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  1. Oh please, Trump can't survive 3 hours without twitter.
  2. I thought the Pursuer was kinda easy. You can always dodge him to the right on his attack. If I remember right, my trick was to dodge forward, past him. This way you get out of his reach faster and more secure.
  3. Story twist: This dam explosion terrorist was a game designer on Fallout New Vegas, who was researching and collecting reference material.
  4. I feel like it has lost a lot steam. I'm kinda forcing myself through s3 now, because it is the last one... but so far s1 was the best, parts of s2 were good too, but it noticeably went down.
  5. What are we now, a bunch of MMO players? I'm still in FFXIV - it's horribly addictive. Probably going to spend some money on it soonish, because I'm about to hit level 35, which is as far as you can go in the free version. What I like about the game is that you can ignore ALL side quests. There is no reason to do them to grind experience for levelups, etc. You can just follow the main story and it'll be enough. It's still kinda fetch-questy and sometimes the game is seriously sending you from left to right, but at least you don't have to grind like in other MMOs.
  6. Started watching Devilman Crybaby on Netflix. I'm just like wtf half the time.
  7. Heh, I started playing Final Fantasy XIV yesterday (the free thing). Just wanted to check it out, because boredom, but now I'm kinda starting to dig it. Main issue right now are all the fetch quests, though. Kill this, kill that, walk here, walk there,... However, the main quest seems interesting, so I've decided to follow it some more and ignore all the boring filler.
  8. I just remembered that one scene in the first or second episode. Picard was standing in his room, but the camera didn't look at him, it was pointing at his old timey wooden clock and you'd see Picard's reflection in it. To me, this particular scene is the show boiled down. This scene made no damn sense, there was no reason for it to be there, it tried to look artsy but failed, and it was just uncomfortably long. Oh, and what about all these lens flares?! There is no light source in front of the camera!! Why is there a lens flare right now?? WHY IS IT EVERYWHERE.
  9. Then you're the only one around here who likes it.
  10. I've read that people in america are now killing regular bees, because they think they are "murder Hornets".
  11. God damnit, I never even realized that, and I only play Malkavian when I replay it. Guess it's because I never really liked the outfits, so I never bothered with them at all. /Edit: Or because I always play female vampires, because... reasons.
  12. Problem with Alien: Isolation is that it needed to be shorter. 3 times I thought I'm in the endgame now and the game will end soon, but it always kept going and going and going. Would have been better if they had cut some stuff from the middle. Feels like a lot of the android parts were only added so players can shoot with guns for a while.
  13. Dunno if they are clueless. Watched the video and to me it looks like they (police) wanted this to happen. Ofc they didn't want to be recorded, though.
  14. Is it good places? I bet this whole genital thing is just blown way out of proportions.
  15. Pretty sure that's not true. PS: The Vampire game trailers above are horrible.
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