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  1. It's actually not that bad. I just really have a bone to pick with Kingmaker. It's like Dragon Age: Origins, where other peoples love for it completely eludes me, although for different reasons. Writing or storytelling is just not something Kingmaker is concerned about. It makes Icewind Dale games look like narrative driven masterpieces. Companions in Kingmaker aren't great, but tedious design overshadows every other good&bad thing about it. My last Kingmaker session was 3 hours long and all I did was waiting for things to happen, "managing" the kingdom. I "love" how stretch out the quests are (1) kingdom management card - companion currently in your party wants to talk to you in the throne room 2) multiple rests and load screens later: throne room conversation -> could we talk in the tavern? 3) tavern two loadscreens later -> could we go back to where we were when you got initial message as I have business to attend? 4) short event in said location and 5) could we talk in the throne room about what happened? I have over 150h in Kingmaker now. I feel it would be closer to 30-40 if all the dead space was removed. It's not like it's systemic or anything.
  2. Outer Wilds. As cool as bit open universe do what you want games can be conceptually, I never felt like I actually explored something. On the other hand I am absolutely in love with Outer Wilds.
  3. I see. I wouldn’t know. Just repeating what I read among gog reviews.
  4. It's seems to be done by GOG. According to reviewers the games are just set up in an emulator, rather then natively made work for PC. Which is unfortunate, but that's better then nothing.
  5. Yo! Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid and MGS2 are available on GOG. According to some reviews "port" isn't superb, but as someone who never had chance to play those games I am genuily interested.
  6. Shockingly great sequel. Strongly recommend. Also: Ups! Late spoiler warning. :-)
  7. I think it usually does the complete opposite - making companions feel less like people and more like less convincing Joy. If let’s say complete strangers are kidnapped together and are consumed by parasites dating is probably not in their mind. It is also hilarious how everyone PC recruits is available. PoE1 are some of the more believable, relatable and “immersive” companions I have experience precisely because they feel like they have their own life - our paths just intersect.
  8. Yes, art is something that made it hard for me to get into. Music even more so. But mechanically it's a gold standard of what roguelite should be IMO. Never got bored of spelunky1.
  9. Yeah I quit sometime in 2nd chapter on my first playthrough. Finished full play through as BG3 research some months ago. I love the engine, but not campaign. I do like what I see from BG3 so far. D:OSs just become very barren if you don't have a co-op buddy. It seems like they are putting more effort into NPCs this time around.
  10. It's way too far away from me to be excited about. Nothing something/anything about it would be nice as well.
  11. I actually had a better time with D:OS1 then D:OS2. I actually thought the first chapter was the best in D:OS2. 2nd was by far my least favourite. Just remember to upgrade your inventory after every level up as jump in power between each level is significant. And there are a lot of levels to go through in chapter 2.
  12. Oh, absolutely nothing. SaveAFox was my daily happy pill through 6 months of COVID isolation. Finnegan is the star. Now I know what does the fox say. It’s “he he he he he”. I wanted a fox until I saw this video. Mink is dope though. I always wanted a ferret.
  13. I loved Witchers. Oh, it will sell well I am sure. It will also most likely be good. I just haven't seen anything that would make me want to play it.
  14. Next tuesday can't come soon enough with Spelunky2 coming out on PC. Empire of Sin is something I am keeping my eye on, but I need to see more of it. Baldur's Gate3 can my curiosity, of course, but won't be jumping into Early Access most likely. Mostly because I won't be able to run it. Also I am not sure if I would like it. There is Cyberpunk but 1) I need a new PC 2) I actually am not terribly interested for some reason outside it being a CDPR game. Humankind might be interesting, but need to see more.
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