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  1. Russia reports pressure drop in space station service module.
  2. The nectar is mixed and the feeder is full. Now I wait.
  3. Got a hummingbird feeder and set it up right outside my back slider. So now Im stoked to get some nectar when I go shopping this weekend. Im getting so old.
  4. Imo, theres pros and cons. In my neck of the woods, union workers do far better than "decent working conditions and living wages" and its a much sought after position. Iirc, they only test twice a year, and theres hundreds more applicants than there are positions available. You can literally be on a wait list for months / years. Thats why its not "what you know" its "who you know" but I digress. Ive watched my friends go from ~$17-19/hour starting to ~$35-38/hour in 5 years (journeyman-->apprentice so just imagine the jump from apprentice-->whatever its called) and of course they have great insurance and retirement packages. All good for them and union workers in general but those costs are passed on to the customers.
  5. Its interesting to me that the Army and Navy variants arent having the same developmental pains.
  6. Second Attempt To Test The Air Force's First Hypersonic Weapon Fails. *sad trombone noise*
  7. I have three friend is various unions (plumber, electrical, brick layer) and not a single one are there for the "political affiliation". They are there for the job security, ridiculously high pay, and great benefits. The down side to unions is their prices are x2/x3 of non-union companies, so naturally customers in need of those services gravitate toward the more economical options. They also like to protest in front of non-union business with a giant inflatable rat, which always makes me lol hard.
  8. You would think it would at least fall under "depraved indifference" or something like that, but I dont think so. Maybe our resident lawyer will have more insight.
  9. *a new challenger enters the ring against AUS* Texas Governor Bans Mask Mandates as Republicans Embrace Death and Disease.
  10. I might be the only one on the planet that didnt hate the movie so Ill give it a looksee.
  11. Thruster Misfire? Russia’s New ISS Module Just Turned the Station Out of Position. Ah, Russia. This thing barely wheezed its way to the docking port and now this.
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