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  1. I really like his Dredd movie. Wouldn't mind another one.
  2. You are right, which makes me roll my eyes even harder. That person could have just not written that, but instead had to jeopardize their whole point with this.
  3. Yeah, that part was stupid and unnecessary.
  4. An air leak, again?? Do they try to kill everyone on the ISS or why does that keep happening?
  5. IMO the film came out too late. The time of end time movies was ... ending. Same with Postman, which is actually a pretty good movie (except for the last chapter, which is just terrible american patriotism that makes me want to vomit). Nowadays these movies have gained in popularity again. The old hate seems to be forgotten and now people see them as the movies they are. At least worth a watch. I'm curious about a waterworld tv show, but I fear they would throw in too much useless drama and half the story will be set on land in a small forest, because everything else would be too expensive.
  6. It's not just the US anymore. I know a czech person who is strongly anti-union with one of the arguments being that unions make his job worse and stuff like that.
  7. Damn, they aren't doing it anymore? This was the only way I could experience the Picard ending and the other seasons of STD.
  8. I'm curious why they are releasing this as "part 1" - maybe they were unsure if people would like it and thus released just a bit at first instead of a whole season? Or maybe part 2 would have needed so much time that they didn't want to wait for it any longer?
  9. Watched the new He-Man. Not bad, but sadly a bit too short.
  10. Well, the crew fighting with each other isn't really what is putting me off of the new Trek. It's all the dumb schlock and non-sci-fi and quickly ****ted out storylines that make me question my sanity.
  11. Why do they allow Kurtzman to rape Star Trek so much. I don't understand this ... is ... is the problem actually us? Does everyone like the new Star Trek and it's just us few who hate it?
  12. I liked the ending of BSG. Made it much sense? Not really, but it didn't matter to me at the time (and still doesn't).
  13. Always remember that some trolls like to play both sides just to stir up drama.
  14. Well, that's pretty cool. Kinda wish we would get new expansions for other old games as well. In fact, I kinda hope they will find a way to add new content into Diablo 2 Resurrected.
  15. I didn't had the time to dive into it much, but is this a real expansion, for money and stuff, or just a mod? Couldn't make that out in short time and I also can't find any screenshots, etc.
  16. "appeared to be exploratory" says it all to me.
  17. Yeah, I thought the same -- so much text and in the end nobody knows anything more. The only thing we've learned from this is that MCA indeed only has been hired as honeypot for kickstarter. Same for Brian. Though the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. For example we know that lots of dialog written by MCA in the past was cut not because it was bad or something, but because it was just way too much. I mean, just look at FNV Lonesome Road, or Rose ... the dialogues are endlessly long-winded and don't fit in style with anything else in the game. Or look at Durance in Pillars. They almost feel like their own game inside a game. It's as if Obsidian just said "f- it, just let him toy around with these few characters so we won't be bothered anywhere else."
  18. https://chrisavellone.medium.com/what-the-****-happened-to-bloodlines-2-1ad557bf2284 Personally I have written this game off.
  19. "However, an unexpected result occurs when the town becomes its own nation, separate from the US. Thus Sarah and the rest of the town must grapple with developing their own country. " If this doesn't end up with some big company rounding them all up and shooting them dead, it's probably one of the least believable american drama tv show stories ever.
  20. Why is there a shortage now? Because due to the pandemic, people realized they don't want to work for ****ty pay anymore. Guess this hypocritical "you are all heroes"-bs wasn't helping much either. Honestly, it's probably one of the good things that came out of the pandemic (at least in america, I guess). Another theory I've read about why companies are increasing minimum wage all of a sudden is that they don't want new laws being introduced which force them into paying more, because those usually come with more strings attached than just increasing set minimum wage.
  21. "but muh burger prices!11" You know, maybe some people would spend more money on burgers if they would earn more money. And maybe the quality of the burgers would increase if the company would use the money to improve quality instead of filling their pockets as much as possible. That being said, I just remembered that politicians argued unemployment benefits need to be cut down, because it's higher than minimum wage garbage jobs are paying and thus nobody wants to do those jobs anymore. Instead of increasing minimum wage, they keep trying to force people into slaving away. Americans truly are funny people.
  22. This whole situation is so wtf to me. If you read about how little they get paid in murica for the kind of work they have to do, it's a miracle that people keep up with it for so long.
  23. Copyprotect mechanics causing bad performance in games? I have never heard of such a thing before!
  24. That anyways. Truth told, I never liked the whole Ciri, etc. stuff. In fact, I had to force myself through most of it, because it felt boring to me. The short stories on the other hand, I've reread them all multiple times.
  25. I just hope they won't be rushing through all the small storylines again. For me, the biggest issue with s1 is that everything goes by so fast. There is not a moment of breathing in it.
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