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  1. 0.10.0 Public Test - 3135 to 3140 Changes (Only noticeable across Public Test Builds) Buildings that were placed on foundations before 0.10 will no longer be randomly rotated and scattered. Saves that were made on a PTS build will not receive the fix. The game will no longer crash intermittently. Your active pet now displays next to you in the Inventory UI. Taming a pet will show a UI notification letting you know you have gained a pet. The Pet House camera correctly swaps between pets when swapping your pet. Reduced hitching when being within interact dista
  2. 0.10.0 Public Test - 3134 to 3135 Changes (Only noticeable across Public Test Builds) Photo Mode: Gamma slider works with HDR enabled. Fixed some sliding on the Broodmother emerge. Traps properly trigger VFX again. Sitting in chairs will hide any equipped weapon / tool. Pet cosmetic items show a proper description now. Pressing "Pet" on a dead pet no longer crashes the game. Improved Pet House UI visual feedback and gamepad controls. Oven UI is properly navigable with Gamepad controls. Additional random crashes fix
  3. New Features Creatures Boss - The Broodmother Find the new Broodmother Den to encounter the first-ever boss in Grounded! She must be lured out with a craftable treat called the Broodmother BLT. 1 new Armor Piece and 1 new Weapon can be crafted from her parts! ARC.R The latest in the range of modified TAYZ.Ts is an enhanced defense variant called the ARC.R. Outfitted with a capacitor stack and hefty arm cannon, ARC.Rs unleash energized balls of charged static for a greater challenge in lab combat. Pets (Phase 1) Weevils and Aphids can now
  4. Greetings Watchers, We recently released an update for players on the Epic Game Store with the following fizes: Top Community Issues: Added official support for Epic Achievements. Added missing Game Manual to the installation file root folder. Removed several duplicate game files. Updated in-game version number to show the correct version. Implemented Paradox SDK for telemetry. Previously, unlocked achievements may re-appear as 'newly unlocked' pop-ups upon consecutive game launches. This is a visual error only, and does not affect the achievements y
  5. Build 0.9.3041 Changes / Tuning World Signs can be placed on walls more reliably. Egg hatching now plays visual and sound effects. Bug Fixes - All Platforms Photo Mode Film grain and chromatic aberration settings in photo mode now work in Low Quality. Photo mode free camera movement now uses remappable keyboard bindings. 0.9.0 Public Test - 3034 to 3041 Changes (Only noticeable across Public Test Builds) Your teen no longer randomly loses their head when playing in third person The "Invite Friends" button in the Player List window works again
  6. New Features Buildings Ladders Unlocked via the Hedge BURG.L Chip Curved Walls, Floors, and Railings 3 Curved Grass Walls 2 Curved Grass Floors 3 Curved Stem Walls 2 Curved Stem Floors 2 Curved Railings Unlocked via the Pond BURG.L Chip Creative with Bugs New Mode Added: Creative with Bugs All the building and crafting perks of Creative mode but with all of the bugs spawned in the yard which are completely docile to you. Photo Mode Photo Mode Multiplayer Support:
  7. 0.8.0 Public Test - 2984 to 2989 Changes (Only noticeable across Public Test Builds) Changes / Tuning Optimization Improved performance on games that have lots of lights built. Bug Fixes Removed a new consistent lag when staring at base walls and floors due to the the "Buildings Supported" HUD element. Increasing the range arrows will be collected when walking near them. The building placement error text will no longer become broken when you die. Increased draw distances for player bases on Epic and High graphics settings. Xbox no longer randomly cras
  8. New Crafting Content New building: Door Frame New buildings: Triangular Stem Wall and Inverted Triangular Stem Wall New Features Major Features Photo Mode: Phase 1 Password protecting online games Additional Features When you are placing an invalid building, a short message will describe why it is invalid. When you are holding a Repair Tool, nearby damaged buildings will display an icon. Loose arrows can be collected by walking over them. Structures will now collapse much more dramatically when unsupported. The Armor Dummy UI
  9. 0.7.0 Public Test - 2917 to 2923 Changes (Only noticeable across Public Test Builds) Bug Fixes - All Platforms Player characters should no longer be invisible on respawn. You can now hold to eat mushrooms that haven't been picked. The old Armor Glue recipes should be removed from the crafting list. Removed the "Hold" text for the items you can tap to pick up and hold to quick consume.
  10. 0.7.0 Public Test - 2915 to 2917 Changes (Only noticeable across Public Test Builds) Bug Fixes - All Platforms Fixed crash interacting with Ant Eggs. Updated SFX and VFX for Shinobi Sneeze.
  11. 0.7.0 Public Test - 2911 to 2915 Changes (Only noticeable across Public Test Builds) Changes / Tuning Buildings Wall- and ceiling-mounted buildings can now be placed from further away. All leaves and branches should be "Buildable". Bug Fixes - All Platforms Fixed Building Placement controls not acting reliably on gamepad. The player will no longer teleport if standing on a building when it's relocated. Fixed the recipe unlocks for all flying creature head mount trophies. Fixed the recipe unlock for Acorn Spiral Stairs. Buildings will no longer
  12. New Crafting Content Added Stair Railing: Sprig Railing, Acorn Railing New Stairs Added: Acorn Spiral Stairs New Scaffolding: Bracket Scaffold New Floors Added: Grass Half-Floors and Weed Stem Floors New Item: Firefly Hanging Lantern New Items: Wall-mounted Zipline Anchor New Item: Shinobi Sneeze, a smoke-screen escape item Mounted Head Trophies can now be crafted for all of the flying creatures: Mosquitos, Fireflies, and Bees New Features All platforms You can relocate any non-grid building you have made without destroying and reb
  13. 0.6.0 Public Test Patch Notes for Update Build 0.6.2851: Changes / Tuning Interface Items dropped in the world that uses the temp loot bag model (armors, etc.) will have their item icon displayed on top of them. World Busted Acorns can drop more shells. Bug Fixes - All Platforms Game Fixed issue with depositing items into a full container with a controller. Items/Equipment/Resources Hauled items will correctly be dropped when knocked down in multiplayer. Dropped web will properly display on clients. Fixed issue with depositing items
  14. 0.6.0 Public Test Patch Notes for Update Build 0.6.2836: Changes / Tuning Interface Layout revision to the OS Config menu to make viewing the status effect icons and details easier. Weapons and arrows that are embedded in creatures will not display their floating icon until the weapon/arrow becomes dislodged. This cleans up some icon spam when using a bow. Bug Fixes - All Platforms Game Structures that were anchored to certain objects, such as the baseball or flagstones, will no longer be considered unsupported. Fixed issue where kicked players end u
  15. New Creatures Mosquitos Fireflies Bees! New Crafting Content Bee Armor Set (Face Mask, Shoulder Pads, Shin Guards) Firefly Head Lamp Stinger Spear Mosquito Needle Weevil Shield New consumable: Healbasa Two new stuffed friends: Stuffed Bee and Stuffed Firefly New Perks Barbarian Perk: Club damage increased New Features All platforms Equipped items no longer take up Backpack space. Equipped items will stay on the player after death. Each piece of equipment will take a small amount of durabilit
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