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  1. Peace or War path? The peace one is actually a bit harder because of higher prosperity type ratings. I haven't played the whole campaign in ages but I do have the 'HD' version of it installed. Ah, gatehouses. I loved doing that. The market ladies and cart pushers always made me giggle. I remember in later Impressions games they had these little road-block squares you could place, but for some reason I didn't like them as much as having gatehouses everywhere. I can't recall why. lol. edit: maybe it was because it only stopped market ladies, not building workers and I liked contr
  2. Tried DK2 pet dungeons again. Exited game/restarted after finishing each one, saved progress each time. Then I got to the 4th one again. Possessed a creature to group minions to get points (to finish the PD faster). Game froze. Wouldn't let me use my mouse on 2nd monitor/anywhere so I was spamming KB key combos for long minutes trying to close game window w/out a hard reboot. Come to think of it, the first time I did it, game did that "party like it's 1999" disco thing w/everyone dancing - and they wouldn't stop for ages, after minutes I could pick creatures up and drop them and they'd st
  3. @Bartimaeus That sucks. Here's hoping she beats the odds. Hugs. @BruceVCLooks lovely/peaceful. I still miss my redwoods. Haven't been in a while, maybe this summer.
  4. Rented Monster Hunter movie for six bucks. I probably would've gotten more price satisfaction from a cheapish grocery deli sandwich. That said, you know what you're getting, really, with this kind of movie (well, if you know who the star/director are anyway) ... and the very start and the last 1/3 was silly fun, I wanted more of that. The section with only Mila and Jaa and desert, while not bad, simply went on too long. Plus it felt like it didn't know what it wanted to be - horror/almost alien, or "monster", or fantasy, or superhero, or ... I'd say it's a $3 rental, not a $6 one.
  5. Didn't find any 4k game etc. but I did find one of LG's videos. It looks pretty good on my 1440 IPS monitor, right, nice and clean. Then I shove it over to the OLED TV and it's just "whoah." It is now what I'm going to use as a 15 minute pixel mover wallpaper after a longer gaming session. I need more stuff like this (whether CGI or 'live'), especially rain, because I like rain. Most similar uploads on YouTube are about color vs. blacks and/or has a lack of clarity (way too compressed for 55"). or is "rain on bedroom window" or "rain falling off a roof" where rain is barely visible (becaus
  6. Played the early levels of Dungeon Keeper 1, goofing off. Still runs ok but does seem a bit "laggy" at times like something's off. Decided to try DK2 (gog version again) - also the first time I tried on Win10. Loaded up fine. Started blowing through the Pet Dungeons to unlock them all. Got to the 4th one, finished, pressed space to exit map/start the next one - game CTD'd. Fine. Loaded up the game again. Didn't save progress, nor did it save my graphic/resolution setting (went back to defaults). Could do it again but now I'm wondering if it'll reset progress every time you relaunch.
  7. This basically describes every James Bond movie (that I've seen anyway). I'm not sure I've ever seen all of the Wild Bunch. I may have tried when I was younger but I don't recall. The Searchers was ok, probably one of the few Wayne movies I tried that I actually finished. But I have this tendency to dislike rescue-children plots. I didn't like that remake very much. I do/can understand why Wayne was considered such an icon - those movies just aren't for me tho. I'm kinda weird because there are some movies that feel like Westerns to me even tho they aren't. Like the more recent
  8. Using velcro to wrap my knuckles works pretty well. I need more 4k game graphic environment porn showcases. edit: wish Ghost of Tsushima was on PC
  9. I should probably clarify that when I say Western I don't mean John Wayne or anything too similar to his style of movies, which for me were utter bores. In terms of older stuff Treasure of the Sierra Madre and High Noon would be examples. After that it was mostly from the 60's/70's and 80's/90's. Western Adventure and Western Action might be better categories. Clint Eastwood, obviously, Silverado, Lonesome Dove mini-series (although that feels a bit dated now, outside of Jones and Duvall's excellent performances), Open Range more recently. I liked Dances with Wolves a lot when I
  10. Between covid delays etc. and my continual dislike for most current film/tv popular trends (in general, not just generic superhero, haha) I've just been rewatching past films or tv instead. It's interesting to note which ones hold up for me over time, whether it's been just a few years or a few+ decades. Apparently for me, westerns or at least stuff that has a kind of western "flavor" hold up very well. Maybe it's the themes that tend to be in such that I like. Not sure. Also, Kevin Costner has a very limited acting range, imo, but he does western-flavored characters so well. He's
  11. Idle wondering: at this point, I wonder what percentage of total purchasable games on Steam are in the "early access" category.
  12. That Jupiter's Legacy trailer: --first several seconds made me think long-haired fantasy version of The Mummy, for some reason. --The boiled down plot summary sorta sounds like Watchmen, but in more conventional superhero comic fashion. I think there was another one on Netflix that was more teen oriented with a similar device (parent superheros and kids), too. --There are so many superhero (for kids, for adults, for teens) series on Netflix now that I wish I could block the word superhero from any of their rec. list. --I can still like superhero stuff, btw. Just not 98% of what t
  13. ^ But did you finish your castle? ...I love being a sniper in some video games. Long range/distance is my jam.
  14. It's been months and months since that trailer. Has there been any more news at all for this game? Has covid had any delay impact? I'm guessing not until maybe 2022 or 2023?
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