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  1. Huh. If you backed Solasta, the 1.0-ish version is available for you to play (Steam only). You should get an email with information on how to access it. I am generally, against giving backers special treatment, but I have been eager to check it out for a while. Last time I played it was kickstarter demo. I have been happy with everything I have seen and heard about it so far.
  2. I would argue more among the lines: what's the point of full VO if your don't commit? The benefit of doing VO of protagonist is that you can define him more as a character. Then again, it is possible that Larian is going to do just that for BG3 - from some of their early comments it can be understood that the game will have full VO, protagonist included. That means full VO for all origins. It still seems to me unlikely, and misguided, but it would fit what BG3 is doing so far.
  3. Josh Sawyer defined crunch as "Excessive Overtime: 60+ hours per week for more then 8 weeks. As I understand discussion regarding crunch isn't: "game devs should have a right to a more comfortable right and not be taken advantage by employers", but "game devs are being worked to the point that is unproductive, bad for their health, and drives talented people away from the industry". Baby steps I suppose.
  4. Ehh. I think it is just more of a jRPG then I expected. It has basic but perfectly functional combat system, with a nice customisation through program pods, but heavily undermined by actual leveling system which just messes up the balance of combat. I also had expectations - I knew it was Platinum game and that it was great and had "great combat system" and you need to play it multiple times to get true ending - so In my naive mind I imagined Bayonetta/DMC style game where replayability is further enhanced with story changes. Didn't do much more research then that, thanks to "you should go int
  5. Yeah, controller is a must. Even so, I still don't see why the people love the game so much. Finished Fallen Order. Mediocare action/adventure, great Star Wars game. After having a blast with Titanfall2, after putting it off for years, I jumped into Doom 2016. Not terribly impressed so far. Combat is getting better as weapons and enemytypes count increase, but so far it's been rather dull. "Atmosphere" just isn't my cup of tea, I guess - I can tell, because I don't care for the soundtrack, which is aparently amazing.
  6. Outer Wilds, aka. the best game in recent memory that I really should complete one of these days, is getting a DLC! Allegedly.
  7. I didn't play either of LoU, but I do find it to be a common issue. It is interesting to watch a character in the film make all the wrong decision, but it does feel forced when the game forces you to do something you know is wrong and then slaps your wrist for doing that. I think one game that managed to pull it off is Spec Ops the line - thinking about unavoidable scene. And I think it hits as hard, as it is usually the point when people go through the motion without thinking and then realise what kind of game they are really playing.
  8. Honestly, I really appreciate not having a cutting edge PC growing up. If I had, I would never use DOSBox, nor discovered some real classics. I gave a try to UFO: Enemy Unknown, Pirates!, Another World, Flashback, Deus Ex, Thief1&2, Systemshock2, and much much more purely out of necessity.
  9. All you have to do, then, is become a Microsoft executive.
  10. In what way? Personally, I think the new Hitmans are the best in the series. There is some stuff I prefer in the originals (like tone and atmosphere, though here Hitman2 is my fav), but I think new Hitmans finally fully realise the appeal of the older titles. I am curious what Bond game will be. While it’s easy to point how Bondesque Paris level in Hitman2016 is, I also doubt they will just do Hitman but with Bond - not flashy enough.
  11. On top of James Bond game IO Interactive seems to be working on an RPG in a medieval+dragons setting. I am interested to see how non-Hitman games by IO will look like, but that said last time they branched out we got Kane and Lynch 1&2, which, while I never played, have rather awful reputation. I assume, though, that by now it's a different staff for the most part anyway.
  12. I played Automata just recently, and from my experience it is nowhere near to being playable with constant sub 60 FPS drops (even if modding that was supposed to fix my issues). And according to recent RPS article Replicant is even more padded then Automata was. I will wait for deep discount on that one.
  13. So with Titanfall2 being on sale, and me hearing over and over that campaign is really good I decided to pick it up. And yeah, it's awesome. I never liked CoD, Battlefield and such, but I am having a blast with this one. Funny how much movement and not having to aim down sights adds. I also dipped into multiplayer and, to my shock, I am having a great time. I love the balance between on foot soldiers and titans. Still in learning stages, but enjoying myself nonetheless.
  14. Meh, a game of Spy vs Spy with my brother would do. I wonder if it would make more sense now, when I am double digits old.
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