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  1. https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/187735032891/youve-talked-a-bit-about-the-pillars-ttrpg-youre
  2. If it hasn’t been fixed by now then it’s unlikely it will be. The game has received its final patch.
  3. Huh? BG3 will absolutely be multiplayer. That much have been confirmed.
  4. Something to read: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/larian-studios-shares-its-vision-for-baldurs-gate-3-interview Swen avoids revealing any details as of now, so all we can do is speculate.
  5. I am pretty sure it's just speculation. Larian hasn't unveal any details just yet. I will be shocked however, if it won't be turn-based, considering multiplayer has been their focus, and seems it still will be. When Swen talked in interviews about BG, I got impression he was more interested in it as early tabletop translation, then epic Bioware-style single player adventure. Real-time would go against core tenants of previews Larian titles like multiplayer, accessibility, clarity. And on a more pragmatic note, it is smarter for Larian to appeal to Divinity crowd, then old Infinity engine crowd. In interviews Swen seemed to describe BG3 as the next step of evoluton in their RPGs, rather then something completely different. One thing they did hint at is that they will be making changes to D&D systems - one of the things they mentioned is how often you miss attacks in D&D and how unfun it is. We don't have any details to go on, but I am bracing myself for realization that Larian's take on D&D won't be for me.
  6. you can talk down both major encounters in Beast, I believe it is possible not to have to fight the final battle in SSS, if you fulfill very specific requirements. I am unaware of any possibility that would avoid battling with Oracle. Fyoncleg isn’t keen on negotiation.
  7. I warmed up to every companion aside from Maia. Takehu was the last one, but it took a playthrough with a character who sympathised with Huana and their tradition. The arc Takehu got was actually really compelling.
  8. Yup, that was a thing https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/99848-you-can-pickpocket-head-from-yours-bounties/#comment-2025881
  9. Ah, good old times, when one could pickpocket target's head from his/her inventory.
  10. By the same logic why would you play PoE in Real Time, if there is Diablo 3? Both are isometric RPGs with real time combat and D3 is clearly better as it sold better. You assume both DoS2 and PoE compete within the same space. They don't. According to Swen (maker of DoS2) there is relatively little overlap between those two games. One is absurd multiplayer focused sandboxy Coop RPG, another is singleplayer player-story driven RPG - both are RPGs, both are isometric, but their appeals are quite different. In this forum you are likely to find people who didn't enjoy DoS2 much(like myself) because we like games like PoE - that's why we are here. Being turn-based or RTwP has nothing to do with it. Why would someone play PoE2 over (or in addition to) DoS2 in turn based mode? Story focused experience with rich world and lore, interesting quests, well constructed city, factions, overall ability to role-play. In my personal opinion a much more flexible and impactful character creation and development. When my gaming buddy visits me, we will fire up DoS2 and probably have a great time. Tried to play it by myself and it was a boring slog.
  11. You wouldn’t. You don’t like turn based but someone else who prefers turn based would play it this way. The fact that the option doesn’t offer value just for you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer value to other players (nor that adding it detracts from your personal enjoyment. It might spread resources thin, or it might lead to better expected sales and overall increase games production, who knows). I personally didn’t care for the combat in DOS2, and I find Deadfire systems much more enjoyable, even in their imperfect turn based form.
  12. That makes so little sense (aside that you clearly prefer RTwP) I won't attempt to explain that in both RTwP and TB Deadfire you have exactly as much imput. But I must say that you miss a lot as there are plenty of super replayable, brilliantly designed turn based games. Whatever qualms I have with the fairly shallow FiraXCOMs I am greatful that nonsense like that is fairly rare nowadays. Any particular area requiring polishing? Also Woedica's content is great, addressing a major narrative problem, in a story driven RPG. Not to mention, that the writer won't fix whatever problems you see in combat. In addition according to Josh, which Turn-Based system wasn't a small thing to added it was worth doing, and was small compared to ship combat system - so why not have for PoE3 no unnecessary minigame and a RTwP/TB system instead?
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