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  1. ^Yep. And with the death of Dr. Ed Brazzelton, the manufacturing process for Unobtainium has been lost. Honestly, its not worth the hassle. We can just wait for global warming to submerge our enemies.
  2. Nova explosion visible to the naked eye expected any day now | Ars Technica Soon.
  3. I dont think Hamas is playing the victim over their losses, I think they are referring to the mountain of dead Palestinian civilians.
  4. Unfortunately, we stopped controlling the weather in Y2015. High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program - Wikipedia
  5. 'Fallout' season 2 is going to New Vegas. How might outer space tie in? | Space
  6. We can just ask Japan to take over their entire country over the weekend.
  7. New "Iontronic Memristor" Could Revolutionize Brain-Like Computing Using Only Salt and Water - The Debrief
  8. Bernard Hill, Lord of the Rings' Théoden King, Has Died (gizmodo.com)
  9. ATACMS Volley Strikes Mass Of Russian Troops Training In Eastern Ukraine (twz.com)
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