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    It must be custom I suppose. It looks like a flatter ethernet connector. I don't have the laptop to check though. I'll just get her a wireless router. Better idea.
  2. My mom has a network connector in her, I think it's a chrome book - one of those slim laptops from when that was the thing - I'm trying to order an adapter that can go from her wall socket internet to her laptop. What is the smaller standard of network connectors used for laptops called ?
  3. I dunno if this is heresy or not, but I'm not really interested in Xcom if it's not Firaxis.
  4. I signed up for game pass so i'm playing Hellblade It's ok.
  5. PS4 controllers work with windows, sometimes, a few hours at a time at least. I gave up and am exclusively using xbox controllers now. I recommend getting a proper bluetooth antenna though instead of those tiny dongles.
  6. I have a theory that the culture change is because of the internet. There is no trusted arbiter of truth any more with the diminishing role of traditional media. So, clickbait and fake news, as in factually fake news designed for clicks and emotional appeal, wins out. You know, It's the echo chamber thing, and the fact that people have become used to being abrasive to each other because communication is impersonal. So, attacking the media works. All you have to do is 'win' doesn't matter if you are correct.
  7. Well, Trump has been systematically dismantling government agencies and installing his cronies. So, I guess the (over) reaction will be the reinstatement of those. the whistle blower is more than likely a representative of the status quo, so I mean it's not entirely wrong to say that the 'deep state' got him, even if it happened without a plan as such.
  8. Isn't it more a question of finally having had enough. Trump is demonstrating himself as incompetent enough for it to spill over into Republican waters.
  9. Well, one without Nuremberg rallies and silly hats then.
  10. Amazing, the orange disaster finally appears to have imploded. All it took was him being him. He's not bouncing back from this is he. Don't pick a populist next time.
  11. Money makes the world go around I guess, even if that means people disappearing in the middle of the night or being sent to 'reeducation' camps. It's an old story though. China has been leveraging trade vs critique of its system for a long time and most countries have been playing along in one form or another. They can't afford not to. So, why would corporations be any different. That said, I piss on the NBA and Blizzard from a great height.
  12. Soo, nothing is going the happen because impeachment needs a two thirds majority ?
  13. Anyone played the surge 2. I want it to be good because I'm looking for another souls-like game but I'm not completely convinced. Animations look at bit weak for instance.
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