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  1. LA Mayor Slashes LAPD Budget As Calls To ‘Defund Police’ Slowly Pick Up Steam.
  2. We'll have to ask Canada and France.
  3. Scientists Gene-Hack Human Cells to Turn Invisible.
  4. Holy moly, this guy is going to have a higher body count than Harold Shipman before this is over!
  5. Hold up, so the theory goes that police of these countries are purposely trying to infect their citizens with Covid-19 because they are "rallying" over a US police misconduct death? Per @Guard Dog, is Chauvin also singularly responsible? *blows snot bubble*
  6. Im waiting on pins and needles to see if there are Covid-19 spikes in the countries of these rallies.
  7. Schadenfreude mostly. Various countries citizens are furiously qq-ing into their beers over the actions of another, then get blasted with gas.
  8. Police fire tear gas at Paris protesters. Police fire tear gas in Montreal to disperse crowds. Hilarious.
  9. Black and Asian people in England more likely to die from COVID-19, says report.
  10. Did she get swallowed by a Kraken on her way down from jumping off a cliff? Awesome!
  11. No, thats all the looters "concerned citizens". In my case, as I left the facility, the line was outside the building, turned a corner, then continued into the parking lot. I heard there was something like 1.7M cars with expired plates and another 700K people whos drivers license had expired over the course of the state closure.
  12. As I was drinking my morning coffee when I heard the news channel say they had reopened the state facilities. So I sprang from my chair and went and got my emissions test and license plate sticker. Timing is everything! It only took me 20 minutes to get everything done but by the time I left the line was already snaking around the building. Suckers.
  13. Holy moly you make a lot of money!
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