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  1. I'm just doing peril on gorgon dlc, and i still have to go to the final zone tartarus. I completely forgot to do the ellie's companion quest and now i'm goin to do it. BUT. In the first part I went speaking with Udon, but he's no more there. There is another board representative. At this point quest tells me to go back to Jessie Doyle and to tell her that Udon is no more in charge on the groundbreaker, but I cannot this. There is no dialog option. The quest marker is on Jessye Doyle. I think that's a bug. Can you help me? Anyone had this problem? Thanks.
  2. I'm keeping up this post hoping that a dev can see it and help. Thank you.
  3. After some days of testing I can say that the issue occurs for every character when I try to level up and talents get in the way. No one can help me?
  4. Hi! I'm here to report a very annoying bug happening to my game. When I try to level up a character that has been in Caed Nua, under talents tab, i see only an empty square icon labeled "tlabel". I can also report, that some upgrades done to caed nua, have disapperad after last patch. I have to do them again. Sorry for my bad english. Here is a dropbox link including all files you request on dedicated topic. I hope you can help me soon. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bq5qi1z8fdyoq0j/bug%20report.rar?dl=0
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