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  1. Goliath season 1 was interesting, but I stopped watching season 2 after episode 2 or so. For god knows what reasons, the quality went completely off the rails and it sucked all motivation to continue watching this show out of me.
  2. Yeah, it's just so depressing. This could be good, but it simply isn't. It weirds me out that all the news feed around me are praising this thing so hard, and I'm sitting here, wondering wtf they smoked or if they even actually saw the show?! The only thing that keeps me watching right now is that I don't have any other show running, friday evening is boring, and I'm tired, so I just switch it on and go with it. /Edit: To add to that. Last episode felt ok, but as soon as they switched to the emo-romulan it just turned me off so hard again. This guy is the same as that klingon-whatever dude in Discovery and I just want to projectile vomit over this damned cliche. /Edit2: Apparently there's rumors about Star Trek being in trouble. If this is true, then... I dunno, maybe they should have made *Star Trek* tv shows instead of what we got?
  3. Yeah, I love the first 2 releases, and a few songs here and there from everything that followed... but generally it really wasn't my thing. Hope this new album will change me again, but I'm still cautious.
  4. I was more into Dichen Lachmann. Saw her first in The 100 and she instantly stood out to me. She's got a... unique face. And I'm guessing this tribal stuff is my kink, I dunno.
  5. Really digging this old school punk style. Hope the new album will be better than the last one... didn't liked it at all except for 2 or so songs. Too many collaborations ruined it for me.
  6. Bit funny how s1 got criticized for "the strong focus on the white main character" and in s2 it's now a black main character. S1 fell completely apart in the end, imo. It'll be interesting to see what they do with s2. Hope there won't be too many flashbacks, because truth told, I found them to be damn boring.
  7. Download the RPG Maker and click some stuff together. Build a small prototype - as small as possible and then go from there. Once that is done, you can start thinking of custom engines and whatever else. It doesn't make sense thinking about such stuff if you don't even know the basics yet.
  8. I didn't mind e3 all that much - wasn't written as horrible as e2. And it didn't have these weird pseudo-art scenes with Picard visible in the window of a clock for no reason or something. Actually I like the borg cube idea. But that's pretty much it.
  9. Maybe they want to force people off of Steam, but at the same time keep the money from people who want to stay with Steam no matter what?
  10. Watched Anne with an E. Season 1 was actually surprisingly good. Really liked it. Then season 2 happened and I noticed it feeling different. Took me until 3/4 of that season till I realized what has happened... the show became super PC. Season 3 is even worse. There is so much weird, awkward, and over the top political correctness in it, it's just weirding me out. All in all the show was still good, but couldn't shake off this constant feeling of unbelievability. Oh yeah, and you have these clear-cut heroes and villains, and "middle ground" characters who are always against X until Anne does something and in the next moment they don't mind X anymore. It became kinda tedious in the end. I'm not surprised the show got canned, tbh. Bit of a shame, but oh well.
  11. We've released Fallout et tu v1.0 today. The Fallout 1 to Fallout 2 engine conversion is now (core-) feature complete. That means, every Fo1 feature that was missing in Fo2 (red dots on worldmap, "Tell me About"-button, and lots of under-the-hood stuff) has been re-implemented by us. The changelog since the last update 1 month ago has become gigantic. Personally I didn't expect we'd be fixing so many issues in such a short time. Most of these are either vanilla Fo1 bugs/issues, or stuff introduced by the Fixt mod. Anyways. If interested, follow this link: https://github.com/rotators/Fo1in2/releases/tag/v1.0.1700 or this link: https://nma-fallout.com/threads/fallout-et-tu-release-v1-0.218045/page-18#post-4360863
  12. Picard e2 was.... I have no idea what that was. Half the time it felt random and then it suddenly ended in the middle of something? Damn it, I really wanted to like this show, but it feels as if it gets as botched as STD. Even if it's not the same level as stupid, it's still not really great.
  13. Damn I shouldn't watch that, because I know what they say is true. Who knows, maybe the Picard show will improve a lot more in the net few episodes.
