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  1. Brillant Outer Wilds’ first and only DLC trailer: Game’s director said that it will “weave directly into the existing world and narrative”. So it’s expanding existing universe, rather then providing stand-alone world to explore? Can I start feeling good about myself not finishing OW yet, and constantly favouring lesser, less demanding titles?
  2. Know more regarding what? How Pillars of Eterniry1&2 worked, or how Avowed will work? As far as Avowed is concerned, we know quite literally nothing - not even what type of "First Person RPG" it is to be.
  3. WotR is pre-ordeable. As far as bonus items are concerned they have sent out an email with this handy chart: DLC1&2 are new campaigns, while DLC3 is once a gain a rogue-like dungeon.
  4. That reminds me, I need to play Legend of Grimrock2 one of these days. I remember TB (RIP) complaining years ago he didn’t have time play all the games he has. I thought it was a good problem to have. Kinda sucks actually. I find it really tricky to stick to one title for a decent amount of evenings.
  5. It's still below expectations and not what higher-ups in Obsidian hoped for. It failed to reach expectations set up by interest in PoE1, and outside not being commercial smash hit, it is also worth to remember that it wasn't received nearly as well, for whatever reason. It's subjective experience, of course, but all reviewers/influencers that I follow that praised PoE1 to high heaven, were lukewarm when it comes to PoE2. Even if Obsidian were thinking about PoE3 there is no clear way on how to move forward. That's what I hope for. Gamepass allows Microsoft to invest into those titles that might generate interest but not necessarily a whole lot of pre-orders and sales. From Josh's comments it seems the most crucial bit is folks at Obsidian wanting to make PoE3. Hopefully, they will get there after spending some time on other projects.
  6. I constantly forget that Psychonauts2 is happening, and am delighted that it is every time I am reminded of it. Also, it looks great.
  7. I loved 1st game, for whatever reason I am still to play CoH2.
  8. I could be insufferably cynical and say “I would rather see xxxx problem solved” but other then that all of that stuff looks good/great. Keep that coming and we might get somewhere.
  9. Lol Antivan Crow literally dressing up as a crow. DA lands wonderfully in So-serious-to-be-boring and So-silly-to-not-be-taken-seriously.
  10. I would be genuinely interested if those, but not £10 a piece. Half of that price would be steep IMO.
  11. Open-world or no open-world has little to do with ambition. We know quite nothing about tOW2, but considering how well it did, I would be surprised if they invested less in this project then a PoE spin-off. Even so, smaller team doesn’t mean shorter development time. Edit. Either way, they had nothing to show for Avowed year ago, and they have nothing to show for TOW2 now - so I assume Avowed is ahead
  12. Judging by ME1-3, that’s is the thing he might have most qualifications for.
  13. Meh, unless OW2 will be a space sim (which is not impossible, but I greatly doubt it) all of it would be more or less waste of time. And if I want beautiful looking "immersive" space sim with nothing fun to do, I will reinstal and play Elite. There is still so much to expand upon within OW2 gameplay loop to bring it at least close to something like New Vegas, that spending money and time on stuff like that would be wasteful.
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