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  1. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-11-specifications (Link also has the list of "feature-specific requirements" and deprecation/removals. ...I'm wondering if this is going to feel "steep" to a lot of business. eg, will they switch. Of course, lots of business don't switch windows versions until much later anyway (like many home consumers...) so I suppose MS has already taken that type of thing into account.
  2. I know he's trying to relate to game addiction, but even if you remove that aspect, this is still me to a T. Especially the part where everyone told me as a kid how I was so smart/special and now I feel so stupid. Or something. So now I just say "I'm lazy."
  3. Speaking of water ... California is again drought ridden. Although we personally haven't noticed any local resident specific use changes, we might before too long (some already have ofc). https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/23/weather/california-drought-satellite-images/index.html Water in a key Northern California reservoir -- Lake Oroville -- is expected to fall so low this summer that its hydroelectric power plant will likely be forced to shut down for the first time since it opened in 1967. ...it takes about 2000-3000 gallons for ... a pair of jeans. Supposedly around 30-35 gallon
  4. We are/were the types who would go into mountains taking extra gas in cans just in case, because we've run out of gas a few times in the middle of some gravel road and will never let that happen again. >.> Now, admittedly we are unlikely to do that these days and even less likely after another 10-15 years, so perhaps at that point if I'm still even driving (hah) I'd consider one then. Also, there's also stuff like this: https://www.newsweek.com/california-facing-power-crisis-frets-over-electric-car-charging-routines-1602755 eg, yes we need to lower pollution but there's
  5. Yeah that's why I'm not interested in such unless it's to be a 3rd car. I mean I know they're (currently) meant for around town/commuting, but I need a car that can also be trip-driven across the US or through long windy mountains if I wanted, not just metro. I think electric is getting closer but still... By the time charging stations are as total widespread as gas stations are/were, I'll probably be like the old man in Cocoon trying to read DMV letters to keep their license.
  6. Finished season 2 of that Manifest series. I think it finished a lot stronger than it started, and overall I liked most episodes. Netflix doesn't have season 3 yet, and I've heard their talks to pick the series up tanked, so it seems it will not have a series ending. Thus I think I will skip watching season 3 (which I hear is a major major cliffhanger sort) and pretend Ssn2 is the end. Ssn2 had no final answers either, ofc, but it had more of a closure feeling than I suspect ssn3 would.
  7. A little OT but I still remember how bizarre it felt to realize that the actress playing Vasquez was also the actress playing an Irish mother in Titanic, and the foster mom in T2, and then I recall seeing her very briefly in one of the Star Trek movies, and ... another one of those examples of what hair and make up can do to appearances.
  8. But I've been driving a station wagon (a pretty decent station wagon, but...) for 23 years. And I bought that largely because I can't drive hubby's van so we needed a "family" vehicle, plus his van is too tall for certain parking towers he has to go, so then he takes mine. I would like something a little smaller (the 70's Toyota 2-dr hatches did at least do ok for cat-height carriers) but ... SUV "crossovers" are dominant everywhere. ...if hubby insists on keeping that van I can't drive, maybe I'll just buy a third car. One that hubby physically can't drive. @Hurlsnot Nice! I
  9. Yes, that sounds about right. I remember trying to watch the US version ... didn't like it nearly as much, didn't finish it. There were some other series with similar concepts after those as well, I'm pretty sure. It was kind of a small trend at some point.
  10. Because in terms of our generation automobile terms, they're typically trunk cargo vehicles. If they are not trunks, then they get called hatch or liftbacks. Occasionally you have the sporty coupe with a liftback, but then they tend to be low-slung with at least half of it being very short cargo height that often not even a full grocery bag would fit under. eg, I like being able to put seat backs down and slide a 55" TV box into the car, having the passenger be able to access all stuff while the car is still moving (being small I will often climb over the front seat and into the back to
  11. I've been watching Manifest on Netflix, which is apparently a CBS show ... that was just cancelled after 3 seasons (the creators intended a 6 season arc), meaning people are trying to get Netflix to maybe keep it going... Anyhoo, I'd guess it's a tiny bit like Lost, in terms of genre, except it's not on an island. The constant unanswered mysteries surrounding a group of people on a plane that disappeared, then magically shows up again 5 years later, plane/passgeners all. How they try to reintegrate into their lives that to them was just yesterday, and ofc they all now seem connected in so
  12. So did you two drag race down the town strip? Me: "search: "best cars for short people" result: main focus is on seating position and step-out heights, = a lot of cars I don't want (sedans). Although the Subaru Outback might be the best option (I can reach it to close, it has a grab handle, and it has automatic button). Maybe a small truck? No hatch then? Pffft. Darnit, I'd give 5 years of my life for another 6 inches in height (I'd be ... 5 foot 5" then!) I know I said I didn't want a plugin car, but maybe I should just get one of these for about town. Ah well, I don't have to
  13. Wait ... cars these days "force" you to update their software? I assume it's kinda like how phones want you to update all the time? Does stuff stop working if you don't? I know that Crosstrek had a bunch of stuff but I was hoping I could turn off what I could and ignore the rest, just treat it like a "car." Arrgh. Edit: I couldn't even tell where the fuel gauge was initially...it was a dotted blue bar surrounded by other led display stuff and... Hm. Maybe I should just buy one of these instead (Toyota Supra, 1990). I see some for dealer-sale with 50-80k on them, for $20k or so, sometime
  14. I got to some platform style (sorta) jumping and combat areas, went "is there going to be a lot more of this kind of thing?" and haven't been back to it since. It's an interesting technical and sometimes visual showcase and there were some aspects I did enjoy, but eh ... didn't really capture my imagination. I probably had more "fun" watching other people showcase the funky combat style in videos, because they were good at it and I am not. Tell me if it suddenly becomes an awesome game halfway through or something, tho.
  15. Ok, I discovered a problem which basically decided for me. Testing it with a grocery run. Got groceries. Opened hatch, put in bags. Went to close hatch ... and I cannot reach it! The top/edge of hatch is too high/over my outstretched arm even on tippy-toes. I jumped and jumped. There's a rectangular plastic depression at bottom of door that I could juuuuusssst reach with the right jump, jam my fingers in that and try to pull it down, which I finally managed to do after a few tries. Went home, showed hubby. He said I'd need a stepstool in the car all the time or we'd have to tie a rope so
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