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  1. If they follow "canon", he doesnt.
  2. Im not an employee of Obsidian, Im just a forum moderator. I was only trying to help you figure out whatever the return policy for Switch games is or wherever you purchased the game from. I do not have any ability to transact a refund for you. Good luck!
  3. World’s First: Spacecraft Docks to Commercial Satellite In Orbit.
  4. S2 of Altered Carbon has been released on Netflix. I guess I know what Im watching this weekend.
  5. @Hurlshot: Sorry I called you retarded. All Iraqi's left on the base were most likely completely chunked, which makes a postmortem impossible. We'll probably never get to the bottom of this magical shock wave which precisely targets US service personnel in the brain, whilst completely bypassing every other known structure and bodily system. We really need to get our hands on a Fateh warhead and see whats going on in there. Moving on, whats the think tanks opinion on the "Havana Syndrome" ray that the Cubans have devised?
  6. No. I said one was seemingly retarded (we can go with mentally challenged), one is actually damaged, and one was upset. But we can let it go. So you got any data on the impervious Iraqi's or how soft tissue damage was avoided ~6 inches to the left, right, or forefront of the affected regions? No, of course not.
  7. Actually, Ive never refunded a game in my life. If it sucks / bugged then I just eat the loss.
  8. Appeals court rules Trump administration can withhold grants from 'sanctuary cities'.
  9. Whaaa? Your only responses in the last few pages are; "nobody understands", says the word retard then complains about it, and again "I dont understand". We all get it, you dont understand anything. What more do you want me to say other than you dont have to type that out for every single one of my posts?
  10. GOG asks you to please not abuse its expansive new 30-day refund policy.
  11. You guys are so fusion skeptical! When this finally happens, its going to be a watershed moment for humanity.
  12. You dont have to say that for every post, its already implied and expected.
  13. Patents Filed for New Form of Nuclear Fusion Reactor.
  14. You keep teeing them up and Ill keep cranking them out of the park!
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