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  1. I think what we will disagree on, is whenever stuff that Kingmaker added brought game to live or made it feel more artificial. To me it was the second one. It constantly took me out of the game and made me think "what the devs were thinking?!". I never felt that "immersion" was a point. In fact, most of my complaints came from an artificial design. My gold example of why I dislike Kingmaker so much and it's various silly systems is as follows: I am killing time between story missions and am cleaning a map that I just finished doing main mission in. Suddenly I get a message popup that I have
  2. I somewhat agree. I was constantly switching between the two. I thought BG1&2 worked well in RTwP, but systems there were much simpler. There is so much happening at all times in Pathfinder, that I found RTwP just didn't cut it - not for a party of 6, at least. That said, padding and repetitive encounters hurt far more, if one doesn't breeze through encounters. Pacing of PoE2 in turn based was off, and playing Pathfinder is more like playing PoE1 in turn based... probably even worse. So, I actually think Kingmaker did a horrible job with those. 1) encumbrance - Com
  3. Finished! 182h 04m clocked I can confidently say, that it is the most joyless, tedious and frustrating cRPG campaign I have even played. It probably should have been closer to 200h, but I cheated like crazy for the finale. Once I realized Nyrissa's ?castle? is artificially padded to 6 maps ( even NWN1 wasn't that bad) I just launched bag of cheates and cheated my way to the end. Frankly, even that way it was tedious and boring, but at least it took me 5 hours to reach the end credits. Done. Disk space cleared for something else.
  4. Trailer's VO seems to reference Woedica, and banners support it. If I remember engravings on the swords were translated to something very Woedica-like as well (Oathbinder?) While it might be pointing toward us starting as a more defined character (battlemage in service of Aedyr?) it might as well be not be as defined. Having the choice of all races would certainly be welcome though it does bring a set of exciting, but possible problematic design issues (like character height). But as you said it's all speculation. We know nothing of Avowed, except it being in works.
  5. I am kinda tempted by Narita Boy. But comeon, I just started my 2nd Outer Worlds playthrough, not to mention 10 other unfinished games :-)
  6. I mean, a complaint that enemy system is shallow is a legit complaint - securing your base against enemy attacks does sound interesting. It wasn't the only one review I watched (ACG has been my go-to for a while now as he tends to give me a good idea of what to expect - though I would agree that this type of game isn't his forte) none of which was terribly enthusiastic. I have a bad habit of buying managemenet games and not playing them. Planet Zoo was my most recent mistake.
  7. @melkathiReception so far hasn't been amazing, but not entirely negative. Seems like a "wait for sale" title. I am glad I cancelled my pre-order couple days ago, when no reviews dropped early.
  8. Continuing learning DMC5. So. Much. Fun. Got S on all missions on easiest difficulty, trying to do the same one slightly harder one - most of it was easy, but there were couple missions I already struggled with. We will see if I manage to S it all, before getting discouraged. I started my 2nd Outer Worlds playthrough. You know, I honestly wasn't looking forward to it as the game didn't stay with me, and I wasn't sure if I would enjoy my 2nd playthrough, but I had a blast yesterday and ended up staying until 2am... it didn't happen to me in a while. It might be shallow but it is still a good
  9. Gamedec won't be out for couple next months but there is demo you can play. It should be up until game releases in September.
  10. Yay. Better late then never. I will just add that this is not the Project SweetPotatoe.
  11. I don't think there is Watcher story per-say. I don't even think that "Watcher" had a story in PoE2. Even if PoE3 happened and it was a direct sequel to PoE2, they can swap the protagonist and it would still be fine. And who knows, perhaps the "cliffhanger" (which I don't think is an accurate description of PoE2 ending, as unsatisfying as it might be - conflict in Deadfire is resolved, and Watcher recovers his soul) sets up the universe for Avowed?
  12. I assume so. Must be something about new content added to the game.
  13. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut refused classification in Australia. More importantly it seems it is still releasing on March 30th.
  14. Never heard of it, and nor did, most likely, majority of customers. Even so, it's not nearly as bad as Outer Worlds, and Outer Wilds, and it didn't seem to hurt either title.
  15. Isn’t disengage in Solasta and DND 5e a standard action? (That’s what I believe, but didn’t play either) In BG3 push/jump being a bonus actions means that that getting out of engagement is not a commitment. With high enough strength jumping moves you farther then walking. And archer can jump away, move to a high ground and still perform an attack of an opportunity - engaging the enemy or getting engaged means nothing. You can perform a standard attack and still roll a bonus chance on instantly killing/putting at great disadvantage an enemy with a bonus push. Jump make it easy to appear in a
  16. I don't know what @kanisatha has exact problem with but from myself: 1) technical issues: UI is tedious and not fit for purpose. It's the same how they shipped two previous games, and DnD makes it worse. I refunded EA purchase on this base alone. 2) I dislike some of DnD designs in cRPG setting so I am all for modifications, but I found Larian's changes to be detrimental - it's far too easy to gain high chances to hit thanks to how easy it is to gain advantage via hight or backstab. That paired with riddiculus movement and being able to effortlesly bypass engagements through bonus a
  17. Yeah, Bayonetta is amazing partially due to stable player/enemy balance. I also don't think a spectacle fighter combat like Bayonetta or DMC would be a good fit. Platinum knows how to do a punchy action game, but needs of an immersive RPG are different.
  18. That's an odd combo. Though I suppose people liked Nier, though I thought combat in that game was rather broken thanks to jRPG mechanics. I thought, the most interesting thing Gothic did, is changing animations as your learned to weild weapons. The only game that sort of did that was Dark Souls, when wielding weapons we don't have right stats for.
  19. It did seem that way. Hopefully, a lot of interest and from what I have seen a rather negative feeback, means the team who actually makes the game will take a better approach. That said, I am worried as it seems the idea to remake Gothic didn't originate from a passionate developer, but IP holder. And who knows what some suits would like Gothic to be.
  20. ehh... for me it's RPG thing. I mean, Thief1&2 were brilliant, and VO was part of it. Dishonored also worked better, IMO with a voiced protagonist. For the RPG, though... say NO! (eyeing Baldur's Gate3 with suspicion)
  21. Eh, if anything they are working on the Outer Worlds2. Thought with Bethesda busy with new Elder Scrolls and Starfield... who knows? If Obsidian Fallout game were to happen it would be a future project though. The buyout was just approved and such decisions ain't made overnight. I am still curious what is the unannounced project Jorge Salgado is working on. The Outer Worlds 2 would be my guess, though would area designer be already working on it?
  22. New Vegas Devs react to a speed run.
  23. Combat is unfortunately horrid. But still a masterclass in openworld RPG design.
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