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  1. ^ To be fair, especially as I grew older, I try to be pretty open minded or at least neutral. I mean I'm probably one of the "few" older trekkies/trekkers/whatever who actually somewhat likes the first two Star Trek reboot films (the rest were meh) because I looked past the ST and just saw them as silly action movies, unconcerned with what they were doing to any lore. Games into movies tho ... at least ones that aren't full blown story games (eg, Last of Us) ... it's not about lore, it's turning game graphics into live action. Never feels like it turns out right/I usually dislike it. Maybe akin to some anime vs live-action gripes a bit. Eh...maybe BL the movie will be lightly entertaining.
  2. ^ Yeah I remember when it started EA. I was interested until 3rd party registration (nothing "wrong" with that, just a personal quirk of mine) and have ignored it since (literally, so Steam would stop telling me about it). I think back then it didn't have Offline mode either. Leaning towards getting it. If nothing else, sorta want to support the offline-sp mode (they're separate from online chrs) being included.
  3. Anyone trying Last Epoch? It's out of early access finally. It needs a company/not steam 3rd party registrations so I was kinda ignoring it, but now I see it has a full Offline ability and my interest has suddenly skyrocketed. Plus getting good gameplay reviews. Negative user reviews at the moment seem to mostly regard the typical laggy/long load/access server at launch issues (they're working on it). But since I don't care about Online playing, no skin off my nose. It does have a cash shop but so far no indications from anyone that it's p2w, just cosmetics and things like portal skins, maybe ala Path of Exile etc. Only $35 too. Hm.
  4. *watches that Borderlands trailer* As a huge fan of the Borderlands 1 and 2 and a ... uh ... player of BL3 stuff, my reaction to chr. casting (all of it, not just Hart) and the oddly cheap looking cos-play look is still Edit: feels like they're going for a Guardians vibe, and a younger audience.
  5. Ah! Well, if I end up buying it at some point and it has a soundtrack version, I'm getting that one.
  6. ^ LOL - looks like a cross between Age of Empires and the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. Just crazy enough I might like it. ==== Manor Lords - I'm starting to worry the city management-builder-RTS "hype" is starting to get overextended for this one (2 million wishlisted I think I saw last). That said...even tho it'll be Early Access first, I'm still also totally going "Please be good, please be good, please be good...". EDIT: also, I don't know what song plays in that battle trailer, but I love it.
  7. @Sarex I do think the big "outcry" re: no save on exit etc. does come from many feeling taken by surprise. It shows as a driving with at least some level of sorta free exploration survival game, not necessarily a hardcore-kinda-rogue-like rush-y style game (or whatever). I watched three reviews of the game and none of them mentioned the save system process. Supposedly later many missions do get shorter, but yeah those initial ones where many players may take an hour or two or more is the first impression. And in the demo at least, altering most settings options would also disable Achievements. Not that I would care, but anyone who does care can't change the settings then. Anyway, the dev's already responded, which is why I noted I don't think they'll change anything. Which again, is fine. Just means I won't likely get it, myself. Note: the "technical sacrifices" they refer to is probably that they didn't code the game to keep (constant) track of stuff that would be needed for a save/exit state.
  8. The demo for Pacific Drive, if you already installed it, was made unplayable with the full release of the game. If you try to run it (even by the .exe) it just says "no license." Some folks are kinda peeved. It doesn't include me, but I can understand if they didn't get around to playing demo before release day. Seems an odd choice. I'm still kind of interested in the game but not having even a save-on-exit still isn't my thing for a SP game, so I'll wait and see if they ever change their minds. They could leave the no-save-on-exit etc. as a hardcore playstyle option or vice versa. Again, I don't need manual saving, but "leave game on all night" or "replay a section again cause maybe life happens, once too often" isn't my thing. Edit: not holding my breath for it to be changed, mind. I kind of think they won't.
  9. Tried a city-builder demo named Synergy. Mostly because I liked the artwork style a lot. Demo appears to be the tutorial round. So little mini-quests to set up water, gathering, homes etc. So far, the artstyle is the only thing I seriously like about it. Keybinds are all over the place + mouse use and I feel like I need three hands maybe. Probably can remap them ofc, but it all feels like weird choices/annoying, at least to me. Building rotation seems limited (use Shift). I don't think the map itself rotates, not even the 4 point rotation ala Caesar 3, which is disappointing. Maybe I just can't find it in the keybind. Also, the UI element/text default setting of 1 is very microscopic, turn it way up if you want. Other than that it feels like your general city builder, keep citizens fed, busy, research/tech lines, some map exploration factors/motivations which might be a little different than usual. Something about the gameplay design feels strangely limited/awkward tho. But the artstyle is fantastic, which makes me want to like the game. Maybe with full release/outside of the tutorial.
  10. Also, don't forget you can always turn the video play speed up to save viewing time. Doesn't work well for everything but very talk-y videos, putting it 1.5x speed helps a lot. Or even max 2x speed if they are verryy slow talkers. That video above is also notable (to me) for probably being the first I've seen that used up the time-stamp numerical limit. The last long looking segment isn't about one single game, he just couldn't use any more time stamps. heh.
  11. First two seasons of Resident Alien is on Netflix now. I guess there's a 3rd season still airing. I remember seeing the first episode when syfy posted it on YT and thinking it was weird/quirky/funny, + I'm a fan of Alan Tudyk. But I don't have SyFy. Rewatching the first episode, it didn't seem quite as funny as I remembered, but it was still kinda cool. It became less and less interesting after a few episodes. One of those shows that it feels like I should like but it doesn't quite pull it off. Ah well.
  12. Speaking of mega length videos, here's one where my interest-meter was enough to make me click on it. He spends maybe 2-5 minutes describing a game a little, steam user reaction if any, release/ea status if any, etc. So it was easy to spam the spacebar arrow keys to skip over any titles I wasn't immediately intrigued by - thus for me it was a 30 minute video, hardehar. The actual more city-builder focused (vs. train sims, life sims, factory/shop/tycoon more rts sims, god games etc) starts around 2 (hrs):28(min) I think. I saw a few new ones to put in the Wishlist. lol. Seems to be several indie Spore-like games being made, too.
  13. My game YT account is kaput, gone. Made me feel weird for a few minutes but I don't use it/care about using it anymore so I don't miss it, either. But anyone who maybe wanted to rewatch the FO:NV Thriller video once every few years, you're outta luck now. hahaha Edit: The older I get the more I miss the non-internet days. I mean in terms of my life/habits/hobbies etc.
  14. Yeah...limits or not, a lot of uploaders now over-indulge themselves far too much re: video length/lack of editing. But I'd give that posted video slack since it appears to be documentary oriented/very specific-interest topic. eg, if one is really into that topic, maybe the longer the better. On the flip side - generally speaking, I dislike "shorts" almost as much. I mean I get it, some silly/ent. content works fine with that but I wish TikTok hadn't made it such a dominant form so now YT keeps pushing it to compete. That's not what I go to YT for.
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