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  1. We'll pay you 125K to turn your face into robot skin. Uggo's need not apply. :P
  2. Seriously, its a race to the bottom that includes the Speaker of the House being an intern Twitter troll and a four star general is trying to land zingers. smh. Aside, I propose Trump was the overcorrection to Obama.
  3. We tried it in the 50's. Iirc, it was crazy unstable and eventually scrapped. Would be cool if someone worked out the problems with the design though.
  4. The Army and a UFO Group are Investigating Something. Im intrigued that the Army is involved.
  5. No, not really. Trump hasn't actually accomplished much of anything. He can say anything, but nothing actually happens besides a massive crescendo of piggy squealing noises. Its more a state of mind, once buttocks have become red and swollen, seemingly the only salve is to react in an opposite and angry manner. This very board is a microcosm of that. And its been mentioned that presidents don't actually have the power to act in fiat (except Obama) or even have to power to enact pet projects. So now what we see playing out in daily US politics is that no matter the idea, no matter who came up with it, the "other side" is instantly on the offensive. I feel the next administration will leverage this to show how "right" they were and how "wrong" the other side is.
  6. I cant even convince our resident think tank that I like and want living expense money so Im not too hopeful about this Sisyphus-like discussion. Do you guys think only Trump / Repubs have bad ideas? People are people and everyone thinks their way is the right way to do things. Trump has exacerbated a fundamental breakdown in our ability to work together and imo, the Dems have "no choice" but to go hard in the opposite direction. Theres no middle ground left.
  7. Pendulums swing, back and forth. For every perceived Trump wrongdoing, right or wrong, the Dems will grossly "correct" the "problems" by going in exactly the opposite direction. Our "great republic" has departed from any rational governance and now everything is a pissing contest that MUST be played out in the court of public opinion with maximum snark and minimum rationale. We'll see if Im right in 2-3 year, and I hope Im not.
  8. Lols. Another day, another existential crisis for the republic? Pants are REALLY going to be soiled when you see the crazed overcorrection of the next Dem president.
  9. The Flash Started watching again after skipping almost all of season 5. Ive been slightly entertained but I have no intention of watching Arrow and Supergirl just to see the full story of Crisis on Infinite Earths. I hate when they do that.
  10. Because you cant whine on social media with a dead phone.
  11. New Chinese military aircraft looks like flying saucer.
  12. Judging everyone from our myopic "Western" values is the same dumbness as judging the past from todays societal norms. True story. Let the swelling begin!
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