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  1. I made it into Destiny 2 last night. I was stuck at 1739 for like an hour and it just let me in all of a sudden. Melee finishers are mostly pointless. Occasionally it's faster to use it against a tougher enemy than shooting them. And the quests are interesting. But it's kind of tired seeing some of the same public quests from the EDZ.
  2. I'm playing the "waiting in queue on Destiny 2" game. Apparently there's lots of free players who are only slightly less new than me. And also the moon is haunted.
  3. I beat Crying Suns. It was a lot of fun and I maybe played it on easy just to avoid the frustration FTL gave me. Nothing worse than constantly failing to see any progress whatsoever and not having any hints as to why without needing to read a guide. But it was too easy. I beat the whole game without dying at all. So maybe I'll go back and do some medium runs after they update it to let you replay old chapters. I also played the latest Star Control: Origins DLC. Pretty decent, but I feel like the magical feeling I had when I first played the game has worn off.
  4. I told myself I wouldn't indulge in Crying Suns until I finished some other stuff. And I'm a complete liar. It's lots of fun. Anyone who compares it to FTL is encouraged to see me and my hands after class on the playground. Because this one's actually fun.
  5. Trying out some stuff, I've recently started Lorleia, Angels of Death, Max Payne, Mothergunship, and Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy. Mostly I'm just spinning my wheels until AI: The Somnium Files releases tomorrow. Lorelai's decent, but not as well reviewed as the previous two parts. Angels of Death is just okay, but that might be expected for an RPG Maker horror/death game title. Mothergunship might be getting too hard for me, having died a bunch of times on a single mission.
  6. Over the weekend I finished Children of Morta. A fun little action RPG about a family fighting a corruption that's ravaging the land. I ended up beating it without even getting the final tier of skills for any family member. It's pretty easy, but charming with great narration. I also finished Little Nightmares. Great atmosphere on it, way too many chase sequences.
  7. I guess I'm done with Control. I've got one optional boss fight left and a couple of little other things. But it crashed while solving the luck puzzle and I decided it's not worth starting back up just for that. It's a good game, I'm just tired of running around.
  8. I like to abuse the phrase "I low key love/hate _____." There's nothing low key about this, I love Control. The loot system is a tedious addition, the dialogues are longer than they need to be with time wasted on internal dialogue. But the gunplay is simply fantastic. And I appreciate the hell out of what they're trying to do with the setting and story.
  9. I'm telling you the truth or my name isn't Brad Pitt.
  10. I got Planetary Annihilation: Titans in the Humble sale. And it's fun. I've only played a little of it including the tutorial. Maybe I'll talk about that more later. The Beginner's Guide is another game I got. I ran through it in an hour and a half. If you're at all interested in narrative games and have no objections to "walking simulators" this is a must buy. It's basically a great short story in game form, focusing on a guy whose friend used to make games that were never meant to be played. A little bit more of Cat Lady. For a no-risk Horror Adventure game, I still have trouble playing it for long stretches. It still manages to be tense. And, lastly, ESO is having a free weekend. I played it a bit and I have to say I don't care for it at all. The typical MMO nonsense of way too many enemies to wade through and constantly respawning while you spam the same single slow attack has me put off on this after only a single quest post-tutorial.
  11. I finished Telling Lies. Man, I kind of want to talk about this. Just who was David? I see two readings of the character that can be justified, neither of them particularly good. I stopped Dead Cells. 2 BSC and can't seem to make it to Concierge. And the only way to get stronger is to beat Concierge. More effort than its worth since there's no real new content until 5 BSC ending.
  12. My brutality build run in Dead Cells is going a little too well. I beat the Time Keeper only using one health potion. I expect I'll have my second Boss Stem Cell by the end of the night. And then I can accept I've learned enough to try the the Giant again.
  13. I'm still kind of sad that Megaton Edition of DN3D isn't available. I kind of want to play that first, then Ion Fury.
  14. Decided I wanted to finally try that Outer Wilds game I hear so much about. Only to find out my e-mail was harvested as part of Epic Games bot spam. When I tried to create an EpicGames account, it told me I already have one. I recover it and the password recovery is in Italian. Anyway, I've submitted a request to delete that account so I can make one of my own. As for what I'm actually playing, Dead Cells. Pretty fun. I've beat it on 0BSC twice. Maybe time to move up a difficulty.
  15. And did a successful Everspace run again. I complete it for the first time and suddenly get two more in a row right after. Maybe this is because I switched to third person camera. Or because I'm abusing Time Extenders. Or both. The third possibility is it's just not that hard on Normal and I only had bad luck for why I didn't get it before. Like my very first run got all the way to sector four, found an Ancient temple, fought the guardian, BEAT it, and died because I didn't expect it to turn into a black hole. And a run not that shortly after got all the way to sector 5 or 6, encountered a system with two jump suppressors, one a corvette, the other a frigate, and a close by sun causing everything to overheat. . I've never seen that close by sun weather again. This run I didn't even see a Frigate. Or Ancient Temple. That's what I was really aiming for. I only have two glyphs
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