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  1. Dose 2 / Day 2: Ive been waiting all day for the other shoe to drop and...I feel fine. I even took my temperature just to see whats up and it was perfectly in range. Actually, my arm doesnt even hurt as much the first shot. Weird. I feel like Ive dodged a bullet. My wife got her second shot today so well see how she feels tomorrow. That makes the entire Gfted clan fully dosed up.
  2. Got my second shot today and so far, so good. No headache or fatigue. If I die, Ill see you all on the flipside. If I dont, I guess Ill be back later.
  3. NASA's Mars helicopter Ingenuity will head to new airfield today on 5th flight.
  4. I too had a good experience with tenants. When I got out of the military I rented out my very first starter home and after a few years they asked to buy it, so I sold it. But I didnt handle it myself, I hired a real estate company (I think it was Century 21), and at that time their services cost 10% of whatever the rent was. But for that price they always had a tenant in it and if anything needed fixing they would send over the appropriate trade. It was easy peasy and I simply set the rent amount to cover my mortgage and the 10% handling fee.
  5. What are you guys talking about? Thats a textbook example of a heroic "whistleblower" making the world aware of governmental misdeeds. A ticker tape parade should be thrown in her honor (with biodegradable confetti nats)!
  6. Ive never been able to replay a cRPG, even my beloved BG series, but Im probably a bit of an outlier. Im an unrepentant power gaming save scummer so Ill click through all of the conversation options while Im playing the first time (except evil). And since Im manually controlling a party of 5-6 different classes (some multi-classed), then I feel like I got to enjoy a good sample of the classes and abilities. So for me theres nothing really to be gained by a replay.
  7. Oh the sweet sweet irony. Considering the amount of money that the game made for CDPR (even after refunds), Im sure investors are lining up to throw money at them. "Gamers" can go cry in a hole.
  8. Crashed into a giant pile of money.
  9. Well, not the winners. But that seems to be the baked in excuse so I understand your point. Id like to think theres some middle ground between glacial and revolution.
  10. No, I dont have any distain for the people, I have distain for the process. While others feels its "working as intended", it pisses me off to no end that we cant find our ass with both hands. Almost nothing gets accomplished and what does takes years. And it seems more and more common for one side to try to "stick it to" the other side instead of working together towards goals. Ive also been around long enough to watch the pendulum of power swing back and forth so I dont really have a "side" (Dem or Rep). I just want the best possible human or AI to execute their duties.
  11. Well, they hilariously injected themselves into the 1994–95 Major League Baseball strike.
  12. That makes me wonder...do flat-Earthers think all celestial bodies are flat, or just Earth?
  13. Starship flight attempt on schedule for Tuesday afternoon.
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