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  1. Two years of balancing POE1 resulted in a game where you could pick any number of Paladins and Chanters and kill everything with passive aura damage. But at least that one ranged weapon in WM2 was nerfed because it was too strong. LOL Yeah and to fix that in the second game have a look at what they did to self immolation for the paladin Instead of self immmolation killing enemies like POE1 you actually kill yourself now faster then the enemies can kill you . 43 raw damage every 3 seconds And lets not forget whispers of the endless paths. "I know lets just make the sword completely frickin useless by nerfing the base damage into irrelevance" (Obsidian) ohh and the best one would have to be unlabored blade from POE1 . " I know, because the barbarian can use the weapon really well with frenzy lets just completely nerf the blade to complete and utter uselessness with a 3% proc rate so know one can use it anymore" (Obsidian) NOW THATS CALLED BALANCING EVERYBODY!
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/owlcatgames/pathfinder-kingmaker officailly confirmed at 90 hours (80 hours base + 10 hours extra stretch goal content) wow thats huge wasnt expecting it to be that big. BG2 was 100 hours. Deadfire is 60 hours. really love that the main plot concentrates on you building your kingdom instead of chasing around a stupid statue
  3. Yep. The best thing is it uses the existing pathfinder rules set so no stupid balancing dramas. I also love playing big games like BG2 and kingmaker is that
  4. https://owlcatgames.com/forums/showthread.php?19-Information-known-about-the-game-so-far I have been reading alot of the forum comments. The game looks good. CRPG like Deadfire and you can build your own kingdom and raise an army. There are numerous reports it is far bigger then deadfire with the base game being over 100 hours of game play and they have expansions planned on top of that. Deadfires base was advertised as being around 50-60 hours from memory. Not as good as graphics as deadfire but to be honest the story plot and narrative and definitely the Balancing look far better.
  5. build looks really good can you possibly post a video of what happens when all the enemies are grouped together and you use it
  6. I wouldnt roll and assassin they are very weak. Assassinate doesn't work with dual wielding and you cop an extra 15% damage hit. To compensate for the 15% damage hit you will have to put an extra 3 points in con at character creation or you will be to squishy. You would be far better of to not roll an assassin and put an extra 3 points into Might for a permanent 10% passive damage bonus and have no penalty on the damage you take just another stupid balancing mistake from Obsidian
  7. Is your intention to copy and paste this as many times as you can? Is it your intention to moderate these forums when you are clearly not a moderater?
  8. someone please like the above comment for that guy so he can get the attention he is craving
  9. Just play all multiclass instead and use a mod that gets rid of the level cap.
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