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  1. Ah yes, The Thing remake is good. I knew there were more, but nothing was coming to me.
  2. The Man Who Knew Too Much? House of Wax? Ben-Hur? The Hammer remakes of the Universal horror films? Casino Royale? That said, I'm surprised they remade Total Recall rather than take the basic idea (someone goes to Rekall, gets a vacation, are things real or not after that?) and build a new movie out of it. Seems like the perfect set-up for a series of loosely related films, and my understanding of the 2012 film is that its different enough plotwise that they could have probably done it had they not chose to use the names from the original film and a few other story elements.
  3. I can only suspect that Netflix needed something to come out now but there was no way all the episodes would be done in time to release the whole thing now.
  4. I'd heard of that before. Thankfully ours wasn't that bad!
  5. I remember a listserv back in the day where an out of office message war began between two dude's emails on the listserv broke out. Amid the 100s of "I'm out of the office" emails were hundreds of "Remove me!!!!!" which started new chains on the out of office messages. Good times....
  6. Are you saying the people-free nonobot only world would be bad?
  7. Still doesn't mean the technology is bad, just that there are bad people willing to do bad things!
  8. To be honest, I'm surprised no one had done it earlier. There's been a few people online using deepfakes to improve CGI recreations or de-aging of people for some time. I don't think the technology should be shunned just because its possible to do some bad things with it.
  9. As I understand it only the top two at the national trials got an automatic spot on the team. Had Biles dropped out after the national trials, the top two would be Sunisa Lee and Jordan Chiles who are both on the team. The remaining spots on the national team (2 more team, 2 specialists and up to three alternates/replacements, I think) are picked by the athletic selection committee.
  10. Looks like Biles has pulled out of the all-around competition. Hope things get better for her, but it is better to err on the side of caution rather than risk losing focus halfway through flipping in the air and injuring herself.
  11. Disgraced pharmaceutical exec's one-of-a-kind Wu Tang Clan album auctioned off to cover his debts.
  12. Note again my comment was not to dredge up the discussion about the video again; by the nature of the way moderation works, there will always be subjective calls. We rely on Fionavar to guide us to our decisions as he's the final arbiter for us as to what Obsidian wants. Lets return the thread to weird-random-interesting things.
  13. I thought the Picard facepalm screencapture was the unofficial forum facepalm image.
  14. Note that my comment was not to dredge up the discussion about the video again, but just to counter ComradeYellow's assertion that it was "some kind of illusory psychological stigma that has no basis on reality" because "(b)ased off of (his) life experience and interactions with the world, Russians and Chinese appear to be far more civilized and wise than the violent and angry people from North America".
  15. Since much of the medal hopes kept being pinned on her, I kind of get what she's saying. Its not an easy position to be in.
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