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  1. The problem is that the "on paper" neutral race-blind review of income/assets vs default rates vs risk of similar businesses vs location & overhead vs etc. isn't going to take into account a history of racist laws or application of laws have resulted in lower asset/higher debt accumulation within large parts of African-American communities (not all, obviously, there are plenty of successful business people who are of African descent). Just one example could be to look at the effect of redline practices that indicated where an African-American could buy a house into the 50s and 60s i
  2. I think the argument is that, if an individual of a minority race does everything 'right' and still becomes a 'victim' of inequality in institutions (or application of institutional rules), then eventually the minority race is going to learn that they're damned if they do and damned if they don't, so there's no societal incentive for them to abide by society's rules. One of the simmering tensions seen in some African-American neighborhoods is that what few shops exist in these neighborhoods are typically owned by Asians. There has been resentment that African-American's are more likely t
  3. Iirc "that" is a reference to the just finished section where he says 2 or 3 things he would do, and one he would not.
  4. Japanese trailer has different footage -
  5. It was better than those dreadful kid episodes that blotted last season. But they don't do a good job developing Amanda as a character, or explaining the Q angle to the story. Arguably q himself is more annoying as well. But still better than those kid episodes.
  6. TNG: True Q Q Qs around while a Q who doesn't know they're a Q struggled with Q-ing. Riker gets Q-napped and Picard gives speeches. An OK episode.
  7. We had a free standing Atari Pong game console (one game-pong!) before we had a 2600...or technically a Sears Tele-games video arcade (Sears branded 2600). We loved Warlords on the 2600. And Haunted House and a game called Entombed...
  8. My mom also talked about the show when I was a kid. We eventually watched some episodes but I think my mom didn't think it held up as well 50+ years on. But we still enjoyed them. Someday I'll probably watch the whole series.
  9. Clarence Williams III, appeared in a lot of things, but may be still identified highly with his early role as Linc from the seminal 60's show THE MOD SQUAD.
  10. You have to have 5 posts (I think its 5), but posts in WOT don't count towards your post total.
  11. I haven't seen Stewart in a lot, but I did like her in UNDERWATER, but it was kind of an actor-proof role.
  12. Old thread: Last few posts: The Lighthouse was an odd film. Not quite the slam-dunk of The VVitch, I thought, but still really good and in places quite Lovecraftean. I'll be interested in seeing Eggers' THE NORTHMAN when it comes out next year(?).
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