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  1. Not too long ago I did some research because I needed inspiration for my Arma3 mod and bought Comanche 3 (I think), but I found it entirely useless for inspiration, as the gameplay would not translate well into Arma3. It's very much a shooter, I'd say.
  2. They are working on a new Comanche game. I honestly did not expect to ever see a new Comanche game. Trailer looks a bit weird to me. Like a game from a completely different time. Comments seem to be very negative and folks claim the original Comanche was a helicopter simulation?? I actually don't agree -- from what I remember, the last time I played the old Comanche games, they were very much arcade shooter? I'm confused.
  3. Yeah, to me it felt like... did they not know this was the final season until about halfway through? They introduced lots new stuff and then... wrapped it up quickly? Why? I appreciate how they tried to show the migrant stuff, but at the same time i'd rather have seen the old characters again which weren't shown in the past season and now appeared for 10 seconds in the final episode. And the Piper storyline angered me too. They crammed in drama where none was necessary, imo. Oh yeah, and the Piper vs. Alex storyline annoyed me since EVER. Ugh. Couldn't they just stop? All in all a very mixed bag.
  4. Wasn't there a new SWAT-like game in the works? What happened to it?
  5. At first I was like wtf this destroys my speakers because of all the clutter, but it's kinda growing on me now.
  6. It's pretty funny, because I, too, just type in random **** every time. I'm now 68 years old and too lazy to change this.
  7. Running on a loop right now. Can't wait for the new album. Just a couple more weeks left to get through.
  8. Finished watching Veronica Mars. Beginning was a bit boring. Was fun to see all the old people again... being old. What I hated was Meh.
  9. From the stuff I saw it looked like it is shaping up good? Is that not the case?
  10. Well that's a different issue entirely. I bought the pack with all three of 'em in sale. Felt like it's worth it in this case.
  11. Plus, players often don't like to restart the game for a DLC, thus the small ops-type of addons are kinda perfect for them. Personally I don't mind it either and I'm curios what the next one will bring to the game.
  12. So I started watching new Veronica Mars and damn, I didn't recognize Logan at all. Wondered for a long time if they used a different actor.
  13. Despite being quite limited, I loved Death of the Outside and played it multiple times. In fact, just reading about it right now makes me want to go back to it again.
  14. Doesn't sound all that great so far.
  15. B-but the witcher creator himself has signed up and approved it!
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