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  1. Did you enable the console commands by using "iroll20s"?
  2. You are Rasmus Jarlov and I claim my 1000 Krone.
  3. Heh, that's the first thing I though of when I saw your pictures. Can you also flush the toilet?
  4. I recently traded in my car for a new (used) car. I was thiiiiiiiis close to 200k miles (199781) but it was starting to nickel and dime me so I had to let it go.
  5. 4.9%! Youre going to need to drink about 20 of them.
  6. Theres TOO DAMN MANY democratic candidates! Can you guys just point to whoever is going to give me the most free stuff so I know who to cast my ballot for?
  7. So do you guys and gals feel that you are now living in anonymity?
  8. I would agree with that. But I don't think for a minute that that would stop a state sponsored ability to crack it. For example, doesnt Apple already provide the most robust encryption protocols, which are cracked on every update by the Israelis?
  9. Huh, I thought all the squealing piggy's got it out of their system in 2013 when Snowden revealed PRISM.
  10. It would never work in a Western society anyway, were way too selfish. But imo, for a homogenized culture it is a very powerful tool that will keep them from degrading like we are.
  11. Social Credit System Yas! This is what we need in the US.
  12. Im very interested to see the development of the "social credit system" the Chinese have implemented.
  13. Yes, it is in the authoritarian direction. But I don't mean total control, something like 75% more STFU from people, especially the "media".
  14. Speaking of which, what would my political affiliation be if I want strong social controls and all my life expenses to be paid for by "the rich"?
  15. ^Since reading your mention I watched the first 3 episodes of Wu Assassin. Netflix will just bankroll anything it seems but Im going to try to push through a few more episodes.
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