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  1. Might be misreading you on this, but the University of Texas tower shootings were 4 years earlier. You can go back to at least 1927 with other types of school attacks, with the Bath School massacre being the earliest I can think of off the top of my head.
  2. The witches I've known have never said anything about the 'unseeable' vs other religions, given that their religion is polytheistic...
  3. Its how we weed out bots. Every new user must have a few posts approved - five i think - before being released from moderation. The off topic forums don't apply to post count.
  4. I see african-american politicians, religious leaders, and others condemning any violent protest and advocating for non-violence everytime this type of violence has broken out. And often calling for non-violence before the protests start. So...not sure what you're on about.
  5. There's a few decades of history of people leaving Appalachia to find better jobs. It doesn't change the poverty of the region, though. Word on the news was they were headed towards State Farm Arena and the police bottlenecks them on the road in front of CNN rather than let the protest spread uncontrolled. I think at that point it was a target because that's where they were.
  6. If its working like it is supposed to...what is there to fix?
  7. Its pretty weak sauce if the attempt was to poke at Gen-X. But maybe there aren't enough people who remember Big Otis from Kellog's OKs or something for them to actually target the 55+ crowd?
  8. The age based high risk group is 65 or older, so DOB around 1955. Meaning that when this ad campaign first started, that group was 17. The ads ran until 1984 (an unprecedented 12 years!) meaning its conceivable that those in their early 40s would remember the ad from their childhood. Heck, the child actor who played "Mikey" is himself only about 51 or so, so also outside the high risk category.
  9. I've passed the issue up to see if I can get someone to assist. Not sure why the form isn't working.
  10. https://support.obsidian.net/article/12-looking-for-help-on-our-older-games I'd suggest using the "contact us" feature at the bottom of the linked page. At this time in the development cycle, this forum is primarily peer-to-peer support so its unlikely developers will see your issue to help.
  11. PILLARS OF ETERNITY Official publisher customer support is available from Paradox Interactive. For Kickstarter backer assistance: Backer Support: Eternity Contact Us Page Community Technical Issues Help: Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity Technical Issues Forum As you can see this is primarily a Community help forum; it is possible that no one in the community can assist with your issue. Since we're well past the launch window odds of a developer seeing the post are not large (but also not impossible). I'd recommend also sending your issue through directly to Obsidian support via their contact form for Obsidian https://support.obsidian.net/article/12-looking-for-help-on-our-older-games or use the Paradox link above.
  12. IMO, it was a mistake to start filming the final three with the idea that the second and third films were being developed while the first was being developed and shot. They probably wasted a lot of time going up blind alley's and changing their minds regarding what they were going to do (there are several variations of this last film that were started AFTER The Last Jedi premiered).
  13. Its never been officially released - it was produced so the rights owner so he could keep the rights. He bought the film back from Corman when it was finished and sat on it (supposedly after he made a deal with FOX to make Fantastic Four films, Avi Arad had the prints destroyed, but they've been circulating in bootleg circles for years so that story may be apocryphal).
  14. I've just deleted some posts. If you can't post without calling someone an idiot, or being generally uncivil then you are doing it wrong.
  15. Its Thor from one of the Hulk TV movies. Daredevil was also in one.
  16. Can't believe I forgot the Veronica Mars movie - I pledged to kickstarter and saw it in theaters! I liked The Man from UNCLE recent movie. The movies edited from the new show with additional footage for Eurpean rerelease are a mixed bag but interesting to see. The two Dark Shadows films from the 70s are good as 70 horror films, but not necessarily good adaptions of the series. Also forgot The Wild, Wild West which was a horrible movie. I wish I forgot it more often. The Mission: Impossible movies may be good, may not be good...but I'll never watch them. I tried to watch Hawaii 5-0 but didn't like it. This was late in its run though, do I missed the early stuff that seemed to be well liked. I think Westworld is a good exploration of themes hinted at in the movies (and its a far sight better than the previous TV show, BEYOND WESTWORLD). The Magnum and MacGyver reboots aren't really the same type of show as the originals, being much more in the modern crime solving team of people with special talents genre. They're not bad shows for what they are imo, but what they are aren't what the original shows were. Haven't seen the Lost in Space reboot yet.
  17. There are tonnes of TV shows that had movies. Even more if you're counting movie reboots like A-Team. Off the top of my head - Batman: The Movie (original cast) 21 Jump Street (reboot) Absolutely Fabulous (original cast) The Equalizer (reboot) Dad's Army (both) Fantasy Island (reboot) The Fugitive (reboot) The Flintstones (cartoon during original run, live action reboot) Scooby Doo (live action sorta reboot sorta continuation of series) Mission: Impossible (reboot) Man From UNCLE (movies made from tv eps with new footage for european market + reboot) George of the Jungle (live action reboot) Peter Gunn (continuation of series; movie just called GUNN) Transformers (cartoon movie follow up, reboot live action) GI Joe (cartoon movie, live action reboot) He Man and the Masters of the Universe (reboot movie) Get Smart! (revival with original characters, reboot) Are You Being Served? (original cast) The Beverly Hillbillies (reboot) Miami Vice (reboot) Dark Shadows (2 movies with original cast, reboot) The Monkees (follow-up to the series, called HEAD) The Munsters (movie with most of cast after series cancelled) The Addams Family (reboot) Pennies from Heaven (condensed retelling of series) Quatermass (condensed retelling of series) Quatermass II (condensed retelling of series) Quatermass and the Pitt (condensed retelling of series) Quatermass Conclusion (re-edited version of series) The Brady Bunch (reboot) Doctor Who (reboot during the series run) Doomwatch (original cast I think) Bewtiched (sorta reboot sorta meta) The Dukes of Hazzard (reboot) Our Miss Brooks (continuation of series) Charlies Angels (reboots) Police Squad! (continuation of series)
  18. "Records show that the police investigation was centered around a "trap house" more than 10 miles from Taylor's apartment, and that a judge had approved a "no-knock" search warrant, meaning officers did not have to identify themselves, according to The Courier-Journal." No knock warrants should be banned in all municipalities, IMO. I understand the desire of the police to keep people from destroying evidence, but they will continue to lead to these kind of incidents if allowed to stand. Sadly, reading this story reminds me a lot of Kathryn Johnston. I'm sure there are plenty of others people who've lost their lives around the country that others could point out.
  19. "She turned me into a newt!" "A newt?" "..." "...I got better..."
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