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  1. Woah, there is so much garbage in that list.
  2. This whole situation is just so damn sad. And nobody does anything to stop this. Honestly looks again as if Trump is a russian plant, because now the Kurds ally with them instead of the us, which means russia gets more territory down there. Oh well.
  3. There is some talk about the text being weirdly written, as if it was edited by a chinese person. Now that sounds like some pretty nice conspiracy, but if you look at it in detail... seems kinda fitting. /Edit: https://appuals.com/blizzard-presidents-apology-was-written-by-a-chinese-person-say-bilingual-chinese-english-speakers/
  4. Maybe the holy father sends you a message.
  5. Sure. But to me, the combat in story missions is usually nothing but a boring slog. It needs balance. Oh god, especially Guarma... not sure if I will keep playing once I hit that chapter again. What I also noticed again yesterday is how... extremely touchy some elements are. There was a guy asking me to escort him to Strawberry. Sure, I'll do it. He didn't want to get on my horse, so I decided to lead my horse and walk beside him. Worked for a few minutes, then suddenly my horse bumped into him a tiny bit and that guy completely freaked and ran away as if I'm the devil incarnate. Then I got attacked in Valentine by some O'Driscolls. THEY attacked ME. I defended myself. Suddenly deputies all around, starting to shoot at me for whatever thing I did wrong in that scene, I really don't know. Then we have the touchy bounty system. Do just one thing wrong and you get a $5 bounty, then $10, then... well, I ended up with a $85 bounty for running away. It hurts, because I'm never really rich, especially not in the beginning. These are all elements that could have been tweaked, but as far as I am aware, the only patches R* released were for Online. The singleplayer is pretty much abandoned by them. It's pissing me off, because the game is good, but it could easily be even better.
  6. Sure, but it still sucks so hard here, because the game is GOOD, but it wouldn't have been hard to make it even better. The worst offender is the Guarma part. It's... so bad. Pure railroad shooter that adds absolutely nothing to the game. Would have been better to just skip this part, imo.
  7. Looks like I bought the PS4 only for two games.
  8. Started a new game in RDR2... wanted to do this for weeks already, but never had the mood. Now with the pc announcement I couldn't hold it anymore. First thing I noticed is that the stealth part of any mission is completely useless. There is no point to it at all, because it will still end in a mass shooting anyway. Might as well start shooting right away, it changes nothing at all. The game is so damn beautiful and peaceful in free roam. It looks great, hell I could just slowly walk my horse along the road and watch. It's very much a slow game too, with the way you move around, have to grab the rifle from the horse, etc... and honestly, I very much like this. It's the style and theme of the game. It's awesome, it's *real*... ... and then you start any mission and notice right away how scared R* were about this and to compensate that, make you shoot a million bad guys along the way. It's just too much. Mindless drone swarms to headshot over and over again, in every mission. This Kiran(??) guy said, our group is very much like the O'Driscoll ... no, it is not. Out group doesn't consist of thousands of people who all die like flies. This completely rips me out of the game. It an annoys the hell out of me. Should have added A LITTLE more depth here... better ai, less drone swarms, more impactful decisions... I'm sure they could have done that if they wanted to. /edit: it probably would have worked already to just cut the amount of bad guys down to 1/3 and disable auto-aim.
  9. Yes, you have to learn the controls first. Was booting up the game again yesterday and continued with my old post-story savegame and the first thing I did was causing a ruckus in Valentine, because I shot my gun instead of whistling for the horse. Kinda doubt it will be different on PC, though. Or let's say, I'm highly impressed if they develop a whole new interface for the port.
  10. Personally I had no issues with the gamepad. Actually this makes me think that I likely won't play RDR2 online on pc, because... I don't want to play it with moue and keyboard, but I know everyone else will, so you'll be at a huge disadvantage. Sucks that there aren't any "gamepad only" lobbies, etc..
  11. Well, all their games are. You pretty much start their launcher via the other launchers, exactly how Ubisoft and Co. are doing it. So going by that nothing speaks against buying it on their platform right away.
  12. Kinda tempting, because RDO will be free, and apparently it's a lot better now than on start. But just thinking about having to grind up to level x again... ugh. /edit: Oh no, on Steam a full month later?! What kind of madness is this! Such disgrace! Shame! tbh, I don't mind Steam getting some competition. Maybe that will better the Steam service in the long run.
  13. Oi fellow Obsidianites, I'm working with large files (~8gb) and I need a place to backup them daily. Thought about an external drive, but I'm unsure what to go for here. It needs fast reading / writing speed and it shouldn't get too hot when files get copied (had that issue with an old external hdd.. the hotter it got, the slower the data transfer.. impossible to work with). Something about 500gb should cover my needs for now. Best would be if I could simply hook it behind my router as well, so that others could access it via internet connection. Anyone got ideas?
  14. I was really excited about the mars landings at first, but the more I've learned about mars, moon, and space in general.... the more I feel like it's not something we should do right now. Real habitable space stations with artificial gravity seems much more sound - the only problem is from where to get the materials to build them (can't ship everything from earth, it'd be too much and too expensive).
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