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  1. James "The Amazing" Randi
  2. It didn't do super-well at the box-office, but has a fan following. Ron Howard had been talking about wanting to do something else with it with Disney for a while now. He's producing it. Warwick Davis confirmed to return.
  3. Willow sequel series green lit for Disney+
  4. Is either a smallish car, or a roomy fridge.
  5. Its car sized? It was refrigerator sized earlier in the week.
  6. Well the case still hasn't been settled yet. There are some pleas, but no sentencing. So I'm not surprised there'd be a 2nd part.
  7. ^They're doing a second series, afaik.
  8. As an aside, there's only one post in your history (this one), so I'm thinking whatever you tried to post didn't save in the system, or we'd see it in the moderation queue. EDIT: Also AFAIK you should be able to edit posts that are in the queue, so you should see them too.
  9. For all your TV our streaming show needs. Old thread:
  10. So cats are aliens who do nothing and are waited on hand and foot by us...so proof we've already been conquered by aliens?
  11. Huge cat found etched into desert among Nazca Lines in Peru
  12. Shonen covers wide ground, from Cyborg 009 to Fist of the North Star to Shadow Lady to Ranma 1/2. So odds are there's something that will appeal to you even if you don't like anything else.
  13. Passenger caught smuggling gold where the sun doesn't shine to avoid taxes.
  14. The Poison Book Project - apparently some old books used arsenic.
  15. My oldest brother did this to me when we were kids. Good times.
  16. Near room temperature superconductor found
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