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  1. ^My weekly shopping costs are unchanged. Except when I buy beef jerky...why the hell is that so expensive!
  2. Im all mixed up in this nuworld. Is "fascist" the new word for "racist"?
  3. Cyberpunk 2077’s new 1.1 update introduces a game-breaking bug.
  4. SpaceX set to launch its next Starship prototype on Monday.
  5. I dunno all the rules. In the picture Pidesco posted all the "ok" symbols were pointing up. If the "ok" symbol is pointing down is that ok? Oh crap, thats the "made you look" symbol then. Were in a real pickle here.
  6. Does this mean "loser" now, or can they still use the letter "L"?
  7. It would be kinda hilarious if they took up a campaign to corrupt every single ASL hand sign. So once "corrupted", never to return to normal?
  8. I assume youre referring to the US. Have you observed a reversal of this trend in Europe with their free education opportunities?
  9. I watched the first 3 episodes of WandaVision. Pretty good so far.
  10. According to Google, the US uses two different estate tax systems. Theres a flat 40% applied by the Federal government, but thats only applicable above 11.5M / person. Then theres 18 states that use a mixture of estate and inheritance taxes, some as low as 1M. We can argue that most people, including myself, will never be subject to those taxes, but that doesnt change the fact that taxes were already paid annually on properties and wages. Increase the initial taxes on property and wages, sure. But to double tax, even though only the wealthy will be affected, bugs me.
  11. Inheritance tax just rubs me the wrong way. Taxes were already paid the first time on the property / wages, so it just seems like double dipping to tax the "inheritance" again just because it changed people.
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