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  1. Hey guys, So, now that we have all of the expansions, I was thinking of (finally) starting on my 'main' playthrough with my Mindstalker melee Cipher build (Trickster/Soul Blade) - Buuut, I noticed the Psion subclass was a recent addition to the game, and I was wondering how that would stack up compared to Soul Blade in a melee Cipher build?
  2. Nice, thank you! That actually makes it a lot easier than finding out the right quest state.
  3. Hey guys! So, I tested my mod - it's supposed to spawn a new version of the DoC breastplate with different flavor text in Marihi's Metalworks if you had her spare Harmke. I tested it tonight (Used F11 to cheat myself into Marihi's right after the character creation on a fresh character who'd picked that PoE1 choice) and couldn't find it for sale, or in her chest. Can someone with a little more experience double check my work and make sure I did everything right? I know I /made/ the item, I can console it into the game, so I think it's something to do with the loot list. DoC Breastplate On Killing Harmke_V2.1.zip
  4. Hey guys, So, is there a console command for moving your character into a particular location? Specifically, in order to test the mod I've been working on, with the help of others here, I need to check Marihi's Metalworks.
  5. Hey guys! With some help from people on the modding subforum, I've put the finishing touches on a mod that'll allow for the DoC Breastplate to be available at Marihi's Metalworks when killing Harmke, with different flavor text. My reason for doing this is that I want a better outcome for her, while the powergamer in me still wants access to one of the best pieces of armor in the game for a melee DPS character. I have flavor text written for it already, but the English major in me is always a critic of my own work, so I was hoping to get some feedback on it/ways it could be revised. English only for now, since this is mostly just a mod for my own personal use. "After finding peace beneath the ocean waves, the empty shell that once housed the Devil of Caroc was discovered on the sea floor some time later. It seems that at least one industrious smith saw some use for her remains. This bronze breastplate was forged from the Devil’s chest piece, brass buckles, and rivets from her various clockwork mechanisms. While her soul has doubtless departed, the remains are not wholly inanimate. The metal, no longer a prison for the soul, nevertheless seems to have been infused with life force and retains some power." It's pretty much just the same thing, with the first few sentences changed. Some immediate issues... 1. How were the Devil's remains found? 2. Is there a better way to phrase the first bit to be a little more specific to what happened to the Devil in her more positive ending? I've considered something like "After her long wanderings led to her finding peace beneath the waves..." or something like that.
  6. Alright - So, the item exists. The only problem is that I think it might conflict with the Devil of Caroc Breastplate (Since there's two different items with the same name). I tried calling the original in the console, but it wouldn't work. This shouldn't be the case in a normal save, I hope? Here's the completed version with the proper text, for further testing. I'm going to be busy throughout today so if someone wants to test it to make sure it works the way it's supposed to on a "Killed Harmke" save, I'd appreciate it. Also, if anyone has any better ideas for the flavor text, I'd like to hear them. I'm going to be tweaking that on and off, because I'm not entirely satisfied with it. DoC Breastplate On Killing Harmke_V2.1.zip
  7. Thank you! Is there a way I can use the console to load into Marihi's Metalworks without having to do Port Maje again, to test that it works?
  8. Alright, I tried compressing my mod. Can someone have a look at it and make sure the code looks right and I didn't put a comma somewhere it's not supposed to be? Also, for the stringtable, is that something I have to make fresh? I'm reading the tutorial, and having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around what it's supposed to look like. Also, if someone wouldn't mind testing to make sure that "1" is the Devil_Quest_Stage value for her having killed Harmke, I'd appreciate it. New Devil of Caroc Breastplate_V2.1.zip
  9. Hey guys! So, I'm working on my first mod - it's intended to make the Devil of Caroc Breastplate available upon killing Harmke. I've hit a bit of a snag, though, and would like some help with a few things. 1. Can someone show me where to upload my WIP files so they're accessible for people to edit to make sure I haven't blown something up, and to test it to make sure it does what it's supposed to do? I tried attaching it to this post, but it wouldn't let me. 2. I'm not sure how to make an items.stringtable; I need to do this for my new description for the DoC Breastplate (To reflect the change on killing Harmke and getting a different ending for the character). Can someone talk me through how to do that?
  10. Hey guys, So... I really want to kill Harmke in my PoE1 save. I know it has no effect on the game and no one reacts to it, but from a narrative perspective, I just like the idea since I feel like he deserves it. The problem is, unless I mod it, which takes work, that robs me of the Devil of Caroc Breastplate, which is considered one of the best pieces of armor in the game for what it is. My question though is... Is it? I've asked about comparisons with other particular armors (Gipon Prudensco and Miscreant's) before, but are there any other options that more or less just do what the DoC does, but just not as good? In the long run, since I'll be playing a Mindstalker, how necessary is the +2 Power Pool (That's only one Devastating Blow/Llengrath's Displaced Image)?
  11. Hey guys, So, trying to find a good program to make the gamedata files look... a little more comprehensible. Notepad and Notepad++ both don't work terribly well.
  12. Honestly, he does. One of the main reasons I want to redo the flavor text for the DoC BP is because I genuinely hate the implications that A: Sparing him just leads her to kill a bunch of people indiscriminately. B: This doesn't bring her any sort of satisfaction, so she just eventually rusts to a stop (Somehow, despite the metal she's made of not being capable of rusting) and gets torn apart by angry villagers while screaming internally. Admittedly I could get that by just killing him and /not/ getting the Breastplate, but that's what mods are for. At some point, I'll be working on one that'll allow me to get it by killing him, too.
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