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  1. My problem for a while now has been multiplayer/online focus. Even if a game can be played single, the online focus design still intrudes way too much in one way or another, far as I'm concerned. I like big open world-ish games for exploration/discovery and inventory management aspects (and I remember how few such games there were, once) but yeah, the way many do them now has become too generic or hodge-podge for the moment. Trying to hit all the demographics or whatever.
  2. In the near future we'll have a "Stuff I got dressed up for and watched in an actual theater" thread and the rest will go into a "Stuff I watched in my underwear while sitting on my couch" thread.
  3. Personally, I think that new Cage movie Willy's looks hilarious. I'm sure the film as a whole will be mediocre at best, but I mean that any scene with Cage one-lineing and beating up whatever will be gold. And I loved Drive Angry ... although I tend to think of that movie as William Fichtner's Drive Angry.
  4. I was entertained and it works great fullscreen on your phone while lying on the couch. FAQ: Where was this first shown? A: Quibi, in 9 parts. That's why its filmed in this format. Summary: Serialized remake of 'The Princess Bride' told in short chapters featuring celebrities at home during quarantine. (description from IMDB) Cast:
  5. My triglycerides went up again. Largely my own fault of course. Point is it's depressing. I'm simply not the type who wants to "work" to simply stay alive. I saw my father do that in a way for all his life (MS/quadriplegic) and while that was a lot worse of a thing, yeah. I don't have that type of mentality in me. Well, we shall see.
  6. Finally got around to finishing up The Guest (via Netflix), a k-drama series from a couple years ago. Exorcism/possession/horror type show. Excellent series, with some great supernatural, thriller and occasional humor bits. The very ending was a little too tidy and a tad unsatisfying to me but nothing that ruins anything. All three leads were good and worked well together. The actor playing Priest Choi - Kim Jae-wook (I just call him Mr Cheekbones...) - I remember him playing the serial killer baddie in Voice. He's very good at intense roles. Altho he was also in a more recent fluff r
  7. When you're bored of other things and wouldn't mind playing a game but still nothing appeals and you know you'd just turn anything off in 10 minutes anyway. My PC has just been an overpowered mp3 player recently. ...man there needs to be more solo/non-social/non-craft time-wasters for introverted homebodies like myself. I can just never think of anything. Maybe it's time to start buying all the (likely not as good) S. King novels I haven't read these past many years and plow through those. Or start renting a lot of B grade movies. I remember when I used to rent 6 movies at a time from Bl
  8. Discovered the webtoons (manga/visual novel etc) site because of a k-drama based on a webtoon (so I looked up the 'toon). Works great on the phone screen. Lots to casually read (even if most are "ongoing"/not finished), from sci-fi to thriller to romance etc. Works well with my current motivation level/mood. The side observation I've made tho comes from all the user comments at end of each episode of whatever. All these kids obsessed with getting "top comment" (kind of like "first!" I guess). I mean all the effort they seem to make to try to make a popular comment and then they edit a
  9. Technical, unmet expectations and broken promises aside, my surprise is reserved more for ... if a game is not heavily patched/tweaked in the first 2-4 weeks even when it "runs fine" out of the gate. Because even if it "runs fine" dev's can never stop changing, altering, rebalancing, adding to, or catering to "what the gamers want" (to keep up interest if nothing else), often to an extent where six months later it feels almost like a different game in a way. I am not saying this is a good or bad thing (depends), only that... Well, if BL4 is ever made, this time i am not buying it for at l
  10. Ah, ok. I never bother with stuff like that and just use what the package gives me. Always works fine so I don't think about it outside of that (and I don't even know how/ever tried to manually OC). That animated thing - that's on the card? How ridiculous. If the software has any way to turn that off (like you can turn off the RGB), I'd do it. But I suppose some may like the bling/find it funny etc. Whatever.
  11. 3080ti has supposedly been delayed until Feb (vs. Jan) now. Not that it matters since regardless of when, I'm sure hardly anyone will be able to get their hands on one for weeks/months. Edit: Oh, sorry, I was confused. It was a claim of "indefinitely delayed" from one of those popular video reviewers. I didn't find any text article verification of that tho.
  12. My 2080ti has the single "cord" that (gpu end wise) separates into the two pin plugs, that go into the card. They are both plugged into the card and other end into the PSU. It works just fine/it's intended? The old 980ti had the same thing except the secondary pin/plug was smaller/less pins at the time. So I'm not sure what is meant by Humanoid's "go for two cables". Going by your picture I'd expect that both pin-plugs would need to be plugged into the gpu (eg, there is not one left dangling unconnected). But again, I may be misunderstanding/confused re: context here and per usual if
  13. Blood sugar is creeping upwards in the mornings again. Not tons, but guess I should give myself night shots again for a while. I kinda figured it would happen over a long enough time. Well, especially since I've been laxer and laxer with diet and exercise. Not extremely so, but enough so, haha. Made another lab appointment via hospital website for the bloodwork test they like to do - I'll probably get a generic "lecture" email about number backsliding a bit, hahaa. In the process I tried to see if there was any corona vaccine option yet. I'm not in a personal hurry for such, was just
  14. Mood: Semi-despondent. I've once again been mostly lying in bed for a few days, playing the tablet-slots or watching various k-dramas - on the tablet ... the big TV doesn't fit underneath the covers, you see. Also, eating too much chocolate and jam+crackers which my blood sugar is not happy about and right this moment I just don't care. Hubby: "You ate a whole box of those (Stoned Wheat Thins) crackers in less than half a day?" Me: *brushes crumbs off her nightshirt* "We have rats....?" Hubby: *stern voice/look* "I saw you were out of them but maybe I shouldn't have bought you any
  15. I dunno about 'postmortem' but it does hit a lot of the main points that could be seen as negative, that aren't simply about bugs/glitches. Especially the open-world immersion/interaction and the "illusion of choice" - which should be noted is not the same as whether one thinks the story is good or well written etc. vs. not. If one was hoping for more choices matter tho, it's definitely lacking that. One of the (not very important) things I noticed was a thing re: street npc's and PhotoMode. I would see a scene, hit photo mode, and began noticing that npc's and cars in the scene wou
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