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  1. Power washed my front walk and back patio, its so satisfying to watch the dirt and grime get blasted off. /feels good
  2. Nah, were good. Working as intended. Just ask the board experts.
  3. Not the virus, you would have to be mentally diminished (which is a depressingly high percentage of the population), just exaggerate it enough to cause panic. Duh.
  4. SpaceX Gets Go-Ahead for NASA Astronaut Launch Next Week.
  5. 12 km = 7.4 miles!!! I too have been taking a stroll every day weather permitting, but Im only averaging 2.2 miles per walk.
  6. Coincidentally, after watching 50,000 hours of Pac-Man, Nvidia’s AI generated a playable clone.
  7. Need some random knowledge? There’s a chart for that.
  8. The Wrong Missy on Netflix. Pretty funny!
  9. Whos that next to Hulk? I was thinking maybe Thor, but this guy has a sword.
  10. US Military Releases New Info About Navy UFO Videos. I cant help but to be impressed that our radar systems can lock onto something as small as a suitcase!
  11. Finally scored some powdered yeast! HUZZAH!
  12. Why is your picture and real name in M2? Are you part of the programming team? High level backer?
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