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  1. Warhammer total war 2 Dark Elfs campaign. Can recommend, although all the 'dlc' stuff is not far from microtransaction territory. Get it on sale.
  2. First thing in the history of the world that has even been made better with the addition of terrible recorder flute.
  3. I can't believe I ever thought this guy was hard. Posting for the voice acting meme. So badass, I ****ing believe him.
  4. lmao, pretty boy with the long hair.
  5. Remember Morrowind, like that. I can't remember if you can play Oblivion in third person.
  6. There is a third person idle cam, it isn't animated though and it probably won't work everywhere.
  7. Also, Lame. If someone paid me to beat SEKIRO the way it was intended, that's what I would do.
  8. Made it to the sword saint. I gotta say, although I enjoyed the game so far, after a point I didn't feel like I got better at anything beyond memorising every boss' moveset. I can't tell without knowing in advance what attack is a thrust and needs a mikri counter and what attack is a sweep and needs a jump counter. If you are facing someone with a spear the windup animations all look the same to me, yes you can react to a sweep in time, but not a thrust. It's kinda a weakness, but not so different than Dark Souls I suppose. If you beat a boss the first time in less than 20 tries you got lucky. If the signalling works so poorly, why didn't they make the thrust danger signal a different colour or something... I just wish they had focused more on the windup animations and made some universal signalling as to what attack type this is going to be, instead of just doing the 'danger' kanji. I know I can beat the sword saint, but I just don't feel like spending hours learning his every move first.
  9. Well, who even has a CD/DVD drive anymore. These days it's Denuvo and an internet connection to even get to play a game, and there is no way around that unless you want to chose what games you play on the basis of DRM, which is going a bit too far in my book.
  10. That worked ?. It never does when I try it. UT announcer for the win.
  11. Well..... If shooting a whole bunch of sponges is your jam then sure, the shooting is solid. Otherwise weapons almost universally feel like they're shooting peas - unless you happen to find a gun that's just the right level, in which case the guns temporarily stop feeling like they're shooting peas, then you reach higher level quests and you are, yet again, shooting peas. Granted, Borderlands 1's a lot worse in this than 2. If the guns still have levels I'm not interested in borderlands 3. It's probably going to be jam-packed full of microtransactions anyway.
  12. Sekiro is awesome. I think I like it better than souls, and I'm one of those impossible people who play fighting games with an arcade stick. Let me tell you, it's HARD. muhahahahahaha. I tried a little bit of Devil May Cry and the difference immense, it was like the enemies were just standing around waiting to die.
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