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  1. So that's why Ubisoft games weren't accessible while the sale runs? Didn't they said it was "a software issue"?
  2. Reminds me of when we rolled back FOnline: 2238 to the 2009 release build as april 1st joke. Players always said that "old FOnline was the best", but this blast from the past didn't agree. So many missing features, unresponsive ai, balance tweaks and whatever else. Didn't realize how much the game had changed with every update over the years.
  3. Makes me realize that I really loath Blizzard's visual styles. For me it's just always way too much. The ornaments, the proportions, all that stuff just looks so unappealing to me.
  4. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/state-department-orders-emergency-government-employees-iraq/story?id=63046559 How long until Retardica starts the next war it won't win?
  5. What probably annoys me the most is that most of the issues I have with the episodes could easily get fixed without having to extremely alter the storyline. Just like it was mentioned before- have her attack the ships at night in the last episode, BAM it doesn't feel that nonlogical anymore. In the one before, let the scorpions on the ship be hidden under a blanked or whatever and unwrap them once the dragons are very close, BAM now we explained why she didn't took the ships seriously. When Jon & Crew were in the icy north, stuck on that small hill surrounded by water -> make the hill bigger, let them put up a tent or two with a tiny fire and BAM now it feels like they weren't stuck there for 10 minutes while blacksmith was running back to the wall, raven was flying to Dany and Dany came with a dragon to pick them up. There's so many scenes like that which could have been fixed with just adding a few more details. For some reason they chose not to do this, though.
  6. For me, she's stupid ever since day 1. Can't remember when I didn't facepalm about her.
  7. Well, I liked that GoT episode. Only one thing was bugging me this time: the super precise scorpions suddenly weren't super precise anymore. Hell, suddenly soldiers couldn't even move them while in the last episode, we've seen them machinegun-fire the heck out of them.
  8. Not the sharpest one, I guess.
  9. "let's move and keep quiet" *shoots gun* Meh, looks like the same old, boring coop cliches. Real gameplay won't look anything like that anyway.
  10. Yeah but that makes it a different swamp.
  11. Reminds me of this http://www.steaksmoothie.com/?comic=dunkey
  12. Made something in 7 days a couple weeks ago and was finally able to release it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1731998436
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