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  1. I mean, yeah, but why the hell do I need a coffee maker app on my phone? Maybe it's just me, but I loath it so hard how much apps are spamming me with messages already now. I had to disable everything on my phone, because I felt like there won't be 10 minutes of peace without anything trying to notify me about whatever unimportant stuff. Just waiting for my toilet seat to get its own app as well.
  2. Here is what I wonder: WHY is it necessary to connect the coffee maker to the internet in the first place? It's like ... you can't buy anything anymore without having to register it somewhere and give it wifi access. It's crazy, and highly annoying.
  3. Wait, they already planned for STD season 4?? Are there still so many fans left who watch it anyway, or am I wrong for thinking it's garbage? I don't understand how they can keep doing this crap that obviously doesn't get better anymore ....
  4. I still haven't finished Picard. Started watching ep1 of Discovery season 2 but instantly felt that it's just more of the same. Really looks like these people killed Star Trek for me, I just can't get into this stuff anymore.
  5. So what you're saying is that exactly nothing has changed. /Edit: Your Name is probably the best anime movie that I ever watched.
  6. See, that's why the show ended the way it did.
  7. I wanted to post exactly the same some hours ago but the forum wouldn't let me do that from the phone. Why is anyone even paying attention to that douchewaffle.
  8. Problem is that I have read about all of that already on Reddit, because there are so many people writing "hints" and think they don't spoil anything with that ...
  9. I was highly confused at first. Took me a while to realize this is about releasing on Steam.
  10. But hey, at least you can buy a new super expensive ship!
  11. I feel like it's better to stop watching entirely than starting to skip scenes. At this point, why even waste more time on it? Binged through season 2 of Attack on Titan. It's probably the most "epic" feeling and intense anime I've watched so far. It has some slog moments, but all in all it's quite captivating.
  12. The Expanse s5 trailer is out. Amazon will air the first 3 episodes on Dec 16th, and after that only 1 ep weekly, same as The Boys. I hate it. Folks are praising it for "keeping the buzz going" (lel), but let's be honest, this only happens because they want people to spend money on a 2 month subscriptions before canceling, and not just 1 month. There's simply too many different streaming services now and nobody will pay for all of them anymore.
  13. Every time the forum gets updated, it gets worse. Now everything is huge, except for the post width, which is smaller, and the readability of the post text is still not better. What's up with this huge block thing on the right side.. can I at least disable that? I'm not looking at it, I'm not interested in it, but it fills up 1/3 of my whole screen width at all times. I don't care who is the top poster in this thread, I don't care what the popular days are (why does this exist in the first place?), I don't need to always know the amount of posts, when it was created, or how much time has passe
  14. The other SH games are on PC too. Played lots of SH2 and 3 back in the days. Never finished SH4, though. It was buggy, had crappy performance, and I just hated the leveldesign and the way the story progressed (it was just one linear corridor after linear corridor,..).
  15. 50gb is the old days. The future is 100+ wherever you look.
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