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  1. I didn't even know there was a first DLC. Thought the game bombed completely. Personally I couldn't even make it through 2 missions... not sure if I should give it a chance again or if that's it for me..
  2. Actually all of this guy's animations are so good, they want to make me replay the game and even use weapons that I never liked before.
  3. Wow, is it really that long already? Damn, time is running so fast. Personally I didn't really like season 2. If I'd rewatch the show, then probably only s1. Hope that s3 will be better again.
  4. Man, I really want to play the first game, but ... there's always so much going on in every scene, I just can't see what's going on.
  5. Already downloaded it and moved my Alpha offline characters over to it. Lost the shared stash, but whatever, at least the character import worked fine.
  6. It looks like any other X-Com clone from the past few years. Yet another Jagged Alliance game that isn't Jagged Alliance, this crap sure ain't funny no more. Guess it's the last straw, as this is the first time they seriously call it "3" and not make it seem like a spin-off. Honestly, I'm already pissed off now.
  7. If you think LiS1 is too hipstery, True Colors will make your head explode.
  8. I mean, Deathloop is still just a multiplayer shooter, no? Not much time stuff can be done in that scenario unless they do something so wild I can't think of it right now. It's very unlikely that I will ever play it, even though I like Arkane games... simply because I don't play multiplayer shooter.
  9. Yeah I know. Noticed it too late (the what are you playing thread was somewhere far away at the time of my writing) and then didn't want to bother with it anymore. Threads are closed soon-ish anyways. Well, the first game has well written characters, the story is interesting, the whole high school nostalgia is a big sell as well, the graphics are nice (still nice today), the music is good if you like that kind of indie stuff. The emotional reactions are probably the biggest sell for me. Not gonna lie, I want to feel something when gaming, and LiS1 delivers. Of course it has some weak points as well, but bleh, every game has something to complain about, just have to look long enough and in the case of this game, the positive are outweighing the negatives, imo.
  10. Well, it sounded kinda believable to me, as some sort of special ending. Shame they didn't went with it --- I guess the developers didn't even realized what kind of world they were creating there. Man, I really don't want to **** on the game so much, but it's just that these things are enough to ruin the experience for me. Half of my complaints aren't even unfixable... just needs someone to put the work into it.
  11. I could write even more. Such as your character barely talking about making music, but then in the end they are suddenly all like "but you always wanted to do music and sing on stage!" ... and I'm here like, what, when the hell did that happen?? Also that's another point on the hipster list... becoming a big name artist with your acoustic guitar alone on stage, as if that is the most normal thing in the world. That feels like someone was projecting hard while writing this. If I had to rate the game from 0 to 100, I would probably do something like 70. It's not a bad game and if one likes the first game (I haven't played the second, so can't compare), chances are good that one will like this one too. It's just that all this over the top perfect world hipster stuff and the issues with the dialogue timings are just ugh. The "empath" stuff is a stain as well, but I don't remove that many points for it, because thanks to the way of the story, it can mostly be waved away as bad writing. That said, I am using "hipster" as a negative in all of this. Personally I don't mind hipster stuff, hell I'm probably half one as well and there is lots of stuff that I like about it. It's really just that the game is basically exterminating everything else and hipster is everywhere. It's simply too much. It reminds me of danger hairs and mentally unstable people who see themselves as perfect and open, but are actually just self-absorbed idiots who you want to keep away from. It's a hipster circle-jerk. The funny thing is, I could never write that in any dedicated LiS board (or reddit sub) without getting downvoted into oblivion, because many of exactly these people are hanging around there and will feel personally attacked. Heh.
