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  1. BL3 - I'm an idiot. Since I'm FLAK, I can just invisi-run past the first courtyard of the Event Villa, kill the named guy that shows up there (it's random which one), exit, reload, repeat (5-8 minutes). Much faster than clearing entire Villa (an hour). Fishslap can spawn there so in several tries I got a M-5 Yellowcake. I immediately hopped into M-8 with a choice of what seemed the least dreadful modifiers. I could kill the three first guys at the gate but it took all launcher ammo. Ran to the farming section - 2 Badass humans with shields where all ammo for Yellowcake couldn't get even a smidgen shield off, and a M4 Hellshock barely budged the bar. Exit game. Now time for a M-7 Yellowcake farm. Health, shield and armor enemy bonuses in M-5: 1500% Health, shield and armor enemy bonuses in M-6: 3000% Health, shield and armor enemy bonuses in M-7: 5000% Health, shield and armor enemy bonuses in M-8: 7500% Health, shield and armor enemy bonuses in M-10: 12500% M-5 to M-8 is quite a leap. You can see why I don't care about M-10. I think even with a M-10 Yellowcake and a couple other M-10 weapons, it'd be frequent hard deaths to finish runs. I don't play BL for that kind of stress. That does not include the icky modifiers on top, such as FightForYourLife is disabled, enemies are invulnerable to random elements, enemies are invulnerable period until you kill these tiny flying drones "attached" to them, if you stand still Lava pools under your feet all the time, when enemies die they leave a moving sphere that if it touches another enemy heals that enemy 100%, etc. https://borderlands.fandom.com/wiki/Mayhem_Mode
  2. ^ Well, there's a story for the grandkids! Like everyone else, glad it didn't turn out worse and that people were willing to stop and help.
  3. Hubby has taken to calling his cloth face masks as "face underwear."
  4. BL3 - "I really need to get myself a Mayhem-8 Yellowcake before the Event ends in less than two weeks. But first I need to get a M-4 Yellowcake so I can farm M-8 (don't care about M-10 really). -----**farms some other mini-boss in M4 for a couple hours** -----"Darnit, I really need to get that Yellowcake..." -----**farms another different mini-boss for a couple hours** ----"Pffft, I can't stand running through that Event Villa Mansion over and over (mostly it's a tad boring and completely time inefficient to do repeatedly)." **Turns on Stardew Valley**
  5. ^ the drama. As for being out of the house - the past 5-8 years I almost never leave the house regardless. Doorstep delivery rules in my area. Saw my siblings a few times when my mom died. Few friends I had, one died a ways back, one moved out of my state, one I still see rarely. I occasionally wave at the neighbors or say hello through the fence. Social distancing to me is simply my normal life.
  6. I started to watch that Plinkett video (sounds like he's going to repeat a lot of stuff from the reg. review vids), then was distracted by something near the start. (Might've been '89, I really can't recall) Yes, he wears other outfits, but I've seen lots of convention/comic-cons vids/imgaes where he's wearing white on top and jeans. It's his comfy colors? Also, while he definitely looks older (when pics aren't all blurry, that is) he's still aged remarkably well. His voice, maybe not quite as much.
  7. Yeah, really. I mean I dislike having to wear one myself, a lot (especially with glasses, masks have to fit snugly at the top or gaps at the top will fog glasses when I breathe). But just for going to the grocery store you could cut up the back of an old t-shirt, double or triple fold it and tie it around your head. I bought a couple packs of black over-ear cloth masks. They sure won't protect ME from much more than dust I suppose but they're washable/re-usable, comply with "wear a mask" and wearing them for 20 minutes while I shop is nothing to cry over.
  8. @ShadySands Hope you and everyone stay well/get better soon. Eat pizza the miracle cure! @Fionavar *net searches* That is so sad. Condolences to their families.
  9. Would anyone like some trash loot? (I stuff it into "town stash" so other chrs can sell it. Nothing else to use up my 7000ish Eridium with) See this insect-body and weirdly petal-ed head creature? It normally flies and that's all you really see, in distant form. The petals are very closed (didn't even realize the head was like that). This one glitched in the ground and thanks to Photo Mode .... .....apparently, they have a face!
  10. I was an avid reader from a very early age. I think I was around 9 when I found parents copy of War and Peace and managed to read and mostly "get" it (not my fave book tho). Tried to read bro's copy of The Silmarillion at maybe age 10-11. Didn't get it at all, didn't finish. My memory says I then tried his copy of The Hobbit and it was too dull so I put it down. His style annoys me. Even reading LotR as an adult, I enjoy the story and some of his craftmanship (if that makes sense), but the writing style ... is annoying. Edit: interestingly, Guy Gavriel Kay helped edit The Silmarillion ... who is the author of one of my fave stand alone fantasy novels (Tigana).
  11. ^ I couldn't watch all of Aquaman. Or maybe I just FFWD through most of it. Mostly I just kept laughing at it but there were some decent bits and effects. :D I finally got to see the last Star Wars sequel movie tonight. At this point I don't care at all about any "ruining of Star Wars" but it just wasn't a very good film. Way too many chrs, stuff that goes nowhere, stuff that comes out of the blue, contrived coincidences. That said, Rey and Ren still come out as the best things about that trilogy and the only thing that keeps my interest. I was a little ticked off with the ending because of that but oh well, I suppose can't have cake and eat it too.
  12. No, not that specific thing. I've had too many times with weird symptoms and docs where they either like to remove things that didn't need removing or after a round of humiliating tests just go "dunno" and give antibiotics. I generally don't go to docs unless I feel like I'm not getting at all better after 4-5 days or there's some very severe symptoms (vomiting blood, for example). If the vomiting hadn't decreased I would've tried to go on Mon (covid-19 makes it harder to see a doc now tho...) It's probably related to the catch all phrase of irritable bowel syndrome tho. If you look that up there's 70 bajillion things that can be related to that so who the heck knows. That's why they took out my appendix at 17 when I had severe abdominal cramps and white cell count, and then said "maybe irritable bowel syndrome". Edit: follow up: I had two very small slices of pizza (I was STUFFED) and kept it down. Success! Real food! Best pizza ever!
  13. Wed. evening: "uh oh, threw out my back again." Wed. late night: "nope, it's the mysterious other thing (I've had it before a few times) where whole torso front and back is in agony." Fri: late night: slight fever, slowly walking from garage to bedroom, then ... projectile vomit - that's new, didn't happen other times Sat. morning: vomit twice more. Only water. haven't eaten anything since Thurs morning. Think I should eat SOMETHING. Hubby goes and gets me some fruit popsicles, peaches, chicken broth etc. Threw up watermelon, but manage to keep most of it down, tiny bits. Sunday(today): Back slightly better, weak from being in bed (think I've lost 5 pounds) belly still flaky but seems like I can eat a bit more. Fever still there. But eating the fruit/soup etc., I suddenly want real food. Hence: Me: "I want pizza. Most of it will be for you tho" Hubby: "Like 90% of it?" Me: "Yes, go fetch." Hubby: "Anything for you honey." Pizza is the cure for everything, right? Right. God, what a horrible weekend. Edit: I don't know what the torso agony thing is about. I had it 1st time a few years ago (?), and a couple times since.
  14. ^ Loads fine for me at the moment. Can you play that MMO solo? I don't mind not being able to do group-dungeons or something, but is general gameplay soloable, like WoW was?
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