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  1. Let's track this back to talking about departed celebrities and not forum users or each other.
  2. I'm rusty on this, but... $365k over 6 years with a 4.5% interest rate each year, minus $2500 each year, leaves you with a balance of 417K...if I carried the one correctly. 4.5% interest in the first year would be $16,425 on $365k (and about 6.6 times the amount paid towards the loan). *cue someone to correct me on my maths failings...*
  3. A lot of students actually take on more debt that they're likely to need for the cost of college*. And while the reasons vary, its the stuff outside of the actual college cost (mortgage, childcare, transportation, etc) that can really saddle you with more debt than your career will pay for. A lot of colleges are trying to teach financial literacy to students taking out loans or similar programs to try to let the new student know what it is they're setting themselves up for when they take multiple loans to finance their education and/or their lifestyle. *although that said, sometimes people just pick expensive schools that the expense of going to that school isn't going to be covered by the cost of the career the education leads to as well.
  4. You may want to go to this page - https://support.obsidian.net/article/12-looking-for-help-on-our-older-games and click the "contact us" link to send a message directly to Obsidian in addition to this thread.
  5. Not to my understanding, but I am not a lawyer. I believe the US courts have maintained that just because something is put on the internet does not mean it is put into the public domain and that instead it counts as publication for purposes of copyright unless the terms of use put the ownership into the hands of the public domain (like Wikipedia) or the platform owner (like Facebook or twitter or one of those social media platforms a few years ago that got into a kerfluffle over claiming ownership of anything said on their platform). I believe, IIRC, that the Terms and Services indicate that Obsidian doesn't claim the rights to everything published on their forums, so that would leave it back in the ownership of the person who posted it (or the person who otherwise created it) as I understand it (again, not a lawyer).
  6. Agiel's All Things Military was closed for length and no one restarted it.
  7. Reminds me a bit of the face sandstorm in the 1st Brendan Frasier Mummy.
  8. First episode I saw of EVIL was the fourth, which I thought was really good. I then saw 2 which was okay. Then I saw 1 and 3 and my interest in the series chilled. Haven't seen any others.
  9. Doesn't seem weird to me. Didn't Washington pretty much call it in his Farewell Address?
  10. I'm probably missing the joke, but I was under the impression it was Meghan Markle and a reference to her and Harry leaving the royal family...
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