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  1. Destiny 2, not really an MMO but aspiring that direction, hooks their story early. The city is attacked by the bad guys and now you've got to regroup with you rallies to take it back. It's not like it's super deep, but it's interesting and exciting. It makes you want to see what's next. You're introduced to the big bad right away and are motivated to defeating him. I have no idea who I'm supposed to be against in Final Fantasy 14. I assume it's that Empire who was featured in the opening cinematic and my character has yet to encounter.
  2. Final Fantasy XIV, the MMO, was free on PS4 recently. And it was lots of fun for a few days. Until the story completely failed to present a hook after like a dozen hours and I looked stuff up and saw there was nothing cool to look forward to in abilities. At that point it just started feeling like every other MMORPG I played and got tired of. It's cool to have the Final Fantasy brand, but sucks that it has none of the Final Fantasy coolness and power fantasy. As a Thaumaturge, all I have to look forward to is eventually getting Flare. Limit Breaks can only be used in parties. I have precisely 0 interest in spending dozens upon dozens of hours doing nothing but a blizzard/fire juggle. Thunder, my favorite of the three common FF spells, has been turned into a dot. As to the story failing to hook, the entire story so far has been about a criminal gang out in the desert who aren't even worth giving names. I'm level 30 with a 50 cap and I've seen one cutscene of some Empire I know nothing about doing nothing I care about. So I bought Astroneer and I'm exploring space. And it is good to explore space.
  3. Halo 2 Anniversary. It runs much better than I expected a current gen title to run on my computer. Just have to set it for performance and turn V-sync off. Looks kind of like a 360 title as a result. Or maybe that's just how it always looked. I also just bought a new computer, should arrive at the end of next month. Found like $250 in discounts on one I'd been eyeing, so I snatched it up. Come September I'll be able to play Cyberpunk 2077 with mouse and keyboard.
  4. Trying out Breathedge. And I love it. It's a good chuckle from the very start. Only complaint I have is the low amount of air you have, so you constantly have to run back. The only place I know to expand requires me to set up two oxygen stations just to reach.
  5. I played Final Fantasy X. I wanted to give it a second chance after all these years and it was much better than I remembered. But I still see why I disliked it when released. Tidus acts like a child, his performance and Yuna's are both lacking. And the random encounter chance is simply ridiculous. But I actually really enjoyed it. I also rushed through The Forest. Building a base is too tedious for me to enjoy building. Have to chop down like a dozen trees and fight off half a dozen cannibal attacks just to build a log cabin. And you still don't have any defenses up. I'm not a fan of fighting off cannibal attacks on your camp. But spelunking into caves trying to find your lost son and fending off mutants living down there. That was my jam. Final boss sucked, though. I'm on to The Long Dark. The Forest reminded me that I do enjoy story stuff in these survival games. But this one is trying a bit too hard at that. So far the story is people talking way too much without giving any insight into the greater disaster. I guess it's more exploration, unraveling a mystery, and environmental storytelling I enjoyed. But it's still interesting.
  6. I loved the heck out of Everspace. I'm playing Final Fantasy VII Remake and loving every minute of it. Enough that I'm going to be doing a full playthrough of the original soon, too.
  7. Spoilers are circulating for the Final Fantasy VII Remake due to early releases. And they've convinced me I have to get this game on day 1. Have I mentioned State of Mind on here? I think it was part of Humble Choice in the last couple of months. Anyway it's fantastic if you're into the story focused game where you mostly run around and talk to other characters with the rare puzzle here or there. Highly recommended. On the downside, it has less choice and consequence than your typical Telltale game.
  8. Greedfall on PS4 It's interesting and fun, but seems kind of slow paced. I don't mind it too much. The combination of open design and small budget does mean that I keep accidentally stumbling on solutions to quests just by doing other stuff.
  9. After Black Mesa I did some Half-Life 2 marathoning. After Episode 1 I remembered why I hated the Episodes enough to not bother with Episode 2. It's just more of the same stretched way too thin. And not even usually the best parts of it. Like I'm pretty sure every Half-Life 2 installment has a bit where you're crossing toxic sludge by tediously shuffling objects about to stand on. Why?!?!?!?
  10. I'm the one guy in the office that wasn't told to stay home. So it's just me and the cat. Where I am we're basically on the honor system. I'm thankful that no one I personally know has been hit yet, but I fear if it gets severe enough that the odds of that drop, they'll have to rethink it. And be a couple weeks behind where they should be on controlling the situation.
  11. I recently tried going through the Still Life games. Post-Mortem, the very first one, is intolerable.
  12. Heaven's Vault. I played a ton of this over the weekend, ultimately completing it. It deserves awards. It's an incredible adventure about language, history, waterways in a nebula. Seems there's some choice and consequence stuff because I hear people talking about events I never got because I played cautiously with stuff. I also tried The Bureau: X-Com Declassified. I played through the first level and decided it was completely uninspired and boring. Then promptly uninstalled. Not a single interesting story beat or mechanic is introduced.
  13. Mo: Astray is finished. I recommend it. Black Mesa, the fan remake of Half-Life 1, is in progress. It's very good. Xen is amazing, though maybe a little long. I did some Battlefront 2 again. It's like a whole new game from when I last played. Supremacy was not a thing, but now it's the main game mod? Pretty cool.
  14. I tried playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo. "Tried" because it crashed during the countdown, but I mostly like what I saw. The only real issue is they really need to get a cinematographer behind their cutscene cameras. The camera doesn't need to zoom in close and start panning every time some minor character starts running.
  15. MO: Astray It's on sale on Steam this week and the user reviews were pretty great. I see where they're coming from. It's like a sci-fi horror puzzle platformer where you play an adorably cute blob. Which is just kind of weird until you realize your adorably cute blob can latch itself onto the heads of the zombies and monsters and pilot them. The cuteness just exists to soften the edge of the gruesome. Also it's fun.
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