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  1. I do one Dreams tutorial a day. It's fun for me to just learn tools and pretend I'll do something with them. And I spent several hours playing Star Wars: Fallen Order. It's an interesting experience. Feels like a good exploration of various Star Wars tropes. Maybe the best Star Wars since the Disney acquisition that Filoni wasn't involved in.
  2. Dreams The example game has better writing and production value than many full games.
  3. Starcom Nexus Fun little indie space game. Get to design your ship with parts, research tech, find resources, and pew guys who pew you. There's a compelling story hook in there about getting lost in another region of space and maybe time travel. But it's too slow to develop.
  4. Edit: All gone. I've got a few leftover choices this month. Pathfinder: Kingmaker Explorer Edition Cryofall Okami HD The Hex Warstone TD I can recommend Pathfinder and The Hex. Okami I hear great things about, too.
  5. I see quite a few people saying New Jedi Order is the height of old Star Wars Legends. Which considering how much I appreciate Zhan's books, and him never writting a single NJO book, it comes across as high praise for that period.
  6. Been procrastinating on a Thrawn Trilogy reread. Started it last week and am almost done. About halfway through The Last Command. Aww yeah, this is the Star Wars I really enjoyed in the 90s. Maybe I'll push on through to the New Jedi Order I missed out on.
  7. I finished Call of Cthulhu last week, the Cyanide one. It was pretty good. The illusion of choice fooled me a bit right up until the end and there were a few decently tense moments. For $10 I can recommend it. Just don't expect anything deep.
  8. Disco Elysium is the greatest experience I've had roleplaying an alcoholic since that Halloween party where I threw up on everything and almost caught fire.
  9. I agreed to do her mission, but only because I thought I could sabotage it. Turns out you can't. I also figured she'd shoot at me and I was sick of shooting.
  10. You are at the second mission from the end.
  11. I finished The Outer Worlds. It's the best game of the type of RPG it's trying to be. But I think I'm largely done with RPGs of its type. The shooting really needs to step up. I was really just done with shooting by the end. I let the companions do all of it. And I was glad to have been a persuasion focused character because just so I didn't have to shoot my way through the finale.
  12. I finished Still There last night. Honestly it was kind of great. Just not the kind of great I'm itching to play again. Kind of depressing. It also marked the 10th item in my Steam curator, so that forced it public. Which sucks, since I hadn't gotten a logo yet.
  13. I'm watching some Another Life just in the vague hope there's something worthwhile in it. I hate everyone in it. Apparently a second season has been greenlit.
  14. Internet has been out at the house for over a day, so I played a couple games on my PS4 that have just been sitting there. Mass Effect Andromeda demo. Why is the opening of this so boring? No urgency, no action. Like there's three exciting beats over the course of 30 minutes, but they're all treated with the impact of a dentist's waiting room. The gravity shut off? Don't worry, just wait. An explosion?! Would you be a dear and scan that thing then flip a switch. The ship crashed into a mysterious cloud? Ehh, we'll deal with it in half an hour. Our shuttle GOT TORN APART AND YOU'RE FALLING, nah it's fine. Time for some light jogging. Sara Raydar is so passive and seemingly uninvested in anything that I couldn't bear to finish the demo. Neon Chrome. Fun enough, but it wore out on me quick.
  15. I took a short break from my The Outer Worlds playthrough to play Disco Elysium. And I immediately started laughing myself to death. If I stop posting mysteriously sometime in the next week, it'll be because I've suffocated at my computer.
  16. I finished Observation and Death Stranding. Observation was a fine little semi-adventure narrative game. The puzzles are pretty much just repeating back stuff from one screen to another. But the story is quite good. Death Stranding was tons of fun, but maybe a bit longer than it needed to be. Just finishing up my last prepper to get 5 stars on everything. And then I'm not sure what I'll focus on next. Edit: Oh duh, I still have Outer Worlds to play.
  17. Since Postal 2 was free on GOG I decided to give it another try. I remember playing it once in college and thinking it was pointless crap. After about an hour with it, my opinion has changed. But not by much. The vulgarity is less severe than I recall, but it's just such a tedious game. The draw is clearly in acting our fantasies of shooting down everyone around you. From the boss who fired you on the second day of the job, to protesters who hate violent video games, to the line at the bank. But the shooting is so dull and unappetizing that I'd rather just wait in the stupid line. After which the cop beats up the guy in front of him, finds the corpse he just made, and then tries to arrest me for being suspicious for being around a corpse. This is a recurring annoyance. Someone attacks you, you decide you don't want to bother with it, the cops attack them, then the cops attack you for being nearby. And I run away from it because a game that came out 5 years after Half-Life 1 plays like it came out 5 years before Quake. The improvement is that I get a sense of the point of it. It's just not any fun.
  18. And bought. I've looked forward to it for what feels like an age.
  19. Am I the only one excited over The Wolf Among Us 2 news?
  20. I'm getting used to Halo: Reach's MP. I'm still not thrilled with it. It's just the whole style of game I don't care for. Maybe I'll try Grifball for a while. Only reason I'm playing it is because my character feels naked without any shoulder armor.
  21. I lost about 2 hours of Outer Wilds due to save corruption. Thankfully the game is pretty nonlinear, so I can pick up where I left off. I just won't have the lost stuff on the computer. I also checked out Halo: Reach. It runs only slightly worse than I'd expect an Xbox 360 game to. And I'm annoyed again how all the armor unlocks require multiplayer. Getting to customize your character is a big part of why it's my favorite Halo. But I guess that was always true. I just hate Halo's MP. Assault rifles are useless.
  22. Called an alien ship onto an occupied pad Played with controls you don't understand Autopiloted through a tiny moon Used your oxygen supply as propellant Eaten by a giant fish So many dumb ways to diiiiiie The Outer Wilds is fun. I really wish I was playing it instead of at work.
  23. I remembered that the other The Outer W___ came out on PS4 last month and had to buy it. I've been looking forward to it so long. And it's pretty great. It's all the parts I loved most about Subnautica without the parts I loved a little bit less.
  24. There's a few topics in this forum: https://forums.obsidian.net/forum/43-pen-and-paper-gaming/ It's not super active, though. Edit: I see you're already over there.
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