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  1. I'm still kind of sad that Megaton Edition of DN3D isn't available. I kind of want to play that first, then Ion Fury.
  2. Decided I wanted to finally try that Outer Wilds game I hear so much about. Only to find out my e-mail was harvested as part of Epic Games bot spam. When I tried to create an EpicGames account, it told me I already have one. I recover it and the password recovery is in Italian. Anyway, I've submitted a request to delete that account so I can make one of my own. As for what I'm actually playing, Dead Cells. Pretty fun. I've beat it on 0BSC twice. Maybe time to move up a difficulty.
  3. And did a successful Everspace run again. I complete it for the first time and suddenly get two more in a row right after. Maybe this is because I switched to third person camera. Or because I'm abusing Time Extenders. Or both. The third possibility is it's just not that hard on Normal and I only had bad luck for why I didn't get it before. Like my very first run got all the way to sector four, found an Ancient temple, fought the guardian, BEAT it, and died because I didn't expect it to turn into a black hole. And a run not that shortly after got all the way to sector 5 or 6, encountered a system with two jump suppressors, one a corvette, the other a frigate, and a close by sun causing everything to overheat. . I've never seen that close by sun weather again. This run I didn't even see a Frigate. Or Ancient Temple. That's what I was really aiming for. I only have two glyphs
  4. I finished my first run of EVERSPACE yesterday. Felt like I only got there with a lucky early drop of a device that lets me take control of enemy ships. I even had Corvettes on my side. Today, I did my second run. And I beat it again immediately. Thanks to a time extender, really. Tip if you ever play it, don't even bother fighting Mk 2 Corvettes. You'll run out of energy trying. It looks like I have 3 more runs to go to get the final ending. And some Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure. Not much to say here. Feels like a Lucasarts game.
  5. It's very good. It's very little like Freelancer. It's a roguelite. You spawn in, traverse sector to sector, and try to make it to the end. You collect resources to upgrade your weapons or build new ones. With the expansion you also have quests with NPCs. You die and start over, spending your leftover money on upgrades that carry into the next life.
  6. FTL and Everspace. This is teaching me a lot about what I look for in Rogue likes and Rogue lites. With FTL, I played all the way to the final and died. Nothing I feel I could have done. I start over try out the new ship, it's garbage, die, and start again. After going through a bunch I figured out little. And eventually gave up feeling like I was going nowhere. Everspace, I've not gotten even near the end. One time I died right after spawning. But each time I die, I get to buy perks. More money, more resources, more equipment slots. And so with Everspace, I always feel like I'm progressing. I want to keep playing because I have something to look forward to with each life.
  7. I ended up buying Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure yesterday. Surprising production values with fully animated sequences and detailed layered backgrounds. Lots of promise for having barely started.
  8. Some Spacechem, some The Cat Lady. I played through Mechanicus and it was pretty great. Only thing I hate about it is how the awakening timer rushed me into missing out on lots of stuff. I'm not a fan of missables.
  9. The Boys is pretty good. Jerk superheroes.
  10. House of X #1 For those not into comic books, this is the start of the new X-Men series by legendary comic writer Jonathan Hickman. He's famous particularly for two previous series he did with Fantastic Four and Avengers. In both there'd be two separate series telling one combined story. Fantastic Four / FF (Future Foundation) then Avengers / New Avengers. The Avengers run lead to the quite popular Secret Wars story of 2015. Here we've got House of X and Powers of X. Only this first issue has come out today. And man is it a doozy. The X-Men are now living in a pocket dimension inside Krakoa, declaring a new mutant nation with Magneto as the ambassador. Offering revolutionary medicines to the world in exchange for recognition. But everything about it is fishy as ****. Dead characters have popped up and joined this new nation without fanfare. Everyone is acting suspicious. There's talk about omega mutants and reclassification of them. The situation is so worrisome that organizations like STRIKE, SWORD, AIM, and even a small contingent of freaking HYDRA are working together to build what I can only presume is an interstellar ark out of a planet killing superweapon and a Sentinel.
  11. I bought Barotrauma on the space sale because I've eyed it a bit. The only thing holding me back was it's mostly multiplayer. I don't play multiplayer. I nearly refunded it right after buying it. Now I have 20 hours in it already. So that ship has kind of sailed. For anyone interested, it's Space Station 13-lite on a submarine under the sea on Europa. I spend most of my time ingame trying to chase off griefers or get to the husk eggs before they infect the ship.
  12. Finished up Heat Signature and moved to another space game. But I found Space Pirates and Zombies to be too repetitive. So I went back to X3 Reunion. Ahh, Reunion. I think I last played it two computers ago. Heck, I think that was my college computer. I remember letting it run all night with automated trade routes to make money for a capital ship. Well, I don't need a capital ship this time since I don't plan on playing it that long. But at the same time I'm realizing how painfully pitiful the default start is on this game. The lowest class of combat ship and the only way to make money is by doing very small trade runs. Can't even shoot pirates because 1) killing pirates doesn't give money 2) any pirate group with a next tier combat ship will chase you through the entire sector and murder you. And there's not much of a way to find out where level appropriate pirates are. I recall now that I did those pitiful trade runs for hours on end to earn my first hauler. And then I screwed up and had to do them all over again for some reason. This is where I sigh heavily.
  13. I played Warlock. People would beg me to find other people to then summon them to various areas. Lazy.
  14. Heat Signature this time. I'm pretty sure I've got the hang of it now. It used to be that if guys had shields I just wouldn't do a mission. Now I've got my pick of crash traps, subverters, crashbeams. And I actually like the crash traps the most maybe. Because they constantly recharge. And if you place them on the teleporter reinforcements become a joke. My guys aren't dying anymore. But I also haven't attempted my first stronghold. Everyone's got a freaking shield on that one. Deraldin, if you're reading this, my first guy's personal mission was to save one of your guys. He died trying.
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