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  1. Good luck, Calax! What neck of the woods are you living in now? In other news, I was surfing this page of weird genetics and it turns out I have sectoral heterochromia. My right pupil is half brown / half black. I always just called it my crazy eye. :shrugz:
  2. Dang it, Im jus now seeing this but Wrecked was cancelled. ;(
  3. Lions and tigers and triggers, oh my! Hilariously, "QQ" is a clown whistle and 60% of the time it works every time.
  4. If youre going to continue to average 30k miles / year, you should get something cheap because its going to be worthless after 4 years anyway.
  5. Im right there with you GD. My 2009 Camry is rocking 197K+ miles but Im just going to drive it into the ground. Not having an additional car payment is a godsend.
  6. Because of statements contained in paragraphs; 1, 5 and 8. Perhaps the WSJ states unequivocally that university participation is not mandatory?
  7. Oof, could you imagine technology behind a weapon powerful enough to push stars. I loved that show and remember being surprised it got canceled but Killjoys survived.
  8. Exactly. Because he didn't know what is Allepo.
  9. ^All that other stuff already existed so if the QQ score is completely voluntary then this is nothing more than signaling. "Look at me! Im even MORE disadvantaged!" I should have known.
  10. The Women of "Firefly" to Launch on a New Adventure in "The Sting".
  11. If the SAT is standardized, and the QQ score is standardized, how is it not the same for all schools? Its not mandatory? Just more virtue signaling? Can we circle back to someone paying off my mortgage or at least my kid college education?
  12. You bet I am! Ive 100% embraced someone else financing my life, because I deserve it. Each school is going to have a different hardship meter? Lol, that makes it even better.
  13. Something Strange Punched a Hole in the Milky Way.
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