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  1. No, it's a mobile quest/idle-hero game called Castle Cats. Set quests and go idle or you can tap-combat it out for more loot/shorten time. It's a lot of casual fun. 180+ cats you can get, unique costumes/looks etc. If you love cats/collecting it's too cute/hilarious. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pocapp.castlecats
  2. When you're off the PC so long you feel like you've forgotten how to use it. Makes me wonder what I need it for, too. The big-name game once every couple years I guess. :P Still playing tablet/mobile games, 3 or 4 I bounce around from daily, idle quest/collection ones. I may have "tablet pinky" (the finger I use to support it on the bottom). 1 pound is a bit heavy for an aging pinky I guess. Pfft. Summer means hubby goes from garage to the garden. Lots of tomatoes, jalapeno's, oregano, melons, cilantro this year. When he wears his straw hat I'm still reminded of S. King's story Secret Window, Secret Garden and wonder if he's going to murder me and bury me under the garden. My vision gets steadily worse - not in a blind way, just where the distance where vision is great seems to get both shorter and longer (since I'm bifocal-land). It's really annoying, is all. Reading. computing, cameras, etc. all become more and more of a PITA. But at least I get to sit around with cold drinks/munchies out in the shade and play games on a tablet all day. So there's that. Ha.
  3. "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile" (what an awkward title) on Netflix Zac Efron as Ted Bundy is surprisingly effective. With the hair he looks very much like him and he emulates Ted from those interview vids quite well. Certainly more than Marc Harmon ever did. But the film plays like a Lifetime/TV movie of the week from mostly Ted's girlfriend pov. The latter half with the trial is better but overall a good cast wasted. Malvovich is great as always. Weirdest thing was seeing the kid from Sixth Sense after so many years. Only the eyes makes him recognizable.
  4. This thread loads even more horribly on phone/tablet for me, since new forum software. Just saying.
  5. Its amazing how much all those small things can add up to. The super cheap walmart cotton bedsheets I tossed up as curtains are still on the windows. I'll spend loads on tech and toys but refuse to buy real curtains.
  6. So, I noticed some classic rpg's available on mobile/google-play. Like Baldur's Gate Enhanced, KOTOR, others. They're 7-10 bucks. Has anyone ever played those on a phone/tablet, touch-screen only? Controlling and telling a whole party what to do with a touch screen sounds ... annoying. I barely do 30min-1 hr at a time of the FFXV Pocket Ed. because of that and that app is pretty automated (you only get to control Noct, special moves of other bro's is randomly automated, unlike in the PC game). I know you can buy mini joysticks or something for tablets, but since I'm always at home there's no point in going to that trouble for a mobile device since if I want more than touchscreen I'd just play on the desktops or ps4 instead. Thus wondering about touchscreen, for such games, only.
  7. Can't go wrong with a scrabble knock-off app. Several hours wasted. Digital jigsaw puzzles? It's pretty great, a lot more fun than I was expecting, no table space/mess required! Plus this app lets me make ones from ANY PICTURE I want from within the tablet gallery. Can go up to 450 pieces (harder than it sounds, the pieces get really tiny/hard to see). Other apps had up to 1000 pieces but I liked this app better and that's overkill on a tablet imo. Wonder if the touch-screen will survive it. Several, several hours wasted. And finally, after trying several others (that all sucked) I finally found the slots app for me. I've confirmed it's good I don't live near Vegas. I don't know why slots are so addicting (in BL2 I pulled those slots for hours, in the IRL Vegas the old nickel slots...). I basically OCD'd on this one all weekend like a trained monkey hitting a button to get a banana chip. Eventually spent a few bucks for some boosts (they went on sale) but mostly just watched a zillion ads while doing other tasks. And (mostly) auto-play slot pulls while you're making lunch. Getting a little bored of it now but it's a keeper. Between that and a few other games I think I'm fairly set for killing-boredom "app" games. One doesn't need a lot of them.
