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  1. I think 80% of hubby's company workers will end up staying at home fairly permanently. At all the engineers and paper people. Some even talk of moving very far away and staying remote etc. Sadly hubby can't do that easily (or I'd be all for leaving the Bay Area), he still has to go in now and again to do physical/non-remote work. Unless he wants to fly or long-drive/hotel-overnight a couple times a month perhaps. Which I'm sure he doesn't (I wouldn't either). Today I ate a big lunch, took a walk, gazed at the internet. The air around here seems back to normal for now, so the weather's been nice. Been binge-watching a couple k-drama's, staying up too late again.
  2. I have utterly no idea what gpu thingies I had before a VooDoo3 outside of on-board and some no-name cards. I'm pretty sure I still have the VooDoo in a box in some closet. I still have a ge6200 in a drawer for some reason. We're such geeks. I might've tried a single AMD once ages ago. Always been nvidia tho. Hubby's had a few of the cheaper side AMD's and I could never stand their control panels, any version. Yes I'm that shallow.
  3. The blood sugar meter the hospital gave me, the meter device itself and the lancets can be bought almost anywhere and are retail $25 for 100. But the actual test strips that go into the meter are almost nowhere to be found that I've been able to discover and (retail) would cost $100+ per 100. Thus I am forced to depend on the hospital pharmacy/prescrip. to get the strips (they're much cheaper that way w/insurance etc. but it's just weird one aspect is widely available but the other is not). Since I'm a newbie I was testing constantly for a while. The pharmacy gave me a hard time when I wanted to refill because I'd used the 100 strips up faster than expected. I was all like "well how else am I supposed to gain knowledge of what my body does re: meals/foods and insulin dosage." I mean, I understand the needles, drug abuse and all that, but what, is there some worry about abuse of test strips by patients? I suppose I could sell them on the black market since they apparently can't be bought legitly almost anywhere. ...I'm suspicious of a deal between the company, insurance, and the hospital or something.
  4. ^ Graphically there was a time that Warhammer trailer wouldn't have seemed the worst but something feels really off about the weapon size/perspective. Sometimes it blocks tons of the screen. Plus looks klunky. No clue what they're trying to achieve tho.
  5. If I was into "dark souls" or similar type games I'd probably be interested in that Black Myth: Wukong game. But I'm not so ... I'll just watch it on Twitch for the kewl boss graphics.
  6. More to do with them being disappointed re: specific game performance vs. the card overall if that makes sense.
  7. I think I acquired that confusion/assumption from the reaction of the average netizen to benchmarks (usually via disappointment in the numbers...). eg, I think a lot of lay-people mistake/think of them for actual gameplay fps barometers. Actually, I think I've seen some reviewers act like they were, too, when they talk about whether something is "worth it". >.>
  8. Speaking of motivation ... I am unsure I can do this for the next 15-30 years (if I can't achieve "remission"). ...I know, big deal, vs. survival, right - but it's not that shooting myself up (hahaha) is difficult - but it's the remembering to do it every 12 hours. The "can't go to sleep/nap or do anything distracting until I poke myself" type of thing. I have tons of clocks and alarms and I've still fallen asleep a few times without doing it. Heck I'm the sort to forget to take pills sometimes even when the bottle is right in front of me while I eat my meal. My brain, it does not work well with long-term schedules. Pffft.
  9. *scratches head* No, I know that's how benchmarks look/are run. BL3 does let you do that from an ingame setting actually, forgot about that (most of my games do not have such a feature, I forget more games do that now). But "flying" at rapid speed in/through the game is not playing, no one plays a game that way outside of fly-cheat codes. I guess my confusion then stems that I thought benchmarks gave a decent representation of what kind of actual real average gameplay FPS one might see/expect with given settings vs. only an identical stress test to compare % increases. Sounds like that isn't necessarily always going to be the case, at least not imo? I suppose that would explain why I look at benchmarks and wonder why my rigs (over the years) often seem to be (real playing) higher fps etc. than indicated. And here I thought I just kept such a clutter free rig or something. Running BL3's benchmark looks like 52ish, 69ish if I turn V. Fog all the way Off (the harshest game setting). I only ran them once each, dunno how much variance there is/might be if repeated a lot.
  10. Didn't read entire thread but in terms of Minsc/original question: I never disliked Minsc, per se, but I had no use for him in my party, and while sure some of his lines are nostalgia-iconic, I didn't want to listen to him screaming, either. I think I ended up killing him at some point because he was mad at "me" or something. eg, I preferred others in terms of story/chr choices and in combat. Edit: my reference comes largely from BG1, I didn't finish BG2. I did like the picture of Boo.
  11. Is that Diablo in FF? (haha) ...looks like FFXV style (or 7Remake perhaps) except a high fantasy setting vs. semi-"modern" setting. eg the flashy animation ARPG combat. Graphics don't look much better per se, just different style (glossier?). Not particularly interested, looks kind of meh trailer-wise but I do like flashy combat pics so if the PC version has a screenshot mode I might try it someday. Maybe. ...a few other PS5 game announcements made me curious but nothing really stood out for me that much. The whole trailers stream (includes the XV trailer above) (PS5 price reveal: $499US, $399-alldigital version)
  12. *catches up on thread* Trump is a bottomless-well of buffoonery and that's all I have to say about that.
  13. I have an 850wPS, I'd probably be good. Unless the 40xx series needs a 1000w. So likely there will still be a ti or something similar in the future then. Good to know. Also ... man that recent MS Flight Sim must need a future 20900k CPU or something (3080 won't even do it 4k/60).
  14. Btw, I'm not ragging on the 3080. It's a great sounding card. If one hasn't upgraded a gpu for a bit and wants to move to 4k it's a good buy seems like. I'm just coming from the perspective of "have a good gpu for my needs already/skip generation" so I may sound more critical or nitpicky than I intend to, lol. If there's a 3080ti that'd (probably) be the one I'd want if I was buying ... unless the 3090 is the new ti? I'm not clear about that.
  15. When I want to procrastinate/avoid I read/post on forums. Or watch short YT videos etc. Exercise is too much like work. ...that said, staring at the ceiling as avoidance doesn't seem very good, no. In a strange way that often builds more stress. Like Hurl says, there's lots of other ways to waste time and it might help distract your mind out of current, not likely to change soon ruts like that. ...and THAT said, I totally understand. There are some things/times where avoidance is my middle name.
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