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  1. I still don't understand the pronoun thing. What exactly does they/them mean? As a non-native english speaker it just breaks my brain.
  2. I think the difference between creators and consumers is that creators often want to do something different at some point. You just want to advance in some way / get away from the old and do something new. Consumers on the other hand just want the same experience. They want to feel the same as the last time and if the new doesn't feel like what they know, then "it's not it anymore." Honestly I can feel both sides. As a creator myself, after years I just want to throw in some lolz to freshen things up. But as a consumer, I just want to murder whoever ruined my Fallout games.
  3. This is the only good thing that came out of that product. Might as well just look it up on youtube instead of wasting time and suffering through the rest of it.
  4. I've played SR3 and SR4 (and Gat out of Hell, but let's not talk about that one) in coop with a friend and that made them even better, because you could laught about stuff together and just **** around in the game world.
  5. They will just do more crap for the online parts. No thanks. Take-Two can eat it and die for all I care.
  6. I really want to like SR4 the most, because it has so much funny crap in it, but sadly it made driving cars and stuff completely useless, which is why I find SR3 better.
  7. It's getting better all the time, imo. Especially the changes in art style and use of colors are great. The spin-off with Kishibe Rohan was pretty good as well.
  8. Finally started watching Jojo's Bizzare Adventures - Diamond is Unbreakable. Crazy how good Jojo became over the years. For me it's probably one of the best animes now.
  9. lol Jessica Chobot looked so bad in ME. I wonder if they did that on purpose.
  10. It's not about the showing off, it's the camera work combined with the positions where the game freezes and waits for your input that is atrocious.
  11. lol I forgot how obvious that Mirana ass-shot was. I honestly don't mind the change, but I think the new camera position is pretty crappy as well. Actually the whole camera work in that scene is just bad. The shot before and right after isn't good either. It's just way too obvious how they want to frame her body.
  12. Vol.3 was already announced for May 2022.
  13. I also liked the DLCs almost more than the main game. Death of the Outside is still my absolute fav, though. Talking to rats? Big plus-plus.
  14. Arkane is Bethsoft, but it's not *Bethsoft* so comparing the writing really doesn't work here.
  15. Something about life and meaning of things and stuff. But it felt completely unbelievable to me, due to how the people were behaving. It just felt so pointless in the end. /Edit: I've cautiously read some comments about it now, and I guess the constent is that Vol. 2 feels watered down and not as rough and "adulty" than the first season has been. It's like it became family-tv friendly?
  16. Yeah, that's the best ones. Everything else is pretty much forgettable. The one with the giant was interesting too, but it just kinda ... ended in nothing.
  17. Finished it right now. It was ok. The 8 episodes thing was a bit of a bummer for sure. The episodes itself.. well, at least there was not another "few fighting against waves of enemies"-story again. Not sure what to think of the 8 episodes other than "it was ok" .. It didn't really make me think about stuff, I guess. 2 episodes with failing autonomous robots .. could probably have cut one of them. The one with the whales is probably the best episode. /Edit: Kinda feels like season 2 was supposed to have 16 episodes, but they decided to split it up into Vol. 2 and 3 for some reason.
  18. Right side dude looks to me like that singer who sings about stalking a woman. What's his name .. Lionel Richie?
  19. I have a hard time believing that this would ever be allowed.
  20. Streamed games mean you can't make mods for them, so I will never touch em.
  21. I just checked out the PS store... costs 60€ for the PS4 and 40€ for the PS5... Nah, I'm good.
  22. So this is a sequel? Is the first game available on PC or only console?
  23. I think it's more that 1950s sci-fi writers knew what they were writing about. Sci-fi of today is most of the time just fantasy where magic is disguised as technology.
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