  14. I really love the design of the Zumwalt, though. Think it looks great and very futuristic.
  15. I'm torn on it. On the one hand it doesn't have a mushroom drive that makes your space ship flip in position and teleport to god knows where. On the other hand... 213374U kinda points it out. So far I'm also at "huh, better than expected", but I can already feel the stupid. I bet you there will be the same old super-people who can do everything and there will be lots of cringe. If not from Picard himself, then his younger surrounding cast that will carry all the action sequences. I really want this to be good, but Kurtzman ... urgh. Now I'm wondering if and when we are getting The Orville season 3.
  16. So I did some more tests with my TV -- turns out the input lag becomes worse depending on the screen resolution. Now I'm not sure if it's actually the resolution itself, or the performance of the game, because obviously if I reduce the resolution, I'm also gaining more fps, while increasing the resolution reduces my fps. This would explain why MGS5 runs so well... this game is well optimized, I simply have very good fps while playing. If I crank up the resolution to 4k, I also get noticeable input lag. I've also tested Dishonored - Death of the Outsider, which also runs pretty well. For Hollow Knight, I've read that lots of folks have input lag with it... apparently it's simply the Unity engine. HOWEVER, the game runs perfectly fine on my pc monitor... the moment I move it to the tv, it's all crappy. But maybe it's still all related? I have good fps on my pc, but because it's "local" so everything is fine. Once I move it to the TV, there's additional strain due to the 12m HDMI cable and the lag becomes noticeable. The Unity-engine theory could also be supported by The Long Dark, which uses the same engine and *also* has noticeable input lag on my TV. Also to note: I have yet to see any screen tearing, so I'm assuming the input waits for the image to be "complete" before showing it, and thus naturally lag is produced? I'm a 100% noob in this area, so I dunno if that's a thing or not. Just a wild guess. Also to note2: When I'm writing about input lag, I don't mean 10 second delays. It's barely a second, but it's just so obvious.
  17. Not a surprise, but what exactly does "more dire than" mean?
  18. Yeah, I did some fiddling with it. Turns out the bright edges were screen sharpening. It didn't happen while moving, because the game had motion blur activated, so the sharpening effect obviously didn't look as bad then. I've set it to 0 and now it looks fine. I've also found out that my mainboard / CPU can't do 4k in 60hz on HDMI 2.0 - so the picture was automatically in HDMI 1.2. I've reduced the screen resolution down to 1080p. It works with HDMI 2.0 now and generally looks more fluid. However, there is still a problem with input lag - MGS5 runs pretty well and I hardly notice anything, but in Hollow Knight it's plain obvious. The game feels sluggish and slow, which sucks hard. Not sure if there is anything else I can do to improve this... It's weird, because on my old TV it was running fine and that one already supported 1080p ... so what exactly is causing the input lag now? The (fiber optics) HDMI cable is almost the same length as my old one... probably 2 meters longer, but I doubt 2 meters make or break the experience?!
  19. I'd probably install Ubuntu. From all the ones I tried, it felt like the most accessible.
  20. Saw a review on YouTube about Another Life and that killed all interest I had in the show. Better not to waste any time with it.
  21. I've tried playing some MGS5 on my new TV (via HDMI cable from my PC) and noticed some odd behavior: Whenever I'm standing still and don't move, the whole screen seems to sharpen a lot. Tried to make a screenshot of it, but there it isn't visible, so I'm assuming the TV is doing some weird post processing on (mostly?) still images. It's pretty ugly, because everything gets bright, white-ish borders. Does anyone around know about this? My old TV wasn't doing that... then again, my old TV also wasn't a 4k one.
  22. True. But just thinking about the next time I have to move somewhere else stresses me out, because this thing is so huge and apparently quite fragile. It's one of the reasons why I try to buy as little physical stuff now as possible... the more you have, the more moving the house becomes a pain in the arse. Especially if the next one might be smaller than the current one (I've already downgraded and had to fit in A LOT into a small space). A part of me wishes to just throw away half the stuff I have, because I rarely use it anyway. But there's memories attached to everything, and it would pain me a lot.
  23. My new 55" tv arrived. It's... pretty awesome. Need to rewatch a bunch of movies now. Fury Road, Interstellar, etc... it's like being in my own little cinema.
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