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  1. F-35C With Mirror-Like Coating Photographed Aboard Carrier (thedrive.com) ADM-160 Miniature Air Launched Decoy Wreck Appears In Ukraine (thedrive.com)
  2. Maybe its a European thing? Past bogeymen never die? I dont know a single soul that was alive during WW2 and Im old as hell. Yeah, it sounds like the Cambodians are still all jacked up. 25% population loss due to murders, even more fleeing to Thailand or Vietnam. Tough to recover from that. I mean, not for me, because I dont live there, but tough nonetheless.
  3. Its interesting to me that people get upset about things that happen in foreign lands and/or before their birth. But now that I think about it, I still cant get right about that rat bastard Attila the Hun so I dont have room to talk.
  4. Iirc, the only movie King ever directed was Maximum Overdrive.
  5. Has anyone here played Dragonheir: Silent Gods (Dragonheir: Silent Gods | Download and Play for Free - Epic Games Store)? Opinions?
  6. Whats the Kissinger - Bourdain beef? Hahaha, I kill me.
  7. Im a bit confused. If a country cant accept unlimited immigration, and also cant consolidate the immigrants into concentration camps while they figure out what to do with them, then what is the solution?
  8. The Netherlands allocates 42% of there GDP on social benefits and scored in the top 10 in Healthcare, Education and Judiciary (gov-at-a-glance-2021-netherlands.pdf (oecd.org)). So surely they can absorb unlimited immigration?
  9. Promo sentence: NASA’s planned missions are one step closer to being fueled thanks to the Department of Energy’s shipment milestone of Plutonium-238.
  10. Did you have to complete a quest to get your character horns to sprout between pictures 2 & 3, or just a janky rendering?
  11. Now my home page banner is a rainbow of Great Jones dutch ovens. Honestly though I liked all the colors except taffy.
  12. Of course that would never happen, but the point was, theres never really "negotiation" when one side has the other in a choke hold. Then that side has no choice but to accept whatever scraps are offered. "A good compromise is when both parties are disappointed".
  13. The immediate and complete disarmament of Israel would be a good start.
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