sort of socialist plan that will give him "free stuff". Gfted countered that he wasn't being facetious and wanted free stuff and that he didn't understand how Sander's heart factored into it. Hurlshot illustrated his feeling regarding the seriousness of Warren's claims by illustrating his own families experience with an attempt by school administrators to end the employment of a pregnant teacher (his wife), the implication to reinforce why he feels that these serious issues shouldn't be brushed aside by users being flippant about getting "free stuff". [At least as I read it, relevant parties may agree/disagree with my interpretation]
  9. This is me. I typically will create a character I think will be interesting in the setting and go with it. Its part of why I have a restarting issue with character creation on new games as I will sometimes come to the realization that the character is at odds with the systems, and so rethink the character.
  10. Obligatory On-Topic: Personally I think timed exclusives are silly because I have no issue with waiting out the timing (this is excluding any look at whether supporting a game at all can be seen as support for a 'bad' practice or support for a 'good' game).
  11. Please review the forum guidelines. We ask that the users of this board treat one another with respect, even when opinions differ. Calling another user stupid does not meet this criteria.
  12. To be fair, the FBI was looking at Jewel before the news ran with it due to an insider tip they got from the FBI, but it's a good example of what can happen wrong in both FBI investigations and in news reporting.
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