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  1. My request - make it easier to mod the music. Files converted from wav to wem using the current Wwise version (2018.1.4.6807) still don't work in the game. I understand the issue is with some Wwise licences which don't match between the game and the converted files?
  2. I came to report the same issue, and I ran into it with the same combat encounter, the Enchanted Armor.
  3. I remember seeing someone managing to replace the current voicesets with their own through some convoluted methods, but I haven't seen anyone adding a new voice set. So I imagine it's even more complicated. There is a mod on the nexus that explains how to do it. Ah, nvm, Melycinya has linked to it.
  4. No equipment weight and fatigue are quality of life changes IRL, not in a game. In the game, they were just features that were dropped, because no one knew how to implement them properly.
  5. I'm on my second playthrough, and with three gods' challenges, and it seems that when SSS comes online, I'll still be a long way from the recommended level. As far as I remember this was level 16. Is this correct or is it a different level? I want to get into the expansion as soon as I can without being underleveled, and since I'm playing with gods' challenges, the scale only upwards option is on.
  6. The PoE "Sinister" which I imported back into Deadfire. The Critical Role voice sets are good if you are aiming for a more light-hearted feeling character. The generic voice sets are pretty bland, lacking character. I also find it very disappointing that they even use the same lines across different voice sets, was it so difficult to come up with different lines for different characters?
  7. Depends how overleveled you are for an encounter. But even with Scale only upwards, I had cases where I would spend less real time (thanks to not having to pause and target abilities) by just autoattacking with everyone.
  8. I did it, for 105 hours. It definetly affected my plans for what I want to mod about character abilities in general, and about fighter types in particular. Also, imagine my shock when yesterday I found out that many battles are over faster by just select all and auto attack instead of pausing and using spells (abilities).
  9. I have this problem with the Paladin and eternal devotion. Try repositioning him near the enemy until he stops glitching. I also had an issue in some BoW areas when my party would spawn "under" the area plane. I would see their outlines, same as when they are passing behind a building, but otherwise they would be invisible.
  10. Get ready to bookmark this page because for once, I'll be pouring superlatives. For the last few days I've had an enormous amount of fun with Beast of Winter, far beyond my expectations. Rarely has any cRPG given me this sense of actually roleplaying, like in a PnP game, in the way in which this addon module did in the 20 hours it took me to complete it.* What's the greatest thing about Beast of Winter? Something that Obsidian has been trying to achieve since PoE has been to recreate the feeling of playing a D&D module, same as the Infinity engine games did. And if Obsidian came close to
  11. Sorry for the lack of replies, been quite busy with work lately. I'll find some time to test out the abilities editing tonight.
  12. It happens to me too. I even reinstalled once. I should have checked here first.
  13. It is possible, but I doubt I'll ever get to doing such a feature, because there are so many free programs that can do the same. Here is one for example. It's just a huge luxury when you are coding something in your free time I have other QoL features in mind though, which will be unique and will make editing a lot easier. There is an online JSON editor which is also available as a Chrome extension. It's great for searching and for quickly formatting the gamedatabundle files.
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