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  1. I'd say that, at that point, it should be flagged as a botched quest.
  2. What do you want to upgrade on the ship? More jingles for ADA to play?
  3. I found it easier to just run off the top onto the next platform and take the fall damage. The added bonus was having my companions fall into the pit and die, only to reappear when i (finally) jumped back to safety.
  4. I'd hoped that holding out for Steam would mean we'd get a macOS version. Oh, well, other than weird temporary glitches with my PS4 controller buttons, it's been solid playing via Boot Camp.
  5. You can see him floating to the right, in the Fonferrus's miasma all by his lonesome, thinking of making a break for freedom.
  6. Cute bug that shows up sometimes when you load a game or a transition occurs and an NPC ranger is on screen.
  7. At this point, i'd secured the Wahaki alliance, but had not told Onekaza because she ropes you into committing to her plan. I instead chose to blow up the Brass Citadel for the VTC via the adra pillar. After the explosion, it was night and the VTC HQ was closed, so i went to the palace, where i was asked what happened, and i lied that i saw nothing. Onekaza was angry and swore to cut me off. However, i then went to the rooftop, reported to her that the Wahaki were in, and she proceeded as if i'd followed her plan. This seems like a quest bug to me.
  8. I got an extra bit of enjoyment when my priest of Eothas killed Thaos with her Symbol of Eothas. Now that's karma.
  9. Pretty sure this Dune reference is Josh Sawyer's fault...
  10. Edér best meat shield. I just got through the Neriscyrlas fight (on Veteran) and my Swashbuckler Watcher had nailed her with Gouging Strike at the get-go; i had Maia (Geomancer), Pallegina (Herald), Ydwin (Cipher), and Vatnir (Priest). Vatnir used Withdraw on Ydwin, then after an Empower, used it on Maia and me. Everyone went down (Pallegina twice thanks to Saint's War Armor), and i ran away with 17 hit points left behind Naxivas's column after the last Godhammer reduced the dracolich to about 1/8 life, then waited for GS to grind her down. Maybe Rymrgand smiled.
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