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  1. He's done that with me occasionally with mobs, haven't noticed on bosses. I think he's just a little buggy at times, gets AI-stuck in a way. He's also gotten stuck on objects and thus not fighting. Hubby noticed that if Jabber gets the kill-shot, you get less XP, too - I checked that more closely myself and yup, seems to be true, at least with none of the online hotfixes applied. The thing with Troy still sounds weird. I haven't reached him yet so dunno. I use Flak's Fade as an emergency "cheat" and only crit-fire when it's almost over. I went green tree until I got Jabber's rocket launcher then down the blue tree from there. Not sure which tree I'll go to the bottom with, there's a lot of skills I don't care about at all. Side note: I don't like static-position behemoth sponge bosses in that (I think?) Japanese fashion, where the only challenge is avoiding predictable timed attacks between bouts of attacking a special crit. spot or whatever. I find such boring. I hope there aren't many more of those. Couldn't stand it when Diablo3 did it with Belial either. BL1's Destroyer or that Rakk Hive was stupid enough. I'm assuming Troy will at least be mobile but he'll have to wait because I let hubby play most of the time on weekends.
  2. What tree are you focused on? I don't really rely on the pet for anything - he makes me laugh a lot and he's capable of (slowly) taking care of "trash mobs" or even "badasses" quite often. But I don't go into boss fights thinking he'll do much actual dmg. Him being able to revive me has occasionally saved me when I get over-aggressive with a dozen mob baddies tho. Aggressive is my style. I think the pet AI always goes for the little guys in a boss fight if they're closer (vs aiming at a boss) plus Jabber's weapon range is a bit limited. I just finished the 2nd Vault (took 7-8 minutes but was no sweat, pet contributed hardly nothing to the boss dmg.) and am on the way to the Agonizer I guess. 2nd Pandora looks side-quest boring and I don't want to get too overleveled so I'm skipping for now and going main quest. (edit - Eden-6 is still my fave planet) I do have some pretty hefty weapons tho. Like this no-delay Maliwan shotgun that does cyro or 500 dps corrosive. It's a lvl 24 weapon and it's just crazy even at my lvl 32. All non-bosses die with one or two shots and a few seconds of waiting. I'll be sad when it finally gets too weak. (edit - I do think enemies do more dmg. overall even if you're of-level than in the first two games) Also, the Homing/Bouncy (the key traits) + Money (or healing) grenades are the bomb. I use those to clear out mobs faster more than my guns at the moment (cause, no target chasing) and seem to have no problem keeping grenade stock up. Hubby now wants one for himself.
  3. Yeah, I've been Flak and hubby eventually settled on Moze (mostly because of the critical hit ammo regen skill). He's been consistently of-level or over-leveled at bosses and I keep thinking his weapons must extra-suck because he does so much less damage/dies a lot. Jabber's rocket launcher does do a lot of damage tho, if you use it, even against bosses. But I've built for health-regen and damage and pets do distract. And of course Fade/crits is extremely powerful even if they nerfed it a bit. But Fake-Nero seems too fast for the early mech suit to be helpful for example. It's too slow, animation of getting in and out takes too long, stuff like that. They're going to tweak the skills a lot later I hear. Mech suit is too weak in harder difficulties and pets, while great in Normal, die too fast in TVHM/Mayhem3. Common w/pets in games really. I'd like to try a melee-focused Amara someday. I'm still barely in the main plot, if the # of chapters I've read are correct. I finished Jakob's Estate on Eden6 and am just fluffing around there because I'm too lazy to do much else. Eden6 is finally a planet I actually like the design of...mostly.
  4. When a 2-step stool isn't tall enough to let you reach the last couple inches (edit - even on your most tippy of toes), you don't have a 3 step, there's no counter to stand on, and your tall husband isn't home. ...there's spots like that in bathroom and kitchen, where humidity, open windows and greasy steam means walls that need a light sponge cleaning once or twice a year. Also, the top of the range-hood is gross. I can't see it (or the top of the fridge, or anything half a foot or so taller than me.... ), so to me it doesn't exist - until I get on a stool for something else one day and suddenly get a reminder.
  5. Win10's Defender kept auto-deleting/not letting me copy over an .exe file it deemed dangerous and the only way I could find to make it stop (simply, easily) was to blanket exempt all .exe's, not just that specific one. What idiocy.
  6. The funky-monkey who likes to pick up and carry explosive barrels. Also, push me off ledges. No one said he had brains. At least he points out treasure chests for me. Unrelated but I was curious about BL2 on 4k. I suppose it looks better/crisper in a way but it's not the type of game where it makes a huge difference. That 4k fps tho. Ha.
  7. I need faster internet but it's hard to get hubby to move on it (he has specific requirements and I can't just up and change things myself). I mean it's fine for forums, wallpaper image sites, multiple video streaming at once etc. But I'm losing patience for waiting 45 minutes to download 10GB off of Steam. Especially when I think about how so many (big budget) games are bloating into 50, 100GB+. Yeah yeah, poor me. Hubby mentioned that the other day, how they've been warning "it could go out at any time!" He sees it as a type of threat/response disguised as "we're so concerned for you" noise. No shut down up here yet. I was hoping if one doesn't live in a grid with a lot of open areas it woldn't be too likely to occur. Like, Morgan Hill/Gilroy might get it a lot in summers but downtown San Fran probably not often. Who knows tho. PG&E are really messed up these days. It's enough to want to invest 10k-20k (or whatever) in solar power.
