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  1. Gfted1

    Politics 2020

    I really should check my mailbox for the vote by mail ballot. Since we pay everything electronically we only check the mail every 7-10 days. Or when the mail person gets exasperated because the box is full and rings my doorbell. *note to self: increase X-mas tip to carrier*
  2. How the Pandemic Transformed This Songbird’s Call.
  3. Gfted1

    Politics 2020

    My bad, sincerely. Lately, off the top of my head, I noticed you include "US" in sweeping statements about police, closed borders between US/CA, religion, etc. so I thought you were running a joke. EDIT: And I wasnt serious about my suggestion.
  4. Gfted1

    Politics 2020

    Religion doesnt exclude science. But it is a fantastically effective way to control billions of people. Btw, your "all US" schtick will probably work better on Reddit. EDIT: Nevermind, GD on the hook.
  5. The only game thats even flickering on my radar is BG3. I dont know anything about 5E, and I didnt like DoS, but the Elder Brain instructs me to buy it on release.
  6. Gfted1

    Politics 2020

    I am disappoint that they didnt superimpose Biden on the planet, arms wide, posed like Christ the Redeemer. Truly a missed opportunity to reel in the religious folk.
  7. If I were wearing something like that Id be more worried about situational awareness. It needs a HUD and 360 degree camera on the top or something. Maybe some side mirrors?
  8. 8 strands! Its like Spiderwire on steroids (only 4 strands). Are you fishing for anything in particular or just whatever gets on your hook?
  9. What brand / test did you pick up for that price?
  10. We should all buy one of these masks. Too bad its not available in more colors, red would be snazzy!
  11. Sounds like an average weekend in Chicago. Thats true, but if I had to choose, Id rather get turned into a red mist than ginsu'd.
  12. Gfted1

    Politics 2020

    Eh, as long as they dont jack up my commute, I say let them s**t where they eat. It always gives me a warm fuzzy when rioters destroy the towns they live in.
  13. In that case a normal Hellfire is for slack jawed pacifists. Gonna need more R9X.
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