  8. Gaming on a tablet can be sort of addicting. Tried an arpg called Epic Conquest. So far gameplay seems to consist of, what do you call it, combat areas only. Click on map that represents a journey, enter the area, have a fight, leave area. Go back to gear/store screen to check what drops you got or use stat points/craft gear etc. Repeat. There's virtual-novel like dialogues that give story/chr but it's rather light. It's rather addicting in that mindless, sit-on-the-bed while tapping the screen like a madperson way I guess. Yes of course they want you to buy stuff, but so far, haven't had to. Just watched a few ads here and there. Thus it's a winner. Bought the rest of the FFXV-Pocket Edition chapters, about to start on that now. Noticed some dialogues are different and I heard some story scenes differ too, it'll be interesting to see how much so. Btw, the install size for everything is quite huge for mobile. Over 2GB I think? Bought the mobile version of Hakuoki virtual novel since it's my utter favorite. Doesn't have all the options/stories of the PC version but does have some side bit content PC version doesn't have. More importantly, can play it a bit and listen to those awesome VA's without having to be tethered to the desktop. Tried a few otome and casual button pusher games out of curiosity. I don't mind watching 20 sec. ads to speed some things up and ofc they want to make money but I don't know how people put up with the frequency or the cost. I'd rather just pay for "everything" outright like the FFXV chapters. I can see why companies like mobile tho - perfect for sucking all the money from addictive personalities. I shall endeavor to find a few other time-wasters that are as free/low pressure as possible. Or pay-outright types.
  9. Discovered you can purchase GooglePlay funds through Amazon, instant email delivery. Uh oh....
  10. Hmm.... Since I have the Tab A tablet thought I'd try the Pocket Edition. The free chapter anyway. It's actually pretty good as a condensed version of the game. The skill tree is completely different structure/form and doings, combat is even more automated. But, y'know, mobile so it's understandable and makes sense. Now I have to decide if I'm going to get a Google money card at the gas station (I'm not giving Google my CC, nope) to get the rest of the chapters ($20 for all). Hmm...
  11. I don't want to use the normandy route since I don't have studies installed and don't want to install it even if I can disable it later. I'm stingy and don't like to send anyone any info automatically nor do I want to be pestered with "do you want to send a report to Firefox" messages. Some people are reporting that their extensions are all back already, but for others (including me) this isn't the case. At least I only use two addons so force enabling them once in a while isn't a big deal. :)
  12. testing, ignore me -- edit - ok seems to not work when I first hit post (doesn't even turn it into a hyperlink), still with no 'rich text' message or anything. If I then hit edit, put cursor by the text and hit Return, it suddenly embeds. Strange, seems to work only in edit window... editedit: ok now it works in the new post box too. WEIRD.
  13. Why not? I haven't yet subscribed to the update stuff every week/month pattern companies like to push - I update if performance feels sluggish or something doesn't work well anymore or if it's been like a year or more. No I'm not worried about security that severely. Plus half the time I feel like updates just makes programs worse (function wise) instead of better. If it was just security fixes/improvements, fine, but it's never just that. There was a specific reason sticking to 61 tho...I think it was something to do with the way bookmarks were handled/filed/created or something along those lines. When I built the new rig I did install latest Firefox on that one, and immediately noticed some interface changes that drove me batty. So I went back.
  14. Hubby brought me another freebie from his work client - a Galaxy Tab-A 10.5" tablet. After setting it up ... it's definitely nice re: watching videos or viewing images/manga, or viewing webpages like this updated forum with the big-spacing styling, vs. the smaller cellphone/mini-tablet. But it's a little large for holding in one's hand, and a little small to lay on a lap and (with aging eyes) read web pages from that distance. Plus the lap method always gives me a neck crick. I'd probably like a 8" or something like that better. At least the tablet lets me uninstall a lot of the fluff I have zero need for vs. only disabling it on the phone. Edit: also, it's 3am, I woke up/am awake and am now bored. >.>
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