  8. When Amazon Fresh has been "out" of a lot of your regular stuff all week and you have to actually go to the store. Also, those Sleep Number beds are weird things. Probably better for your back if you're a back sleeper but not so great for side-sleepers (they feel too "rolly" when on your side no matter the setting). I've had cheap air mattresses with foam toppers on top that were almost as good. And if both sides are at very different settings there's a weird/uncomfy middle line difference (queen size). If I was hubby I wouldn't keep the thing, at least not for the price paid. I often don't sleep in the same room these days (I stay up late/weird hours + he snores at deafening decibels and flails around so much he's hit me in the spine and face a few times :P ) so it's up to him.
  9. Took hubby around an hour to kill Truant, dying constantly. He's using Moze in this case, lvl 14, Truant's 15. I think I finished him in about 4-5 minutes at approx the same clvl - I might have been one level higher. (Hubby's better w/a controller/hitting what he aims at, but I'm usually a lot better at staying alive + boss kill speed abilities ) The weird thing is, Truant is doing this spiky cold-ball trick that I don't remember him doing at all when I fought him. Where he summons the ball and then after a minute or so it flies around the outer edges of the arena (making it difficult to hide up there) for a couple passes and is basically a 1-shot kill if it direct hits you. The summoning can be interrupted tho, so the only thing I can think of is I was interrupting him often enough to never see it. Still, other bosses I've also felt like they added another attack or their attack pattern/effect altered if you take too long to kill them. They sometimes seem quite different for hubby than for me. It's odd.
  10. I never used any "mod manager." Just tossed them in the mod folder and checked/unchecked them in the game's start/splash screen thing. I know the reasons for mod managers but I never used enough to make them or specific loading orders necessary. Although if GoG doesn't have that starting choices menu (before the game actually opens) I suppose I might then.
  11. So I just became aware that FO:NV is on GoG these days. Which means I will double-dip to buy it so my only copy isn't with Steam. But I'm wondering if mods I used with the Steam version (downloaded ages ago from Nexus, or simple ones made by me in the editor) will work with GoG's version without any other work/changes. eg, could I just copy them from my old PC to a GoG install folder? eg, I'm too lazy to want to recreate my old mods for compatibility.
  12. "In the Tall Grass" via Netflix, a moody/visual horror movie based on a short novella by S. King and his son, unread by me. --on my TV at least, it was so dark I could barely see anything most of the time, which is not something that happens often at all with this TV/my settings. I could've turned up brightness etc. temporarily, but the movie wasn't worth the bother. --there were moments where I had sorta flashbacks to "The Happening." Tall grass and wind noises are so evvvvil. --"wtf did I just watch." No logic (not even horror logic), no explanation (what is that rock? I'd like to know more about that rock), no nothing, just chrs. running thru tall grass and mud with dirty faces and Patrick Wilson in another bad career choice. I think there was time-bending or something. Not recommended, unless you need something to put you to sleep.
  13. Just sounds like one of the many small bugs the game has. I've encountered quite a few. Nothing huge but a lot of little things that bug out very randomly and either resolve themselves at some point in a play session or resolve when you restart/reload. I found this Legendary pistol with the red text "Hail" - it's like a masher with a large explosive radius, which is great when you have trouble with precise aiming via controller+enemies that run around like jackrabbits on hot coals. I'll be sad when it becomes too weak. Edit: hubby is usually a lot better w/a controller than I am and he's having issues too, so I feel better knowing it's "not just me." Ha.
  14. ... ... ... .... the free KFC dating simulator! It's pretty terrible (edit - make that very terrible) - but it made me laugh, so... https://store.steampowered.com/app/1121910/I_Love_You_Colonel_Sanders_A_Finger_Lickin_Good_Dating_Simulator/ Features: - 9 lovable characters - Multiple hours of play-through - Dateable Colonel Sanders - A secret ending! Shh! - Secret recipes! Double Shh! - Cooking battles - Battle battles - Earn a degree from a fictional culinary school - 11 Herbs and Spices - Cute miniature food - Officially created by KFC. No, really
  15. When I reached Atlas HQ for the 1st time I ended up just running past everything. I've gotten to where I find myself doing that frequently, just to get to the mission's point/boss, side or main. One of the UI things I liked about BL2 was that sidequest descriptions gave you an idea what the reward would be (sniper, $$, SMG, etc) so you had at least a vague idea if you were even interested. On the bright side, I get constant amusement from Flak's Jabber pet. He is hilarious, always grabbing explosive barrels and half the time hurting himself. He does it on his own, it's not me Commanding him. Sometimes he picks up a barrel just when there's no enemies left and thus is "stuck" carrying it all over the map. Ha. Ha. And Rhys' VA is the same one that voices Noctis in FFXV (Ray Chase) which has been interesting. :D I should replay some of BL1, just for the pistol/sniper goodness. Other gaming, I'm contemplating Code Vein ... altho it would be a bit like DMC5 where I probably wouldn't get terribly far. But the chr. creation and anime style are appealing and I hear that overall it's not as difficult as most "souls like" games, due to power creep. Plus, AI companions vs. being solo smasher always appeals to me/makes it a bit easier (you can play it w/out companion to make it harder). I should wait for a sale but not sure I will.
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