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  1. In Poe Sloth was much more timid. He wasn't relaxed by any means, by he was slow to speak his mind. In Deadfire he is far more outspoken, reflecting his growth in confidence. Relationship mechanics do make characters behave weirdly (Xoti laughing and clapping as you burn Dawnstar bodies)
  2. I am willing to give them benefit of the doubt, and believe that they won't make the same game but under a different name.
  3. I have pretty clear memory of Swen not discussing anything specific at the time the reveal was made. They did state that they will be making changes to the system to adapt it to computer setting. Personally, I would be shocked if it was a real-time game. Not because they did a turn-based game before, but because from what they said, their attempt is not to recreate Infinity Engine games.
  4. Yeah, the impression I got wasn't that making Deadfire was a mistake, but the way the approached it might not have been the best. What I find interesting was Josh remark early in in the talk: Does it mean they would change how they approach the formula for the 3rd game? Or would they try to move farther away? If they keep the system relatively unchanged, launching with dual gameplay system might be good for them (naturally I would like to see some of the turn-based design issues fixed). That, however, depending on how much they change the core system, might be quite a challenge, unless they find the way to effortlessly translate one into another.
  5. Many people seem to run into various problems with Aloth, though never had the same experience. He tends to sit exactly where I would expect him to, depending on what character I roleplay. He and Eder had both positive, and negative relationships, depending on my playthrough. And yeah, the last thing I would say about Aloth is that he was ever laid back.
  6. No, not really. The closest thing was Obsidian hiring Unity programmer, which might suggest PoE3, but might not. In spite of the title, there is nothing suggesting that the game would be isometric, though considering that they essentially developed a very unique engine they might keep using it, be it Po3 or not. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/110059-obsidian-is-hiring-unity-programmers-new-isometric-game/ We know Obsidian works on at least one other projects beside Outer Worlds (something in my head rattles that there were two secret projects, but I might be wrong).
  7. This bug appear in Turn Based only. As far as I know the issue are random civilians who spot the combat and put guards on alert. Before this happens guards seem to ignore your fights unless you got them. Both fights are easily doable though. For the imp, put your party down on the pier, as far away from street as possible and lure enemies to you. For the fight on the Sacred Stair after initiating combat get downstairs near the entrance to Hanging Sepulchers. That should be enough to avoid attention. Never had issues with the fight in Dunage.
  8. I am so sorry Daven. My condolences.
  9. I don't think so. The only think like that so far is companion attacks. The time slowdown thing, does all that is said it does, and doesn't trigger a cutscene. Considering gameplay is FPS I wonder how your model looks from outside (if it exist in full in presentable way). Unlike NV OW doesn't have functional 3rd person view.
  10. OW might indeed be more streamlined then OW. Whenever it is the case or it just works differently (flaws for example can apparently play in dialogue, so OW might also gain reactivity from different sourceses, even if stats are simplified.)
  11. OW is first person only. Obsidian expressed interest in implementing such feature is subsequent releases, but as OW is a game of modest budget, they decided to stick to developing only one perspective for this one.
  12. Rock Paper Shotgun video preview: https://youtu.be/aBqx3HUBgYM
  13. It would be interesting to hear original creators intent. The most common explanation I heard was that Real-time games were a thing back then. Whenever there is any merit in it, I cannot say. It’s a bit before my time. People lobby for RPGs being turn-based, because Firaxis’ XCOM made turn based cool again. Public doesn’t dismiss Turn based games anymore. And considering RPG tabletop origins, and that stat/roll based games benefit from deliberate pace of Turn-Based question if RPGs should stick to RTwP is a valid one.
  14. Ha! I am doing alright. There are a lot of things to like here, it’s just lacking certain amenities I’ve grown accustomed to. It’s certainly worth visiting! Interesting history and a lot to see. Some great hiking trails if you’re into such thing. Gin is pretty good as well.
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