  12. Link to that? I just did a google search and nobody says that.
  13. I have played through the new Life is Strange yesterday. Before I go on with a huge rant, I want to say that the game is not terrible. It has its moment and I did not regret having bought and played it. With that said .... ... oh boy, where do I even start. This is really hard for me to put into words without having it look like disconnected ramblings, so let's begin with the obvious and see where it leads. This whole game is like... a masturbatory hipster fantasy. Holy ****, it's so over the top, there was more than just one moment where the cringe wanted to make me puke in a bucket. The game is set in the year 2019, in a small mining town, they have a vinyl record shop (I have found 3 vinyl players in different houses), of course it has an indie movie theatre, the whole town looks like what a hipster thinks utopia is like. There's fancy flower pots and stuff all over the place, and nobody is littering. I've already noted it when the first trailer came out -- the whole town looks like a creepy cult site because it's just not real. If this location would be real, it would be the most fakest town ever, and I guarantee the people living there must all be neighbors from hell. While yes, LiS1 (I haven't played LiS2) also has its fair share of hipster stuff, it was still 100 times more down to earth than what this game is doing. It's like they had a huge checklist of hipster stuff and worked through it from a to z. The next point on my list is the dialogue. Everything feels so off. There are lots of awkward pauses up to a point where I wondered if they forgot to correctly master the cutscenes. These awkward pauses underlined with a creepy teeth-smile that every character has, makes it feel like you are interacting with aliens who pretend to be humans. Holy crap, maybe that's why the town is so creepy? I cross-checked this with Before the Storm (played the first chapter yesterday), as that game was also made by Deck Nine, and the difference is huge. Here the dialogue is fast paced, smooth, and never awkwardly creepy unless it is supposed to be like that. So... what the hell went wrong in True Colors? Who the hell thought that this is good??? Surely someone at least in QA must have noticed it?? What also made me want to vomit is the whole "empath"-thing. This is not hyperbole, I hate it so much, it's just disgusting. Feels like the game is trying to cater to a very specific kind of people. How should I put that in words... you know, some people see themselves as "empaths" -- they pretend to be able to read "the aura" of people and their emotions. Now the thing is, I had experience with people like this, and they are almost always disgustingly self-absorbed narcissists. If you want a YouTube drama example of such a person, google "Shane Dawson empath" and you get the gist of it. The game just kept making me think about this and in turn I couldn't take it serious. At one point Steph says how cool it is that Alex (the player character) is an empath and that she always wanted to have an empath friend... NO YOU DON'T. This is where the game shifted into crazy territory for me. Self-proclaimed empaths are nutters and you want to stay away from them unless you really need that added touch of drama in your life. That said, the story itself holds up quite well and feels more down to earth and "real" because it doesn't really feature any unbelievable supernatural events, etc. In theory you could remove the whole empath thing and the story would still be playable. While it wasn't anyting epic etc. I thought it was done pretty nicely and I really don't have anything to complain about that. The characters are almost all well written and likable. This time I even almost sided with the male romance option, which is probably a first for me. Still ended up with Steph, though, because I'm horny, not gonna lie. (The romance is pretty toned down this time. No naked sexytime or similar. I almost wouldn't even call it a deep relationship .. more like, the very early beginnings, which probably helps making it feel more real and less forced (like Rachel Amber and Chloe, who went the "I love you"-route after knowing each other for a couple hours).) I also like how much they got out of the few actual maps that the game has. There's just like... I dunno, 10 different maps or so, but they all look nice and feel like they serve a purpose. Nothing is there "just because". However, the outside map has issues with invisible walls and unnaturally blocked off roads. This kinda reminded me of the maps in The Last of Us 2, which also had really crappy map borders... would have been easy to fix it, dunno why someone decided the stuff has to look this bad. Most of my complaints are from the first and second chapter. The first chapter was *way too slow* ... seriously... all these awkward pauses and badly edited cutscenes that make you cringe like there is no tomorrow. The second chapter finally had things going, but now the game is rushed and you are supposed to care about people that you don't even know. With the third chapter (~ half of the game) it finally picks up and I started to really enjoy it. The final "end battle" was well written and the emotional impact was immense. The actual ending, however, was way too long and ruined it all again, which sucked hard. Not sure how much the story choices actually matter in this game, but I like that they always made me stop and consider what the possible outcome might be. It also made me think about the moral aspect of my actions. To give an example, there is a scene where you have the option to "remove" the anger emotion of a person. The game heavily implies that this will help the person and make everything better, but me personally, it made me stop and think ... should I really be doing that? After all, doing this would be disgustingly manipulative, which brought me back to the further above mentioned "empath" thing -- people manipulating other people for personal gain. It's just wrong. Now I have no clue what would happen if I had done it, but the game later rewarded me with a pretty nice scene and a honestly really good outcome (tl;dr -- you have to let people heal on their own and not manipulate them into it). Of course if I would be getting the same scene after sucking out all the anger, I'd trash the hell out of this game for being such garbage. Anyways ... as I initially said, the game isn't completely terrible. The story is interesting and feels "real", the characters are well written, and the conflicts are well done too. It's just that they went so overboard with all this hipster stuff that the game world feel like a fever dream. I 100% guarantee you, if this location would be real, everyone living there would actually be a terrible person. The weird dialog editing and the lacklust performance of the voice actors at times (another issue with the editing?? No directed recording sessions?) also doesn't really help it. There's more I could write about the game, but I have a hard time focusing and getting everything in order (sadly I'm just not a good writer). So I'll just keep it at that... Probably not going to replay the game anytime soon (or ever?) unless they add an option to skip dialog (oh yeah, you can't skip dialog, I tried). Yadda-yadda, the music was nice.
  14. This is just damn mirror universe again.
  15. I'm pretty sure remaking KOTOR2 would cost them too much money. I don't have any interest in KOTOR1. Tried it back in the days, made it to the second planet or something and then stopped playing, as it felt so boring. The only thing I remember is that everything felt like I was just following a linear tunnel.
  16. I just watched the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and while it has some meh parts, it all in all was actually really nice. Very nostalgic and feels more like a family reunion or something like that.
  17. I didn't like it. Though maybe part of the reason for that is that I couldn't get into the art style. It just felt so meh to me.
  18. That looks so lame and generic. Are people excited about this kind of stuff?
  19. I have all signatures disabled, because you people were causing too much screen noise for me with all your appendixes.
  20. Crazy that No Man's Sky was able to get out of the crap it started in. Usually games with such a release are dead in the water and will never recover.
  21. All that stuff is leaving but not DS9?
  22. Looks nice, but also too good to be true. There must be a catch to it. Hope it won't release as console-only first. /edit: just saw it releases on all platforms. Nice.
  23. The only news site I follow is this one.
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