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  1. When I said Below Zero mainly just reminded me of how incredible the original Subnautica was, I wasn't joking. I'm on my third playthrough now. I've not done much, but I feel like the second I have a Moonpool, the game is already as good as beat.
  2. STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl Aside from the headbob being so bad it's officially a headwobble, this game holds up really well. I played it way back in the day and always meant to give it another go. That said, I have 0 interest in running around doing sidequests. I'm just playing it for the main quest and it's plays very well for that.
  3. Since I'm off this week, I was able to run through Subnautica: Below Zero. It's more Subnautica and that's good. It's got new base building modules and that's also good. The Seatruck is actually really cool. And the environments are all still absolutely incredible. But all of the environs are too small and too cramped to really build a cool base. The Snowfox is wasted and the Spy Pengling is itself a waste that only helps get small amounts of resources early and resolve a plot. And the story is poorly structured.
  4. Have some commentary on random games I've played lately. Buddy Simulator 1984. I'm not sure what this game is trying to do. It's like it's supposed to be a horror title with a really insecure AI creating games for you. The text adventure segment is full horror and aspects of that carry over into future segments. And there's lots of horror tropes. But the buddy is so affable it's like being haunted by Casper the friendly ghost who likes to create quirky NPCs where murder and torment is a punchline. It's impossible to be afraid. And it's not funny either. So I'm lost. Perfect Vermin. A
  5. Baldr Sky is my main game right now. It's... kind of slow. There's advice in writing circles in the US to cut your first chapter or so because people tend to write too much buildup and wait too long to get to the interesting bits. This advice is clearly not popular in Japanese Visual Novel circles I'm finding. Still, it's pretty fun. Dungeons of Naheulbeuk I'm playing on the side. A comedic RPG based on some radio dramas if I remember right. It's actually super charming and been a few laughs so far. So I'm glad I grabbed it and fully recommend.
  6. Team Pfizer in the house. Don't @ me if you're one of those Johnson & Johnson boys. I was literally offered three appointments for today, one for each. Initially offered Moderna through work, but that whole thing got cancelled. So I picked up one from the county for the same day. Then work got back to me for the J&J. I'm pretty happy with what I hear about Pfizer, though.
  7. Raging Loop The best under the radar visual novel I've yet seen. At least under my radar. Maybe it's too recent compared to all the classics I'm still catching up to, but it's pretty great. It's about a guy who gets trapped in a time loop in a village that's playing a real life version of the Werewolf party game.
  8. I've been snowed in all week so far and it's looking to continue. So I'm playing through the Crysis trilogy. I'll be honest. I hated Far Cry. And wasn't thrilled with Crysis when I first played it. It only clicked for me when I played Warhead. Replaying Crysis now, I see a bit of why that is. Because when the aliens show up, the interesting play style goes out the window. Sadly, Crysis 2 does not capture that same play. But it has its own strengths. I've always kind of loved transhuman storylines and it's got plenty of power fantasy when you grab a turret, armor up, and go to town. N
  9. Destiny 2, I know I shouldn't... The three best things about this season are that the activity is actually fun, they put Ruinous Effigy on the kiosk, and removed catalysts are dropping. I've already got Bad Juju's, Ruinous Effigy's, and some other thing. I don't even care about the third one.
  10. Anyone ever find themselves in the mood for a particular kind of game and just can never find it? I want me some good space opera with a starship focus. And not have to grind around trading for hours. I guess I have to wait for Everspace 2 to hit 1.0. Anyway, I played through Metal Unit. A recently graduated from Early Access side scrolling roguelite. It's got a derivative story, what with it being aliens invade earth so we fight them with robots. If you're familiar with that kind of story you'll see the twists coming too. It's decent fun for 12 hours. Got it from Humble Choice.
  11. So Wildermyth is kind of addictive. It's pretty much exactly what it's advertised as. RPG and storytelling. With the kind of humor you might find in a webcomic, which matches with the papercraft art style.
  12. This has taught me one thing. That some part of me is an accelerationist. Because I had a giggle and a grin hearing about this today. I do hope we can get back to making progress on serious issues in this country. And that this is more of a last gasp and not the start of another terrifying phase.
  13. I'm really wary of anything Yakuza. I played 14 hours of 0 before realizing I'd only encountered about an hour of worthwhile plot. The game has the pacing of someone walking their execution. It doesn't want to get on with it. I'm serious when I say I thought I'd only had about an hour of plot. Looking at my achievements and I'm in Chapter 5 and apparently completed 10 substories. And I don't remember a single damn thing.
  14. I played through Beyond a Steel Sky over the weekend. Joey is fantastic. That's the only noteworthy part of the game, sadly. None of the other characters are worth remembering. And the story is exactly what you're used to from dystopia disguised as utopia fiction. But Joey is funny and a delight and I wish the game had been all about him instead of the world's most dull and emotionless man, Foster. I find myself wanting a really good party based RPG with quirky characters or super funny adventure game. Sadly I'm turning up empty for one I haven't already played yet. Recommendations, anyon
  15. And now I just binged through Blacksad. Shows 7 hours, but it felt a little longer. Anyway, it's up there with Telltale's best. Right behind Telltale's own Noir comic license, A Wolf Among Us.
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