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  1. Neither DA2 nor ME3 are terrible per say. But for me they were a big disappointment and a shift in what I expected from Biow. I can appreciate taking a swing and missing in some way, but those felt creatively bankrupt. That's been my main problem with BioWare... No games they released past that felt intriguing to me.
  2. I stopped believing in Bioware with Dragon Age2 and Mass Effect3. I heard in only got worse from there, so I lean into doomsayering. Two significant faces “retiring” at the same time seems suspicious to me... especially, in time when Bioware should be desperately fighting for credibility. I am not terribly concerned with long time employees leaving. I am more concerned with how longs it’s been since Bioware’s name has been attatched to a great title.
  3. Pillars of Eternity1 and Tyranny will be free next week on Epic Games Store - assuming anyone here doesn’t own both already.
  4. Also: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/11/30/empire-of-sin-review/ I am still keenly interested in it, but I did cancel my pre-order. Mostly sounds good to me, combat did seem rather dull and bullet spongey in previews as well. With bugs fixed, some patches and modding support it might be quite good.
  5. At the same time from what I heard/read combat in Cyberpunk seems to be functional. The context to “its RPG not shooter” generally has been: “I played hours without engaging in combat”. Same can’t be said about Alpha Protocol, were combat systems are rough and frustrating, and are also frequent and unavoidable.
  6. Brillant! Another game to get once I build this new PC of mine.
  7. Who will be the Bond is a good question. It is supposed to be brand new start, and, personally I think that going for their own Bond would be the best choice. Even if they get a Bond moviestar (be it Craig, or the lady who is suppose to take over after the next movie) it would be a sequel killer. They are likely to charge a lot, likely to be unavailable or just not willing to do it in the future. Though even better, give us choice. I will go with Connery very time given a choice.
  8. Mostly, because CDPR last game was Witcher3. They wowed world back then, so surely Cyberpunk will be even better. Nothing could possibly go wrong. I think so far Cp is hyped on promises, more then anything tangential. However, there’s been quite a bit of said about level of verticality of Cp.
  9. That’s so obvious AI am angry at myself AI never thought of that as potential next IO project. Considering that recent Hitmans were great Bond games, I have high hopes for this one. I wonder if they reuse the formula or try something new.
  10. Yes. I complained a while ago and uploaded a video of my 3 minutes long loading time. Last time I played the worst loading time was about a minute. Still, I hope to have an SSD before I try PP again.
  11. You wouldn’t want to play it a year ago... and with more updates and paid DLC to come there is no harm in waiting even longer.
  12. Yup. Received an email with survey to what key I want to get. GOG was an option.
  13. Honestly, ending and space child wasn't nearly as offensive IMO as mars info about crucible, and Citatel teleporting to Earth. There are so many "wow, that's oddly convenient" moments even before the game completely falls on its face at the end.
  14. For a while now they have been doing a playthrough on Paradox Channel. Beginning is fairly basic, but there are some really neat diplomacy interaction in later videos.
  15. It remains to be seen if PP will be available on GOG on Dec3rd. I don’t remember OuterWorlds being advertised as GOG prior to release, same recently with BG3 - it was Steam only, until it was approved, shortly before the release. If Snapshot planes to release on GOG in December 3rd, as I assume they do, they need to be approved first. From the little I read GOG takes its time with replies. As such, developers can’t announce GOG release, until they are allowed to release there. With weeks before the release, there is still time for that.
  16. Yes, pre-epic deal backers will get additional key to redeem with all the DLCs. So far only Steam has been confirmed. I am willing to bet GOG is in works as well - being a curated store means games need to be approved by GoG for release.
  17. How so? It was Bioware’s first dive into action RPG hybrid, rather then point and roll a dice affair. Granted it wasn’t great - combat was quite awful, but that’s why sequel would make so much sense. Especially after Dark Souls, which managed to combine stats and player imput really well. JE is a fantasy setting, so they can pivit the tone. I wouldn’t mind something “Last Airbender” inspired.
  18. For the completion sake: and I suppose now Mimimi is off to whatever the next project will be. If their steam comments are t9 be trusted they are planning to stay within the genre. I just hope they will shake things up. I think Shadow Tactics and Desperados3 sucked the current design dry. Good stuff, but I will need something fresh to be on board for the third time.
  19. Jokes on them! Empire of Sin comes out on Dec1st. And while combat of EoS seems rather dull, the integration of strategic/tactical level seems to be exactly what I was missing in “XCOM-like” releases in the last couple years.
  20. I agree. It looks far too good for the stage the game is supposed to be in. Why JE2 hasn’t been made with all the advancements in action-RPG genre is beyond me. Still, I wouldn’t want to see what modern Bioware/EA would do with it.
  21. Meh, maybe they will get some pointers out of good action RPGs, like Dark Soul or Messiah of Might and Magic.
  22. Not really. There has been a worrying rumours about CDPR vs it’s employees for a while now. And I don’t think one can look at massive game like Witcher3 and wonder how much work troopers had to put into it. CDPR has been always treating their customers well - unlike Activision or EA. It doesn’t mean that they treat their employees the same way. I think that 1) they might feel a bit more pressure after the success that was Witcher3 2) journalists and public might have a bigger interest in CDPR actions now that they are big. I don’t think many would care about same topics before W3 was released.
  23. Trying to pass every speech/skill check in DE is like trying to succeed in every attack roll in other RPG.
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