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  1. Code 8, rental. I read it started as a short, kickstarted to 2 million movie. It's a kind of weird combo of district9 pathos, xmen mutant concept, couple other things. The "superpower" aspect is pretty low key, no mega superhero stuff. It's fairly derivative and takes itself a bit too seriously (a bit of wry humor here and there would've helped) but first half was decent. Second half kind of fell apart/felt rushed/holes. So first half, a B. Second half, C.
  2. I'm not sure I could go Linux system with gaming. For other things maybe. This evening: I'm hungry for take-out. Call Chinese food place. Busy, on hold 5 minutes. Hangs up spontaneously. Try again. Same. Forget it. Call BBQ. Get voice mail is full auto message (on vacation or perm-closed who knows). Call pizza place. Ordered. Finally. Now I want a movie to watch.... is Parasite the film rentable yet? No. Terminator Dark Fate? No. Sigh....
  3. Oh, well don't I now feel stupid. Or "old-brained", if you get my drift.
  4. Btw, when did Nexus start with the "you can only download up to 2MB of files unless you want to pay for premium membership"? Yes I was registered/logged in. Sure most mods I'm interested in are usually in the kilobyte ranges and it's probably expensive maintaining their servers but 2MB is a really low non-sub limit. Could've made it more like 5-10MB at least. Pffft. Unless I'm missing something.
  5. I think the cable would have to go past 40-50 meters to notice any difference re: input lag, although some might say less. If it has a "Gaming" picture profile try that if you aren't already - might help. If there's more than one HDMI connector on the back of the TV, maybe try using a different one, the cheap 43" one I use with the PC only one of the 3 works for 4k/60 or HDR or something like that I forget - anyway maybe something like that's affecting something? Some other video settings might slow things down, like all the post-processing modern TV's like to whack you with these days (I turn all of that off). Dunno why one game would be a lot worse than the other, tho.
  6. Steam, search "walking simulator." Purchased results: Morels: The Hunt, and theHunter: Call of the Wild. Morels: you walk around forests and lands searching for Morel mushrooms. They are pretty hard to see (turning foliage to minimum helps if you're so inclined). Picking mushrooms, taking photos of wildlife gets you "points" for buying first aid, bug sprays, energy bars, and big items like a horse, ATV, tent. It'll take you a long time to get things like the tent and rides. >.> You play a "season" (100 days) and starting a new season is basically a replay (I think). After a certain number of game days played, new maps/environments/animals open up (some get moderately large but nothing super-sized) and you can bounce back and forth between them as you wish. It's a mellow no pressure walk-about game. No dying I think, but you can lose energy being harassed by alligators, heh. Graphics are adequate for a 6GB game. Nice for 20-30 minute relax playing and its $20 price tag isn't too bad. Some might want it to be $10 tho. Only negative is the poison ivy mechanic which makes you stop every 10 seconds to "scratch", which is very annoying, and the first aid kits are expensive initially. Dev. is going to make changes to that probably due to complaints. theHunter: Call of the Wild: A hunting wildlife game. The reviews were right, it's a very pretty environment game. The maps are vasssttttt (seriously, vast), at least when you start and have to hoof it. Nice physics like grass staying trampled where you walk (I wrote my name in the grass, ofc). Has some basic skill/perks you can work towards getting. I bought the "bundle" version but there's still a lot of dlc (including new world/environment maps) that would add up a lot if you get them. Anyway, it's very pretty but if you're not trying to/don't care about "the hunt" (tracking, sneaking, ground-crawling, kills for xp) then it seems you'll hardly see any animals. They run away almost instantly from dot-in-the-distance visibility if you just crash about. So as a walking/scenery simulator all you'll see is trees and scenery which, as pretty as it can be, after a while is a little dull, so I wouldn't purchase just to walkabout. That said, if you do try hunting, it seems like a good game for that, mechanics/gameplay wise (edit: there are goals/quests too) - but too much locked away as DLC making it expensive if you want "everything". Also, at least in the beginning, feels like a slow burn, patience is a virtue hunt, more towards realism - if you want fast-paced, quick gratification action-y trophy hunting, this isn't it.
  7. Oooh, ahhhh. Guess I winged it at least. But I feel bad now.
  8. They like money. Lots and lots of money. Not the "give up material things" kind of Monk. I never finished the Northern Expansion maps. Another one of those games I should reinstall one day.
  9. ^ My fave unit in Majesty was the Monks. Especially before they patched it so units couldn't pick up more than one of those stats types ground loot items, which Monks loved to pick up. When they'd picked up maybe 4 or 5 of those they were literally invulnerable. It's the reason I'd install it from original disc and play it for a while like that before patching it. Good times.
  10. Yeah, when we moved from the rented house to the purchased house we had to downsize a lot. Hubby is one of those that doesn't like to toss things (technical or tool and parts wise) so he had a tough time. It annoys me occasionally with his closets/shelves and floors full of "stuff" but then again 90% of the time when I say "I need ..." hubby disappears for 2-3 minutes and comes back with exactly that. So it has benefits. We kept the box our last 50" TV came in, styrofoam packing and all. When we moved we put it back in the box and it worked fine/made it easy to move. Of course that means you need to have the space to store the box. When I was a kid I used to toss toys, drawings, whatever and later that week I'd notice my mother had retrieved them from out of the garbage can, lol. She used to "envy" my ability to toss things out. I mostly keep photos/negatives, certain fave books/dvd's these days. Oh and my mothers long solid wood/wicker buffet/storage unit and simple 60's/70's couch. I refuse to part with those. But generally with non-furniture things if I find I never use it over 6-12 months, it gets tossed.
  11. Well, I'll say this at least - the fact GoG doesn't FORCE you to use their launcher to simply play their (single player) games is a win. When I first heard of Galaxy that was my main concern. If they ever do go that route then I'd personally not see any reason to buy newer games from them vs. Steam. Just me and my own "don't want lots of launchers" pickiness of course.
  12. Bigger is better. At least for TV's. Our next living room TV (maybe sometime in summer) is going to be at least a 65." Looks like a still out of some movie. ....I've been madly cleaning and buying/washing all cotton blankets, quilts, and throws so I can toss all acrylic/man-made material type blankets/covers in the garbage. A little % of polyester in a mostly cotton fill is fine, but that's it. Hubby wanted a Mexican serape throw but (online) they almost never say what they're made of. I'm sure there's a cotton one somewhere but.. One actually had a description of: " Made from 100% hypoallergenic recycled synthetic material." No thanks.
  13. The Outsider, eps. 3. A chr. named Holly was introduced. She immediately is interesting and can't wait to see more of her chr/actress. The show is still glacial-paced. Also, it's one of those shows that is very grey and dark - literally. Some scenes are lit just fine but there's a lot where I kept raising brightness/contrast higher than I usually would so I could see **** better. At least with Amazon Prime/HBO-sub method.
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