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  1. "Good news thread," started March 20, 2020 and has 3 pages. Sounds about right.
  2. It's just such a pain. This is where FNV really shines, imo. The quests are most of the time limited to a small area and if they send you somewhere else, then always with logic behind it. TES games (edit: and Bethsoft games in general) in contrast will send you to a stupid cave at the end of the world "just because". An example from house Hlaalu in Morrowind: Talk to quest giver in Vivec, he sends me to Caldera. The dude in Caldera will send me to Vivec. Once I am in Vivec, the guy will seriously send me back to Caldera. AND WHEN I AM BACK IN CALDERA, THIS GOD DAMN **** SENDS BE BACK
  3. Then that means Life is Strange probably took inspiration from it. In any case, Erased was a great watch and I want more of such quality.
  4. I have returned to my old Morrowind savegame (playing with latest OpenMW). Savegame said I have played for 2 days and 15 hours. Finished Tribunal and barely half of the main games story. Thanks to the absolute garbage quest tracking, it took me a couple hours to retrace my last steps and figure out where exactly in the main story I am. Man, if we wouldn't have wikis with all that detailed info, it would have been impossible to figure out what to do next. Honestly, Morrowind is still a great game. It feels good, looks reasonably good (especially with latest OpenMW features for
  5. Just the popular stuff on Netflix. Btw. "Erased" was very good. Watched it twice even. It is drawn in a more realistic style with none of the usual anime tropes. Really wish there would be more like that. I checked the wiki and it turns out Erased was released *after* Life is Strange. I'm pretty sure that game served as inspiration.
  6. Well I think art style is very important. One reason why I hate many animes is that I just loath this maid style stuff. Or this typical anime hair, you know. Over the last year I've watched *a lot* anime stuff. Like, really, feels like I am morphing into a weeb thanks to the Obsidian forums. And this only started because I've watched an anime that was *not* looking like your typical lazy and generic anime (it was Your Name, by the way. Probably the highpoint of all of anime. I keep searching for more like that, but I just can't get it anymore. This is how late-stage drug addicts must fe
  7. You could send Trump to the american part of Cuba.
  8. I think it's quite obvious what is going to happen.
  9. For a long time I didn't even realize they were split. Just wondered one day why there was so little Trump in the thread.
  10. ^ Got scrubbed, by the way. Next try is today I guess. Last thing I heard, the weather report wasn't that great, though, so there is a good chance it won't happen today either.
  11. I was never big into Karate Kid either. Watched the movie maybe once. However, season 1 of Cobra Kai was really good. It's just that once it got picked up by Netflix, the quality dropped hard and they turned a good promise into just another generic drama show.
  12. Reminds me that I still haven't continued with Cobra Kai season 3. For some reason after the first 2 episodes I felt completely burned out and couldn't find the motivation yet to move on with it.
  13. I just binge watched The Lower Decks. It was ... ok, I guess. Not as bad as I feared, but also not exactly great. Basically it feels like any other such animated tv show from the last two years. Generally it feels very similar to Final Space, but that one is much better, imo. At least it's not as stupid as Picard and STD, etc.
  14. If this is serious, it's probably the dumbest stuff I've read today. If we would kill every bird that is an "illegal immigrant", we'd be shooting birds all day.
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